Raw Recovery Specialist: Stillness

Easy Come, Easy Go

Navy Frogman Elvis chases girls and sunken treasure and makes fun of the counterculture that replaced him.


Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

While The Beatles went to India – Elvis kept his spiritual explorations private.

sadly – yoga and meditation – is what would have served Elvis had been able to sit still
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
 50’s Elvis was a revolution
60’s Elvis was an institution
70’s Elvis was an evolution

his 70s stage wear had a multicultural tone and he wore symbols from a wide range of faiths

80’s Elvis was a devolution


Patriotic Elvis Sub-Featurette!


When Elvis was drafted, he had a choice of which service branch to go into.

Elvis had been in ROTC in high school and had lifelong interest in law enforcement.

He was probably convinced by his Mother and Parker that the Army being on the ground, was the safest for a celebrity who was not doing PR service and entertaining the troops and doing recruitment – which is what the Military wanted to use Elvis for.

Parker was not letting the military get Elvis for a mere $68 a month for all services rendered.

Drafting Elvis cost a lot to the IRS and increased army costs to put security around a regular soldier.


In Easy Come, Easy Go Elvis went Navy


Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Kissin Cousins and It Happened at the World’s Fair, it was Air Force Elvis and applies to the space program at the end of the latter movie.
He was Army for GI Blues, and marshalling out in Blue Hawaii, Follow That Dream and Kid Galahad

Presley Pictures: The Military Movies

Elvis was still serving in the army when Hal Wallis sent a crew to Germany to do second unit location backdrops and cutaway shots for GI Blues. Elvis movies continued to draw back to this life.   GI Blues Army … Continue reading



Certainly, his military experience taught him something of command structure and Elvis – who had also been granted a Colonelship from some southern Governer or another – was the King-General of his court.


Elvisworld: The Memphis Mafia and Group Dynamics

that guy he throws the water on is Lamar Fike. Fike was a Big Boy DJ in texas who, upon hearing an Elvis disc, quit in the middle of spinning it and went to LA and weaseled his way in … Continue reading






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We never learn… turn turn turn

apparently that “equal but separate” is not legit has not sunk into the rethuglican party

A Republican state Senator warns LGBT people – but no one else – that they shouldn’t have an expectation of being treated equally or fairly in his conservative state.
“I am not a politician and I answered a question without really thinking about it thoroughly,” Carson said on Facebook Wednesday evening.
I was at a meeting of queers and someone said “if we all turned purple, we could end homophobia”
I replied “Skin colour is genetic and it hasn’t ended racism.”
it is a primitive thing to fear what is different than you
it is not possible to ghettoized yourself in a global community
tragically, there is no need to
we can .. chose… to work AND play WELL… together
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Presley Pictures: Flaming Star vs Stay Away Joe

Stay Away Joe


Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

This is Elvis’ most horrifying movie.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

Elvis plays a scheming party boy on a reservation – where the anti-gubbermint comedy is hardly as scathling as the absolutely racist portrayal of the indigenous characters, most of whom, were played by non-natives.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo. Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

Elvis was the first actor to get a part of the box office and he was the highest earning actor in the early 60s.

However, he was the ONLY actor since the end of the studio era that NEVER had script approval.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

Col Parker’s “Technical Supervisor” title translates into Bully-sitting the Star to show up on time.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

Elvis’s All I Needed Was The Rain is a decent bluesy tune, but reduced to singing to the impotent Bull Dominick

in real life – Elvis did not drink alcohol. He had alcoholics on both sides of his family, and it was also a factor in his Mother’s death and his cousin Gene Smith.
Also on his mother’s side, his great-grandmother was a Cherokee woman named Morning Dove.
 Flaming Star
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
This was Elvis’ second movie upon his army release and combined with his next feature – Wild in The Country – show us what could have been if Blue Hawaii had not been filmed.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Flaming Star rates in the top 100 westerns in the American Academy of Film. It tackles racism and violence head on.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Elvis has no time for girls and it is the last movie where his character dies – although, remembering the audience freak out at Love Me Tender’s death scene – Elvis – rides off to the end of the credits to die in this.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
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From Dual Monologs to Dialog: Achieving Conversation

