Humans and toilet issues

business does not get to determine regulations.

they do not get to privatize profit and post losses to the public budget.

or operate at the cost of the environment.

as if clean up and sustainability are not also business industries, or the cost of doing business.

there is no reason for the public to support companies that pollute and destroy the environment while avoiding paying taxes or fair wages.

Legal battles continue over dumping human waste in Puget Sound |

There is no god who is going to reset the planet to factory settings

and this is the very real world harm done by religious selfish thinking

and people are eternal, but it’s okay to kill an entire planet and render all life impossible.

Policing Public Bathrooms

Bathroom Access and Dignity

Bathrooms and Elevators

Bathrooms: Private vs Public Access

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Only In Canada, eh. Pity

Canadians Using "Harper" as a Swear Word - "Go Harper Yourself" - THE LAPINE
Cultural divide in Canadian broadcasting: F-word OK in French

nope, they are placeholder words mostly

Quebec French profanity

Given that altar boys would be bending to open this cupboard,

it is little wonder, given pedophile priests, why it is a swear, eh.
After Wilson-Raybould cartoon, Halifax artist says he'll stop drawing women in violent situations | CBC News

Indeed… He should. eh.
The Globe and Mail

No, Morals are personal. government has to be evidence driven,

Dear Evil Chipmunk Keep your crappy morality to yourself.

Definitely include a section on Quebecois cusses which are based on blasphemy — wikipedia has a good basic guide.
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What Americans call a “shit stirrer”, we call a “shit disturber”.
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“Excuse me, would you mind fucking your mother, if it’s not too much trouble? Thanks.”
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Take off, you hoser!
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The Politics of Cow

Besides. America #LestWeForget and this is what happens if we do

have you considered Canada and asking them when they will accept Americans? – Humanitarian and compassionate grounds –

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Slips n Loops. Outta mouths, eh.

Sorry Emergency Preparedness Group

I meant to send this to my LGBTQ2 group

but tongue slips, be they Freudian or whatevs. 

I will intro this to to, with the iconic and ironic

“Fasten your seatbelts. in for a bumpy ride”

(for the non Gen X, Queer or FIlm Buffs)

Bette Davis. 


Phil W
well, what a colossal twat ! … 
pardon my language 

Nina From Canada, eh
twat tastes better than the food products they sell. 

Phil W+1+Nina From Canada, eh lol ! yup !

Nina From Canada, eh+Phil W too bad it’s dicks running all the companies, eh.

Lezzie Bruce


have you considered Canada and asking them when they will accept Americans? – Humanitarian and compassionate grounds –

or, in the alternative, eh.


because mad cow wasn’t scary enough?

Scientists worry 'zombie deer' disease could jump to humans

5 IK+Nina From Canada, eh You haven’t heard Trudoil our fearless leader sold out Canada to the Divided State’s of Amnesia we are a new state of Chaos ha ha

Nina From Canada, eh+5 IK you are confusing that with the no longer existing Progressive Conservatives under Mulrooney when they signed NAFTA and got ended the next election giving rise to the Alberta Reform Party, which Harper took from Preston Manning and regrouped with remains of the Tory party and reformed under the best ever political party name C-CRAP – Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance Party and they should have had to keep it, eh. Canadians turned Harper’s name into a swear word.

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Challenging Claims, Busting Assumptions

Bisexual prison guard called 'poof' and 'gay' by fellow officers wins lawsuit

heterosexuality is so fragile that it has to call others names, eh.

and might stop existing if people know other sexualities are an option

so why are there still heterosexuals? because people are afraid to be called names? or, #LestWeForget Be Genocided.

