A Vancouver Outing

today was an intense day

I went to vancouver for brunch


and I am not finishing processing what the day meant or means to me


to be able to blog it


today was an agoraphobic outing for fun and socializing

tomorrow, I will try to write about it

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OF Shame and Shamelessness

Tony Perkins says liberals want to ‘shame’ evangelicals. They should be ashamed.

Is there really any wonder that church participation is at an all time low and doing the negative bunny every day?


Canada’s Anglican Church went to the supreme court

the no gay marriage group wanted a divorce

and the Supreme Court told them, you are free to leave a religion

that you now disagree with and chose another

you may not fill your cheeks and boots and remove assets that belong to the institution.

the even tried to get a South American Bishop to take over

but that was outside of the Vatican approved territory zones

Even Statistics Canada dropped the religion question

not because atheists made them, but because the religions
no longer liked the results: a sudden jump form 8 to 16%

and on some level, they realized, because before 2003

when Canada marriage equality occured,

the general population was 60% against and 40% for
and the next year, the numbers flipped

because nothing bad happened and no one was impacted

life went on, even though The Bad Thing happened


Yeah, they do have something of an apocalypse complex. Anything they dislike, they claim will bring on the end of days. I think they are their own end of days in the making.


and now, they had the administration to really make it end of days

I remember the 1980s anxiety under Reagan

and while I do think Trump would order first strike

I am not yet willing to believe that the USA Military would follow his orders

if the american civil government fails to remove trump

the military might, then they’d deserve a parade

we need to step back to sabre rattling diplomacy

not tweeting


You’re right. And there is the fact that the oath of office that our government requires anyone going into government employment has to take makes us “swear to protect the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Does anything more need be said?


nope, expect maybe “sad, eh?”

in 2018 Russia has a Tsar, China has a permanent chairman

and America needs to be reminded they were founded on the idea of no more kings

President Appointed Family Members who failed security checks

the founding father’s greatest fear was a robber baron buying the office


Religion is the politics of spirituality. Oh, I’m of this or that faith. There are as many ways to view god/gods as there are stars in the night sky. Yet, some people think they have the right to force their beliefs off on everybody else. No they don’t.


pursuit of happiness is understood to be freedom from religion

the individual being the social unit of consequence

not social class status or family clan, but each person

the law’s limited meaning of person, has been read

demographic by demographic to be included,

and that excluding person hood owing to demographic

is not socially acceptable, nor legally supportable

religion prevents people from being human and according humanity to others

lest we forget and if we don’t learn





I real life there is a very small group of Evangelicals who are not bigoted but they don;t have much power compared to the ones who want to turn this country into a religious based dictatorship.


they have the power to challenge and speak out

the problem is that instead of that
they bystander and play but we’re good ones and they are the bad ones

bystanders enable the bullies

and, by doing so, they give consent and validate the politically correct claim that they do not actually disagree with

so the extremes. who are the truest believers, rely on that buffer zone and veneer of social credibility

why they demand consideration and respect from those they would genocide

when, that is not how the marketplace of ideas work

There it is! Another hate mongering hypocritical Nazi pretending that HE is the victim of persecution, and not the people he is actively persecuting.
Well, it worked so well when Hitler did it in the 1930’s. And it kinda worked for our shithole in chief too.


the predators are upset that the prey has organized and refuse to line up for slaughter

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Preachers n Teachers

Pastor faces 47 charges for sexually abusing underage boys


Pedophile, what Religious Denomination? If he were a Catholic Priest the Pitchforks and Torches would be marching. Has He Been Defrocked?


if only the Vatican would be sued out of existence for centuries of grooming families

since the 1960s, the Vatican sex crimes have been public

and it’s 2018 and they forgave John Lennon faster than Galileo

as they operate the world’s largest economy, tax free and accountable to no nation


The Catholic Church and it’s struggle with pedophila is not the point of the article. The article speaks to an individual’s conduct and points out that this is a widespread problem with the Protestant Denominations as well.
The Catholic Church has significant income. It is estimated to be $170 Billion annually in the US alone, but no one outside the Vatican Really knows what the Global amount is. The $19.42 trillion U.S. economy is 25% of the gross world product.


