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two posts from my new blog – The Raw Recovery specialist

part 1

Dealing with creeps in public places

part 2

Random Ntrygg – Nina’s Garden – originally began a  garden project blog and expanded to cooking, BBQ and entertaining at home. From that, spun off the more humorous It’s a good Enough Thing.

the original home and hearth posts, my original plan for blogging at all, are here

It’s a Good Enough Thing – started as a comedy blog – Nancy Stewart – Martha’s younger lazier sister, more Peg Bracken with a dash of Erma Bombeck with a Gen X lesbian sensibility.

Living Well replaced “good enough” as a blog to document my recovery goals and mark my progress towards them

So on this blog, Living Well focuses on behavioural wellness and healthy lifestyle – such as eating wholesome, fresh and healthy.

This is a most recent to oldest list:

A Two Day Project

SFU Lesbian Oral History Archive Project – Donation List

PTSD Halloween

The Culture of Co-Opting

Phobic in Public: Pattullo Bridge and More, eh!

Shoppers 2 and a List To Do

Shoppers Drug Mart sucks

Internet Typical Users vs Trolls

Movie Review: Jesus Camp

Vikings vs Nazis

Vancouver Two 2017

An Almost Day Out

Meandering Through New Westminster, BC

At The Stupidstore on 104

The Politics of Cow

Recovery Check: Short Term Memory

Recovery Check: Short Term Memory

2 of 3 Agoraphobic Outing

Why Canadians Rarely Discuss Politics

Irish Pride Parade vs Ireland

Out and About in Community

International Women’s Day Outing

Depression is as Depression Does

An Unfortunate Outing

A Driving Day

A Comfortable Outing

Translink and BC Human Rights

Triple Medical Outing

RIP: Bill Paxton

The Rules of the Internet vs Any Society

A Plus One Outing

2 Stop Shop Today

The Metrotown Excursion

Talking About Science to Deniers?

Hunt, Gather and Repeat

Accessing Government Data: CSIS

Frostbitten 2017

PTSD: USA vs Canada

But Doctor – Reporting Side Effects

A fine Line: Hate and Crime

1st Vancouver Trip in 2017

Brains and Environmental Stimulation

Dear SE Hinton – you are not the victim

Stuttering starts in the Brain

Outbreak: Understanding Flu Deaths

Snow bound Snow blind

Serial Killer Watch: Charles Manson

1st hunt and gather of 2017

Depression and TV

2 outings and a dizzy spell

Public Square Policing vs Soap Box

  • Dear Translink Email
  • Lifelabs
  • RCMP Apology – Nov 8 Lawyer Conference
  • Human Rights Complaint – prep secondary reply
  • Pending: Dear Department Minister

Brunch at Timmy’s Outing

ScienceWatch: PTSD

ScienceWatch: AIDs update

Agoraphobic Outing Exceeded

RCMP v Women: Class Action

2016, April 28 – 2016 – SryPlcMall

Medicine vs Alternatives to

Where has all the courtesy gone?

Agoraphobic Outing April 26, 2016

Brain Fair 2016

Dear Translink re: The JWs

Agoraphobic Outing

Pandemic or Genocide: Which is Touchier?

The New Taboos: Discuss

New Balance Shoes & Stores

Food Review: Powerplant Bars

RCMP: Memorials and Ribbons

Chocolate vs Carob vs Milk Confection

O Canada – Wally Oppal

Existential Crisis

Rock Star Elvis Sightings

Why Atheists Seem Rude

Raw Recovery live: Webtoons

From Neighbourhood Watch to Concentration Camps

Historical Scope: Telescoping History

Cartoon Saturdays to Cartoon Networks

POV: If I could see the world through the eyes of a child; how to explain things, eh?

The Cartoon View Layer

Magnitude: smallest to biggest – scope and vector; rasterized for your eyes: Micro to Macro

The evolution revolution

Brains and how they are hacked

Raw Recovery Specialist: An Agoraphobic Best

Adults and Grown Ups: Elections and Voters

Lifespan: It’s in the Teeth

A Raw Recovery Day vs An Agoraphobic Philosopher Day

Our Daily Elvis: Head Injuries

Sarcasm vs Scarcasm: understanding C-chasm

Demographic Women of Sexuality

Raw Recovery Specialist: Weebles Wobble

This is not a good day

Memorable Cats

Women’s Bodies

Shoes: a perspective – femmes, tomboys and body image

Refreshing Resolution: Cognition Clarity

The Care Home Outing

CBC’s Sex Trial

Health and Wellness Memes and Messages

Rumors are Innuendo, Assumers

Elvis Presley’s Self Image

Who gets Lefts?

What’s New in the Civil Service?

An Outing to Auntie’s Home

BR: Invisible History of Human Race

this is nina

Panic Attack Talk Down

Food: The New Porn Frontier

Starting a Human Rights Complaint –

  • the promised in early december paperwork arrived Jan 27, dated Jan 25 with a Deadline of Feb 24, 2016 for reply.

opposition polarity flips

2016 not 2015

Rare Post-Dinner Agoraphobic Outing

Of Glasses and Coffee Cups

Atheism or Ameatism

I shocked my therapist

Work, Clothing and Customs

The Reading List

Books: Worth Putting on a Bra for

MultiGeneration Workplaces

How Workplaces Become Toxic

Agoraphobic Outing: Lab Workings

Getting Things Done

Lab Rats See, Humans Do

Agoraphobic Double Outing

Agoraphobic outing: Chong Qing

Concept Communication via Pictoglyphs

Recouperating in Recovery

Behaving like Behaviourists

Little Voices: Pixar blew it

The Coffee Arts

Sensability and Perception

Navigating Designed Spaces

Stoner Sloth updates Reefer Madness

Clinical vs Natural Cures

Socially Disordered in Public

Rude Canadians

Advanced Depression Coping

Most Believers are Bullies

Jingle Jangles

How the world has changed in my life

Carbon: Personal Emissions

Making a Difference: Public Service

And so; It Begins

Suburban Dwellers Anxiety

The Birth Orderarchy

Human Rights: When do we want them?