The Agoraphobic Philosopher

onno doove
Nahh, my heterosexuality is not fragile and i have no need to call names (except with assholes, those i lump together regardless of sexuality, heritage, gender, etc I can call those names, they’ve earned it…)… 😉

Nina From Canada, eh
all demographics have their good and bad ones, with most somewhere in the middle, eh. individuals are compromised of demographics, not representatives of them, eh.

onno doove
True, i have the fortune to know quite a lot of heterosexuals who couldn’t be bothered less by what two consenting adults of whatever gender plan to do in the bedroom. Possibly because of the Dutch culture, but i’d have to defer to the local gays etc…

Nina From Canada, eh
I am pretty sure Holland is the only nation or the first one, that required watching gay porn as part of the immigration/refugee test for accepting mainstream culture.

onno doove
There is still hate crime, but it is called as such and taken very seriously. Also helps we’ve got quite a lot of out people in media, so there is visibility. And of course fact based sex ed helps a lot, probably what’s missing in the US

Nina From Canada, eh
in Canada too. they are rolling ontario back to the 1990s and I remember the 1980s when Toronto parents wanted the book “lord of the flies” off the reading list because they thought it was about men’s pants.

Nina From Canada, eh
I ask people if they want others to wear a condom or a coffin.

onno doove

Nina From Canada, eh
then I hit them with, why are you bothered by what others do when you are not invited. then it’s because they are not. eh.


True of right wing pro lifers, but I am on the left and want anti abortion laws and services for the needy. 

Nina From Canada, eh
this is why right left thinking is flawed when they have the same outcome. Women have a right to body integrity and the fetus has no rights, further, you can’t trust a woman with a child when taking away her decision. her body and her decision to offspring or not. 

Yes, they do have that right to body integrity, but as soon as they have sex they disregard this right. Women DO have the right to choose when they lay with a man. Especially when they lay with one without contraception.

Why is it less just for us to take away a woman’s decision to kill a fetus than it is for us to allow a woman to end potential life?

This is why I am FOR sex education and more accessible contraceptions. The more of it we have, the less of an excuse we have for fetus murdering. 

AAAAANNNNDDDD….fetuses only have no rights because we SAY they have no rights. What rational reasons do we have for neglecting to give fetuses the right to live when they mother’s life and health is not at stake?


Nina From Canada, eh
that is foolish on it’s face. you also act like men have no responsibility to prevent STDs and pregnancy. Women do not have to be brood mares. 

if there is a fetus, it cannot speak for itself and the only person who gets to is the woman. no one else gets to decide for her what happens inside her body or to the outside of it. Your personal opinion is just that and is no better than those on the right that you claim to oppose. Your personal view has zero relevance to a woman who does not want to be a mother, nor have the physical or career cost of being a brood mare. there are over 7 billion people on the planet and reproductive rights are sorely lacking for over half of the human population. 

I like how you declare it foolish without providing reasons for why that’s automatically the case. 

Funny that you sum this all up to be my opinion yet ignore that it is merely YOUR opinion that the lives of these fetuses do not matter. 

Babies can’t speak for themselves and require mothers to do their talking for them…so what makes it wrong to kill a baby and not wrong to kill a fetus? It seems like you haven’t thought this out. 

Nina From Canada, eh
I am not interested in catering to your talking point format. the baby is a separate and viable human. the fetus is not. In canada. the fetus and the baby is the domain of the women carrying it and no one else. 

I also declare you foolish on your face and a waste of time, perhaps you should learn how to communicate with people instead of monologing at them and you might actually learn something, instead of being boring and having to be continuously explained to why what you said was foolish in the first place. Your assumptions only show you to be the ass, eh. 


okay but what makes birth the defining point in which someone’s life matters?

Nina From Canada, eh
viable as a separate individual. or whole entity in the case of unseparated or cojoined siblings. 

why is it difficult for you to understand that your personal opinion has no bearing other other people’s life decisions? particularly given your lack of biology or legal studies on the issues of personhood, as evidenced by your lack of recognition of and resistance to differing opinions, which are actually informed by those.

But someone else’s opinion has a bearing on the life of a fetus?

Why is it that an organism has to be born in order for its life to matter?

You tell me I lack the understanding of biology, but what makes birth the point in which a life matters? 

And the law can change so what is “legal” isn’t even universally objective. 

And why do you refuse to answer a question which you are deeming to be obvious and simple and in your arrogance shaming me for not already knowing. 

Why does the life of a baby matter more than the life of a fetus?

