Dual Medical Outings

To a multi floored medical building, a non-chain pharmacy and the dental practice.

Which used to be the dentist’s office, but now he is just an employee of a practice operated by management companies who specialize in medical practises.

There had been a tv monitor on the wall that had still images of dental information and related advertising, but now it was a audio/video feed, with medical scare testimonials about oral cancer.

the clinic has a new device that infra/ultra lights up one’s mouth, I did it last time.

Before the scare ad… The creep of American marketing into Canada health care is apparently almost complete.


Dear UN: America is now a theocracy.

The Trump Organization Says It’s ‘Not Practical’ to Comply With the Constitution

The Trump Organization Says It's 'Not Practical' to Comply With the Constitution
apparently he has no exit plan because he is not planning to leave the job.
after all, Putin has been president and prime minister in a government system that was designed to prevent just that.

Trump Administration Says It Isn’t Anti-Science As It Seeks to Slash EPA Science Office

Trump Administration Says It Isn’t Anti-Science As It Seeks to Slash EPA Science Office
Scientists just published an entire study refuting Scott Pruitt on climate change
Scientists just published an entire study refuting Scott Pruitt on climate change
Trump budget goes after 50-year-old coastal protection program
Trump budget goes after 50-year-old coastal protection program

Dear America

We regret to inform you, that you are no longer on the Leaderboard of Nations for human rights

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Multi-Lingual Englishes, eh.

Politics Briefing: British leaders suspend campaign in wake of tragedy: Also: B.C. recount continues; Trudeau off to Europe; and Trump in Israel
Politics Briefing: British leaders suspend campaign in wake of tragedy
Politics Briefing: British leaders suspend campaign in wake of tragedy
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    can they cancel the election?


  • Carlton Oneal's profile photo
    British government knew everyone should have been searched before walking into AREA near buildings! British government,with European governments- –carelessness!
  • tariq Ali's profile photo
    I am very very sad
  • Lion heart's profile photo
    yeah cos that’s how it works. Not.
  • Lion heart's profile photo
  • Justin A. Wilson's profile photo
    I condemn extremism and terrorism, my thoughts are with the victims of the Manchester city UK concert attack and calls for investigation and prosecution of inclination of this evil against humanity. European children cannot be intimidated by barbarians and people with monster ideologies. The world deserve better than terror. love is always stronger than hate.
  • Lion heart's profile photo
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     I was looking for a yes or no reply to my inquiry. I do not understand your response.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    if this was American news, there’d be Black Flag conspiracy claims, since that is kind of a conservative tactic, keeping the population in fear; and deniers that the event even happened.
  • Lion heart's profile photo
     no. Why should we halt the democratic process at the behest of a terrorist? Our tribute to the dead and injured is to continue to be a free sovereign state, unafraid and refusing to hate.
  • Lion heart's profile photo
    #NoHateNoFear#Manchester#LancashirePride it’s not American news. It’s our news.