When the Day Disrupts

For No $ Down, No $ Later

News Aversion Therapy Nov 28, 2015

Dear Healthy People: STFU

The Reasoning Brain: Game Theory

Coming Out: Queer vs Athiest

Depression: Let There Be Light

Agoraphobic Outing: Flu Shot 2015

Offense Sensitivity

Ambient Sounds to Foreground

Agoraphobic Outing to the New Westminster Mall

When Did Asshole Pride Become a Thing?

Coping with Telephone Terror

Nov 9, 2015 – Agoraphobic Outing

Moment by Moment: Meaning in Memory

On, Of and Through The or A Breath

An Agoraphobic Day

WooWatch: AromaTherapy

Naming Your Poison

Women and Machines

Halloween Safety Tip: Glow Sticks

Why victims feel shame and abusers don’t

Complaining with Conviction: Canadian Edition

Communication Arts and Sciences

We eat what we are: Packaged Process

An individual or a GroupThinkBot: free will requires free thought

The Expressive Self Exposed

Chronic Pain and Short Term Pain Management

There is no polite way to let a person be aware you think they are stupid

For the Bullies: GOPs and Mean Girls

A Dyke In HeteroBurbia: DIY Retail Adventures

Conversations Respect and Politeness

Talking About Communication

Backyard Breather

Daily Aversion Therapy

Struggling Under it Today

Depression 101: Volunteer at something you enjoy

Public Education Canada: British Columbia Edition

2 ways conversations don’t make sense

Today’s Relatable Character: River Tam (Firefly/Serenity)

Agoraphobic Outing: Sept 30 2015

Relatable TV Characters: Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon

Why is everything I like fattening or immoral?

News Aversion Therapy for Sept 29, 2015

Therapy Day Sept 2015

Agoraphobic Journal sept 26 2015

Note to self: Bookselfies, Phobias and More, eh!

Understanding Statistics: Gaining Understanding

The Paradigm Shift of Identity

Agoraphobic @ The Movies

Movie Review: Amy

Social Integration – Individual Experience Varies Wildly

Being Mindful of One’s Mindness

Agoraphobic Outing!

Humans vs Canada   **

If Pictures = 1000 Words – what is a picture of words?

Movies and the Masses: Refractive Mediums

Chondria: IF there’s Hypo- is there a Hyper-?

Compulsive Orderliness Time Savers for Imaginationaries

Preparing for Panic Pays Off

Canada Health Care

Growing Up Science Fiction

Fuzz Induced Moderate Panic Attack

The One About The Facebook Posts

The Failed Viral House Stunt 2.0

Snivel.Civil.Uncivil Servant Service: O Canada

Coping Ugly and Crutches

Please Help My Dream Come True, eh?

Raw Recovery Movies: Pleasantville

Diabetes: Being Sugared vs Being Angry

Nina is now OFF/Line

Compounding Conversations: What Not To Say

Bipetual Pet Pilling

Image Free Post About Phobias, Terror and Fears

Agoraphobic Journal – Sept 4, 2015

Stephen Harper Still Owes Nina Tryggvason $50*

A Word about Words

Facebooking Withdrawal to Recovery

Agoraphobic Journal Aug 28 2015

Imagining Imaging and Imaging Imagining


RRS: Best.Lab.Visit.Ever

Pharmacies vs Dispensaries

Heros are Just People and Just People create Heros

Coming Out Lesbian in Canada, eh?

Agoraphobic Journal: August 20, 2015

Fatty Fatty 2 by 4, Can’t Get Through the Bathroom Door

Taste Sensualism: Sour and Fermented

Human Brain Evolution: Smaller and More Efficient

How Grief Gets Complicated

Mr Harper – I had a house

Depression 101: Accomplishments vs Doing Something

Existential – Crisis and Universe 1 & 2

Communication: It’s Not Just About Making Noises

ElvisWorld: Then The Fat Man Sang

Doc vs Film: Grey Gardens vs Grey Gardens

Book Review: Ken Wantabe and Solving Problems

From Photography to Imaging: Check n Chuck

Being a Lesbian in Heteroburbia

From Examined to Experimental: Life is a Routine

The Bullies cry “Political Correctness”

Raw Recovery Specialist: Sleepwalking

The Domestication Process: Symbiotic or Parasitic?

BookWorld: Satire Division: Will Cuppy

Photos: From Graphing to Shopping

A familiar name on Pride weekend: Global Issues: Immigration vs Refugees

How to Play “More Victim than Thou”

Raw Recovery Specialist on Balanced Brains

Why are there still heterosexual women?

SuperIdEgoMan vs DreamMaster: Psyche 101

Theraputic Therapy

Emoting with Lavender Licks

Feminism The Millennial Edition: Boobquake to Topless

July 27th 2015 – Visit to Sapperton New Westminster

Finding Closure for Facebook Frustrations

Our Brains: Frequency, Waves and Vibration

Calming Your Breathing – controlling panic, anxiety and emotions

News Aversion Therapy 2015-07-24

Dairy: Why Cottage Cheese is Spam and Sour Cream is underrated

Dream a Little Dream

Here Kitty Kitty!

Conjecture: About that Brain-Immune System Connective System

WebWorld – What to do when social media isn’t?

Face it – Facebook was never social

Why Men need to Shut The Fuck Up and Listen

Dairy – Moo Juice and Much More, eh?

Understanding Nuances: Black and White are Shades; not Colours

Raw Recovery Specialist: Savouring Small Victories

Raw Recovery Specialists: Decoding Facial Expressions

Hetero-Homo Relationships

Dinosaurs were time limited, plastic not so much, eh?

The False Equivalency Fallacy: Vexxing Anti-Vaxxers

Raw Recovery Specialist: Practising Gratitude

Agoraphobic Journal: The Dark Side of the Collective Experience

Did I talk Libby Davies Out of The Closet?

Talking with Heterosexuals about The Closet


Grade thru High School: The Class Clown

Observing Nature: The story of life, eh?

Constructing the Human Condition: Nurture Nature, eh?

Elevator Saga 3.0: Nina vs Senior Partner Lawyer

Rats reveal more about life than Google AI, eh?

Cultural Relativity

Newspaper Aversion Therapy: Jobs vs Career Path

Why do people think christians are nice people?