Nina From Canada, eh
you are just repeating your opinion in ever dumber detail. your personal opinion on any topic has zero relevance to any other person, Never mind their life decisions, to which, they are sovereign. So ,to drive this point home pointedly, you are blocked for being boring, because I have more than enough blog fodder from your blithering. 

on what authority do you claim to have anything that allows you to control any other person, never mind anything in their body from a fetus to a tumour, given the health care situation in America?

Ontario teacher who secretly recorded students’ cleavage is guilty of voyeurism: high court | National Post

canada and this is supposed to be a position of trust with a fiduciary duty of care

Preachers and Teachers, the biggest threats to children’s safety

from not not being interfered with

this is why the criminal justice system is failing to protect the public and vulnerable categories of victims

it is beyond pale that reasonable doubt for accused is not balanced by any consideration that the victims might be telling the truth


Dear America: Your Supreme Court is about to overturn Roe v Wade

the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is next


meanwhile, In Canada

Trudeau govt. uses official @Canada twitter account to promote drag queen | News | LifeSite

American Christians complain about the Canada Government

Christians spent an hour marching in the rain to protest drag queens reading books

christians, they really do not like books, eh.

usually they ban books and burn books, then they start with the people

who read books and learn history, eh. #LestWeForgetEh

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Thinking about Gender, sexually eh.

Airlines, Including Delta, to Add New Gender Options for Non-Binary PassengersAirlines for America told The Daily Beast that it has approved a new international standard that will allow for ‘unspecified’ and ‘undisclosed’ in addition to ‘male’ or ‘female.’

Multiverse UFO

But first of all, why must all passengers disclose gender in the first place? 

nina tryggvason

in case bodies need to be recovered. the same reason why gender is on government id.

Multiverse UFO

That’s why gender is such a sad thing. But wait, does it make any difference when recovering? There are more accurate criteria other than gender!

nina tryggvason

you want to sort a mix of bodies and parts out, it is one of the primary means of identification.
right down to the skeleton

Why are trans men always left out of the conversation?Close your eyes and think of a transgender person. I bet you’re thinking about a trans woman. Transparent, Orange is the New Black, Butterfly – all the cultural breakthroughs we’ve seen recently place trans women front and centre of the narrative. Media coverage is no different. So why do trans women get all the spotlight while… Read more »

Multiverse UFO

And people always imagine male couples when hearing “homosexuality”

nina tryggvason

which is a word heteros use, not queer people.

homosexual does mean male. women were not discussed and at first were called introverted or third sex before lesbian took hold.

as much as there is the bisexual vs trans and lesbian terf vs trans… gay men are not being inclusive of transmen. so there is a problem in the spectrum.

New BBC Podcast ‘NB’ Explores What It’s Like To Be Non-Binary & It’s Set To Be A Serious Must-ListenThe BBC is set to release NB, an eight part podcast about being non-binary, and the experience of gender nonconforming people in our society. To say this is an exciting and huge move by the BBC would be an understatement, and the fact that this show…

Multiverse UFO –

What’s the difference between #bisexual and #pansexual ?
I feel that pansexual is attracted to everyone, regardless of gender and identity, but bisexual is only attracted to male and female, not non-binary people.

Shay Anderson –

Most people that say bisexual are actually pansexual though. They’re just idiots. I really should try to educate anyone who says they’re bisexual so they can actually know what they are—trans exclusionary or not.

nina tryggvason

bisexual people know they are attracted to male and females, it’s why they are bisexual attracted to both. and the queer community has to stop making them into tourists. it is bizarre that trans and bi are pitted against each other. bisexual is not an outdated term just because trans are now almost included in LGBTQ2.

I am not surprised nonbinary and asexual are gaining traction,

Bisexual prison guard called 'poof' and 'gay' by fellow officers wins lawsuit

heterosexuality is so fragile that it has to call others names, eh.

and might stop existing if people know other sexualities are an option

so why are there still heterosexuals? because people are afraid to be called names? or, #LestWeForget Be Genocided.

the government is not serving or protecting queer employees, never mind all tax paying demographics in the public.

