Agoraphobic Journal: The Dark Side of the Collective Experience

The Online world makes being agoraphobic a lot easier to cope with.

But I just left 2 facebook offices about Canada Politics….so the struggle to find “people” to interact with continues.

No surprise — those Facebook photos of your friends on vacation or celebrating a birthday party can make you feel lousy. Facebook is…
Answer (1 of 8): In a high school setting, I’ve seen this happen and it amounted to bullying…

(social exclusion, check)

People are reporting ‘suicidal’ feelings after seeing ‘Avatar’ because they miss the beauty of its…
James Cameron’s completely immersive spectacle “Avatar” may have been a little too real for some fans who say they have experienced depression and suicidal thoughts after seeing the film because they long to enjoy the…|By By  Jo Piazza, Special to CNN

(disassociation, feelings of displacement, disconnected to nature, check)

City life can take a serious toll on your mental health. Research has shown that urban dwellers are more likely to suffer from chronic stress and mental illness, particularly depression.
A new study may help explain why extroverts are more motivated to seek the company of others than are introverts.
47-year-old Portuguese actor and practicing Buddhist Heitor was detained by police this week, and held for 6 hours under suspicion of terrorism after…
Combat vets are putting up lawn signs asking neighbours to ‘be courteous’ about their fireworks displays this year.
Star Trek actor George Takei has apologised, after referring to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as a “clown in blackface”.
~~~~~~~~~~~~OH MY~~~~~~~~~~
because most people suck
and not in a good way, eh…
Fireworks chemistry
I had a really weird experience yesterday on Facebook.
I got a friend request from someone I hadn’t heard from in a very long time, someone I knew from Angles, vancouver’s original queer community newspaper
It surprised me because the last time I saw him, it didn’t go well.
He had made negative comments about me in the general community, so I had arranged a meeting to discuss the matter with him – and instead of showing up – he moved to Toronto Ontario.
I later heard from his roommate that the guy in question had awoken in a cold sweat terror shrieking my name.
And you know, after 25ish years, I have no interest in anything he has to say.
so, I just blocked him, cause I have nothing to say to him either, other than grow up little drama queens; in or out of dresses, eh?
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Calgary Stampede: Ironically Iconic

NDP Grassroots's photo.

The other two are faux stand-in bumsteer stooges

  • wait. are those REALLY the hat colours they went with?

Black Hats vs White Hats

Iconically ironic, eh?

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Did I talk Libby Davies Out of The Closet?

By the late 1990s, I had done my share of non-prophets and switched into the private sector. I was employed as the Office Girl Friday for a 4 some of sole practicing lawyers under the banner “Mount Pleasant Law Office”

The Neighbourhood hallmark building was the Triangle Building where Main and Kingsway split and completed by West Broadway.  The Kingsgate Shopping Mall, the Historic Lee Building with the 1950s billboard on top.

The anchor street level store for decades had been Bain’s Handmade Chocolates established 1940s. The Vancouver International Film Festival had been HQed in the building and it was primarily small arts groups and the law firm.

Bain’s closed after 2 back to back robberies and the elderly and last of the Bains family moved down the block on 8th to operate out of a house. Soon to also close.

After years of thinking about going, I finally had and the chocolate was .. well I am surprised he was in business that long. I remember one morning having my coffee watching the mice run all over the shop before Bains arrived. The last time I saw him – tall and frail, outside his locked store, asking people on the street if they were coming to buy chocolates. They weren’t. He was 80 and afraid to be in his own store.

Three restaurants couldn’t make a go of it in the next year in that location.

There was a coffee shop owned by a rockabilly couple, but they didn’t find it was worthwhile to be open until noon. I was the only customer at 8:30 on my way into work.

When the City of Vancouver changed the parking metre times from ending at 6 pm to ending at 8:00 pm – they lost their core dinner clients and went out of business.

Libby Davies, NDP MP, moved in.

