Dear Translink re: The JWs

It is not legal for religious people to be on translink property and push any religion.

it is loitering and lacking in any lawful business to be on the property.

It is harassing people.

It is harassing people by virtue of standing there, even not speaking.

It is being intolerant of other people’s beliefs and is extremely passive aggressive unlawful claiming of the public square.

JWs.. Jehovah Witnesses, a Modern Era break away Christian Sect, who, let’s be honest, really should not be allowed to retain custody of their children, since they imperil and put their children through faith healing level of child abuse.

Someone who has been abused by religion are being abused by the constant having it forced on you.

Given that ALL social intolerance are  correlated with religion and low IQ, it is PARTICUARLY important for Government and Quasi Government – Public Administered spaces be 100% religion free.

Canada Census and Queers

Certainly, back in the 1990s, when that over 6 foot tall black islamic man was agressively handing out brochures – and he verbally gay bashed me in front of a bus load of witnesses. None of whome helped – although once on the bus, one woman did tell me she was going to intervene, but I was mocking the dude so well that everyone was just watching the free street theatre. I thought he was actually going to hit me, so it shows the difference in perspective, eh?

Pushing religion was not okay on public transit.

When someone goes to public transit, they should be in a secure place, where they are not being harassed or approached by people selling or handing out items not related to transit. That is what being able to go about your day unmolested and getting the social rights to engage or not.


Furthermore given that Transit is partly homeless housing and where people who are severely mentally ill hold buses and skytrains of commuters and shoppers captive and terrified – this new Compass System of paying more and getting even less, the Public Needs a Consultation on transit and the multi-modal system –

It is also time for bicycles to have license plates and insurance too, they have to pay into the system they are reaping all the benefits from.

The system has to work for everyone and that is about eliminating barriers and ensuring no kind of predators are at work on transit.

Stats Can still can’t count?

I actually asked the RCMP officers who were there to give back to to the Transit security during the compass watch and they refused to even listen or believe that the religion pushing is not legal.

On the plus side, they have made it a lot easier for me to complete the paperwork for the RCMP vs Women Employees class action suit.

I walked away from the RCMP and said, fine, do nothing, it’s a human rights complaint.

Then they looked at each other, but I was up to the platform.

Monday, I phone translink, Tuesday, the BC Human Rights Commission. At least, it’s one place I get to be British Columbian while at the Federal, it’s Being Canadian, eh.

Government: Census and Censorship

It also let me understand how in the 1960s, when children and teens ran away from religious orphanages and told the police of the rapes and beatings – that the police just handed the children back over to the priests.

for all the decades of the Canada Census – none or no particular religion was 8% – a global stat, that until the 1990s/2000s, when it jumped to 16% globally from the nations that do a census and under which, you are not going to be murdered by government for checking the wrong box.

In Scandinavian nations, none is 90% or more and in Canada it’s about half, Europe is more secular.

Religion is why people do not get along – and we cannot allow religion to further impede people’s being able to go about their lawful business and use the benefits of society, without religion creating barriers at every level.

In Canada, you have a right to your own religion and I have freedom from religion – and public space does not belong to religion anymore.

dear world: religion is the problem and atheist is the safeword

Coming Out: Queer vs Athiest

also this tap in/out and the new machines are miserable, and this 3 zone system from Seattle WA USA was not scalable to the 4 zones of the GVRD, British Columbia, Canada



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