  • G.I. Joe's profile photo
    British governament are idiots and all s3cret fuking services ……take some action against bastards .. stupid english law ……
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     I was not saying it should, I want to see them thrown out and Brexit stopped, the news story seemed to be reporting a ploy by the party to me.
     I’m Canadian. the internet is international
  • Lion heart's profile photo
    +G.I. Joe​ thanks…still got a big crater in NYC? Hope that’s not too soon…which your comment actually is.
  • Lion heart's profile photo
    I know. Other nations don’t seem to grasp the concept of giving us time to mourn or respect. I guess that’s the consequence of its international nature.
    Every keyboard hero seems to know what we should have done/need to do next. Trust us, we’ve got this.
    what’s it to you about Brexit if you’re Canadian? In fact so Canadian that you don’t understand that the Government won’t be “thrown out”?
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     The Party of the Day is not The Government, which is the civil service. and in Canada, the tory party ended with the Mulroney/Kim Campbell, leaving the Liberals as the last Westminster party standing, because all the others are Canadian political parties, with bleedover into the American parties. Because with the UK leaving Europe, it’s Canada who is your nation to the American market and backdoor into Europe.
    that stiff upper lip thing only goes so far, eh.
  • Lion heart's profile photo
    we respect our ally, Canada, as a full member of the Commonwealth and a steadfast friend.
    However, your understanding of British politics is sincerely flawed. Our Government is composed of two houses, one elected, one appointed. The civil service carries out the wishes of HM Govt. Currently, the Conservative Party is in government and will remain so as long as there is no coherent progressive opposition (which there isn’t)
    Brexit was the choice of a majority of the British people. Personally, I voted against it but democracy being what it is, the majority carry the day.
     I’ve spent all day dealing with the aftermath of this horrible incident in my job. Listening to no marks bumping their gums about my beautiful, amazing country from their positions of collective ignorance just about gets my goat. So, no, the old upper lip isn’t as stiff as you might expect. We’re in mourning FFS
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    yes, the things you have said that I did not do not make any sense. at no time did I suggest I was an expert, I asked a question about an article and you went off on a tangent, and given the circumstances, is understandable.
  • G.I. Joe's profile photo
    you tell me if I’m wrong , how many ter. att. was in this country in last few year ??? it is so fuking hard to change a law about terrorism an put all those bastards who holds a black flags especially in london fo fuking 50 years. why not ? it is a fuking threat for country ….fuck all human rights organizations who defend those. bastards …..democracy and freedom is for English and European people not for monkey who came here fro trees with coran in his bags ……I can tell you what !!TOO MUCH FREEDOM FOR PEOPLE WHO DON’T DESERVE IT !!! that’s what it is in England …….
  • Norma Rollo's profile photo
    I know your job involves this sort of situation. Didn’t realise you would be brought into this one not being on your patch so to speak. Harrowing for you I am sure.
  • Lion heart's profile photo
    +G.I. Joe two. Thanks for playing.
  • Lion heart's profile photo
    thanks for your understanding.
  • Lion heart's profile photo
    can’t talk about it too much but, yes, it is on our patch too.
  • G.I. Joe's profile photo
    You welcome bro, I totally support English society against bastards ….I just don’t really understand why English society still. sleeping and don’t want to see the reality! ?1?!!
  • Lion heart's profile photo

    and your perspective is clearer?

    There is no such thing as too much freedom. Check Benjamin Franklin’s take on freedom and security.
  • (skipped over group of trolls)
  • Lion heart's profile photo

    Come on, people, try having some respect


  • Steven Hacker's profile photo
    respect ok get the fuck out of my country take those fucking things off your heads quit trying to be a lionheart or capt save a ho
  • Lion heart's profile photo
    my country, my wounded, my dead. Get off it. There’s no room for hate. Only for courage. I spent today at work dealing with this incident. As I do every time. Respect is about understanding that there’s more in this world than your own interests.
  • Lion heart's profile photo
    some of the things British Muslims were wearing over the last 24 hours were paramedic uniforms, surgeon’s scrubs, nurses uniforms and police uniforms. Where were you, one wonders.
  • it’s you that makes me sick to my stomach. You are as bad as that wanker last night. You hate without thought, without reason because it’s all you know how to do. And you think I should grow up.
    Come back when you’re part of the solution, not part of the problem
  • +Steven Hacker sleep well. It’s the likes of me who are keeping people safe.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     you realize that this is a Canada Newspaper, eh?
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     You are welcome, I am a former Federal Emergency Preparedness Official.
  • Lion heart's profile photo
    I hear that. It’s what I do. Thank you.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    Serious respect, colleague; I can no longer do what you do.



next day


  • Lion heart's profile photo
    no offence meant. I meant what I said about our ally, Canada.

    I didn’t know this was a Canadian newspaper, it just appeared on my G+ feed. My ignorance.
    Yesterday, I was angry. Today, I’m going back to try to ensure we respond as well as we can. There are still folks unaccounted for. The work continues.
    Many thanks for your kindness here.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    no worries at all, no offense taken. You are under exceptional circumstances and still squashing net-trolls.



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Science Talk vs Plain Chatter

Homo Naledi and Our Distant Ancestors Roamed The Earth Together

When bones of a new human species were found deep in a South Africa cave a few years ago, they looked 2 million years old.

But scientists recently made a startling discovery — the bones were much younger, between 226,000 and 335,000 years old. That means the newly found species, dubbed Homo naledi, roamed the landscape at the same time as ancient humans.

After the groundbreaking discovery of the 5-foot-tall hominin with hands and feet similar to our own but a brain only one-third the size, explorers searched for more bones. Their search paid off. The new fossils come from at least two adults and a child, including one that is so remarkably complete it was dubbed “Neo.”