I had known of her as a Vancouver City Counsel member. The first time I met her, she was stumping on the street corner – her handshake was shockingly weak and limp.

Her assistant handed me a brochure and I said, I don’t live in this riding, I just work here.

I offered the brochure back and was a bit amused that the young woman took it.

Libby was elected.

It was kinda cool to have a member of parliment below my office, so when I was working on the Human Rights complaint against Statistics Canada, I went to Libby and asked her to write a letter.

She sent a request to Stats Canada asking for information about the riding and it’s queer population. They did not then and they do not now, have this information.

I frequently dropped by Libby’s office to chat with her staff and they would often pop up to my office and ask me about queer issues.

A week after I had made the Stats Letter request, one of her assistants had come up to let me know that they had sent a letter off. Kewl, eh?


6 weeks later, I had popped down to see if anyone from her office wanted to go for a coffee, when Libby came running from her office into the lobby area and screaming my name




she grabbed my left arm with both her hands


“I was in bed last night and I wondered if we ever did that letter for you?”


I looked Libby up and down

“You were thinking about me in bed?”


her entire office staff mouths dropped open, items fell and gasps


Libby’s hands came off my arm so fast and she stepped back, her hands raised like I was robbing her, she sputtered and turned red


I, unaware and not cluing in, laughed it off

I am a lesbian and I have no gaydar. I am sure its a myth.

and within the month – Libby Davis came out as a lesbian


as for me.. well. I rounded that adventure off by flirting with NDP MLA Jenny Kwan the next week. She was flattered and really cool with declining. hehehehehehehe

libby-davies-3 libby-davies-20141015



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The cat typed the headline of this post.

baby-puss tumblr_lplqbg9F5y1qdd086o1_500

I was just singing the theme to the Flintstones to the cat through the door.

Then I realized that the cat was inside and I was outside.

I had successfully managed to get her in for the night and she is most unhappy. She is insisting she is semi feral and not domestic.

Shall I count the cat furniture and toys she is currently ignoring as she expresses her inner tiger? with a leopard tail splash. Calicoes. LOL.


Lisa Smedman, science fiction writer, called me once to tell me her cat had run across her keyboard.

All she had was the Windows XP desktop.

The Orange Tabby launched MS Word on his front paw landing and left


in the new document

4a680e360f4c520e425628884cb0900d 42 091b1a810128ede3b9d68f1f806c0729 215 6198bd8ec6460215b855716134922473ba7bbb6d306b527e11c6e3b73a6124c5 d59b54009b6d731733873f40980a2361f15d5965b06575164e4758cfabb07a4c efbc77a16dc2dabaf7dd155607cf311f pf44sZ1h4H Thanks-For-All-The-Fish the_20meaning_20of_20life2_9f5324bb-2a2c-4af4-a6b0-0f16849971a5_grid the-guide-also-mentions-alcohol tumblr_m2bqsbVzhq1roavl3o1_500

I am Elvis plus 5 years old

5248147579_9f6c105ba5 elvis+is+dead elvis-paper

Combat vets are putting up lawn signs asking neighbours to ‘be courteous’ about their fireworks displays this year.
‘If we don’t engage in the (cultural) discussion, we won’t fully understand their health needs and they won’t get met,’ one expert said of the…|By Tom Blackwell

boys who play with robots most need to learn about to be around girls. letting her in is a win win and moves us away from the thinking that’s held us back.

Caroline Martel is raising awareness about her daughter being turned down from a library program because she is a girl because she thinks that…
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Agoraphobic Ponderables: Schooling Schools

Over Educated and Under Utilized and told value is production.

I dunno about anyone else, but that just does my head in, eh!

I went to 1 elementary school, although I changed neighbourhood part way through.

I went to 3 high schools, starting off with my elementary school grade and being mixed in with our sports and test score rivals from the other schools that fed New Westminster Secondary – a massive school of 3,000ish students. It was a semester system.