True about the article, however, that’s the way conversation flows

people speak in a manner other than misapplied science method or high school debate.

the issue of sexual predators is not even limited to religion

religions, of many names, all have historical and current era child abuse sex scandals.

Teachers and Sports Coaches, along with religious leaders bring up the child sex abuse statistics.

But religion is particularly vile, given the claims as being the only moral and ethical authority

when all religions do, is hoard wealth, impede science/social progress and molest children.


You raise an important point about religious authority and hierarchy a person who speaks from the bible, claims to be the authority the vatican’s massive bureaucracy, is a middle ages propping up european kings and where the second sons where shipped to be spares for the heirs and, the bible itself was a middle ages collection of the original scrolls the dead sea middle east internet, proganda, poetry and porn.

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Doubling Down on Demographics: Invisibility

Trump administration scrubbed lesbian & bi women’s health info from government website

this is why it will not pass, it will get worse

Lest We Forget

I’m getting sick of the fallacy that progress is inevitable

I was replying to a marthon sock puppet

assuring that “this too will pass”

which is a direct WW2 reference; Lest We Forget

and that poster/comment is removed now

conservatives are the status quo to overcome

they are anti demographics, anti science and anti art

they are for social inequality and puritanical social control over private personal matters of health care and identity.

conservatives can look like anyone, every demographic’s got them

it’s not a fallacy.

when I was a kid in the 1970s, the adults acted as if the world has pinnacled

leaving only decadence and social decay – to which, those would point to marriage equality as evidence.

the world’s population was 3.5 billion people.

computers changed everything by making more accessible thus immediate
however, in terms of actual work productivity, that is down.

the world got smaller in the 1990s internet, the way that tv shrunk the world in the 1960s, when wars and famines became televised. so, the internet, let more of the world get to first hand see, what the rest had been up to.

then 9/11 and the world’s population is over 7 billion people

so, if we do not find a way to stop fighting over who’s invisible friend gets to control everyone’s genitals; progress is impossible

and only the end of the technological era is assured

There’s an Einstein quote about world war four being fought with sticks and stones, eh?

because if it’s not people vs people unable to use words to resolve differences of ideas

it’s going to be solar flare or natural disaster taking out aged infrastructure operating on legacy computers with failing software because cheapest bidders, no maintenance unfair wages serve the interest of the stock holders,

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My No Needle Pain Free Dentist Outing

My appointment was scheduled for 10 am this morning;

but yesterday, the Dental Office phoned and asked if I could be moved to early afternoon.

As they had an emergency, I agreed.

So, finally I settled into the chair

not feeling guilty for seeing another dentist

but feeling like I was cheating on my hygienist

when I was in for treatment, my two front teeth repaired.

The Dentist with a blue mask so I couldn’t lip read

and a headlamp on his visor so I couldn’t see facial expressions

or look at him because of the quarter coin sized dot of light

said as a statement “it’s minor, you won’t need freezing.”

“Good.” I firmly replied, “I had the original work done that way,

and requested it for this repair.”

We’d already done the professional chit chat banter

so I was surprised when his body relaxed with relief.

I told him I was over my fear of dentists and wasn’t going to

grab his arm which would cause injury to me

or bite him at all.

I folded my hands in my lap, the light visor shield over my eyes

reclined back in the chair like one of the models on the posters in the lobby offering sedation, without any of that gs mix and without any needle injecting freezing liquids

He scuffed the tooth surfaces, applied the amalgam, shaped, and then brush drilled them smooth, with two paper bite tests. done and done.

