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April 28, 2017’s post was accidentally left blank

I had to do, what we called in elementary/grade school in the 1970s

“heads down work”

War on Christmas Index added under ZA

The Power of Secretary aka Administrative Assistance

welcome to C-51 world – Nina K Tryggvason

Today’s Post – April 19, 2017 is intentionally “blank”

The Lesbian Avenger Call to Action Handbook

Letters from a Skeptic, revisited

but takes the form of the blog update

The Raw Recovery Specialist.

About Dykewriter

Stephen Harper Owes Nina Tryggvason $50

Anti-Bully campaign videos

The big Boned Gal Campaign Recap

The Big Boned Gal Campaign

The Agoraphobic Philosopher

Today in Social Oppression History

1945 – The German Army in Italy surrendered unconditionally to the Allies.

1945 – In a bunker in Berlin, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were married. Hitler designated Admiral Karl Doenitz his successor.

1945 – The Nazi death camp, Dachau, was liberated. Everyone who didn’t have a pink triangle so……

1988 – Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev promised more religious freedom.

1990 – The destruction of the Berlin Wall began.

2009 – NATO expelled two Russian diplomats from NATO headquarters in Brussels over a spy scandal in Estonia. Russia’s Foreign Ministry criticized the expulsions.

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Today, I Paid for Registered Post

I took my Mom on a hunt n gather 2 stop shopping trip.

At one strip mall, there was a Pharmacy with a post office counter.

I paid a retail employee for a government service.

It was my Me vs Transport Canada Federal Human Rights 3rd attempt to activate my claim.

related on this blog:

Starting a Human Rights Complaint

Storage Locker Score!

The Life Plan Problem

Then, I stood on the back porch and had a puff and also blew bubbles.

The young children of the downstairs family had seen the bubbles yesterday, so today it was 3 toddlers on their upper back porch. They called out “Hi!” their best new word.

I said “Hello” first and then waved and said “Hi!” – this caused waves back and jumping in excitement of adult attention. Appropriate attention from a neighbourhood adult. Vauge indulgence because they are very little people who are forming their impression of the world around them.

I blew bubbles from a wand that I waved with an arm,

and also a wand that I had to blow breath through.

Then, I went inside and online and accessed email.

heavy sigh

The RCMP Apology

Dear RCMP re women

RCMP v Women: Class Action

RCMP: Memorials and Ribbons

RCMP Memories: ed301 Attending a Domestic

RCMP database on missing persons is overdue, over budget

Dykewriter Action Update

The Canadian War on Queers

Good news for me, I am getting on the lawyer’s call schedule.

then, there’s this…

Shoppers 2 and a List To Do

Dear Shoppers Draft Letter

Translink and BC Human Rights

Translink and The Last Straw

Translink: Second Level

HRC: Translink

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Sacred Cows to Hamburger Cows

first artificial insemination, then artificial wombs
bio-diversity collapse, too many clones
Image result for hello dolly sheep clone
cloning and test tube livestock
  • Diksha Sweety's profile photo
    Wow..amazing.. But is it possible?
     Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    okay science, you have learned what you can do.. time to question should… ethics need to be part of science.

    Shawn .O.'s profile photo

    I’m sorry…ethics? Please explain.


  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    that which is self-evident doesn’t need it, and, as if you’d actually listen. Not my first day on the internet.
  • Shawn .O.'s profile photo
    Don’t generalize. I really would like to hear your argument because I genuinely don’t see how ethics comes into play here.
  • Brandon Heath Shaw's profile photo
    Very interesting… thanks for sharing
  • IAMU's profile photo
    Only if I could examine the entire process completely…what out what you believe in.
  • Shawn H Corey's profile photo
    Yes there are ethics involved in helping premature babies live. But that’s what doctors and nurses do.
  • Mecca Weatherhead's profile photo
    Reminds me of the movie Tomorrow’s Child

    Carlos Almeida's profile photo

    Love it..😉
     Dulanjalee Chandrasiri's profile photo
    These inventions restrict human evolution.
  • Bramak17 Macbra71's profile photo
    This might signal us starting to owning our evolution. Paradise or Venture Bro’s?
  • Information about where to advertise online's profile photo
    Its good to see that science is evolving so that life can made more better for premature babies
  • Lucifer Almighty's profile photo
    and how should ethics apply here?
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     1st there should be some. and 2nd. qualified professionals deciding across nations for international standards. not companies chasing emotional dollars.
  • the reality is, what we are looking at, is going to be leveraged over industrial agriculture and the future of the food supply, and calling it ethical eating because no mommies were distressed
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     you genuinely do not understand that ethics do not cease to apply?