I went from a school of 1,000 kids to a grade of that many.

We moved to Chilliwack and I was in a high school of 1,000 kids who had all gone to the same elementary school. It was a full year system.

We moved to Surrey when I was in grade 12 and it was back to a semester system.

As with any school, there were types of people you liked and types you didn’t.

And, there were teachers you liked and didn’t and that often had a lot to do with what topics and subjects you enjoyed.

So having a crappy teacher in a subject you enjoy is disheartening.

For the first time in high school, I lived close enough to the school that I walked or took my bike.

So, that meant, I could hang out after class with the teachers that I liked, especially when they were my last class of the day.

I had a story I wanted to use to illustrate the point, but I think the better point is actually blunt.

Don’t let the teacher damped your enthusiasm, curiosity or investigation of a subject.

Challenging them to do more than the textbook, because seriously, I can read that in a weekend.

demotivation.us_LISA-SIMPSON-The-smartest-second-grade-student-24-years-in-a-row.-_135369649016 snickerpuss tumblr_miflv43DQz1rqflsgo1_500

It never made sense to me to train some people and incorporate them into the professions through internships and apprenticeships, while leaving others to use their network or get lucky.

we waste so much talent and potential

7ba0691b7777b6581397456412a41390_500x735 99a54dfd6e8f5c79f12dbc1b8b43723c1f11f098979a4927e644c06524fb5ffe 438088b1ef380760c680b4d36e9b4505ea9a3a73f69bb07730caad83b4de4ba3 49444416 4234705937_37d34b7590 amp-quot-capitalism-rewards-hard-work-amp-quot-yeah-right_o_2033411 capitalism-ironic-picture capitalism-works-best hQ9ex mises-vs-marx1 spin-meme-generator-dont-say-capitalism-replace-it-with-either-economic-freedom-or-free-market-3ba401 tcb-dearcapitalism tumblr_inline_mz95qz4phD1r7o561

oh. after high school. I did 2 years of college almost entirely on winning provincial grants for my exam scores and working part time at a video rental store.

2 years of general studies in philosophy, political science, earth sciences, creative writing and literature.

Then I did a year at Simon Fraser where I did as many arts programs around the film courses that I could, and I failed technical theatre for not having put in enough free stage hand hours. I thought 40 was the goal, not the minimum, so 37 was a failure.

Anyway, there I wrote for the school paper and did the DJ gig and I took acting classes.

Then I did a year at the Vancouver Film School in their original version and location. I understand that they are quite the campus now.

My niece was learning how to write radio plays in the 4th grade.

Canada public education. we know what works, we just need to fund it.

Listen to the teachers, reduce the burn out.

Someone needs to think of the children, eh?

Dear Student

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Talking with Heterosexuals about The Closet

google search "John Baird gay" less than 1 second this shows up do straight guy sit like that with their buddies? I don't know any straight guys, so you tell me (yes I am a lesbian. so this is okay if it is confusing to you. conservative queers are confusing to us too.)

google search “John Baird gay” less than 1 second this shows up
do straight guy sit like that with their buddies?
I don’t know any straight guys, so you tell me
(yes I am a lesbian. so this is okay if it is confusing to you. conservative queers are confusing to us too.)

I posted that found image in 2 Canadian political offices on facebook to predictably I am out of one of the groups.

Less predicatable was the conversations that arose – with most saying that sexual orientation doesn’t matter and people need to be over it.

With the sudden realization that Conservative Queers are misrepresenting themselves and even, voting against their own interests.

Which is a very mind fucky thing to wrap around.

Anyway, for some it results in homophobic rants, which was more properly directed at conservative values.

Discussing whether sexual orientation determines your politics is always tricky and some people can maturely discuss and others end up venting their baggage and ranting.