So it’s Same Old at the “New NDP”

Dear Agoraphobic Journal: I talked to a stranger today

Talking About How to Do Communication

Entertainment: The Educational and Social Value

Social Concepts: Emotional Intelligence

Grief is Complicated, not staged

social skills. soon 2B app for that, eh?

Understanding the Human Centric Universe

Observing the Quantum Moment, eh?

Talking Around and With Strangers

Decoding Grief: Last Grandparent to Parentals

The World of Microbes: Where Life Began in the dirt or ice or volcanic medium

Being able to articulate without co-opting it: Reality: a matter of position and perspective, eh?   or brow/chest beating it, eh?

Foodies and Cruelty/Exploitation: Why Rights for all Matter

Dear Agoraphobic Diary: I am embarrassed to be white.

Trench Tale: The Legal Secretary

Contextualizing: Applying Personal vs Professional Experience

Retail Trench Tales: Giving the Customer More than they want

Understanding Corporate Culture: Public vs Private

WatercoolerChat: How to be clever at Girl Culture

Advanced Humour 307: Parody and Satire

Socializing Over Foodstuffs 101: From Dating to Mating

Constructing Gender: Is it merely fashion or fashionable behavior?

Raw Recovery Movies: Broken Blossoms

Professional Networking Tip: Talk to the Spouse

Navigating the Big Blue Room

Genderized Roles or are Roles just Universal?

Our Daily Elvis: from bullied weirdo to King

CelebWatch: I am a Braver Heart than Mel Gibson

Writer’s Coinage: From Words to Messages on Memes

The Business of Show: Managers vs The Celebrities they manage

CensorshipWatch: Yet Another Angry White Man Projects his Rape Fantasy

Finding the Funny  (trying to…)

Why Role Models Matter: Sally Ride

Sciences: Stunts vs Advancements – Head of the Class

Lezflirt 101: Crafting your first impression

FoodieWatch: Salt

FoodieWatch: The Business Baron Business

FoodieWatch: Southern Szechuan

Wasn’t That a Party: The Canada Millenial Edition

Raw Recovery Specialist: News Aversion Therapy

RainbowWatch: Ireland proves Green is Gold

Visual Arts: when Photography took over Portraits and changed Painting

Raw Recovery Specialist: the Eye of the Existential Crisis

The collective time travel fantasy: Killing Hitler

Outta the Mouths of Babes, eh?

Gay Haters are Self Loathers – We do not need any more “studies”

Keep Your Money: The Elvis Edition

Bullying: if we stop it in schools; how will the children be prepared for the workplace?

The Dark side of the Bodice Ripper: The Romance of Rape

GeekWorld Shocker: The Luddite Lashback

Can I haz the Million Dollars now Please?

Agoraphobic Personal Bests: 5/15/2015

High Schoolversity: Things I hated hearing

Where is the Mental Wellness?

De-Triggering: Meditating Through Panic

Mother’s Day: Mom memories

Words Absent of Meaning

The St. Paul’s Outing

Major Depression: Deconstructing Punter 101

The Human Brain on Media

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – May 1, 2015

The World of Women

T-t-t-talking about c-com-comunitication

“oversensitive” is the new Bitch

An Atheist fondly remembers childhood church experiences

False Prophet Watch: Dr. Oz was never a medical doctor

QuackWatch: Regulations spell end for Homoepathy

How Would You Like To Be?

The Scoundrel Defence Dismantled

Outsider Science: Biology; see also Evolution

The Middle Age Crisis: Unleashing Your Inner Emo

Expressing Disgust: Subjective or Objective

RRS: Keep On Driving

Agoraphobic Diary – Apr 10, 2015

LolCatz: Neighbourhood Cat Watch

Op-ed: Opinions, having, expressing and assessing credibility

ElvisWorld: Graceland Goes Blue for Autism

Cognitivising: Meaning arises from nuance

WarOnWomen: France legislates the Model Industry

ElvisWorld: Spring Renews and Reboots

Sexual Abuse: Plaintiffs vs Claimants

Gamering: Simulating People

Raw Recovery Specialist…aaaand Breath Out the Bad Air:

FoodWorld: Marketing and Nutritional labels

WorkWorld: Worked to Death?

Living Well: The Secret to Going Vegetarian is to go Nuts

Logic Processes: If… -Then-; Else

Raw Recovery: Sensualism 101

Recovery Notes: South Surrey Adventure

FoodWorld: Creating Food Fads

Shut In Stand Up: the grocery store trip – sugar the gateway drug

The Humiliation of Victim to Super Victim

Agoraphobic Outing: Eyes and Hands

Raw Recovery Special: Pain Management

Raw Recovery Specialist: Stillness

From Dual Monologs to Dialog: Achieving Conversation

The Problem of Pop Psyche

The 7 colours of emotions

Facebookians: the reporting hoaxes feature is working!

Living Well: Going Vegetarian

Anti-Vaxxer Venom: the power of cognitive dissonance

Depression and Food

Senses/Sensory:;Sound:;Digital and Analog…

Surreal Memories: Elvis’ Memphis Mafia

Elvis World – Depression is as Depression Does

BabbleWatch: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Raw Recovery: Relatables – Farscape’s Zaan

Reacting in Relationship

Edutainment that Saves Lives: Grey’s Anatomy

Give Us This Valentines Our Daily Elvis

Valentines: A Magnum Opus

Living Well: Conquering Phobias

PharmaWatch: Ativan

Sane in Insanity land?

Traumatizing Veterans

RRS: Decoding Panic Attacks

OfficeWorld: Understanding the Closet

Comfort Foods: Elvis Presley Banana Puddings

Brainworld: Sourcing Light  – want to sleep? – read a real book, not an e-book

Living Well: Blood Sugars – the highs and lows

Brains: using them or losing them

Dykewriter: Today’s post intentionally left blank

Living Well – Pondering the best medicine

Let There Be Light

This week in Birds

What do you call an inverted extrovert?