Shawn .O.'s profile photo

​ in that sense, yes, I can see where/why ethics should apply. I was expecting a response along the lines of science playing “god” but I didn’t want to jump into that conclusion; hence my question.

 Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
  • my bad too, I misread your post. nope. religion and politics need to be out of science, but there does need to be corporate regulations.



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Violence: Visceral vs Video Games

Contrary to popular perception, a new study by Boston University professor Christopher Salas- Wright finds that youth violence is declining–and at noteworthy rates.The research is in American Journal of Public Health. (full access paywall)

Youth Violence on Decline
Youth Violence on Decline


  • Culiref M0nst4r's profile photo
    Come to Africa and say that sshit
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    there is a difference between children in war, children in survival and children in thrival environments. visceral violence vs entertainment violence
  • Aqib.A.C's profile photo

    Doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stay vigilant.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    this is why it takes a village to raise a child, people need to stop this endless cycle of being afraid of teenagers.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    because video games are safety vents partly; although I have never understood why violence is okay in general entertainment and sex is not, since, given a choice, eh.
  • Culiref M0nst4r's profile photo
     i don’t see any difference. Violence is violence
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    actual violence causes harm. just as deed are different from words, reality is one thing and video games are a mental release that harms nothing.
  • Red Dahlia's profile photo
    I agree Nina Bravo 🐞
  • Culiref M0nst4r's profile photo
    i don’t think we’re on the same page but, ok
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    you are living in survival mode in a war zone, so there is nothing entertaining about violence to you;
    for a person who lives in something of a western bubble, it’s just a child game and people fear real violence, even as they toy with in via entertainment – movies, tv, games.

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    thank you, and cute ladybug!


SHARMIN ISLAM SHOULY's profile photo
that’s really true Nina
  • Culiref M0nst4r's profile photo
  • ok… I get what you mean
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    thank you, and you are actually also correct, our brains do process actual vs pretend in the same way.
    so the ability to separate is also determined by the person and how socialized, which makes one wonder, why violence is entertaining and acted out in sports & entertainment etc.
  • Culiref M0nst4r's profile photo
    i know, right
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    yes, and it was only fair that you got to know that I knew that you knew too – it is not often on-line people achieve that mutual understanding. thank you from Canada.


‘Call of Duty: WWII’ Trailer Reveals Josh Duhamel Role and “Emotionally Dark” Visuals

CGI TV is pretty close to Virtual Reality Video Games

Raw Recovery Specialist on Video Games

Games and Gamer Memes

Gamering: Family Bored Games to Gamer Games

The evolution of Games and Gamers

Comic Book Heroes and Readers

What I learned from playing video games

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O Say Can You State the Obvious?

12 million videos are now available in ‘Restricted Mode’ including hundreds of thousands which feature LGBTQ+ content. #Youtube #Restrictedmode #LGBTQ
YouTube has stopped blocking LGBTQ+ content in Restricted Mode • SoundReview
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    I think they intentionally restricted and now blame tech when they’ve been caught and backlashed. “We didnlt mean to evil” srsly?
     Stephen Charlton's profile photo
    yeah, it’s tough to believe it was all just an oversight.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    plus, oh the usual social oppression has happened! how can that be? give moi a break
Texas Republicans Try To Do To LGBTQ Rights What They Did To Abortion Access
Texas Republicans Try To Do To LGBTQ Rights What They Did To Abortion Access
  • Angus “The Bear” Delaney's profile photo
    This is horrible
     Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    Clinton would not have done this, she’da had a gay man in charge of the Army and the other nations would have been too afraid of being killed by a woman and a gay man.
Former Obama Official: Bureaucrats Manipulate Climate Stats To Influence Policy
Former Obama Official: Bureaucrats Manipulate Climate Stats To Influence Policy
no, Bureaucrats report data that politicians don’t read; and even if they did … dot dot dot …
this is why the party of the day does not just reverse what the previous one did. .. government contracts are signed for decades and centuries.
Rick Perry Questions Legitimacy Of Texas A&M Student Body Election
Rick Perry Questions Legitimacy Of Texas A&M Student Body Election
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    his party is illegit