  •  Lots of anti LBGTQ gay republicans right?
  •  who cares if he is gay or not.
  • I really don’t care what his sexual preference is, as long as it’s not children
  • Old news for sure. But it does give one pause to think he might have known something besides money was at stake in his future CONnection to Harper. Time will tell. He is not the only one there who is gay. And no. It doesn’t matter on a personal level. Unless there is a stinky piece of legislation coming down the pipe if Harper takes government away from the people in Oct. Something that affects the LGBTQ.
  •  if he couldn’t be out as a gay man as a party rep then they have no business trying to get our votes.
  • acting straight is not a compromise. it’s surrender
  •  Just how CONs roll. The other teams are all open.
  •  Are gay people intrinsically left wing or something? Is there a gay ideology or something? I thought it was only a part of a persons’ identity. Not the whole thing.
  •  there are many conservative queers. in vancouver city cousel both Alan Price and Allan Herbert were openly gay men and in the conservative party.
  • we usually are fiscal conservative but not socially so – unless it’s log cabin republican sucking up to be white enough and throwing everyone else under the bus.
  • usually you do not try to belong to a group that publically does not want you to be a member of, eh? the gay agenda is live well and be fabulous. end of agenda.
  •  This is funny. I never think to ask if my friends are gay. It would have been fine and more helpful if Mr. Baird just relaxed and didn’t hide if gay is his style. Harder for a gay foreign minister to sell arms to the Saudis if he had come out I guess. Gay Cons are confusing to all of us. Like that Black brain surgeon running in the clown car of US Republicans.
  •  I did share a bed with another man. Then again, was a young (Progressive) Conservative and drunk at a PC hotel party. I did have my clothes on the next morning in bed. As for John Baird’s hug, I can’t picture straight men hugging that way in the photo unless drunk or possibly high.
  •  If you were to go by the bible , Lesbians are okay … Nope its not discrimination , but from a medical point in those days and their state of hygiene, dangerous illnesses can spread out of intercourse that is not in the natural sense …. while female intercourse involves relatively sterile genitalia…. meanwhile asexual relations are not mentioned anywhere in biblical text (that I know of ) infact there are statements that go very close to allowing it , its all in the mind and the soul, all minds and souls are different
  • the bible is the internet 1.0 a mishmash of poetry, propaganda in a manifest rant. beware anyone with a manifesto, eh? this is why we separated church and state.
  • the reason why our branch of the family were outcast by the church , is that my father disabled their propaganda , belittled their manifesto and pointed out that Jesus was a leader and NOT a God !!! a human who died for a principle that they most often violated , knowingly and for political ends, end church and state for all that I care of , but religion is a totally different thing !!!
  •   religion is a way to keep the poor from killing the rich and taking their stuff – napoleon (more or less)
  • No I mean the original intention of the biblical prophets , Jesus never wanted anyone killing anyone or taking their stuff , he only wanted a just way of distributing wealth, like a Socialist commune !!
  • Ernst Rohm, the head of the SA, who was plotting with Gregor Strasser to overthrow Hitler because he wasn’t revolutionary enough was gay. Being gay does not make you inclined to one politics or another. There is no intrinsic thing about being gay besides having sex/attraction to the same sex. And, actually Hitler didn’t start prosecuting gays until after Kristalnacht where the SS “accidentally” found Rohm in bed with a younger man. If Hitler didn’t know he was gay, that would be hard. So, no. I don’t think being gay makes you more inclined to not join a group because it is anti you. Yukio Miishima. Another gay fascist.
  • EXACTLY! every demographic has it’s assholes and it’s heros and most are in the middle.
  •  @ again, they were just guys writing out their OCD phobias and projecting…… no different than anyone now – wanting money for nothing and altar boys for free.
  •  I disagree Nina , and that is so demeaning and derogating to religion , you fail to note there is a difference between Church and Religion !!! I follow religion but not necessarily the Church !!!
  • I will respect your right to your religion as long as you respect my right to not have one and not have my life impacted by other peoples religion.