The Raw Recovery Specialist

asexual people tend to have fuller lives, not spending time trying to get laid.

The Agoraphobic Philosopher

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Post Valentines Day

the unromantic origin of the modern holiday

then, the modern era association with the day, eh.


How the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Changed Gun Laws

Re-enactment of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, conducted by the coroner’s office

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall | The Mob Museum

the mob museum… revering violence over romance….

Today Marks The 90th Anniversary Of Chicago’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre – CBS Chicago

these events over living memory to history. eh.


The only witness to the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was a dog named Highball. He was never the same after the Massacre and had to be put down by police.

Al Capone's Chicago home up for sale on 90th anniversary of St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

meanwhile, in more recent news, since humanity is supposed to have changed so much.. 20 years to a generation, eh.

Victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting in Parkland, Florida

My heart is heavy looking through these photos of the teens and others who lost their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre. Little has really been done to change gun laws in this country. This means our children and others are always in danger. The awareness and involvement of the survivors, these activists for life, take abuse from right leaning fools everyday. Their voices must be heard. Don’t just pray for them, support them and the cause of out of control murder of our youth everyday. #Stoneman #Parkland #BanAutomaticWeapons #NeverForget #Resist
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If Trump was a Rapper Meme



L’il Trumptrum

Donnie Drumpt Diapers.

“Ivanka’s Squeeze Sleaz”

The Notorius P.I.G.

Fatboy Slime

Nina From Canada, eh+4 Cheetolini is the best name for him, even when the only orange about him is the inevitable jumpsuit.

Victor Wadsworth+3 Donno, but his Hillbilly name will soon be, “he’s in the Jailhouse now”.

Nina From Canada, eh+1+Victor Wadsworth so you favour “Bend Over Donnie”?

Mike Babb+2+Nina From Canada, eh ha ha — Trump’s mullet is almost as funny as the skit.

Nina From Canada, eh+2+Mike Babb I think Rudy was enjoying it too much

Mike Babb+1+Nina From Canada, eh I thought the same thing 😁

Nina From Canada, eh+1+Mike Babb it certainly explains their relationship in 2019, eh.

Mike Babb+1+Nina From Canada, eh Good point! After all of Rudy’s idiotic slip-ups, Trump still sticks with him. This might be why.

Nina From Canada, eh+1+Mike Babb Trump and his fall guys, eh. the Peter Principle has certainly been fulfilled with the current USA Administration, eh.

Mike Babb+1+Nina From Canada, eh Yes indeed …

Nina From Canada, eh+Mike Babb have you considered applying to Canada? or maybe we could annex your state? how far are you from the 49th parallel?

Mike Babb+Nina From Canada, eh I actually live in Alabama of all places — a red state that elected a Democratic Senator last year – the first in the deep South in 26 years. Alabama gets a bad rap, but it is a great place to live despite the rednecks. It has a very low cost of living, low taxes, great weather and low crime — plus, amazing natural beauty — beautiful mountains/waterfalls/lakes in the north and Caribbean like beaches/water and palm trees on the Gulf Coast. It’s the home of Tim Cook, CEO of Apple; Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia; 8 astronauts; Harper Lee (author of To Kill a Mockingbird); Jimmy Buffett; Lionel Richey; and, many more non-redneck types, all raised and educated here. Plus, it has a great economy producing Mercedes, Hondas, Hyundais, Toyotas, Kias, Siemens Semi-Conductors; and even Airbus airliners. And, it is home to a large NASA space flight center where the International Space Station was constructed and the rockets and spaceships that put man on the moon, and will eventually put them on Mars, were constructed. And, it is home to the largest female oncology research center in the world.

So, I think I’ll stay put having lived in congested large cities and even Europe for most of my life. The rednecks are harmless, peoplecare friendly and 32% of the state are minorities.

Not the image of Alabama that comes to mind.

John Feather+1+Mike Babb you know how to complement an Alabama woman?