    Al Molina's profile photo

    Seems you and others in your administration are always having things taken from you.

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    It is unseemly for a professional politician with federal stature to interfere in university student politics

    Al Molina's profile photo

    Doesn’t he he have a very important new job he should be more concerned about

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    The American Supreme Court was completely broken in the Trump 100 First Days after 8 years of Republican obstructionism; the American government is now legally not legitimate.
” I need to find a girlfriend. That’s why I need to carve out just a little more time. I think maybe even another five to 10 — how much time does a woman want a week? Maybe 10 hours? That’s kind of the minimum? I don’t know. — Elon Musk on allocating time for dating. “
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    sounds like someone should not date, other people are not about scheduling.

    Michael Vescovo's profile photo

    They are if you have a job or business to run. No way around it. And it’s not like he isn’t up front about it.

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    agreed that upfront is a kudo, it’s also a major relationship warning flag.

    Rick Ray's profile photo

    oh shes hot?

    Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

     She’s bisexual and just divorced Johnny Depp – so good luck
    {blocked iMeatbag}
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +iMeatbag which is why one can be either a person or public figure.
  • +iMeatbag actually that shows exactly how small a person you are to assume that. ditto your commenting on me instead of the topic. relationships are a two way thing or they do not last.
  • 1d
  • +iMeatbag men have careers and expect women to support them, they do not support women’s careers back, and it’s why men don’t ask about combining careers and romance or how to have orgasms as women’s magazines constantly point out. he has basically seeking rentable golddiggers – not a relationship with a woman.
  • +iMeatbag on a topic where it’s men and women’s relationships. Irony Metre. Explodes.
  • Michael Vescovo's profile photo

    I thought the double divorce and 5 kids was a warning flag 🙂

    To think you only have 10 hours a week, well you’d have to be someone equally time poor. No idea about Amber’s schedule but I’ve heard these actors can do a lot of hours while they’re on a project. They can also move around a bit as is the case now with her in a different country.

    Also, for someone who claims to work 80+ hour weeks and has 5 kids, 10 hours sounds quite generous.

    Totally disagree with all the “men have careers and expect women to support them stuff”. Yeah maybe some baby boomers still think that way and maybe even some of the younger ones, but it’s dying out.

    If only feminists would try to eliminate all the inequalities and not just the ones they don’t like. But I don’t think that will happen. The feminists want it all. Hopefully it will all come out in the wash – eventually.

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     Amber Heard is a complete red flag cascade, I agree.
     relationship rules are scaleable and I disagree with celebrity exceptions.
  • Michael Vescovo's profile photo

    I didn’t say Amber was a red flag cascade and frankly don’t know what you mean by that.

    I also didn’t say anything about celebrity exceptions. That any of them are celebrities is irrelevant.

    I also don’t know what you mean by relationship rules being scaleable. Can you give an example?

    Maybe it would be easier if you just say what you think he should do. Or her.

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    first – thank you for actually talking about points instead of m/f talking points.
    To back up, and state the actual point of what I am saying is that no one can schedule a relationship. those are based on actual time, shared interests and building a life together. and men who can’t listen to women, really won’t be able to offer anything that a woman can relate to.
  • people really need to get beyond men are wallets and women are baby factories.
    what makes a relationship is not different for rich people than poor people at the human level. for someone to say that anyone – male or female is such a prize that any prospective partner should not expect to be treated like an equal. .. and be scheduled…
  • 17h
  • Michael Vescovo's profile photo
  • Ok I think I know what you’re trying to say with not being able to scheduling a relationship; you just don’t know what will happen so it’s impossible to schedule it. Fair enough.