Wild West Test: The Gender Divide

3rd time: Score – Flu Shot Objective Achieved

To Thine Own Self Be True

Victims vs Bullies

This is our brains on rewards

Living Well: A Tip From Lily Tomlin

The Harrassment Story: The villian, the victim, the hero bystander

Stephen Harper Owes Nina Tryggvason $50

CanadaWatch: Greetings and Other Unpleasantries

Paranoid Ponderables: GMOs to Zombie-Os

VolunteerWorld: Vancouver Women’s Health Collective

Enjoy your souvenir stress ball

Oct 22/14 – Dear Agoraphobic Diary

Raw Recovery Specialist: Practising Gratitudes

Three and Two

Real vs Digital Real

Bad Days

Medical Marijuna

Agoraphobic Diary – Oct 6, 2014

Random Kindness: Colour

Food – cravings and rewards

This is Your Brain on Depression

Conceptualizing: Emotional Intelligence

Today was Nora Day 

Movies vs Mental Health

Brainworld: The Stigma of Mental Health Decline

On Being Bipetual

Depression: Personal Grooming and Care Taking

Living Well: Pancake Cups

Brains: Chemistry and Psychology

Panic Attacks: What they feel like

RRS Notebook: A day so far

Spinning Discs: Super Feminist University Memories

CanCon: Public Speaking

Error: Irony Metre not found

Star Trekking Mental Health

Depression of the senses

Depression: Dealing with Doctors

Film Buffery: Broken Blossoms

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Bloggersville Syndrome

Musicland: Elvis Presley vs Johnny Cash

Imagine the Horror…

The best self help book: The Drunkard’s Walk

Elvis: The Final Curtain – The Raw Recovery Review

Trigger Content: A controlled cathartic release…with an 80s Beat

Comparative Victimhood

Religion = mental health disorder

Youth & Enthusiam V. Age & Experience

Wellbeing – Caretaking and The Placebo Effect

Nina: The Talking To towards With; FAQ

I did a scary thing today

Of Fears and Phobias

My Guaranteed Laugh

what’s the point of “conversation”?

Catatonic Cubicle Syndrome

Burning Churning Learning

the day the earth wobbled

The Caveman Food Fad

The Yo-Yo Of Dieting

Diabetic Frustrations

Group Socializing on Facebook: 2014

The problem of Possiblity

RRN: Scripted or Docs

Food and Mood

The High School Jocks vs Punk Story

From Nosey Landlady to The Shut In Stand Up

YAY ME – I managed to read an entire article

Raw Recovery Specialist: Retractions aka errors and omissions

My Facebook movie – 6 years on facebook

That Irish Brogue

Dedicated to the one person I wish I never met

Triggering Happy memories: Long Term Memory Storage recall/recollect

80s Music Therapy: Frankie Says RELAX

Facial Recognition was not originally software

Something to look forward to: Muppet Movie

Coincidence: The Memefluence Factor

Relatable Characters: The Star Trek Verse

Raw Recovery Notebook

National Handwriting Day

Victim Blaming

I am Elvis plus 4

Depression as a brain injury

Raw Recovery Specialist: Inner and Outer Voices

Raw RomCom Recovery Movies: All About Steve

My House listing link!

Changing Genres

Vibrations good and bad

My first microscope

SciFiVerse: The funny side of fandom: V

Chillibush Flashbacks: Ryder Lake

Lives that matter

Making Manic Depression Do the Cooking

Recovery Process Book Spotlight: Alison Arngrim

I got my Flu Shot

Living Well: Party Penguins

If we all turned purple, we could end homophobia

Managing Fears and Phobias

Food vs FoodProducts

Raw Recovery Specialist: Self Recognition

Raw Recovery ShowVerse: Xena The Warrior Princess

Blogging the dirt

Because I have a stutter: Authenticity

Raw Recovery Books: A Romanov Fantasy

Elvising in the New Year

Crystalized Catharsis

Beet n Apple Salad


Immortalized in Stone

Recovery Process Books: Wisdom of the Zen Masters

Justice Robes vs Hoodie

Recovery Process TV shows: Dexter

Recovery Movies: the revenge factor

Mr Universe: Today’s Relatable Character

ElvisWorld! Singer Present Elvis aka The Comeback Special

Theatre is live time… aka life

Gamer Goodness: The Fallout Franchise

Realizing The Reality

Brains on Fear

The In and Out of It

Imaging Your Body

That Country Thang

in sight of insight

Today’s Relatable Character  Farscape Rigel

To Sleep, perchance to dream, eh?

We lose to the bugs

Invinsible Indivisable

Justling Juxtapositions

Communicating with Communication

Socializing on Social Media

Viral Stunt Attempts


Ragna Rock it!

Hearing and Listening: the Difference

Give Us This Day – November 15 – Our Daily Elvis

Facebook is making me paranoid

Recovery Process Feature DVD: School House Rock

Back to the drawing board

relate shared

Coping and Resiliancy

The Gratitude Challenge

Practised Detachment


The catless crazy cat lady

Emoting with The Women of Rockabilly

Using Judgement

Woke Up Still Upset

Fucking Godbots

Today’s Theme Song Trilogy

Putting Fears into Perspective

Call and Answer or Beck and Call Girl?

why   :   Because…. you don’t sound convincing…

Withering Weather … whether weather

If I could coffee with anyone: Albert Brooks


Godbots need to fuck off and leave me alone now

The Daily Elvis Revealed

Fucking Facebook

Closer to fine on Therapy Day


The no return place

Phobias can be room specific

Nina Reads! Boomer Railroad Memories

Having Cake and Eating it too

Talking at and Talking With

The 9 to 5 Blues

Thinking about socks

Managing in Conflict

The Lesbian Nooner

Fuck fancy words

Just blank


Coping through Kid Tantrums

Becoming Vegetarian

The Last Starfighter 25th anniversary edition

Food and Comfort

The K-Tel Record that Rhino Needs to Do: The Teenage Maudlin Laments

The Ex-Pat Concept…. introspection to outrosploration

Letters from a Skeptic, revisited

My Elevator Story Extended

Healing with Nina

Rainbow Post: The Sunshine Award Explained

X-Men: From Magneto to Storm

Sexing Up Diabeties Awareness with Mary Tyler Moore

From Ms to Miss

Coming out of the Shy Closet

Seeing Red

Every day is aversion therapy day

About an agoraphobic Day

Today’s Outing was Amazing!

