Three Generations on an outing.

The Youngest was dropped off at a temp office for temp work for the BC Election.

The Middle and Eldest drove over the Patullo Bridge, from which commercial trucks need to be banned because that bridge is falling down.

B.C. Election 2017: The campaign has officially begun
B.C. Election 2017: The campaign has officially begun

In New Westminster, Mom paid for street parking – a minimum of 30 minutes, when we could have used the designated loading dock portion of the sidewalk.

So we could make a substantial donation to the Royal Colombian Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop.

New Westminster has a master parking meter in which one enters your vehicle plate.

This way, no one can get a free parking from another person’s unused portion, or pay it forward and add coins to strangers who’ve parked.


774 Historic Columbia Street. New Westminster , BC. Phone: (604) 521-0319. Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri: 9am – 9pm. Sat: 9am – 7pm. Sun: Closed …

Anyway, after dropping off the still okay clothing and mostly books, craft and cook books mostly.

Poll Tracker: 2017 British Columbia election

CBC.ca7 hours ago
The following are vote and seat projections for the British Columbia election on May 9, 2017. These numbers were last updated on April 11, …


We continued to 8th and Braid, down the hill, along the railroad track, up the on-ramp, down into the curve and turn the corner, and merge into the TransCanada Highway.

Across the two lanes that continue under and to other communities, into the Highway lane proper, into the slow/merge lane, while from the HOV and inside lane, other vehicles are trying to avoid the bridge. which they should have done after the last merge segment.

Like yesterday, I was today, almost crashed into by an HOVer leaving it to the last minute to then swerve across if not 2 lanes to get to their exit, three, because the exit is 2 lane.

And Then the illegal toll on the Port Mann new bridge needs to be removed and the Province punished by the Federal Government because that is the TransCanada Highway – free passage of which is guaranteed in several layers of legislation.

Where, I then have to merge into the 152 st 1st Surrey exit lanes, with 2 lanes on my right that I have to check.

then, a hunt n gather at a Chain Grocery Store – and a cell call to the Youngest that the training/signup session was done.

One more stop and return home with the same passengers as begun.

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A regularly updated list of who’s running in all 87 electoral districts

CBC.ca5 hours ago
The next provincial election in British Columbia is scheduled for May 9, 2017 — and with that comes hundreds of candidates vying to become …

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All of Canada would pay the price if Toronto’s real estate bubble burst: Real estate figures in the country’s largest city are at red-hot levels, and the rest of Canada will ultimately have to pay for it
All of Canada would pay the price if Toronto’s real estate bubble burst
All of Canada would pay the price if Toronto’s real estate bubble burst
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    Ontario: The America of Canada.


  • Niels Jensen's profile photo
    To me it appears mostly to be a question of when, rather than if.

Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

it is curious that “business” continues to think there’s endless markets, when crashed and bubbles regularly occur. capitalism is a serious social addition issue.

Separation of Corporation and State, eh.

P3: Private and Public Partnerships are when the public pays and the private profits.


Holocaust comparison in pro-life video upsets Alberta school division
Holocaust comparison in pro-life video upsets Alberta school division
Alberta the Texas of Canada

Ridiculous and extreme non-comparables as emotional manipulation
cheap emotional manipulation love the fetus, hate the child.

religion is mental illness.
Separation of Church and State, eh.
Why China is serious about becoming the global leader on climate change

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    because they are the biggest nation in the world
  • Joe Rousmaniere's profile photo
    Why not: because they are highly intelligent people who realize this is a deadly srious threat?
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    it’s not like America is going to science ever again
  • mohamed akrem's profile photo
    Because it is the global leader on environmental pollution
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     Yes. China. India and then America, far above it’s weight class on the pollution-o-meter, eh.


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