Mike Babb's profile photo

Mike Babb+2+John Feather Would that be “nice tooth?” If so, last time I heard that one I stepped in some dinosaur shit. 😁

Actually, there are some beautiful women here and throughout the South. As a proofsource, simply look at the disportionate number of Miss America’s/USA and good looking celebrities from southern states. I used to take it for granted until I started traveling around the US and world on business. However, I must say that Russia and eastern Europe have their share of beautiful women too. Then again, the older and uglier I get, the more I realize that outer beauty is only skin deep. ☺

Nina From Canada, eh+Mike Babb I live around Vancouver BC, it’s the New York of Canada, rudest city.

Mike Babb+1+Nina From Canada, eh ha ha — funny. Of course, I’ve always thought of Toronto as the NYC of Canada and Vancouver as being more similar to Seattle — just a tad smaller metro wise. Oh well, I have only been to Ontario and Quebec, but I lived near the Canadian border in Maine as a kid. And, I have worked with a lot of Canadians. Honestly, the ones I know could easily pass for Americans.

And, in the early spring, which is like summer in Canada, we have a lot of Canadians come down here on long vacations. So, it isn’t uncommon to see license plates from Canadian Provinces mixed in our traffic. People jokingly call them (and Americans from northern states) — “snow birds.” But, I have found that most are nice hard working people.

Nina From Canada, eh+1+Mike Babb it’s been confirmed, Vancouver is Canadas least friendly but temperature warmest city.

Canada is what America could have been if they allowed every day to be what they think they claim christmas is about. but our more frontier helping people out has worn thin and become selfish.

Mike Babb+1+Nina From Canada, eh I didn’t realize it was the warmest or rudest. Of course, New Yorkers aren’t as rude as they like people to think — it’s a bit of a cultural thing and a bit of an act. Rudest people I’ve encountered — Moscow. They stare and don’t smile much. But, underneath that exterior, many are nice, hospitable people. Basically, I have found that people are people — there’s good and bad no matter where you go.

Nina From Canada, eh+1+Mike Babb yup, individuals are one thing, demographics another.

Mike Babb+Nina From Canada, eh Of course, America is a very diverse nation — actually, the most diverse in the world. In fact, in 2050, minorities as a collective whole will become the majority. So, we are not nearly as white as Canada. And, each state has their own distinct traditions and cultures. I realize that it is common to generalize about Americans, but it really depends on the state. There are still towns in Alabama, the South and Midwest where people still don’t lock their homes or cars during the day. The majority of crime is in inner cities and domestic family stuff. And, criminals typically don’t screw with folks in rural areas since there’s a high probability they’ll get shot — no shit. Instead, they stay in the city or occasionally prey on the yuppies in affluent suburbs.

Nina From Canada, eh+1+Mike Babb well, Canada;s national identity continues to be “we’re not americans” so other than that, not a lot of difference, eh.

Mike Babb+Nina From Canada, eh Honestly, outside of Quebec, there is much greater commonality than differences. I recently saw a news report about a kid from Quebec who came down here last year to play baseball for 4 years via an athletic scholarship at a large university. The surprising thing — his English was horrible despite being an excellent student. However, after 5 – 6 months with university tutors and teammates he was speaking pretty decent ‘southern’ English with a heavy French accent. It actually sounds pretty cool.

I guess it surprised me that many in Quebec speak little to no English — especially in more rural areas where he grew up. People I’ve known from Montreal spoke pretty good English. So, I guess that’s why I was a little surprised.

Nina From Canada, eh+Mike Babb indeed, if ROC (rest of canada) had a vote, Quebec would have been a separate nation by now. they want to separate but keep the passports, currency and equalization payment and they are confused that nations are not like marriages. no divorce with conjugal visits.

Quebec does not get to say Canada can be divided and then tell the First Nations in Quebec that they can’t remain in Canada. but the separatist party has now divided and neither are talking referendums anymore so it is unclear what their parties are about now. and if they do not like Canada government so much, maybe they need to find something else to do for a paycheque.

Most of Canada is based on British Common Law, but Quebec has the Napoleonic Code. so the Marriage equality law united Canada from all three coasts to the 49th, which should be probably re-drawn properly. given that the line currently goes through towns and sometimes buildings. eh.

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