    But he didn’t actually say anything about scheduling. You did. He asked how many hours a week does a women need. You can make all the assumptions you want but you’re only speculating.Anyone who can’t listen is going to run into problems. So much for not talking about m/f points.

    I agree that people need to get beyond the men are wallets thing. If a girl asks me to buy them a drink I’ll politely tell them to fuck off and/or buy their own drink. I don’t think anyone is going to get beyond the women are baby makers thing anytime soon since men can’t yet have babies and women can.

    No one on here said that relationships are different for rich people vs poor people. No one said anything about people being prizes or not being treated equal. Maybe you’re getting confused with a different conversation you’re having at the same time?

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    did you not read all the comments? everyone is so quick to assumptions, and switching between these two particular people the thread is actually about and widely varying social norms. having to fend off misinterpretations defeats actual communication.
  • Michael Vescovo's profile photo
    I read all the comments and I don’t know where you’re getting this stuff from; not from this post.
     Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
  • reality still applies and not interested in a rehash of sexism or the communication differences of gender. that said, you are far politer than most.
  • Michael Vescovo's profile photo

     so you’re here to talk about sexism – for some reason? you think the original article is sexist? how is it sexist? I think you might be just a bit off topic.

    sorry but I really don’t know what you mean or what we’re talking about here. you seem to be adding content that wasn’t from here and want to discuss the external content.

    why would I not be polite? you haven’t insulted me (personally) as yet.

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     no, I put a quip on an article and then all the miscommunication started with one and this extended chat with you at the same time as other actually political threads, this was the least political thing, just celebrity puffery. anyway. goodnight.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    “why would I not be polite? ” that’s a question other posters need to ask themselves really.
  • Michael Vescovo's profile photo

    I guess maybe some people took your comment more seriously than intended – myself included. it didn’t come across as a joke at all.

    it’s a bit unfair to say someone shouldn’t date just because they don’t have much free time. Nicola Tesla himself never dated apparently but it was his choice – – Nikola Tesla – Wikipedia

    I think it’s understandable that commenters took you seriously given the poster and the likely followers. after all this wasn’t posted by “women’s day” or one of those gossip magazines, but instead by the “The Elon Musk Fan Club”. surely you can accept that.

    Anyway. seems we’ve wrapped this thing up. Good bye 🙂

    Nikola Tesla - Wikipedia

    Nikola Tesla – Wikipedia
  • 12h
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     people reading differently than as written is internet culture.
    As for Tesla, he was gay and last century – he kept 2 apartments one to live in and squire rich women he got to invest, and another for where he took hustlers and D/L other men. . and would you really date someone who only had 10 hours a week for you? that’s not much of a relationship at all.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     oh, also to answer your question about cascade flags on her: 1. just divorced. 2. bisexual, which alters the relationship dynamic 3. also career fit & match. 4 life plan overlap – all suitability factors. the high drama women ride is rarely worth the price of admission.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     I agree that this was way overblown for a Musk fan club – but the concept of a man offering a woman a 10 hour window for a relationship; when male/female differ greatly on what that word means and how much time things take, turned out to be potentially instructive for those of us on line in the same fan seats. After all, Putting a problem out there and crowding the solution is the geek way.


DAY TWO: a female Musk fan wades in.

  • Alaina Moore's profile photo
    I don’t think it’s your place to define what “relationship” means to these two busy people or decide how much time they require to be happy with each other.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    I don’t think you know what conversation is if all you have to contribute is “you’re wrong”.
     Are you under the impression that the people talked about are aware of what social media says or that there will be some kind of vote?
  • Alaina Moore's profile photo

    ​ I didn’t say you were wrong. I said it’s not your place to presume you know enough about them to make judgments about their relationship.

    And I don’t say that because Elon/Amber care about what you think. I say that because we all need to keep our noses to ourselves a bit more and stop feeling entitled to judge other people’s life choices.

