Starting a Human Rights Complaint

Everything in government begins with paperwork, big or small; from federal to municipal hall.

nina-gagged-on-stressForbidden Love

But where to get it, that begins with phone calls or websites for instructions so that they don’t have to take phone calls, which means a person hired to answer it and explain – usually how to fill out the form in a manner that the data can be processed in a structured format for ease of mass data from the masses.

Government on-line – website date entry, reduces the number of clerks to retype the forms into databases……tax forms being the most logical first on… except private sector software – pay for electronic version of the free government printed forms….but I digress because I am nervous. Terrified actually, but nervous sounds braver. 🙂

Rights are Geographic and Demographicly DepantantNina Reads Women's Work

BC Human Rights Tribunal

Indepent, quasi-judicial body responsible for adjudicating human rights complaints. Offers relevant sections of the legal code, list of programs and resources for …

Xtra West social justiceCanada Queer Military 1990s

“Hello? BC human rights, yes, I would like to file a complain about discrimination in the workplace. where do I work, The Federal Government. Oh.. I have to call them, despite that I live in British Columbia. Federal exceptionalism over provincial jurisdiction? well that kinda surprises me, given that in the Building Accommodation world that the most restrictive code is to apply for safety, but for equality the widest possible reading… oh Queen and Crown matter… okay. I get that. thanks.”

FSM God Speaks Nina and FSM

Canadian Human Rights Commission

2 Discover Human Rights. 3 What is harassment. 4 What is discrimination. 5 Need help responding. 6 Preventing discrimination. Previous; Next; PauseStop tab …

tryggvason vs campbell

Legislative stepping stones….process to process… internal external

I want to complain | Canadian Human Rights Commission

Jan 9, 2013 – This is where you can find information about how to make a formal complaint because you believe you have been discriminated against.

Failure PrideNina and Canadian War on Queers

The Power of Secretary aka Administrative Assistance

welcome to C-51 world – Nina K Tryggvason

realityNina Tryggvason anthropology quote

N. Tryggvason v. Transport Canada, 2012 OHSTC 10

Citation: Nina Tryggvason v. Transport Canada, 2012 OHSTC 10. Date: 2012-03-29. Case No.: 2010-28. Rendered at: Ottawa Between: Nina Tryggvason …

Tryggvason vs Transport CanadaInvisible Visibility Invincible

2014 OHSTC 4

Jun 9, 2014 – Matter: Appeal under subsection 146(1) of the Canada Labour Code … The respondent is Mr. Andrew Sigouin a transit operator employed by the appellant. …… canvassed in the Appeals Officer decision in Nina Tryggvason v.
Nina circa 1992I am bradly manning

Apr 16, 2014 – Citation: VIA Rail Canada Inc. v. … trains being serviced at the VIA RAIL Canada, Halifax train station is a danger to Ms. Mulhern. …… the expectation of injury or illness must be supported by medical evidence (Tryggvason v.

Tryggvason 2012 - 2013Nina and Lenny Bruce

Transport Canada – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On 19 January 2016, it was revealed by the CBC that Transport Canada had withheld — or blacked out key findings in — a number of documents related to …

Nina Anglesmaking a difference

Marc Garneau – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Garneau was the president of the Canadian Space Agency from 2001 to … 2015, Garneau was appointed as Minister of Transport in the 29th Canadian Ministry. …. out any form of co-operation with the Green Party or New Democratic Party to ….. Hadfield ·

divineThose Who Can

Canada in Space – The Canadian Astronauts

All about Canada’s Astronauts and Canadians in Space. … Canadian astronauts will be crew members and mission specialists on several future Shuttle flights to the Space Station in the coming years. … Bjarni V. Tryggvason …

agoraphobic philosopher happy childhoodNina tattooed

agoraphobic philosopher digital lifeparanoia

supreme court



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