My Communication Toolbox

It makes me want to fucking scream

Diabetic Socks: loose comfort

Showgirls…..hey… it was only $5

Hello World, my name is Nina

Disease and Identity

B Sides

I was raised a reader

The art of the sale

No comment

My semi-Pro Acting Debut

Blank State

When the Writing is on the Wall

Theme Song Sept 24: The Great Pretender

Going Feral

Raw Recovery Movie Review: Monsters Vs Aliens

Us vs Them

As Found on Facebook




The Elvis Ripple

The lie I keep telling myself

Lezflirt: making conversation

Let’s Go To The Mall Yesterday!

Blog to Live, Live to Blog


My Adult Coming Out Moment

Traffic Safety Day with Elvis

Fusion Foods – taste and textures

The big Boned Gal Campaign Recap

understanding reality through gaming

From a family of blockade runners

Agoraphobic Ponderable Lie-In

A Gamer Recovery

Lister’s Cold

Handedness and Speech Impediments


Shaggy Dog Tails

The Reality Meme

Memeable Me

happy joy luck shirt day

Recovery Karoke: Sugartown

The repressed undone

Used to…when used to be do not count anymore

Youtubing The Recovery Process

The Ohhhhh Canada Segment.

Cutty Cutty Pastey Pastey

Riding the Waves

Community Garden in the Davie Gay Village


Cuatro Coffee’s Veggie Panini Delights

The Three Hat Trick

The Kathy Griffin Post – 1.0

Circles in Circles = Fractal Spirals on the breath

Recovery Movie Review: Pirate Radio

Aversion Therapy: Star Trek Style

Elvis On Childhood Dreams

Me, Myself and I

Viking Games

The Thing about Comfort Zones

Calling Plot Twist

Stopping and Stock Taking

Yesterday’s Stormy Weather

Boobquake 2013

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Sept 5 2013

Workshopping It

The stories we tell ourselves

Raw Recovery Specialist on Video Games

Understanding the World

Wednesday September 4

Laters Internet

Getting the Monkey off your Back

Life is about the watering hole

Labour Day is Accomplishment Day

The Freddie Factor: Channeling Your Inner Fag

Our Daily Elvis – It’s Midnight the Listen Cilla Version

Facial Expressions

Of Cats and Curiosity

Pulling An Elvis


The Muse of Inspiration

Quest of Tears – The Jeni Cold Comfort Tears

Rebalancing One’s Social Support

Recovery Relatable Character: Reg Barclay

Collecting Fannish Things

Beet and Apple Salad

What Art Therapy Does

Wheat Grass Nutritional Powerhouse

Clan of the Cave Bear

Don’t Shine on Me

The Sensualism of Taste

Under the Surface

Today I used Word

Making Depression Work for You

RIP Jeni Nagakane

Warm Fuzzy August 26. 2013

Cold Comfort

Give Us Today The Laughing Version

Meaning and then nothing

Iconic Sitcoms: The Conformist Overtext

Iconic Sitcoms: The Difference

Twilight to Midnight

Thinking about the Past

Unexpected Sources

Front to Back

Race to the bottom

RR Processing: The Star Trek Holodeck

Words, words everywhere, and not a one to think

Raw Recovery: No Nutrition Panel Needed

Book Review: A Romanov Fantasy

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Aug 22, 2013 – Vancouver on Vent Day

Calling for adult legislation

Jonesing with George

Oxygen and Breathing

TV Role Models: Dick Solomon – 3rd Rock from the Sun

Role Models: Uncle Gus

The Cost of Perfection

Towards Blue Moon

Blue Memes   &   Memey goodness: Meme source: I fucking Love Science

Why Silence is Death

Seeing Rightly

Exploring other cul de sacs

Agoraphobic Cul de Sac – Craiglist Rent Scams

Blue Moon 2013

Less happy to have already done this one…

Lightbulb – Connecting to the Universe

YAY me – On the Leaderboard! Cube Induced Catatonia – Cat-O-Cubicle

Be Sensible, British Columbia and show Canada


Dear Agoraphic Diary for August 18

Offlining for an errand

Warm Fuzzies of Viewership

Fun Find of the Day..Doing something funny before saying something scary, grounding and centering….

Raw Recovery on Sleep disorders and Memories

Raw Recovery Movie Feature: The King’s Speech

Coffee Powering Your BBQ!

In conversation about comprehension

Raw Recovery Specialist

today, August 17, 2013,  I made myself sort of laugh

at least, I found myself entertaining….. that’s the first time in a very long time.

Kris Cross Emoting

Random Pattern Alignments

Lesbians and Chairs

Are You Lonesome Tonight? Happy Elvis Death Day Winner #2

Happy Elvis Death Day – Jailhouse Rock

Living Well: Veggie Cheesesteak

Connecting to mainstream humour

I got it. Can life move on to new lessons now?

Folk Moting

Second Place is first loser

The Concentration of Calto

Fave Female Vocalist: Patsy Cline

I did this today

August 14 Theme Song

Raw Recovery Process: The Cherry Knot

Sunshine: The Best Santizer

Elvisworld: One of the Short Haired Bullies

Warm Fuzzy Start to the Day

Happy Elvis Death Day – The Holiday Explained

Lezflirting the Quest of Tears: 7 of 9 Seeking Janeway

Happy Elvis Death Day Winner #2 – Are You Lonesome Tonight

Elvis Complete Masters

Science Fiction/Fantasy Solace

Mindfullness lessons from Star Trek Voyager

Book Review: Boomer – The Railroad Memoirs of Linda Niemann

“be Yourself” – probably the most meaningless phrase ever

Happy Elvis Death Day Contest Winner #1

A facebook Timeline Slice

Movie Recovery Review: Julie and Julia

Agoraphobic Cul de Sac: Guest Starring the Parentals!