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    discussing the concept of relationship is hardly imposing it. and you resist your own advise.
  • Alaina Moore's profile photo
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    thank you. I am going to delete my comments from yesterday now to prevent continued distortions of context.
  • Michael Vescovo's profile photo

     “people reading differently than as written is internet culture”. I don’t think “Internet culture” applies to interpreting someones statement. If you were talking about Internet lingo and the like ok, but people on the Internet are just people. They can and will interpret things however they do. With billions of users you can’t expect everyone to act as if they were all the same.

    if I only had 10 hours a week to commit to a relationship then I don’t see the problem in dating someone else who only had 10 hours a week to commit to a relationship.Apparently Tesla was not gay. If anything asexual. Do you have a reference to support your claim? Or are you just making it up?

    I know what you mean in that you think Amber is messed up, but I don’t know what you mean by the term “cascade flags”. Are you saying that these problems are cascading? It just seems a strange context for using that word. Anyway it doesn’t matter.

    Musk was merely asking the question. He didn’t put out a tender requesting applications which you seem to be implying (more or less). The media grabbed it and people attached their assumptions. There’s no proof that he wouldn’t be willing or able to offer more time, he just asked casually, “How much time does a women need a week? 10 hours?”. It was an approximation. When he made that statement (a long time ago now) he wanted a girl friend. However he has a problem; he’s incredibly time poor. He was just trying to work out what’s realistic.

    If you had the opportunity to date him and didn’t want to because 10 hours isn’t enough for you then that’s fine. Each to their own. But it seems Amber is fine with it. And it seems Elon is fine with Amber even if you don’t like her. It’s really none of anyone’s business but since their celebrities it’s basically forced upon us by the media.

    All I’m really getting from you is that you don’t like either of them (at least from a relationship point of view). Ok then.

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    I’m a lesbian, I wouldn’t date either of them and they would certainly not be interested in dating me – and I’d rather spend 10 non-date hours with Musk if given a choice of meeting one or the other.
  • in an actual conversation people talk face to face and the internet lacks that – people tend to react and not interact and more than that – everyone has an opinion and no one considers that other people have life experience or professional experience.
    I’ve been on-line since the 1990s, not just seeing how Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 changed and the amateurs rose and intellectual content declined. even in person, most cannot tell the difference between an opinion vs a professional analysis.
    the internet now is manic overreaction, with actual politicians little better than the social media flamewars.

    Michael Vescovo's profile photo

     ok then.

    not everyone is the same. sometimes it may be necessary to generalise to get your point across and that maybe be what you’re doing. however some people do consider the experience of others.

    it actually seems rather pointless telling people of our own opinion if it wasn’t asked of us, but yet we do it anyway. human nature I guess.

    but if not for our opinions then there wouldn’t be much discussion in any of these posts let alone in daily life outside of the Internet.

    I too have been online since the 90’s as would a lot of people. But that hasn’t really effected my interpretation of comments as it seems to have you. I still view people as people (although sometimes I wonder if there is a bot at the other end).

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo

    part of the problem is what posters project onto each other and getting passed assumptions, especially when they are not shared and crossing multiple demographics of inequality between persons; human nature – in any event – I think we (you and I) are at the point of mutual understanding – putting into a Male Person and a Female Person generality:

    For women, “relationship” is not just the now of it, but the future – and offspring – and part of that is parenting. a person with no time now is not likely to have more time later.

    Frankly, men are cheated in many ways by the system they created.

  • I find it hard to find people who are not Bots and also able to be literal and literary together and not pedantic zero sum circle jerk dom/sub battles of witlessness. (in fact, people are pretty much the same, just the baggage varies predictably)
  • Michael Vescovo's profile photo
    “a person with no time now is not likely to have more time later.” I don’t agree with that assertion. There’s a lot of variables that could change. However I do agree that Musk is unlikely to change much in that regard in the foreseeable future.

    I can’t speak for what women think but I know they’re not all the same, as not all men are the same. As a man, I see relationships as entirely in the future, so I don’t understand your differentiation.

    I’m sorry I don’t understand your last paragraph. Maybe I’m a bot and I just don’t know it?

