Personhood and Animals

Today I mailed a third of 3 registered letters to the Federal Human Rights in Canada.

I walked out of the Chain Drug Store with the Postal Counter in it, when a young dog realized that there were pets to be had.

Ungainly on newly long legs, the black and whit with a streak of orangey brown fur dragged it’s Adult Woman Human towards me.

His head thumped my palm and reflexively I not only pet him, but knelt down and baby talked, such a handsome puppy.

The owner began to apologize, as owners tend to until they realize another Dog person – and I realized that this woman was from a subculture not really known for pets; guard working pets in homes.

She continued to apologize even though I was kneeling down and nose to nuzzle with her dog. “whozza gudboy” pant pant tongue loll pant pant

“This is just dog behaviour, totally normal.” I said smilingly as I looked up at her from my at the dog level.

His eyes closed and ears dangling loose in utter bliss.Drool would be next. He knows he’s a good boy. He sat statue still and her head rolled back in complete relaxation.

I scratched the roots of his ears. By this time, the petting was so good that a third woman, from another non-pet culture heritage was also leaning into pet the under a year old and toddler sized animal. She was so well dressed that it surprised me that she stopped to pet a shedding type dog.

“Dogs have owners, Cats have Staff.” I said, as I stood up – so the third woman could have a turn at petting, and stepped back.

“Elegant,” she said – an older well dressed woman,

I smiled at her in gratitude – she nodded, taking in this thought.

“Yes, Dogs are toddlers and Cats are teenagers.”

The dog’s human just looked between the pair of us, as another woman pet her dog.

She laughed knowingly too and the three of us laughed together.

Petting over, the dog meandered for sniffs.

we murmured goodbyes and moved on

at home

I tried to tease the cat with the dog scent, but she was playing Big Cat in the backyard grass, Savannah on her mind, even tho there, she’d be just a snack.

I am about 4 inches or 10.25 or 10 and a quarter cms taller than each of the women, and by weight, am probably more than the pair of them and the dog.


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