Today’s Relatable Fictional Character: Chicken Little

When Promises are just words

Greif and Greiving August 10 associations

LightBulbs: low watt to full spectrum

WARM FUZZY!  Vancouver fave Places: Science World

Mindset Creates Mindframe

Recovery Process Year of Living Round Up Review

Raw Recovery Process: Double TV Character feature: Christine Willes

Recovery Process mentors: Jamie Oliver

Nina’s Garden

Springman’s: From Saturn to SAAB

Blogroll Update: No Fear

Summer Pet Care

March of the Thinking Caps

the middle ground is reality Pragmatic vs Dreams

Facebook Featured: Help Stop Abuse on Women

Meditative Mentalhalations

Raw Recovery Recap: Preparing for Difficult Conversations

Raw Recovery Relatable Critters: Dragons

Childhood Soundtrack: Folk Music

From Vampires to Vamps to Vapid

The silence in the void

Zen Gardening in Agoraphobic Cul de Sac

King Me – Happy Elvis Death Day Song Contest

Childhood Movie Memories: Movie Review: Williard

diabetes on the breath

Dealing with Stage Fright

Canada’s Suzie Orman: Gail Vaz-Oxlade


Suddenly Single: Does Footloose mean Fancy Free?

Keep Calm and Viking On

Musical Emoting: Country Camp!

Being your own client

I lost my mannerisms – vocal and gestural….

Starting the day with coffee and warm fuzzies


PTSD and Phobias

Online Godbot Bullies

2 Warm Fuzzies

Today’s Gratitude

Not much news is good news

Social Sexuality

Eyes are the windows to the person

Executive Summary

Lizzie Borden

The Human Cost of Depression

Raw Recovery Specialist: the Rethink

Writer Chat with Dianne Cameron – dealing with despair

Emoting with Olivia Newton-John

Raw Recovery: Coping with Anxiety Triggers

Dealing with Diabeties

Nina on blogging

Processing The Recovery Process : Sharing the Healing Process

A Day in the Life of Nina

Seeing Green..Beinging Green…Green to Ground

Project: You – the art of self management

In a manner of speaking

Musical Emoting: Getting In Touch with your inner slut

Mindfulness – rebalancing towards perspective

Repeating Yourself – self echos – tasting your own words

Connectitude: Autism, Trauma and Schizophrenia


Quest of Tears: The Gratitude Power Up

Gaining Perspective July 20, 2013 – Theme Song

Dealing with Doctors Medical Systems: A Canada – US Comparison


Pieces and finding forgiveness

Star Trek Characterizations

Creating a daily routine

Medical Marijuna

Agoraphobic Life Coaching with The Integrity Fairy

Taking Skill Stock: Project Management

Morning Musical Emoting – from despair to hope

From Aspiration to Hope to Dream

Lucid Dreaming

A Wish for Wings That Work

Recovery Writing – Blogs are online journals

Warm Fuzzies and Sunshine Awards

Morning Emoting with the Queens of Country

Recovery Process: Volunteering

Thou Wilst – Will and Being Empty of It

Raw Recovery Process: The Recovery Position

Nightmares and Daydreams

Emoting with Elvis

Agoraphobic Life Coaching

Today’s Theme song: Spread Your Wings

Today’s Word: -Ebos; variations: Pla- and No-

One Story in three Contexts

Change Yourself, Change the World

Raw Recovery Specialist Report

Art and Science


Just words

That’s Allright

The Motion of Emotion

Recycled Thoughts

Dealing with Rejection

Going Vegetarian

Living Well Featurette: We all scream for ice cream

This just made my day

Cathartic Ramblings

The idea of forgiveness

Raw Recovery Status – June 28, 2013

Lezflirt 501: Relationship Red Flags

The Raw Recovery Process

Eyes… if they be windows…if they be indicators…if they be tells…

Autism and Trauma are both brain injuries

Version control: Intro or Extro……..

The slurry Grind

The communication disconnect gap

Cutting a Cake and Eating It

Life informs Art; Art Inspires Life

Raw Recovery Realizations

The Show Must Go On June 23 2013 – Theme Song

Cycling through stages

Today’s Theme Song: I Am A Rock

Suddenly Single in an upgraded world

Related to shares

Blooming Onions

New to the Blogroll: Galloway’s Specialty Foods

Afternoon Blogging with Raw Recovery Specialist

We are all just digital non-player characters

The Importance of Family

Dealing with Depression

Waking Up To Likes

Preparing for planting

Confessions of a Gen X-er

Recovery Blues

Music is feeling and movement

Moments of Meaning – meaning in moments

Raw Recovery Specialist – Video Log take 1

It gets better is not just a project. It’s a promise

Home ain’t home anymore

People come in all shapes and sizes

Helping Others Helps You

The Complexity of non-hunger eating


The Meaning of Raw Recovery Specialist

Raw Notes to Self

Sexuality in Society – Sex and self esteem

Karoke Therapy – sugartown

Taking Self Stock

The human cost of bad governance

Introducing Nina Tryggvason 3.0

The Piano: personal power in an impersonal world

Desperately seeking purpose

The Writing Process informs the Recovery Process

Raw Recovery – Rough Notes

Raw Recovery Focus: Digitial Socializing

Raw Recovery Focus: Mirco Flora and Fauna

Raw Recovery Focus: Illumination

Infinite Infinity….never ending….

Recovery Process: Relatable Movies

Recovering Resiliancy

the sharpest edge of funny

The Importance of Cathartic Releases

Oprah Daytime dreams

Trying to find the funny…. It’s all fun and games, until…

Power Pick Me Ups

Self Knowledge is Self Awareness

Fanclub 2.2 – Raw Recovery Specialist feature

Re-Imaging the Self on the Relatable

Self Discovery

Being Bi-Platform

The magic of recovery is art

Shine on

Creating a Moment – then a learning opportunity

Seeing in Dimensions


What’s on my mind facebook?