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
     apparently they are officially dating.
    7 billion plus people and everyone thinks they are unique.
    I have been over-trained in communication, it’s partly why I can’t communicate with people: but “pedantic zero sum circle jerk dom/sub battles of witlessness” means when people focus on the smallest aspect, fight over word nuance and end up saying nothing and exchanging nothing. the Internet really changed conversations into points battles, especially when there are none to make.

Here a Right, There a Right, Everyone’s Got a Right Right

Nina’s True Tech Support Tales!

Caller: I can’t open the attachment in email.

Nina: What program is the attachment in?

Caller: I just said it was in email.

An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next

okay science, you have learned what you can do..

time to question should… ethics need to be part of science

Unnatural Selection: Designer Babies

Heard CONFIRMS relationship with billionaire Elon Musk
Amber Heard CONFIRMS relationship with billionaire Elon Musk #celebs #celebri…
Amber Heard CONFIRMS relationship with billionaire Elon Musk #celebs #celebri...
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Why do I bother?

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +Mark Rushing America is one of them, eh
  • Mark Rushing's profile photo

    I’m not sure if you’re asking me if I believe the USA is a brutal country, or you’re accusing the USA of being a brutal country. I’m guessing it’s both.

    Gay people face brutality almost everywhere, even in countries whose governments recognize gay marriage, like the USA does and like Canada does.

    What is mentioned here is nothing like the silly brutality that gay people face from their peers here, or in Canada, or the schools, or workplaces that might discriminate.

    What’s happening here is brutality and sadism not not seen on such a scale since the last world war. This exceeds anything being done even in the most staunchly Islamic countries of the Middle East, where gay people are still brutalized and executed.

    If you believe the USA does anything even remotely like this, you are very, very wrong.

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +Mark Rushing I live in Canada and there are people walking across the border, including in freezing snow. America is not a safe nation, your Supreme Court was broken.
  • Mark Rushing's profile photo
    Oh I see, you’re just using this opportunity to educate people about atrocities being committed against gay people to do some general America bashing. Well done. A great tribute to Canada.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +Mark Rushing no, I was trying to have a conversation. just not one that is comfortable for you, so you emotionally monologued a conflict because you can’t cope with facts or views that differ from your own.
  • Mark Rushing's profile photo
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +Mark Rushing What I posted was a warning, not a bashing. If you are queer in America, you are next. learn to separate the message from the speaker.
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +Mark Rushing and on a post that is about education and awareness, you demeaned and diminished my post while playing the high road victim? that’s a wow and irony metre explosion.

I mean seriously, he falls just short of using the pejorative “SJW” and then acts more informed than tho as if there is winning against one on who is more pro-underdog than thee



  • John Nash (Kubulai)'s profile photo

    The “refugees” are not kids or women, but fighting age young men. Look at the pictures from Europe and Asia where they are taking over violently.

    And so far as that goes, you have no credibility arguing we should give up our resources and potentially endanger our citizen to admit “refugee” “kids” when 1) far more American citizen’s kids need help and should be first, and 2) you are not helping anyone but your self.


  • Ray Bernache's profile photo
    +John Nash You are an idiot!
    Not only are women, and pre teen children the bulk of the refugees, per capita, there are far more homegrown homicidal Christian Americans terrorists, then refugees who turn into terrorists, (the only difference is, the Christians are called troubled/temporary insane/their religion wasn’t important)
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    religion is mental illness.
  • John Nash (Kubulai)'s profile photo

    Christians are drowned by the Muslims while still in transit on the boats. There are some women, however the problem right now throughout Europe is this.

  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    +John Nash if you think one demographic drowning is worse than another, you are part of the problem. especially since they are the same religion, bad versions of Judaism.
  • Billy Michael Lolopaongo Irwin's profile photo
    I hate how people Always take sides, not based on the ‘right’ side but based on race, religion ect…Sadly we all do it to some degree…Human failing
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    10,000 humanist points to you. Yours is the best comment that I have seen in all of today.
  • Billy Michael Lolopaongo Irwin's profile photo
    Thank you kindly Nina 🙂
  • Nina Tryggvason's profile photo
    you are most welcome.