The discovery was announced Tuesday with the publication of a series of papers in the journal eLife.

“This is incredible. What we’re looking at with Neo is a skeleton as complete as Lucy, the most famous in the fossil record,” said University of Wisconsin-Madison anthropologist John Hawks, referring to the Australopithecus afarensis skeleton found in Ethiopia in 1974.

Hawks, an expert on early hominins, is the leader of the research team at the Rising Star cave system in South Africa and the lead author of the paper describing the new fossils. Neo’s skeleton has a complete collarbone and almost a complete femur, giving researchers important clues about its size and stature as well as its ability to walk and climb.

The shape of the vertebrae has been seen before only in Neanderthals. As Neo’s skull was reconstructed bit by bit like a jigsaw puzzle, the adult male’s jaw, teeth and eye sockets became visible.

“Like all fossils that are fragmented and broken, fitting them together and seeing the face for the first time and realizing you’re looking into a face that no one has seen since (Homo) naledi’s group was there, it’s so significant,” Hawks said in a phone interview from Madison.

In 2015, an international team that included Hawks and other UW researchers revealed the largest trove of fossilized bones and teeth found in Africa. The skeletons of the previously unknown human species had been found squirreled away in caves that were so difficult to reach, organizers sought skinny paleontologists, thin and nimble enough to squeeze into the chambers to perform the painstaking work.

The initial discovery of 1,550 specimens has risen to around 1,800 representing at least 18 individuals. Scientists didn’t know the age of the bones but through a variety of techniques they were surprised to learn Homo naledi traversed Earth relatively recently.

“We expected this should be in Chapter 4 (of hominin evolution) and we found them in Chapter 9. That is a real surprise,” Hawks said. “If you talk to experts in the field, they say this is the wrong time. They shouldn’t be there then.”

If modern man, Homo sapiens, dates back to roughly the last 200,000 years and Homo erectus, an extinct hominid that walked upright and had ape-like features, dates from between 1.9 million years and 140,000 years ago, Homo naledi fits somewhere within that timeline.

Whether Homo naledi mated with Homo erectus or Neanderthals and co-mingled genes and DNA is not yet known. So far scientists have not been able to extract DNA from Homo naledi bones.

“Based on its anatomy it looked like something 2 million years old. I conclude that it probably is something that branched from our lineage. It survived for most of those 2 million years alongside with humans much more like us,” Hawks said. “You may ask ‘why did we not see this before?’ I think the answer is we haven’t looked.”

The bones were dated by measuring the amount of uranium and thorium in calcite stone deposits found on top of the fossils, which were estimated at 226,000 years. Bits of Homo naledi teeth were also ground up to measure the electromagnetic fields since teeth are imprinted with a time signature from exposure to natural radiation.

As more bones are discovered in out-of-the-way locations in the cave system, it appears that Homo naledi used remote, dark places to cache their dead, a behavior that suggests the possibility of intelligence. There were no cut marks or signs of trauma on the bones that would suggest them falling into the cave. Though there’s been no evidence found of fire or torches Homo naledi might have used to find their way through the pitch dark passages in a cave system that stretches two kilometers, scientists ponder the reason why they went to such effort to store the bodies.

“I personally think we’re looking at evidence Homo naledi cared very deeply for members of their group and wanted to put these bodies where they would be protected,” Hawks said.

Hawks is returning to South Africa this month to spend the summer working at the Rising Star cave excavation. As teams of small anthropologists shimmy and crawl through tiny crevices into chambers looking for more fossils, Hawks will work outside.

“I don’t fit,” Hawks said. “It’s like working in space in the sense that I can’t go there and the only means I can have of understanding is with the science we’re using.”

Ancient humans, newly discovered species roamed Earth at the same time, UW researcher discovers

Dear Media

new data does not alter the theory

it only impacts parts of the hypothesis

and re-orders what is known

science is that robust, it is completed in with new details

Nina Tryggvason
one planet, it is one planet. no place is more specialGeorge Meladze
Races differ profoundly. Asians are considerably different from Caucasian and Africans. It is only logical to suppose that Caucasians have also evolved in some specific geographic area, other than Asia and Africa, most likely Europe.Kathryn-Lesley
Very interesting, I’d like to stay posted if possible.

Nina Tryggvason
+George Meladze “race” is not a science word, it is a social prejudicial word.