Putting it out to the universe

Then & Now…Now and Then…

Learning to love yourself


The View From Vancouver

Black Adder Christmas Special Reversals

The Big Boned Gal Campaign

Being Who You Are is about choices

Recovery Process: Art Therapy Review

Recovery is one step at a time

Love Finds It’s Own Level…Like Water

Thinking about things

Highs and Lows

making Connections and reconnecting

Mid life Transitioning

Spread Your Wings

Harvey Milk Day

Making new friends

Processing Recovery…reinitialize …

Vicki Wagner’s 60 Days To The Red Carpet

Good Stress vs Bad Stress

Humour Hatrick: The set up, the reveal, the reversal

TV and Movies: the last common framework

Pet Therapy – The Puppy Pile Mediations

Warm Fuzzies

Meandering Thoughts

Chrysalis not Crystalline

Writer Chat: PTSD, Trauma and Suicide

Life can be surprising

Zero Sum Conversations are so repetitive…


Hoisted by my own Picard…

Getting Your Green On

How Writing (and reliving memories) affects the brain

Inspiration, Encouragement and Support

RIP: Celine (1996-2013)

Remembering Happy Times

Memes of Me

How to wash your hands

What a Day Might Bring

Vikings, Dragons and Cats

Stories Re-Told

Hope Defeats Despair

Waking Up

Finding a common framework

Meaningful Movies

making food festive

Friendship: the gift that goes on giving

Perception shapes reality

Levelling: Up or Off

Hail Kitty Kitty

The power of multiculturalism

Dual Monologs are not conversation

From draft to post

Self Management Strategies

Changes, Crying and Cleansing

Zucchini Parmesan Crisps

Work/Life Balance hinges on Identity Balance

Recovery Process: personal measureables

Idealism as Intrinsic Motivation

Uneasy lays the head that wears a crown

Raw About Food

RRS on Restoring Your Self Esteem

martyr messages

Once more with feelings

Never felt more like singing the blues

Minutia and Trivia

Being Elvis …

Healing Living

The cycle of abuse through multi-level relationships

Making Life Changes

Bubble Worlds

Muscle Memory, Guarding and Phantom Pain

The attitude of gratitude… ripples

Recovery Process Spotlight: The Dollhouse

Processing the thought process

Why Helping Others Helps You

A singular reality

Brains: Inner monolog and narrative tracks

P3: Politics, Poetry and Philosophy

Remembering Fallen Workers

Processing the Process

Life: nature and nurture

Private vs Public Reality

Beach Movies and Driftwood

Rainbow Connections

Trying to connect dots…

Creating Relationships

Sometimes You Watch and Sometimes You are the Karmic Backlash

Self care tips

Theory of Relatability: Player One seeking Player Two

People. Not Prophets or Profits

Wonder Woman Power Up

The roller coaster of my day

RRS: The Mirror Test

the myriad forms of depression

Overcoming Inertia? Encouragement Sparks It

Tryggvason Syndrome

Humans are a rainbow tribe

Of Sun and Citrus

Thank you universe

Today was a family event day

When days of the week are the same day…

Animal Instincts

I love You Anyway

What You Put Out There In The World is reality

Imagining the Future

Reflecting on Reflections

The Art Therapy of Raw Recovery

Give us this day – April 20 – Our Daily Elvis

Of Dogs and Cats…

Processed Thoughts: On The Thought Process

Ti Kwan Leap

The Self: A Place of One’s Own

Life: the cycle of famine and feast

Vitamins & minerals – internal and external uses

Self Care is Not the same as Pampering

Gen X: sense and sensibilities

A brave heart

Quality and Quantities

Food and Mood

RRS: Communication – sounds & silence

Brilliance arises from clarity of the facet cuts

Humour – it lifts and separates

Family Values: Resetting to Original Operating System

Life: any way you slice it, there’s something funny

If I were King…

Ordinary Heros Pay It Forward

Triple Column Space: Do the readers grok the headline?

Raw for Beauty of Person, not just appearances


1 Person Can Make A Difference

Making It…

Sing! Dance! Feel Better!

Amusing Yourself: Making Memes

Be the Change

Lezzie Bruce sez: Royal Families of Europe? I hear banjos

Agoraphobic Diary April 10, 2013

Everyday Angels: Volunteers

Call and Reply

Social Media as a broadcast medium  – Raw Recovery Specialist afternoon show

What’s the Harm?

Ninabot: sometimes it’s about going through the motions

Things to be grateful for

Talking to young people about bullying

digital socializing – the ultimate equalizer

Existentially Me

Cheesecake x 2

Relatable Items Shared

Breakfast Bowls

Heal Along with Nina

Is that all there is?

ubermensch: overcoming packs, prides and herds

Elvis Therapy

Digital Scrapbooking – the Memory Maze

Agoraphobic Philosopher Ponders Population Controls

Cold Comfort

Horror from imagined to experienced

Conservatives are the status quo to overcome

First Aid for Diabetics

From Coping Ugly to Coping Clever


Nancy Stewart

Truth is not as subjective as people think

Save the Oceans

Let the sun shine

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

Letting go of grief

Walking Through Fire

Recovering the raw you

Let’s try something new: love each other, eh?

Happy Birthday Lucy Lawless and to all warrior women

Theme Song – march 27

Heart Failure   

Elvis: A Unisex Role Model

Encountering Famous People

Compassion for animals – Myths vs fact checking


BuzzWords that matter: Sustainability

Possibility is what makes dreams into reality

Be Prepared

Getting Your Green On

A shift towards equality

The Elvis That Lived: Nina Tryggvason

Speaking Truth to Power 101

Sometimes People can surprise you

Note to Self:  a moment

Expanding boundaries and discovering limitiations

Recovery Round-Up

Always Look on the bright side of life

Therapy writing vs writing for therapy

Autism, PTSD and self management

Speaking truth to Power and the Public

Raw Recovery Specialist – est. March 8 2013

March 18 – morning reflections on the state of marriage around the world

Reflections upon others

Dreaming in colour

TV is as TV Does

Home Socializing and Dating

Books that can save your life and sanity

Nature denurtered

Boosting Nutrition

Nurtured Nature

food is our health source

Obscenity is craven indifference

Getting to the heart of the story

Epiphanies are insightful revelations

People need…

One Who Has Know How to Live

Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Life lessons from movies

March 9 – 80s day

Life – it’s in you to live

Raw Food and Vegetarian by Choice

Raw Recovery Specialist


March 8

Special Feature – Meta blog creation process view – march 7, 2013

The Elvis Formula Travelog

Hope Struggle and Change

Women: A Herstory

Who should the king have married?

my recovery process: karoke therapy

We now return you to the regularly scheduled reality…already in progress

Extra: waiting to Exhale

Nothing Thrives in Captivity

This Was Nina

The Karate King

I could be like Xena – got the sword…not just saying

The Story of Sagas

Hopes and Dreams

live laugh love, repeat when necessary

the fruit of the poor lemon

mental Wellness and the psychology of pets

Self Comforting to Celebrating Victories

Theme Song – The Dolphin Song

Life is divine

Getting the story right

the creative impulse

I forgot to work in an Elvis reference

Nature and naturalism is actual pro-life

life is beautiful

raw desserts

nature and nurture?

