2 outings and a dizzy spell

I went out for under an hour yesterday, dealing with tires/snow tires.

Today I went to Central City Mall, formerly Surrey Place…. it is difficult when names change to remember which one.

A wheat grass juice at the Jugo Juice in the food court and finished my seasonal shopping.

There was not as many people at the mall, so moving around it was easy.

The seasonal panic not yet set in for most I suppose.

The lotto booth was crowded and other people cut me off

I was having a hard time verbalizing, overwhelmed by the gift packages, the colours, and just moved around the booth until I had a place at the counter.

there were three clerks, 2 women older than me and a young man who is autistic.

He grasped my order faster than either of the women did – one hovering protectively over the transaction, even as she helped other customers who were doing faster and smaller purchases.

I had asked only for tickets with play value, not merely scratch and check.

He assured me of the selection, as he rang up the order.

I am not sure, but his facial expression did change

when I said

“I greatly appreciate your attentive customer service.”

the two older women clerks seemed to become lighter in body language

what we see or want to, or project or sometimes do not even notice

how we impact others and those around

during interactions



back at home, and it was some sidewalk shovelling, until I got dizzy in the Big Blue Room and had to lie down



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4 Responses to 2 outings and a dizzy spell

  1. Well done Nina. Peace and blessings to you for Christmas and the New Year.

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