The religious right has demonstrated over and over that what it fears more than atheists, more than gays/lesbians/bis/trans, more than single unwed mothers – is non-conformists of any kind. It does…
  •  yes.
  •  okay. thanks.
Why do the Believers lie? I’m not saying they do it every day – but when they debate atheists or talk about evolution they do. They clearly don’t understand it, but aren’t honest enough to say that…
  • Have to be wouldn’t they?
  • I was strugging wiht the concept of cognitive dissonance at the time. which does explain it for them


If a person really believed the bible, isn’t doing something you know to bad and relying on forgiveness/repentance just a loophole? Isn’t it better to not do the bad thing in the first place? and …
  • no.
  •  you are gonna need to expand that response a bit.
  •  Ok…
  •  what part did you not find agreeable?
    Just directly answering the question posed.
  • I wrote the article. so I am curious.
  •  Having now read it and slept on it I see your point and would go with a affirmative Yes! from the perspective of the outsider..
    from within the group cognitive dissonance allows any aberration to be explained away very quickly so therefore my earlier “
    Although I have recently made a facebook friend who’s awakening to the “Blinding white light” of Atheism has occurred through this very issue of priest philandering. and rape.
  •  thank you. that is very helpful

    apparently – he failed to notice the glove the server wore

    or heard the snap and pop of the grease or the fucking steam rising from the pan….

    religion seems to mostly be about not taking personal responsibility

    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey appellate court says a man cannot seek damages for burns he suffered while bowing his head in prayer over a sizzling…
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Separation of Church and State – Paid Holidays

“Hundreds of thousands of Muslim families will no longer have to choose between honouring the most sacred days on their calendar or attending school.”
  • Nina K Tryggvason no. we need to remove religious holidays entirely.
    •  Oh really?
    • Separation of Church and State
    •  yes. government should not select and favour religions. we are a SECULAR SOCIETY. it’s time the laws reflected that.
       Us native people r the true people of this country n were not even recognice by it,there is no day for us so why should they have one
       i just think Muslims should be exempt to have days off to observe their own holidays but the whole school doesn’t have to stop functioning because of them. I am not anti-religion nor against Muslims. But I think it is going too far to have the world spin around them just hoping not to be politically incorrect
    •  I wouldn’t like Canadian schools closed to
      observe Any Religious Holidays period!
      And No, I’m not an Athiest. I simply believe in a division of church & state.
      We cannot possibly observe every religious belief. If we observe One, we must observe All.
       No. One word: Secularism. Thank you.In fact, we should stop getting time off for the Christian ones too.
      Canada is a secular nation by our foundational documents.
      Every time religion is tried in court, it loses as it is not in compliance with the Charter of Rights
      While there is a list, Gender equality is actually above all the other rights and this is were all religions fail the test.
      The only religious case in Canada that was successful was the Dukabor community about the issue of driver license photos.
      They were deems a small and non-threatening community and allowed to not have photos.
      Something about graven soul stealing images I am sure. Prideful modesty.
      It is interesting, the Dukabours were a dangerous community – public nudity and burning buildings.
      They are the one case that residential schools did work in terms of managing the public behaviours.
      Freedom of belief is important.
      Freedom of expression is critical.
      But if people don’t want to be laughed at, then they shouldn’t have stupid beliefs.
      and being better than all others is the stupidest belief of all for any group
      Mocking and education is what atheists would do to believers.
      Beleivers have demonstrated over and over not only a willingness but an eagerness to genocide others.
      it is time to deem religion a mental heath issue in the delusional, pycho and socio pathy spectrum.
      not encourage or valid it.

      this is why religious people are not qualified to practise law.

      they do not understand it.

      any mindset that allows genocide to be a reasonable solution to that other people exist ……

      we need to stop forgetting and applying history people…..