Torontonians march for science on Earth Day | Toronto Star

because sometimes, you can get through, or at least,

sometimes, meet another person and offer a wave or high five

actually be social on social media

because we all really do have better things to do

The March for Science Is Just the First Step
Canadian scientists take to the streets to march for science
Canadian scientists take to the streets to march for science

Why Scientists Are Marching on Washington and More Than 400 Other Cities

#ClimateChange #Science #Protests

Why Scientists Are Marching on Washington and More Than 400 Other Cities
Why Scientists Are Marching on Washington and More Than 400 Other Cities



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Nitty Gritty: Rubber Meets Road

The President is up against a budget deadline even as he tries to push forward policy successes before the symbolic 100-day mark of his…
As first 100 days dwindle, Trump has tough week ahead
As first 100 days dwindle, Trump has tough week ahead


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    The federal service needs to be slashed…as the GDP is 102%…and the government debt is unsustainable..even Wells Fargo is bankrupt..

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  • that is middle class jobs you are talking about.
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    True…but the USA is bankrupt..and no one is buying USA bonds..and of course they aren’t going to cut military spending..of course if they can stay afloat to pay the interest on the debt long enough..they could cut all food stamps and social programs to ileagal and refugees..and other countries to buy time till the infrastructure jobs began…it depends how good they are at juggling..
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    How does throwing the people who are in charge of holding society together out of work help anyone?
     The problem in government is not the public service, it’s the politicians at the top, playing with the switches and levers without understanding how things actually work.
    Further, the problem in government is not the public service, it’s the politicians at the top, playing with the switches and levers without understanding how things actually work.
  • that Government bailed out all the too big to fail corporations and loans become due. the private sector wants government contracts – guess they have to stop gouging.

How much cash should I keep in my bank account for daily expenses?: Think about it because holding onto any cash above what you would need is probably an inefficient use of your dollars

How much cash should I keep in my bank account for daily expenses?
How much cash should I keep in my bank account for daily expenses?
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    Nobody trust’s the banks..the bubble is about to collapse and worldwide debt is too high…if you couldn’t use your card’s tomorrow…what would you do ? Buy silver or gold coins…they are on the rise.

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    So, did you have an answer for why you are against middle class careers?
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    I’m not against middle class career’s…..I’m all for it..why are canadian banks running ads on TV explaining how much money is safe from confiscation in bank account’s ( 5,000)
  • 4h
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     you would slash a rather arbitrary 12% of government jobs and those are all middle class.
     Canada has a population of about 35 million and America is 350,000, about 10 times our size and the majority of their population is employed in managing the smallest portion: civilians.
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    because advertising and propaganda are the same things, with a nuance of degree of difference in the medium of media and context is king.
RCMP labour code trial to highlight concerns over wages, safety
To keep EpiPen sales up, Mylan threatened states, sued making bogus claims
To keep EpiPen sales up, Mylan threatened states, sued making bogus claims


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    dear health care: it’s about patient care, not stock holders.

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    Add this problem to the waste of national resources paid to insurance companies and you can see why the US has such expensive healthcare yet doesn’t achieve high levels of healthcare quality at reasonable cost. And why so many can’t get healthcare, either not enough or none at all.
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    frankly, they should be asking for government contracts for military, and getting on board with the bulk buys for this product that expires. so alternatively, lower production to meed actual need, rather than fueling the neurotics.
Are Backyard Gardens a Weapon Against Climate Change? - Modern Farmer
Victory Gardens Then, Climate Gardens Now: Food and Housing security is an equality concern
B.C. political leaders canvass votes at Surrey Vaisakhi festivities

Market Manipulations: another fake source of news that creates panic in the public as if it means anything

well, not fake, so much as lacking in any contextual value or meaningful detail, media being about advertising, subscriptions and Corporate Owners who well.

there’s those “stockholders” again, the ones with certificates.
which are very different from “stake holders” which are the people with an interest
Euro jumps 2 per cent as French vote avoids clash between far-right and far-left
#climateChange is real #Science is real. #DemandRepresentation Use the info in our cover photo for contact info.
Animated map of what Earth would look like if all the ice melted
Animated map of what Earth would look like if all the ice melted



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