Raw Recovery: Relatables – Farscape’s Zaan

Social Anarchist Priestess – Zaan search for serenity was sadly ended by the special effects make-up health impact.

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Much like Lon Chaney and the Mythbusters have demonstrated – multi chemical sensitivity – our skin is part of our respiratory system. No different than the membrane around a cell. Permeable.

Same for our psychological and emotional selves.

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Zaan represented finding the balance between baser instincts driven by greater understanding and further heightened by noble sentiments or lofty goals.

The tradition of the warrior monk is rooted deeply in Pan Asian and South East Asian cultures. It was a fascinating contrast with the lead American Character the Cowboy-Merchant-Explorer that pervades American television shows.

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As a Canadian, watching this show was like watching 2 other siblings fighting out their personality conflict and with the bulk of the cast being Australian or New Zealander, the SMBD blantant text was really refreshing to counter all the creepy wholesome that the Mormons and other closed communities would like us to beleive that the behind the scenes is remotely like the public display.

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In Any Case: Zaan’s meditate and reflective character, keenly aware of both sides and balancing all the other characters with her high empathy. The show maintained the quality by spining off aspect of Zaan to the subsequent female characters.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
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