1st hunt and gather of 2017

Today I went to City Central to drop the niece off for her job and my Mom and I went for a small mall walk.

Booster Juice for wheat grass and a pineapple chaser and I was really taste sensitive today.

The grass was sweeter and it certainly gave me a bit of a buzz.

At the Burger King, they had the chicken burgers on special, which they call sandwiches so it’s different legislation than burger requirements. they also made chicken fries so I tried that with the jalapeno coating and buffalo sauce for dipping.

The protein helped to balance the juice.

There was an Asian woman at the counter and she had a bag of tiny mandarin oranges. I said they were cute and she offered me one.

My initial standard “oh no thank you” caught in my throat and I nodded and said “yes please.”

She gave me one and then gave my Mom – who was seated at the table one.

I peeled mine and tried the peel first – it was a bit bigger than a kumquat – I asked her “can you eat the peel?”

She giggled where I tried it – she said no, that you don’t.

“Sometimes with smaller fruit you can, like kumquats.”

I asked if she’d gotten them at the produce place next to the burger joint selling sandwiches. She nodded.

So on our way out of the mall, my mom picked some of the tiny fruits up.

I paused at a phone phone place, thinking that 3 GB sounds like a lot, but it’s less than a DVD.

There were 2 salespeople, a man and woman. Both younger than me and south east asian. He walked up and asked if I had questions.

“No,” I Said, “I liked the internet before people were on it.”

He laughed almost knowingly, and she laughed startled.

He made a smooth risque joke about people on the net.

I laughed and said that when I was a kid in the 1970s, the earth’s population was only 3.5 billion and now it’s over 7 billion

and most of them don’t have the internet or tv, so yeah, sex is what people do.

“China and India” he said.

“World’s oldest continuous cultures” I said. “Not every is as vacuous as The West.”

I haven’t had a cell phone in over a decade. I still don’t.

Canadian are being gouged on digital services, when we should have the cheapest as Canada is the most wired nation. The government connections of citizens by road, rail and air – as well as The CBC radio, television and were we undermined ourselves was movies to represent ourselves as other than America Jr. or as New Zealand is to Australia.

Out of the mall, it was to the grocery chain store. I had a fairly serious nausea and dizzy spell there, stressing about previous encounters and fearing…worrying.. anxious about if certain others might be shopping there… but I deep breathed and walked it off. Head down, no eye contact with people.

Holding a breath and seeing that there is lots of air and space.

Then the drive home – shocked to see how many people have not cleaned snow on their cars. It’s not extra weight, it’s a hazard for others when it flies off, eh.

Anyway, home again and it turned out that I missed 2 calls on the landline.


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