  •  You have a right to your beliefs and I am under no obligation to respect the content, just your right to hold and express it.
  • but there is no such thing as free speech in Canada. In Canada, we have freedom of expression and there are limits to speech and those limits are when hazards or dangers are created.
  • you may not yell “fire” in the public square where there is no danger, and it is not okay to persecute other demographic groups into poverty and marginalization.
  • So when you can show me where the difference between religion and hate speech is, then we can talk about your religion earning respect.
  • This was the book Jenny sent me in…
  • There is the exact same ZERO evidence for all religions, except for 1.
    The Flying Spaghetti Monster The God Particle -…
  • Never mind Nina , you misunderstand what I say … I’ll let it go , but no one is forcing you into anything , nor … whatever !!!
  • religion does not have rights. PEOPLE have rights.
  • You have done nothing but try to force your religion to be acknowledged as real.
    You drank the koolaid. I do not. you need to learn to understand to read what other people are saying and not keep making the same point over and over. Atheist for all the reasons you list, Dude. Epic Fail.


Both social conservatives and homosexual activists are criticizing Mrs. Harper’s role as ambassador for the event.
  • Part of “Operation Laureen” to soften CPC image and appeal to dwindling supporters/voters.
    reaching out to gays is not going to convince us and will only piss off their base. this is completely bizarre to me
  •   Rather than putting down Lurleen Harper, I prefer to praise her for supporting queer rights. Cynicism can go too far.
  • I agree,  and question Mr. h’s motivation. It is wonderful if Lurleen Harper did this purely because it is the right thing TO do.
  •   she is not supporting us. she is whoring for our votes for her husband who ran for his PM job promising to reopen gay marriage equality.
  • then, he canceled the Charter challenge program – blaming it was for language and not for gay rights – and just before transgender rights would be at the supreme court right now.
  •  I loathe her husband’s administration but when Lurleen Harper does something to support the LGBT community, she should not be dismissed out of hand, but encouraged to continue.
  • Okay.
    I don’t appreciate people wanting our votes as they take away our rights. when they put their private morality as a basis for their qualification – we have to examine those things. as distasteful as that might be.
  • Also, please note that I am a lesbian who has posted this, so this post cannot be deemed in any way homophobic. I am not making any claims. I was only factually reporting a rumour that many others have also heard. society lags behind the law that they push to make them do the right thing  :
  • I heard the oddest rumour today, Laureen Harper, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is a lesbian. This is the most far-fetched thing I can…
    NOW – at this juncture in the chat – someone started quoted the bible passages about lies and I had to fend off a second gotbot who was not worth repeating in this thread in which I explained to him that “This is a rumour” is acknowledging the information was not reliable.


It reminded me of being in an atheist group, where I posted “Oo here’s some gossip about Michael Shermer” and then it was explained to me that what I had posted was gossip. Seriously people, learn to contextualize and comprehend. I do not need to be told what I just told yous.
    • anyway:
      1. your religion does not apply to nonmembers. 2. I said it was a rumour and the rumour is what I am talking about. 3. Everyone can draw their own conclusions.
    • the issue is very much a question of conservatives claiming one thing and then doing another, which is why they all tend to live in fear of being caught with a) a live boy; or b) a dead girl WORSE – that they are more concerned about live boy should ve VERY concerning for people about what that says for women.
    • Honestly, I feel terrible for the US congressman who was having it off with Chandra Levy – but she was killed by a serial killer – and his political career was just over. – a fallout victim of someone else’s senseless crime and random victim selection. and why – do not go jogging alone or with headphones
    I know that is a very old reference, but my memory and cultural points of reference are not what they used to be.