Meet 3 of the great apes

Jay Vollmer
The oldest homonyms?

Jonathan Ellis
The 21st Century Piltdown Man Hoax

ScienceWorld: The Piltdown Hoaxer

Night Garden
Don’t even want to touch this one. Still reeling from the recent theory about blonde hair, blue eye Egyptians…

Night Garden
+Jay Vollmer Hominids?

🎵…antonims, synonims adjectives, verbs! 🎶

George Meladze
+Night Garden Why, think Egyptians were negroid? It is absurd.

We are all out of Africa: Water & Air eh

George Meladze
+Nina Tryggvason Like gender? There morphological types of humans, called races. Asian differ morphologically from Africans, for example.

Night Garden
+George Meladze​​ I don’t but many do. Just looking at their portrait sculpture tells me most were anything but “African” in appearance, by today’s standards. Fascinating… (I was being slightly sarcastic, btw.)

George Meladze
+Night Garden Surely, like Nefertiti, for example. Not immediately, but later I understood it was sarcasm.

From Hominids to Homos

Nina Tryggvason
+George Meladze “Race” is a pejorative term and has zero scientific meaning, and your childish geographic terminology has no genetic value.

Monkey See, Monkey Do 3

Joe Carter
+Nina Tryggvason You are welcome to disagree here, you are not welcome to dictate, nor be disrespectful.

Nina Tryggvason
+Joe Carter if they can be racist and I am the one being told I am rude, can you see the problem yet?

Well this is sure not to cause a stir… </SARCASM>

The Oldest Hominins Could Have Lived in Europe, Not Africa, Claims New Study
The Oldest Hominins Could Have Lived in Europe, Not Africa, Claims New Study
 I am not taking sides on the argument, and will not, one way or the other. I am saying that sharing a perspectives is fine. Attacking each other is not.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    given that I am the only one you are responding to, you are on a side. given that I am the only one who’s posts you are moderating, you are on a side.
Half the global population could face unknown climates by mid-century
Half the global population could face unknown climates by mid-century

Sleep Disorders Affect Men and Women Differently

Results show that women are more likely to feel tired and depressed than men.

The research is in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. (full access paywall)

Sleep Disorders Affect Men and Women Differently
Sleep Disorders Affect Men and Women Differently
Nina Tryggvason
because our problem solving mechanism is different and dreams are where we work things outErick Bremont
We too are working _ do not worry youNina Tryggvason
+Erick Bremont goods example of the problem and solutions differing, sexism much?

Internet Typical Users vs Trolls

Dealing with Trolls on Google #

Professional Trolls vs Cyberbullies


Our common ancestor with chimps may be from Europe, not Africa

The last common ancestor we shared with chimps seems to have lived in the eastern Mediterranean – not in East Africa as generally assumed. This bold conclusion comes from a study of Greek and Bulgarian fossils, suggesting that the most mysterious of all ancient European apes was actually a human ancestor, or hominin. However, other researchers remain unconvinced by the claim.

Our common ancestor with chimps may be from Europe, not Africa
Our common ancestor with chimps may be from Europe, not Africa
  • Gabriel Foganholi de Freitas's profile photo
    I believe that this research need more studies because the asian continent os a proof that they evolved faster than us, Just analyse the exosqueleton

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    a chimp critter here or there, why does it matter so much?



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A Holiday Perspective: Victoria Day

During the 1990s, the retail phase of my Career; I worked at a photocopy/print shop.

We had three copy machines of varying capacity and an Offset Printing Press with production equipment – PMT – Photo Mechanical Transfer machine that imaged photos into benday dots for press printing. And, a paper guillotine for cutting larger sheets into the standard copy sizes.

The phone rang, and a frustrated sounding man expressed surprise that I had answered the phone – he was calling to arrange for a print job in Vancouver BC.

“It is a holiday today” I said.

“what Holiday is it?” he asked, surprised.

“Queen Victoria Day” I said surprised back.

“We don’t have that one.” He was calling from America.

Anyway, I explained that my Boss had his shop open on holidays for just these kinds of phone calls – so after that, we worked out the job details – he’d be flying in and courier from the hotel his originals, which, we’d be on stand-by to copy between in the afternoon and before closing and return the originals with the copies to said hotel.

He was not a name guy, just a regular business guy attending a business conference.