Profound Experiences

believing and beliefs

recovery is working through, not around…

Cathartic releases

Random Connections

Equality is a global quest – for everyone –

seen but not heard

caring about causes and finding the funny

Food: It does a body good

The Wally Way

Theme song Feb 20 Chiquittita

Ticking is repetative

From Time Management to Managing Time

Depression – symptoms and side effects

Raw for Health and Beauty

Hoping Someone’s gonna Care


Witches got dunked, Believers Debunked

Exercising Dogs and Demons

Life is like a parking lot: We all need validation

Public Image and Private Person

Needful Things

Bringing It Home

Feb 16 theme song – to everyone who hurt me

Stressing for the Holidays

Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes you have to reboot – warm or cold

Gather Your Rosebuds while ye may

Valentines Theme Song

Agoraphobia 2.0 A Digital Life

If the Good is great

Individuals for the Greater Good

On Being a Film Buff


Karaoke Therapy: I Don’t Want To Play House

Profile: Chocolate

Mental Health

A Purple nature

Theme Song Poll – Elvis vs Beatles

because survival is not enough: THRIVAL

if you love what you do, it’s not work

Be a believer in love

Agoraphobic Philosopher Says: Mind your battles

I think therefore I am, I think…

Finding Your Inner Voice

Ordinary Heroes of the Middle Class

big girl panties, bra optional

sources of inspiration

Nina Pretty Ballerina

reinforcing inspiration

Equality: Rated E for Everyone

Asserting Yourself in Conflict

Renaissance Dyke likes movies and walks on the beach…

Theme Song Feb 6, 2013 – Message to Myself

Having Options

Believe in Love

Optimist/Pessimist vs Positive/Negative

Why be normal?

Extrovert to Introvert – but back again?

How’s the world treating you?

Possibility is where hope dwells

Random Ntrygg Archive: Being

creating meaning and finding purpose

cats rule dogs drool

Today’s Theme Song: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Inquisitive Minds vs Inquisition Minds

Follow that Dream

Introducing Lezzie Bruce

Tomorrow’s Theme Song

Canada Content (CanCon)

we are all one

12 steps to creating motivation when depressed


between how it should be and how it is cognitive dissonance

Ode to Gaia

Choosing your battles

Is surviving really a measure of strength?

Monday Morning coming down

rising from the ashes

survival to thrival – the dark side of role models

to sleep, perchance to dream

Heroes should be every day

something to smile about

Role Modelling

a worthwhile life


Health Matters – Vicki Wagner

evolution to revolution

Blogsosphere Support System – recovery process

Modesty and Dignity – art therapy recovery process

A Sides and B Sides

Memo Re: Laughter

Commiseration Connections – Support across social media

Elvis’ Banana Pudding

Beauty and Humour stem from pain

Shut In Stand Up – Now available in memes

Brains: they are in you to use

Guest Blogger:  Amy Hearn – wellness & eating disorders

Theme song for Jan 19 – Elvis and Nancy – Nothing Like  a Song

Something in the way

People’s Problems or Problem people

“We the people” are PTSD peasants

everyone has a story, but telling it is another thing

Theme Song Jan 17 Elvis Where Do I Go From Here?



Unsocial media


Transformation Chrysalist

put your no money down – hurry hurry

North by Northwest

This is why the personal is political

1 solution to any posted problem

reflecting on the soundtrack of youth

Sunday Theme Song

Wherefor Humanity?


The Solution Paladin is in

Today’s Theme Song – Walk Through the Fire (Buffy musical episode)

To Thine Own Self … Be

individual vs society

Romancing the Universe

Riding Rainbows

Recovery 2013

Stars and then Stars

Dream a Dream

Random Acts of Kindness

Understanding is subjective

Pursuit of Happiness: creating and hobbies

Haven’t done recipes in a while

Burning Beds

religion vs culture

10 steps to self esteem

Vikings are restless


Recovery process – wellness videos

Easy Buttons

How Abrahamic Religions poisons everything

Potluck Popourri

Haunting Ideas and Phrases

Today’s Theme Song: I Am I said

Life, you just gotta laugh

Reap what you sew

Eye of the beholder

Walk Through the Fire

Art Therapy – helping others helps you

Jargonator: Storming, Norming, Performing

Mental Health and the Creative Arts

unrepentant carnivore turned vegetarian

top 10 brain damaging habits

Changes accumulate over time – gosh that’s evolution

Coping one day at a time; day after day

Kismet + Karma = Fatalism

Crazy Cat Lady

From Mass to Class

Marinading on things

Food and Mood

Open Source Code

favorite mediations

brain power

Healthfulness and Wellness

Classic and Raw

Writer Chat – Self Esteem and Wellness

12 Chakras

Be Better not Bitter

Agoraphobic Philosopher – 2b or Not 2b – in the big blue room

Monkey Mind-Fullness is not being Mindful

Drunk on Inspiration Porn

Transcendence and Awareness

Celebrate Life

Eating for Life


Boobquake 2012

Paying it Forward

Yoga is as Yoga Does

How to identify Real Food Flowchart

Equality Raises Everyone

Fun with Tofu  – and Vicki Wagner

Rules of Life

Seeing Brightly from the dark

Writer Chat: Crafting Criticism

Insights about Insite – towards an honest self assessment

Conversations in progress

Agoraphobic’s Cul de Sac – The Raw Pilot Preview Release

A recovery process: assess/compile featurette

Thinking of the Children

Emoting with Olivia Newton-John

Fractal Enlightenment

Raw Recovery Trio

Not much news is good news

Six Unconventional, Scientific Ways to Be Happier

Music Therapy

YOLO… you only live on line

Start Where You Stand

Lessons from Last Night

Dilbert: The Complete Series Review

Thinking about Panic Attacks

Art Therapy… words and images

Impersonators vs Tribute Artists

Writing vs Writers

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