Canada’s universal health care does not include dentist, eye care or mental health.


meanwhile, Victorian era nonsense rebranded as complimentary alternatives to medicine; all known as Woo in the skeptic/debunking biz and free thinker humanist groups n individuals.

remain sold alongside with medicine and sometimes included in employer/ee benefit plans.


After the dentist, it was off to Scottsdale Mall to  private store with an official sub post office.

where, I am pleased to tell my favorite readers, my blogosphere people


that owing to the trolls on the LGBTQ newspaper site

I intentionally compliment people who are different than my own demographic.

To most people, I appear as a white middle aged woman.

They don’t know I am a dyke unless I need to explain something to them.

Anyway, today, I only gave out one compliment.

An elderly woman in a green sari with gold and gorgeous embroidery

I smiled and said “Beautiful embroidery”

She hesitated and smiled back and spoke to the younger than me

women who was with her and I heard my two words in with her words.

The younger woman turned around and smiled at me,

she said thank you and I smiled and said You’re welcome

they left their community mall and I walked around for  bit

before returning home.

It’s funny, I have spent a lot of time documenting things for legal matters

and online for therapy

I did not do before and after images of myself

because. major depression is partly not really enjoying your own company.

and partly, because I am not yet sure how to use my blackberry motion

but I have  brunch tomorrow with a friend who is more tech savvy

The Dentist Paradox

Strawberry Hills @ The Dentist

The Almost MeToo Moment: 02-20-2018

Where is Health Care Universal?

Health Care that Heals and Helps

Mental Health Public Policy vs Religion

HealthWatch: Cancer vs AIDs

How does one pursue happiness without Health Care?

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The Gender Joke: Boom Bang Crash

GOP congressman insults people with HIV by condemning ‘polymorphous’ marriages


” “polymorphous” marriage for people with HIV/AIDS.”

because there are so many of those

unlike the closed 2 American polygamy communities traffiking women between the USA and Canada?

it’s no wonder why kinky heterosexuals feel closer to LGBTQ than missionary heterosexuals

In the law of secular lands, there is marriage, two people exclusive of others and there are in some, also “common law marriage” and for a very few that compromised the law and created “civil union” there is also that, which heterosexuals are now challenging. there is not hetero marriage that is always religious, as non-religious people do marry not all heteros have offspring and not all that do should

legally speaking, there is only marriage

not adverb marriage, only the one word.

The Christers keep shrieking about polygamy. Yet they’re the ones who argue that “deeply help religious beliefs” legitimize any sort of behavior. The Mormons’ “deeply held beliefs” include welcoming polygamy; and so, probably, do a lot of Christians, if we only knew.

Does the West Envy the East?

Christians also whine that the Muslims get to throw queers from buildings in the public square


Very true. Those degenerates would be more than happy to follow suit were they allowed to by law.


it’s why it is bizarre that Christians troll point to Islam or Muslim, depending if they want a dry slur or a wet disgust response

and demand that LGBTQ deem Christians the nicer oppressor

and it;s that weird thing that the heteros always do

confusing coming out to with coming into to

then the angry, why not, what’s wrong with me

but wait, what you said you didn’t want to

seriously cue daytime soap dialog because what is with them

they don’t want us around but can’t stand it when we’re okay to do our own things that don’t include them.

the twisted way the Godbots think, and the Glandbots react,
in many ways, the bots are at least consistent.

Why Good People Do Evil

Believers, “Atheists” and actual atheists

Why Nonbelievers and beleivers can’t talk to each other

see also on LGBTQ nation

Ben Carson: Women aren’t comfortable with trans people’s ‘anatomy’ in the shower

Before anyone panics over this story, please remember this whole experiment of an administration is just like taking a laxative: this, too, shall pass, and eventually will be flushed.


“this, too, shall pass”

Lest We Forget


people go into prison straight and come out gay? OMG that is absurd.


there was a mental health fad about situational homosexuality

which, if you over or under think it,

it just might explain the repeat offender rate if one can'[t hetero outside
crime to have the socially acceptable excuse of in prison or other all male environments

if I correctly recall, the columnist Dan Savage got in trouble for saying that the difference between a straight guy and a not so is three beers.