      The bill would ban “sodomistic propaganda,” impose a fine up to $1 million, and sentence them to either a ban from California or up to 10 years in prison
      in related science news
      Parents’ traumatic experience may hamper their offspring’s ability to bounce back from trauma
      scientificamerican.com|By Tori Rodriguez


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ElvisWorlds – Soundtracks

Elvis Presley’s output was 68 RCA albums between 1956 and 1977, plus 12 cheapie compilations under the Pickwick/Camden label.

He averaged 3 albums a year, and about a third of that was soundtracks in the 1960s.


Col Parker’s logic was that a movie replaced Elvis touring and a soundtrack met the contractual obligations for Elvis.


Except soundtracks are the movie and not the movie’s stars.  So they shouldn’t have counted as “Elvis” Albums – some movies had duets and Elvis would re-record them solo for the albums.

Paradise Hawaiian Style’s Queenie Wahinna Papaya song is cute as the Elvis – kid duet but non-sensical for just Elvis.

Nancy Sinatra and Ann-Margaret both did duets and solo songs in the Elvis picture, but only Nancy made the soundtrack. We had to wait until the 1980s to get the Elvis/Ann-Margaret duets on official releases.


Elvis did two movies with singer Shelly Fabre and she didn’t sing in either.


Speedway was the last “Presley Picture” in terms of the Elvis formula

Elvis races cars and chases girls with a sleazy manager sidekick played by Bill Bixby. Elvis; rival from Clambake – racing boats in that one.

This was the only soundtrack to include the movie duets and the Nancy Sinatra song.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.  Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

The movie Kissing Cousins had the biggest problem.
The best bluesy song in the movie was sung by the Granny character.
it wasn’t on the soundtrack.


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Unvarnished Honesty or Tact?


“Why are white people so invested in how Black people refer to themselves?”

White people have a far more negative view of the term ‘Black’ than they do of the term ‘African-American.’
 Drives me crazy when white people say they don’t see color. I mean unless you’re actually blind. Then that’s ok. Otherwise, yes you do. It’s not about not seeing color. It’s about seeing it and not forming asinine opinions based on your own prejudices. “I don’t see color” sounds exactly like “I have black friends.”
Nina K Tryggvason how about Americans? keep it simple
  • Not that it matters people are free to use whatever terms they wish to self identify but I found the using the term African American frustrating when it was used as a name of a race since there were certainly a lot of people that were not from America. My french teacher in middle school was from Haiti and while he had a green card to work he was not a US citizen, so describing him as an African American struck me as weird.
  • I successfully argued with an HR person that Icelandic-Ukrainian was a mixed cultural heritage. Not all white people are equal to each other either. Just ask the Irish.
  • this idea that there are human species is the problem.
  •  when you identify your nationality, it is the country you are a citizen of. not were your people are from. and frankly, we are ALL africans if you go back far enough.
  •  If we were in a post-racial America, the term “Americans” for all might suffice. But we’re not.As an example, I’ve lived in Texas a few years. The native, white Texans will use the word “Texans” to mean “native, white Texans.” They really don’t think anyone else is a “Texan”. Certainly not native, black Texans or native, Hispanic Texans. The politest thing they call native, black Texans is “blacks” and I’m not even sure if they have polite terms for Hispanics. (To be fair, people from the big Texas cities are less likely to be the asshats described above.)

  •  I live in Canada and we are not less racist, we just use more subtle ways to exclude.
    we are multicultural so that means we dislike everyone equally, but don’t see a reason to be rude about it.
     I truly believe that “Political Correctness”–which is a trend that was most-likely started by a certain socio-economic class of “European-American” people–has made everyone very self-conscious of their everyday use of language (getting “called out” for a perceived faux pas is not exactly comfortable!). Honestly, I do not GIVE A HOOT regarding how anyone chooses to refer to themselves, and I rarely give a hoot about how anyone chooses to refer to others (I only care if it’s outright disrespectful, defamatory, etc.) For example: Do the terms “Black” or “White” make me feel uncoomfortable? No, they do not. However, using “Yellow” and “Red” DOES feel uncomfortable, so I try to choose equivalent terms that can be used, in an egalitarian manner, for every ethnic category of people. But that’s just what I choose for myself: I would never think of criticizing someone else for the words that they choose to use (with the one exception that I’d mentioned). Side note: You KNOW that things have gone “too far” when a classy guy like Benedict Cumberbatch is publicly shamed for innocently using the word, “colored.”
     the phrase “politically correct” was first used by George H Bush and is therefore in and of itself incorrect
    the new phrase is “optics” and that means understanding one’s audience, which politicians surrounded by YES people cannot do and now we see their obvious psychopathy and sociopathy on full display
     Oh, bah. White people are not white, but some shade of pink. Black people are not black, but some shade of brown or tan. All of us are descended from Africans, all of us. All of us matter. Every one.
    the Judge was entirely wrong to do this
    To leave a person without a judicial remedy, because of her religious belief, makes a mockery of the rule of law and brings the administration of justice into disrepute
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Presley Pictures: Professional Elvis

