The State of Global Disaster Monitoring and Warnings is not yet Star Trek

Just because someone imagined it, doesn’t mean it was built or even can be

we don’t even have a global warning system

because mostly people need to stop thinking that what people do with their genitals matters on a planetary scale

other than the obvious – over population

we need to fund what we need done and that means government because what is needed is for the public good

which bizarrely, capitalism turned out not to be so good.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Disaster early warnings network system for hazards alerts of tornadoes, lightning storms, floods, tsunami, earthquakes, and terrorist disasters
GTS messages visualization17 Apr 00:00UTC A new feature has been added to GDACS that allows to visualize the GTS messages that are published for each new event. It is available for Tropical Cyclones and for Tsunami. When…
<p><em>Lucy Pearson</em> looks at early warning systems for disasters, their uses and limits, and what accounts for the gap between warning and action.</p>|By Pixl 8
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Colds and Flus: No Longer Seasonal, eh?

I remember a teenaged Family Holiday Dinner – 40/45 people Clan Style gathered at my family unit’s dwelling.

The Feast over and the Guests Gone – my sister fell ill. Before bed, my parents were talking to Ralph on the Big White Phone and other family units contact confirmed at least half were ill with Something.

Food samples were actually sent to the local poison control, because the next day, there was only 2 of us – me and my older male cousin – who weren’t sick.

It turned out not to be the food – but rather, the 2 youngest clan members – brother toddlers in daycare who had caught a bug.

My Older Cousin and I congratulated each other on our superior resistance, which lasted one more day; until we too, knelt with our families around the Big White Phone.

There was brief talk of banishment, but that only lasted as long as the flu-cold lasted – three disgusting weeks.

Not as bad as when that Texas Flu strain hit Vancouver in the late 90s, that frigging thing clung on in a 6 week infestation cycle. hand washing is one of the most important and easiest ways to contain and reduce disease transmission.
Lister is the main character in Red Dwarf. I once got a cold from my roommate, she kissed him -so it come from England to the US and into Canada.
As an Emergency Preparedness Professional, the issue of hand washing came up a lot in pandemic planning and regular flu season, basic hygiene and quite frankly… manners. At one department,…
Micro flora and fauna also known as bacteria, viruses, germs, bugs… microscopic disease causing critters that outnumber and outbreed humans. They can create a new generation every 20 human minute…
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ReligionWatch: The Pope vs Dali Lama

So if the pope and dali lama meet and they do not cancel each other out, can we finally stop pretending there are people mouth pieces for a deity or supernatural non-personalized force?

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis won’t meet with the Dalai Lama during his visit to Rome, apparently to avoid antagonizing China. But he’s sending a greeting…
In a decision that has been described as a “snub” in the media, the Pope decided not to meet the exiled Buddhist leader when he comes to Rome…
Pontiff, who has sought to build relations with other faiths. will not meet the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people amid fears of displeasing Beijing.
BEIJING (Reuters) – Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama is profaning Buddhism by suggesting that he will not be reincarnated when…|By By Ben Blanchard
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Godbot Watch: Ken Ham


Using an Apple computer

container of knowledge

why aren’t these people living naked in the forest like their god intended instead of in science and technology driven society?

I guess that is just too pagan for them, eh?

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False Prophet Watch: Dr. Oz was never a medical doctor

In an interview with NBC news on Thursday, Dr. Mehmet Oz said his TV series, The Dr. Oz…
Dr on health Dr Oz Show WTXF-TV's_The_Dr._Oz_Show_Video_Promo_For_Late_Monday_Afternoon,_September_12,_2011_-_3
He wears doctor clothes. Called himself doctor. Using all kinds of medical iconography and being presented as non-fiction.
With better public schools, it would be more obvious to people this is profits over people.
This is why government regulation is needed to inform the public.
People need to understand that free speech comes with responsibility of speech and that means accountability.
and in a litigation happy country like America
well. Big Media is part of the dumbing down of said public.
no one is as dumb as all of us, eh?
btw Dr Phil isn’t a doctor either. his degree is in sports medicine, and he’s been divorced several times.
I also have no idea where he got off telling women they were fat.
look in the mirror
I don;t know how any snake oil salesperson can look them-self in the eyes
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Modern capitalism’s death spiral