Image result for queen victoria and albert

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert – Of The Royal Families of Europe


20 years since Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, still waiting for change

May 22, 1867
In London, England,  Queen Victoria decreed that the Dominion of Canada would officially come into existence on July 1, 1867.
May 22, 1807

U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr was indicted on a charge of treason, accused of trying to help Mexico overthrow Spanish power in the American southwest. Based on the Neutrality Act, this was no more than a misdemeanor, however President Thomas Jefferson insisted on the higher charge. Burr was acquitted.

May 22, 1849

Abraham Lincoln received a patent for the floating dry dock, a type of pontoon for dry docking ships.

May 22, 1939

The “Pact of Steel,” a military alliance between Germany and Italy, was signed by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

May 22, 1947

The U.S. Congress enacted the Truman Doctrine, to appropriate military and economic aid to Turkey and Greece.
May 22, 1963
A headless statue of Queen Victoria, the FLQ and Quebec’s fractious relationship with the monarchy: The statue of Queen Victoria’s head was blown off after dynamite was stuck at the base of the statue in 1963 in Quebec City. The explosion, which was attributed to the FLQ, and the statue shows the difficult relationship between Quebec and the monarchy

As the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus performed its second-to-last show Sunday afternoon, a group of retired and former circus performers sat across the street at a hotel bar, laughing and hugging and sharing memories of tours past. Curtain falls on ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ as Ringling/Barnum & Bailey circus closes after 146 years

Curtain falls on ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ as Ringling/Barnum & Bailey circus closes after 146 years | Toronto Star
  • Kimberly S. Mackhan's profile photo

    Greatest show on Earth??

    Ringling had a reputation for abusing animals and beating them mercilessly to perform tricks in exchange for cash; from monkeys to elephants, none were spared.

    Good riddance!!

    Be objective, Toronto Star.
    Write BALANCED articles.

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    given the history of animal abuses, good riddens to Victorian Era entertainments. Plus, Clowns are the #1 phobia over 2. spiders and 3. snakes.
  • Devin “Dray” Koks's profile photo
    it’s bit balanced if it conforms to bias just because it doesn’t suit yours doesn’t make it not balanced. Check it at the door before posting. Logic over emotion but both are necessary for a stable human being. Control them lest they control you. I believe you to be intelligent and thus believe in you :p
  • Devin “Dray” Koks's profile photo
    it’s history. And a long one at that. Negative or not it’s still one that brought joy to millions over the years regardless of how you personally feel.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +Devin Koks no matter how much you don’t, it is still horrifying animal abuse; as is most of history, and people like you are why it rarely changes
    +Devin Koks do you have nothing better to do than moot pointing at women who get to have their own opinions and view, no matter what your personal feelings are?

The Governors and The Governed: News Aversion


May 22, 1972…Richard Nixon became the first U.S. president to visit Moscow. During his stay, he met with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.
Canada, 10 other countries to move forward on new TPP after U.S. withdrawal
Canada, 10 other countries to move forward on new TPP after U.S. withdrawal

What is Royal Really?

Raw Recovery Books: A Romanov Fantasy

PM, President to Czar

Book Review: A Romanov Fantasy

Trump’s Russia Scandal Is Becoming a Corruption Scandal



  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    meanwhile, America is the one with all the nukes and zero concept of legal rights
  • Clarence Goldsby's profile photo
    israel has over 300 nikes where you been. Thats ehu i could not understand why they was so upset with Iran.
  • Big DiP's profile photo
    Sure. Ignore the concept of human rights. Bam! Peace!
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +Clarence Goldsby America became the world leader in weapons since they industrialized war in the first European Theatre called WWI. other nations who have them, do so because America sold it with a Canada assist of the Candu Reactors. After the USA, France is the second biggest nation for needless radiation pollution in me tooism.
  • Israel exists because the Western nations did not accept WWII refugees and they went from their European Genociders back to the Arab ones they had gone to Europe to get away from. So, where have you been?
    the USA Surpreme Court is broken. Democracy Down.


Royalty: All Mortal Die, Inequality Continues

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The Every Victim: Kitty Genovese

A woman raped in front of several apartment buildings and murdered and no one called the police.

The story is thought to have occurred.

Kitty Genovese was a lesbian who worked at a bar.

She was followed home and attacked – people shouted from windows, she cried for help.