Men need to stop speaking for women and controlling women’s space

heterosexual men remain the biggest threat to other men, women and youth

why is this always about transwomen? seems like transmen get a pass, the way dykes have gotten a pass from the heterosexual community for decades.
gay men have always been the go-to punching bags for all things LGBT.
the only reason transwomen are being attacked too is because heterosexuals see transwomen as uber-gay males.


invisibility is not a pass, it’s more oppression


just another flavor of crappy human behavior.


“everybody needs someone to look down on”
Kris Kristofferson – Jesus Was a Capricorn

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Men vs Women Round Three: Wordages

Study finds a link between brain damage & religious fundamentalism

So then it is fair to conclude that ISIS members Al Qaeda members and members of every other terrorist organization, who are all religious fundamentalists, had damage to their pre-frontal cortexes? Is this what we are supposed to believe-that every single one of them has brain damage? Seriously??? This is propaganda from the Godless, hateful bigots on the left who mock religious beliefs and the very existence of God.


oh, if only those people on the left that you loathe
would worship you as their rightful ruler

darned those demographics who resist being genocided
and refuse to consider your religions as nice

Lest We Forget


mock mock

they are all mental illness, no matter what they are named

religion meets the diagnostic manual’s meaning of delusion



So you’re saying that about 98.5% of the world’s population is delusional? I think you’re the delusional one.


there’s no global census to support your number claim

in theocratic nations, it’s a death penalty to not be religious

so people will hardly report themselves

all religions have the same zero evidence.

Supernatural claims about a natural universe.


I don’t intend to waste my time arguing with a fool. Believe whatever you want to.


98%-where do you get that


good, challenged by another male

the godbot troll has a dilemna now, eh?

dykey women he dismisses

not knowing how many sizes, shapes and colours that I have

as he now will have to face a more known quantity

mano a mano.

Cuckholddon, go get the godbot troll.

I got popcorn


you just made that number up

but I am the delusional one?

I will leave you to cuckholdon

I got to make popcorn



your postings prove you are not okay with other people

having and expressing their own views

but as I have dismissed your claim effectively

you retreat with castrated feeble sulk.


It appears that YOU are what you accuse me of being. Good luck with that. Have a nice day. Or don’t. I don’t care which.


yeah, a fool like you would think so
flaunting your penis opinion as if it’s still relevant

clearly you do care that it, like your pov is unwanted and rejected

I am a dyke, and this is an LGBTQ site

so it’s a pride term for me and not a slur

feminism is the theory, lesbianism the practice.

A Circle Jerk of Som-Sub to a zero sum

Study finds a link between brain damage & religious fundamentalism

Wow. The Gaystapo saying religion is due to brain damage? Im waiting for them to tell Muslims that one. Cant WAIT to see how that one works out for these bigoted hateful people.


muslim is the same religion as christian, both bad copies of Jewish

the Abrahamic trilogy, and Hollywood’s shown the quality of sequels

all religions have the same zero evidence and are mental illness

you own inability to demonstrate social skills is also evidence, and evident.


Keep digging princes. Your stupid is showing.


buck- your avatar is a Bully from the simpsons–I would say that says “Something” about the way you think–


the bullies are easily amused, it’s they think themselves clever

Study finds a link between brain damage & religious fundamentalism

Studies show a direct correlation between those who mock God and those to whom He will say ‘Depart from Me, I never knew you’ on their judgement day.


cite the study

mock mock mock

Study finds a link between brain damage & religious fundamentalism

Its just another piece written to further divide people… Use some common sense and pull together folks. Together we can crush all the corruption..


no, it is showing where the divide is


No.. It’s a purposeful divisional piece written as an attack in order to create further indifference and hate.


no, it’s a media report about a medically valid study, that is consistent with a range of other studies.

you not liking the conclusion is your personal opinion
ditto your view of the news article.

reverence religion gets from it’s members, and it has not earned any from non-members

religion does not get a “gimme” on respect anymore.
and religion needs to deal with it’s accountability for said hate and division.

we cannot solve the social problems if we cannot name them.

or if we play pass the blame, rather than deal with the causes and the outcomes.

now. go berserk that a woman said no to you

because no is a word that adult heterosexual men really demonstrate an inability to understand.

it’s just two letters, not long to read.