Originally posted on Citizen Action Monitor:

Capitalism, as a social order and way of life, is in critical condition — To find out why, read this essay

No 1314 Posted by fw, April 20, 2015

Wolfgang Streeck Wolfgang Streeck

“In summary, capitalism, as a social order held together by a promise of boundless collective progress, is in critical condition. Growth is giving way to secular stagnation; what economic progress remains is less and less shared; and confidence in the capitalist money economy is leveraged on a rising mountain of promises that are ever less likely to be kept. Since the 1970s, the capitalist centre has undergone three successive crises, of inflation, public finances and private debt. Today, in an uneasy phase of transition, its survival depends on central banks providing it with unlimited synthetic liquidity. Step by step, capitalism’s shotgun marriage with democracy since 1945 is breaking up. On the three frontiers of commodification—labour, nature and money—regulatory institutions…

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“Like it or not, we are living in the twilight period of democracy itself” – Tariq Ali on the New World Disorder

Originally posted on Citizen Action Monitor:

“If what we’re being told is that change isn’t possible, that the only conceivable system is the present one, we’re going to be in trouble. Ultimately, it won’t be accepted.”

No 1313 Posted by fw, April 18, 2015

Tariq Ali Tariq Ali

“So where should we look for a solution? One of the more creative thinkers today is the German sociologist Wolfgang Streeck, who makes it clear that an alternative structure for the European Union is desperately needed and that it will necessitate more democracy at every stage – at a provincial and city level as well as a national and European level. There needs to be a concerted effort to find an alternative to the neoliberal system. We have seen the beginnings of such an attempt in Greece and in Spain, and it could spread.”Tariq Ali

Speaking of Streeck, in 2014 he wrote an article in the New Left…

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Stephen Harper is “the most vindictive politician I’ve ever met, someone who I think is ruthless to the bottom”

Originally posted on Citizen Action Monitor:

Harper Cons have “lied, cheated, stole elections, cancelled other people’s rights, and in the process crushed a lot of people”

No 1220 Posted by fw, January 2, 2015

“Harper runs the most secretive government that ever existed in Canada. [According to Richard Nixon], if the Office of the Presidency does it, it’s not wrong. Harper wraps himself in the flag and he wraps himself in the office. But he isn’t worthy of the office. And he’s proven it time after time by lying to us about things, and in a democracy you can’t run a democracy on lies…. If we stand up and we do something about it we can stop this man. But if we sit back and count all the reasons why we can’t do a thing, that steamroller that Stephen Harper has rolled over the institutions of this country will continue to flatten everything in its path…

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Career Achievement Unlocked: Nina’s Nonesense

Ninas Nonsense

One of my dreams was to be a newspaper columnist. Blog – so ta da.

I started at Sardis Secondary High School in Chilliwack BC. I took a journalism class by a teacher who was from South Africa.

His insights were astonishing about media literacy and when I turned in this article, he stood up and declared “THIS IS JOURNALISM!”

the whole class stopped and gasped and even I was utterly shocked.

it was the one time my work was ever held up to the class as a prime example that was completely untainted by distractions.

Anyway, from the high school paper, I wrote for the college and university student presses, then I was in the queer community papers, and an op ed paid piece or letter to the editor in a lot of major dailies in Canada.

but the best was the breast cancer article published an American lesbian glossy magazine.

the special edition won a journalism award and the articles I co-wrote with Lisa Smedman were re=printed.

The original Girlfriends breast cancer spread

in 1998, I submitted the 2 breast cancer articles to Girlfriends magazine. The timing was perfect  they were planning a whole feature section and this is it. The reprint only included 3 of the original articles. it was interesting to … Continue reading

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Anyone else bored of Affluent Brat-o-Crats?

Maybe military school is the answer. Historically the real reason for war is to control the surplus younger male population; keeps rebellion at home down to send them abroad to see other lands, meet new people and kill them.

Sen. Rand Paul’s son, William Hilton Paul, was cited Sunday for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) in Lexington, Kentucky, the…

  •  Future Republican presidential candidate… he’ll deny this ever happened.
  •  cliche rebellion
  •  Surprised we are not.
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