Change of Habit

Elvis plays doctor in the ghetto. Only one of two movies where Elvis played a white collar professional – the other being the Photographer in Live a Little, Love a Little.

'Change of Habit </p>
<p>Elvis plays doctor in the ghetto. Only one of two movies where Elvis played a white collar professional - the other being the Photographer in Live a Little, Love a Little. </p>
<p> This was one of the first movies to show what we now deem in the autistic spectrum - but the holding treatment was a fad and has been totally debunked.'

This was one of the first movies to show what we now deem in the autistic spectrum – but the holding treatment was a fad and has been totally debunked.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

Live a Little Love A Little

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

Professional Photographer Elvis holds down 2 jobs one at a Girlie Casual Place and the Other Family Values conservative.

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

Elvis gets to be a grown up and despite the old board in the bed with the Gal Lead – Elvis gets less conversation here and in the too hot for prime time bordello scene in the 68 Special

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

Additionally, Elvis shares his quirky gal with TV’s Darrin and Elvis gets as close to the Edge of Reality uber cool trippy silk PJs

Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Most of Elvis movies had him playing hustlers or playboys. Usually with a vehicles as fast as his guitar.
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The Problem of Pop Psyche

Psychology Today is refusing to eliminate its advertising section for harmful and dangerous “conversion” therapy.
  • Nina K Tryggvason well. I will not buy another copy. that completely undermines everything.
    David Shaw Psychology Today, what about “Do No Harm”?
    Juliet Begley How can this magazine be so stupid?
    Nina K Tryggvason magazines run on advertising more than buyers. simple economics. but the impact on the contents…. and the failure to uphold professional ethics……
    The publication responded to a call from the Human Rights Campaign to cease carrying listings for the discredited practice.
    what a poignant tale of doing what is popular, rather than what is right.
    which would have been  not running the ads in the first place.
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The 7 colours of emotions

How do you know you’re in love? Angry? Or sad? Emotions start off in the brain, then ripple through the whole body. Now scientists have charted where we…
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Colour Affects: your mood, your behaviour, potential clients’ perceptions of your company, sales of your product, purchasing decisions, the atmosphere in your home, the atmosphere in your workplace and…
Color Wheel Pro is a software program that allows you to create color schemes and preview them on real-world examples. Click here to find out color meaning.
The meaning of colors can vary depending on culture and circumstances. Each color has many aspects to it but you can learn the language of color by understanding a few simple concepts.
Understand how basic colors might make an average person, or your client’s target audience, feel. Lets take a closer look at the world of color…
Reading an article entitled The Science Behind Color and Emotion on Design Shack.
There are an almost innumerable number of dye sequences that can be created, as there are some many different colors of dye today.
The Frequently Asked Questions/Help section for LearnPysanky.com, answering common questions about decorating pysanky, and about the site in general.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
I learnt old style and I tried the newer electronic device. I don’t have the patience for this art form.
the idea of having to put the egg in a colour sequence
so one colour eats another, replacing it
it is like emotions
anger dissolves fear and hurt
sorrow dissipates anger
 what are the colours of renewal
lacking motivation
the essence of depression
exhaustion dries all the juicier emotions
7 shades of black
50 shades of grey
7 hues in the rainbow
see also:

The exact color to paint your office to become the most …


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