Actually… “Medically valid” study… There’s your problem… You believe it to be valid just because it is said to be…by those who believe as you do… A failure to apply your own critical thought processes to come to an intelligent understanding of the information being delivered by a biased and highly erroneous study…your first clue should have been the admission of their own bias in the article.


no, it’s not belief, that’ religion’s thing
and having religion is evidence of lack of critical thinking

;with believers bipolarly behaving,
all either or and no proportionality

Accepting data that is consistent with other data is objective reality

and bias is limited and can be corrected for in science and media

whereas, not so much with any religion

furthermore, even without studies, anyone is entitled to the personal view that religion is patently false and stupid, and all who assert it are predators

religion is money for nothing and altar boys for free


Critical thinking evolves a deeper understanding than what you see on the surface… You keep failing in this area..keep trying though.. One day you may get it. Granted a lot of Christians “believe” based on the edited versions of biblical texts, however the fact is that even in those books, truth is evident and can not be edited out completely. The more knowledgeable of us who care to understand on a deeper level still come up with the same end result. You have to take all the information from the times of old and out it all together which offers the “critical thinker” an in depth representation to analyze and conclude on. Fact is that ..time before the lineage of conquering began, mankind had the knowledge of healing and natural spiritual connections, this was crushed with each conquer..till Moses came along and tried to re-educate the world.. He failed and judged mankind, leaving us with what Christianity mostly goes by… The edited version of the laws of God.. The ten commandments(if they be not with God, then at least let them not be against) those laws in their entirety are the same as Native understanding of spiritual prayer and our connection to Our mother Earth. Jesus came along to save the world, this is true. He taught those same teachings that go back to the beginnings… I have even found a quote of Jesus where he spoke of the four directions with reverence… Now, if you really were a critical thinker yourself, you would be thinking right now…. Give it a try. Do some research yourself instead of gong by a faulty and very fake study and rehashing bad talking points.


blah blah blah

your penis is not a talking stick

or any kind of valid talking point

dismiss and mock Godbot

Why Nonbelievers and beleivers can’t talk to each other

Why is the Scientific Political?

Shouldn’t both science and politics reflect the actual reality of the society and the environment that we exist in?

There’s a reason why ignorance is bliss

Why No has to mean No as a public and legal policy

if you can’t say VAGINA why do you think you get to legislate them?


Then I guess a single rotten apple is an appropriate analogy for us as well. We’re not above failing our ideals.


“We’re not above failing our ideals.”

excellent quotable,

lest we forget.



I post generally and you reply claiming that I offended you?

this is your assertion then? You really want to stick with that?


Good bye, Troll.


you claimed, you failed, you fled

bye glandbot troll


Simply aggressively attacking me blindly for my beliefs while insisting atheism is the “only way” for me to be liberated is proselytizing in the same way that Christians say the same things.

I’ve read your posts. You came to this discussion in anger.

By your way of thinking anyone saying anything you dislike is proselytizing.

Site the rede and the law. A Wiccan will know it.


I’m tired of anti-theists always looking to pick a fight with others and broadly attacking all religion in a way to spread atheism.


She stepped into my territory when she claimed to be Wiccan.


it seems to be part of the offense staking

of listing demographics as if it’s an entitlement to consideration

& She’s defending christian, which co-opted Wicca

seriously, eh?


I’m tired of religionists thinking they own all the public space

learn that others exist and get to

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