  •  ??? WTF i thought we were here to attack bad politics not some one’s sexual prefrence or personal life sad day when we sink this low frown emoticon
A federal fraud investigator has been suspended without pay, after she leaked documents showing that investigators had to cut people off their employment insurance benefits in order to meet
  •  OMG !!! Whats the matter with YOU !!! I said I am not interested in forcing anything on anyone , I just commented on the right wing Gay status , that religion does not mention anything on Lesbians …. you got your head screwed the wrong way , now please leave me alone and quit the abuse , okay !!
  • You know I don’t buy your religion bullshit not even a grain’s worth .
  •  Same to you, eh?
Several sources told Maclean’s magazine that the discussions broke down over money, but the NDP leader says it was over the Conservatives’…
  •  But evidence shows he was not that much in favour of the Kyoto crap when he was in Charest’s cabinet !!!
  •  perhaps you should learn to care about nature and the actual world. instead of mere words, eh?

Dana Nuccitelli: Immediate, serious efforts to curb carbon pollution are needed to minimize ocean ecosystem changes|By Dana Nuccitelli
  •   What Harper cares? He doesn’t give a hoot for the planet!
  •  coral is one of the kewlest critters and it’s an entire ecosystem.
  • and freaking france has spent how many decades blowing up atolls in metooism contests with the USA.
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Book Review: Mister God, This is Anna by Fynn

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

Mister God, this is Anna

You can find it on the Christian section in any general bookstore

The Amazon description is: From the moment Anna and Fynn locked eyes, their times together were filled with delight and discovery. In her completely frank and honest way, Anna had an astonishing ability to ask–and answer–life’s largest questions, and to feel the purpose of being. You see, Anna had a very special friendship with Mr. God.

I read that book at 17 in 1985 – not knowing it was the same year the book was published – as it is set in England, following The Blitz.

And it does not – in any way – belong in the religious section of any bookstore – and is in fact, the Ultimate Science Fiction novel in which no aliens or starships appear.

Because while Anna – who’s 5 with a huge crush on her friend…

View original 610 more words

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Where rights come from

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

Written to me in a forum debate:

Actually, America was founded on the notion that human rights are not dependent on government.

as a lesbian, I am gonna have to disagree with you on that, since the rights extended to gays and lesbians have been entirely dependent on the government’s willingness to be inclusive

if rights were inalienable and self-evident, then they would be universal – they are not

the rights any person has are entirely a result of the laws of the country and a function of the dominance of religion, which puts artificial limits on rights

View original

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Grade thru High School: The Class Clown

“Settle down or go to The Office”

The at school version of “Wait til your Father gets home.”

I did not often play the class clown, I was usually the class hall monitor.

I watched boy after boy keep put in his seat, year after foolish year.

My chance was in later high school – at Sardis Secondary in Chilliwack British Columbia.

It was the Big Hair 1980s and the girl’s change room only had 3 outlets suitable for hair dryers; thus was was ruled and then done – the girls stayed inside when it rained lest there be puddles in their next classroom or a lot of late girls to their next class.

This was a headbanger dominate school, so most of the boys also had “big hair” in that it was long and hung straight down, like the girls did in the 1970s.

It was raining and I was not in the mood. Me and a pal built up each other’s confidence – her in her hair protest and me. Well. I am basically a cat.

We strolled out last, with umbrellas to the soggy soccer field.

Roderman, the Scary Swedish Stick of a gym teacher glared and huffed and Linda quickly turned to me and said “sorry” as she threw her umbrella down.

“Okay Mrs. Roderman” I smiled, “I will go see Mr. Covey.”

I already turned my back and was into my second stride as the collective class gasp dispersed in the rain.

I gritted my teeth against the squelch of the mud and the feeling of the moisture seeping through my runners.

I got inside, dried off in a bathroom and then reported to the office. Heart in my throat, the vice principle was intimidating.

The office staff told me that Mr Covey wasn’t available and that I would have to see The Principal. Mr Halliday.

I again declined the offer to return to class. I wasn’t intimidated by Mr. Halliday, he was intimidated by me and scared of my Dad. Previous incidents from earlier grades.