The man ran off. Phone calls where made, the police delayed.

She got into the apartment hallway, hers upstairs, where her partner, reported roommate was.

A Gay man on the first floor was too scared to get involved and saw her alive and dying and to his the indifferent quote is jarred from context.

It was not until after 9/11 that she and many others in the building were queer became part of a story that everyone knew, but not paid attention to.

Peter 'Bon' Bonsall-Boone dies waiting for marriage equality
May 21, 1924…University of Chicago students Nathan Leopold, Jr. and Richard Loeb murdered 14-year-old Bobby Franks in what was described as a “thrill killing.” The two were sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder and 99 years each for the kidnapping. In 1936, Loeb died of injuries inflicted by an inmate. Leopold was paroled in 1958, moved to Puerto Rico and died of a diabetes-related heart attack in August 1971 at age 66.

one victim, some victims in a sequence or all an event time  a mass public crime, then, there’s the genociders who do it by demographic, eh
When Rona Ambrose was at university she volunteered at a rape-crisis centre. But an opportunity to use that experience to help ensure that victims are treated more fairly in the courts didn’t come during her decade as a minister in the Harper government.
Ambrose’s sex assault bill her parting gift to Canadians: Editorial | Toronto Star
Ambrose’s sex assault bill her parting gift to Canadians: Editorial  | Toronto Star
  • she was the Minister of the Status of Women who removed “equality” from it’s mandate and oversaw a reduction from 17 offices to 5 and caused a massive de-funding of women’s community centres and impacting Battered Women’s Shelters. eventually causing the Winnipeg Women’s Health collective to end after several decades of operation
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Hip Hip Hypocrisy

Two years ago, then-citizen Trump criticized then-First Lady Michelle Obama’s decision to go bare-headed on a January 2015 visit with her husband.

Trump slammed Michelle Obama for not wearing a head scarf in Saudi Arabia, but it's OK for Melania to do the same
 Second U.S. First Lady ignores Trump criticism, shuns head scarf for Saudi Arabia visit
U.S. first lady ignores Trump criticism, shuns head scarf for Saudi Arabia visit | Toronto Star



Meanwhile, In Canada
With summer on its way, it was really only a matter of time before the latest Justin Trudeau photobomb hit the Internet.
Jogging Justin Trudeau photobombs Vancouver prom students | Toronto Star
Jogging Justin Trudeau photobombs Vancouver prom students | Toronto Star
Canadians are not used to have a sexy leader, & he is not the one doing the taking or posting of the photos.
Parenting the President: How to raise your Baby-in-Chief: A report that security officials make a point of including Donald Trump’s name in ‘as many paragraphs as we can’ to keep his attention reveals the difficulty of managing an immature President:  Parenting the President: How to raise your Baby-in-Chief
Parenting the President: How to raise your Baby-in-Chief
Griffin Walker's profile photo
So do you..don’t you have any unbiased ..real..journalist’s ?
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     this are not normal times, this is Beyond Watergate Era and the media has a job to do – and that is not supporting government officials or governments when they fail.
  •  when you complain like that, it is clear that you do not actually understand the medium or the profession; especially seeing where you demand accountability and where you absolutely do not.
  • Niels Jensen's profile photo
    A very wonderfully writing story of the first 4 months of a new president of the country supposed to lead the western world. I was giggling all along!
  • Griffin Walker's profile photo
    No Nina… They are merely publishing Cisco propaganda…
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    Your Griffin Walker's profile photoexpecting respect to the position holder of a foriegn power as you disrespect the current holder of PM of our nation does not indicate a level of consistent ethnics on your part either.
  • All Corporate Media has a political publishing agenda is not news, it’s business as usual and is not insightful to state the obvious either.
Griffin Walker's profile photo

Why are you pushing the UN agenda ?
  • Griffin Walker's profile photo
    No thanks..
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +Griffin Walker so why haven’t you moved to the USA when you dislike Canada so much?
  • Griffin Walker's profile photo
    …I’m not weak…I will fight for Canada…
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +Griffin Walker but you do not like anything about Canada, are you sure about what you are fighting for?
  • Griffin Walker's profile photo
    To get rid of the corruption…
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +Griffin Walker yeah.getting pretty vague now, sounds like you just fear change
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The Humanosaur Problem

‘Fossil Fuels Have Lost.’ The Problem Is Trump Doesn’t Know It Yet.

