Entertainment: The Educational and Social Value

Box Sets - TOS - Remastered Release

Video Games provide a complete world experience, with clear goals and relationships.

Star Trek has a lot of important qualities that I think would benefit the autistic higher functioning kids and teens.

The characters wear color coded clothes and act within a clear framework – and any variation is agonized over, discussed and in later series, even the subject of administrative reviews.

The soundscape of beeps and bleats, the flashing lights and the emotional journey of each episode combined over the seasonal arcs offer a broad arena for behavioral and interpersonal skills – especially when stories involve non-federations.

I always loved the applying for Federation Planet stories, where the captain exposes some exploitative flaw that prevents the planet from being qualified – and often – it’s a pre-warp or barely warp society.

So Planet Leader “I have your people, give me weapons!” pounds chest.

Federation Captain. “Give me my people, then we can discuss.”

Planet Leader “We give people, you give weapons. Now.”

Federation captain. “I am not authorized to give you weapons, I am lowly captain and must get permission from my chief. So give me people and we talk, it will look good for you this way. Friendship.”

Planet Leader “D’ohhh okay. here people”

Federation Captain. “Thank you for applying to the federation, Beam us up. your application is denied”

Transmit closed file to star fleet and put avoid beacon around the planet.

My Communications Problem was solved by Star Trek 

So – regular readers of my blog know some stuff about me – as a person – not as a blogger. I am a white, middle class Canadian who is also a lesbian. I have also said that I am … Continue reading

See how

See how “mirror neurons” turn you into a copycat without your knowledge: http://bit.ly/MirorNeurons
A study flashed expressive faces to participants for 30 milliseconds, and even without realizing the specific expression, participants mimicked the expression.

Were you ever scolded by your parents for playing too much video game? Perhaps, for some of you this experience is still ongoing. Video gaming is believed to have much apparent harm: growing indifference to violence,…
Frequent action video game players often outperform non-gamers on measures of perception and cognition, and some studies find that video…  ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Playing video games, including violent shooter games, may boost children’s learning, health and social skills, according to a review of research on the… apa.org
Social Clues is a video game with a higher purpose news.usc.edu
The Center for Autism Research (CAR) is a multi-faceted center that coordinates and supports research on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and…  centerforautismresearch.com


Artificial Neural Networks dream about many things — most of them, a lot creepier than electric sheep.
index Do-Androids-Dream-of-Electric-Sheep1 Blade_Runner_poster

See also:

Communication Problem solved by Physics

In communication theory – we contemplate two kinds of conversation: zero sum vs interest based Zero sum is 1 winner and 1 loser expressed as a score of  1 vs 0 and the problem that I see in the world … Continue reading


which is why people need face to face, interactive positive communication

to learn from other humans, monkey see monkey do

speaking of which

thanks to everyone who uploaded and tagged all kinds of photos of themselves to teach the software how to recognize facial expressions!

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