  • a same year as me 9th grade girl from a bully family tormented an 8th grade pal of my sisters’s for a year; three suspensions and a stint in reform school arose from this.
  • a 9th grade girl harrassed me, when I was in the 10th grade,  causing me to strike her hard enough to cause dental repair work, she got suspended, not me
  • and there was an incident with my sister, wherein, she did get suspended, but not until after my Dad ripped the principal and new one

and now, there was this.

I took an umbrella to play soccer and was sent off the field.

I was cautiously invinted in and Mr Halliday tried to be reasonable.

He leaned far back in his chair, away from his desk, hands in his lap to appear less authoritarian. it was a management fad around that time, eh?

He asked me why.

I explained what I understood of his own policy.

He told me that I had to trust the teacher’s judgement.

I told him that doing so had resulted in 2 hospital visits, one in 8th grade for a lower back injury and in 10th with a broke arm. Both in gym class.

He then played the most foolish card of all – The Common Sense card

“How much common sense is it to play soccer with an umbrella?” he leaned forward across the desk.

I leaned across it and said “As much as it is to play outside in the rain in the first place. Somethings mothers always tell you to not do.”

He sat back first.

I sat back.

He told me to go sit and you know, I have a feeling that I have already blogged this.

I wonder if the stories match.. I know they will dialog wise…

In any event, I sat for most of the rest of the gym period, minus the time to go and change out of my gym clothes….

Can you tell me how to get to…

one of the first memes that I made I went to Sardis Secondary in it’s original location in Chillibush and I started and ended my school career on a scandal. when I started there in 8th grade, I wrote on … Continue reading

Nina’s Nonsense – the High School Article

Sardis Secondary School Paper The Falcon Press Masthead The paper cost a quarter and they often made buying it conditional on being able to attend events like lunchtime sock hops. Dances. Boys on one side, girls on the other, until … Continue reading

From Nina’s Nonsense to Heathers

Sardis Secondary School High School paper the article that the school got death and assault threats against me for. ran with a disclaimer. the thesis of the article was that everyone from head bangers to jocks to all the cliques … Continue reading

Career Achievement Unlocked: Nina’s Nonesense

One of my dreams was to be a newspaper columnist. Blog – so ta da. I started at Sardis Secondary High School in Chilliwack BC. I took a journalism class by a teacher who was from South Africa. His insights … Continue reading

Share My Umbrella

This was written for a film comprised of three short films. INT. WORKSTATION. LATE AFTERNOON ANN (late 20’s, burnt out) is working on a database. The workstation is decorated with feminist/health information, phone lists, a few geek desk toys, and … Continue reading

Elevator Saga 3.0: Nina vs Senior Partner Lawyer

In the early 1990s, I got a job at a photocopy/printing shop. We did a promotional newsletter with some helpful green office tips about equipment and was basically one big commercial for the shop’s services and was targeted to Law … Continue reading

The Power of Secretary aka Administrative Assistance

I actually used an underwood in college in the 1990s – and, as much as I have occasionally pined for WordPerfect 5.1+; the only version that was forward compatible with WordPerfect 6 – and 5.1 was such the best ever … Continue reading

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The cost of acceptance

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

The cost of being accepted by the religious right is total conformity. In other words, unconditional surrender and aping them.

Since that will never occur, it seem pointless to continue to delay the inevitable – although, delay, deny and doubt has long been the tactics of the conservatives on everything from tobacco, environmental protections, climate change, science research and advancement of civil rights, regardless of the science, the law and the morality underlying social progress. Conservatives will cling to tradition and resist modernization for as long as they can, no matter the cost, and despite that in a few decades, the changes will be touted as tradition and social norms so they can continue to resist future change.

Nothing stays the same but their resistance. The battle for equality is over except for the whining.

America needs to ending the bullying and legalize gay marriage. Take away the last threat…

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