#FossilFuels #ClimateChange #DonaldTrump

'Fossil Fuels Have Lost.' The Problem Is Trump Doesn't Know It Yet.
  • Anthony Hylton's profile photo
    Drumpf is a “fifties guy” he will never get it. Like them slow hillbillies in texas. Texas is the windiest state. Not chicago. The amount of energy they can harvest from the wind is remarkable. Old fossils fuels is old dinosaurs thinking. Digging up the land to destroy and poison our rivers. Backwards ass thinking.

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    America: Beverly Hillbillies/Dallas – anyone remember Knots Landing, where the mechanic character is killed by Big Oil and Big Sugar was exposed for children being bored at school and acting like our species young?


  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    Trump is wearing a 1950s morality cloak, but he is totally a 1984 kinda guy – Wall Street with Douglas/Sheen. and the Orwell one, all other Godbots love Ayn Rand.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    praise the word and destroy said creation.. as if their creator god will be impressed.
Trump leaves tumult at home, will visit Middle East, Europe

Old Timey History

May 20, 1506…In Spain, Christopher Columbus died in poverty after a heart attack caused by reactive arthritis at about age 55, still believing that his journeys of exploration in the Americas had been along the east coast of Asia.

May 20, 1774…Britain’s Parliament passed the Coercive Acts, a/k/a the Intolerable Acts, to punish American colonists for their increasingly anti-British behavior.

May 20, 1861…During the American Civil War, the capital of the Confederacy was changed to Richmond, Virginia. Prior to that time, it had been Montgomery, Alabama.

May 20, 1862…U.S. President Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act into law. Anyone 21 years of age or older who had never taken up arms against the government or was the head of a family could file an application to claim a portion of federal land at little or no cost.

May 20, 1902…Cuba gained its independence from the United States, which had administered the former colony of Spain following the Spanish-American War of 1898.
meanwhile, in Canada
Trudeau to ask Pope to apologize over residential schools


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    About time too. Glad Trudeau have the gumption to bring this up.

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    if only the churches were made to also pay the compensation, instead of them saying that the government failed to instruct/supervise… meanwhile they expect to be a moral leader eh
    Canadians need to replace backyards with balconies: In many neighbourhoods, apartments and condos are viewed as threats to be fought and appealed, not as new neighbours to be welcomed
    Canadians need to replace backyards with balconies
    Griffin Walker
    Why are you pushing the UN agenda ?Nina Tryggvason
    because Canada deserves a seat on the UN Security Council for actually making the world more secure through peace. talking to and interacting with neighbours, not being hunkered down in needless fear

    Are you unaware that Canada midwifed the League of Nations that the UN was a reformation of, with more nations having seats?

Parenting the President: How to raise your Baby-in-Chief
Parenting the President: How to raise your Baby-in-Chief: A report that security officials make a point of including Donald Trump’s name in ‘as many paragraphs as we can’ to keep his attention reveals the difficulty of managing an immature President
Parenting the President: How to raise your Baby-in-Chief
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May 20, 1980…In Niagara Falls, New York, 710 families in the 36-square block Love Canal section of the city were evacuated following the discovery of 21,000 tons of toxic waste buried beneath their neighborhood. The area had been used as a chemical dump site between 1942 and 1953 by the former owner of the land, Hooker Chemical Company (now Occidental Petroleum)
Love Canal - Wikipedia
May 20, 1873…Levi Strauss began marketing denim work pants (popularly known as blue jeans) that featured copper rivets, an invention of his business partner Jacob Davis.
Ford’s first all-electric vehicle will have ‘over 300 miles of range’, be affordable, and mass-produced, says CTO

Ford’s first all-electric vehicle will have ‘over 300 miles of range’, be affordable, and mass-produced, says CTO

The only all-electric cars that Ford currently sells are compliance cars built on existing gas-powered platforms. Earlier this year, the automaker announced that its first all-electric car built to be electric from the ground up will come out in 2020. Raj Nair, Ford’s Chief Technology Officer, now says that the vehicle will be mass-produced, hinting that it will not be a compliance car, and priced affordably.

Maybe they’ll call it the Model E-Ford?

May 20, 1899
In New York City, Jacob German became the first motorist arrested for speeding, driving in excess of the posted limit, 12 miles per hour.


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