The PS4 Shift in Gaming

I am very concerned about net neutrality, and not for any western democratic nation consumer reason.

I am concerned that companies are deciding too much who gets to access based on there they live and there are too many nations that are not near internet ready levels.

Radio let more than news that travels in word of mouth or in print.

It was sound.

Then came moving pictures in theatres, news, cartoons and a feature, with live music.

Then, Talking Pictures and color; then it was all beamable into the homes on television.

Then, came the internet, and a lot of all that other media was documented and posted all over again.

group vs private entertainments, and shared vs personal experiences

anyway. today I went to the EB Games store and exchange the game that I bought

It is not playable from the disc, it is only playable on line

so I got a disc based game, stand alone from the cloud

Image result for skyrim  ps 4

Watching the screen loading opening scene, I thought about the atari 2600 line drawing games and the atari 7800 16 color/colour graphics, then the later cartoony ninento games

Image result for skyrim  meme

Spartacus: CGI vs Actual Actors

SFX: Stop Motion to CGI

Image result for skyrim  sims meme

CGI vs Carrie Fisher – Star Wars

Television: Plato’s Cave 2.0 Technoage Edition




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