Life Lessons From Folk Tales

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Chicken Little thought the sky was falling and the anecdotal evidence convinced most … The boy who cried Wolf, was eaten; hoisted by his own petard and poor child labour laws. When…

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Columbus can Suck It

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Nina and Eriksdottir

His only real claim to fame was taking syphilis from the Caribbean back to Europe

And the Mayflower Americans can suck it too

I am a direct line descendants from the first Scandinavians in the new world

and we were smart enough to realize the Europe was a lot easier pickings than travel to the new world against an unknown number of foes

the biggest impact of exploration was the destruction of lesser tech cultures

and the exchange of diseases through a lack of natural immunity


Aids would have been contained in africa, unnoticed because of all the other things that kill people quickly –  if not for modern air travel and the movement of military army movements

Viking Voyages

chris columbus quote on naive natives

just proves that fools rush in, where angels fear to tread, eh?

why indeed

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Internet Elvis: Rare and Obscure Songs

Our Daily Elvis

While in 2017,  Beyonce is a university marketing class, in the 1990s – Academia took notice of Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley was the most popular and most maligned and the first/last entertainer that everyone can agree to something on.

In the Web 1.0 days of static pages – after Geekdom – Elvis Presley fandom ruled the web.

Lucy Lawless of Xena Warrior Princess fame was the first celebrity of the net, when she was in the hospital after a horse riding stunt and went online into a Xena Fan Forum. She posted “it’s just a tv show” and the forum exploded.

The Blair Witch Project made the internet critical to marketing and the era of the weird wide wild web was over.

Many of the original sites no longer exist, free website hosting sites disappear into archives and off line.

I wanted to share and save this article: one of…

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The One with all the Cats and Dogs

It is true that without religion, we’d still seek and find ways to separate and value judge each other. But, without religion, that would not include a righteous claim to oppress or/and genocide a demographic.

Science vs Religion: Education Object Lesson

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To Breed Or Not To Breed

Bad Kitty

Dion 1996 to 2011

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Song off – Hound Dog: Big Mama vs Elvis

Communicating across gender, about it



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Confronting haters on their justifications

Nina's Garden

additional note:

their church is below 40 people, all related by blood or marriage, so they don’t recruit and while people seem to support their freedom of speech, no one is lining up to join them. so that’s something at least. so far, they have not been allowed to cross into Canada to stage their little theatrics. every time they announce they are going to try, Canada tightens the border security. they and their ilk are not welcome here, we are a multicultural society and we have hate speech legislation. because freedom of speech is not unlimited and there are responsibilities that come with it. and advocating genocide and blaming groups of people for natural events like disasters or for the tragic and predictable outcomes of war…….. seriously…..word just fail.

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Skyrim’s Elder Scrolls

In Skyrim, the Dragonborn aquires three Elder Scrolls.

The Dragonrend Shout is gained by using an Elder Scroll obtained after a Dwarven Dungeon Crawl to Blackreach to transcribe the scroll in order to view the past and learn it.

After obtaining the scroll, the Dragonborn returns to the Throat of The World mountain top and simply reads the scroll, without any of the Moth Priest preparations or rituals that become important for the Sun and Blood Scrolls in the Dawnguard Quests.

Elder Scroll (Dragon) | Elder Scrolls | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The first Elder Scroll (Sun) is obtained in the Dawnguard Quest and held by Serana however, can’t be just read – there needs to be ritual of a Moth Priest, who reads the scroll and goes blind.


Elder Scroll (Sun) – Skyrim Wiki

The Blood Elder Scroll is also part of the Dawnguard quest and is obtained in the Soul Cairn from Valerica, Serena’s mother.


Elder Scroll (Blood) | Elder Scrolls | FANDOM powered by Wikia

each scroll is 20 pounds in the inventory, eh.

Getting rid of Elder Scrolls blood, sun, and dragon | Elder …



Some in game consistency of handling the scrolls might have been nice.

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Skyrim: The Markarth House Problem

Skyrim, a video game land that’s glitchy.

Quest after quest, the Dragonborn ends up with a lot of collectible items and stockpiles of supplies – and more gold than one person can really use.

So, there is purchasing houses in various Holds or property in the middle of the wilderness for the DLC that allows you to build homes.

But sometimes, the game does not act in the expected manner.

It seems for many people playing Skyrim, the dialog options do not present, even when one has more than enough septims in one’s inventory.

The Problem:

Unable to buy a house in Markarth. :: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Vlindrel Hall | Elder Scrolls | FANDOM powered by Wikia

why can’t I buy the house in Riften? – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Still Can’t Buy House in Falkreath

PC – Bug: Unable to buy houses? | Skyrim Forums

Proudspire Manor | Elder Scrolls | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I can’t buy any house in the whole skyrim | Elder Scrolls | FANDOM



My Current Game

One thing that I have noticed in the game is not having too many quests active, but having too many quests.

I had the permission for the Solitude House, but not the septims, so I went to Markarth to do some quests for cash; and was given permission to purchase there. I continued to save for Solitude, but decided to get the Markarth house first and then, it happened.

No dialog option from the Markarth Stewart. I tried several times to purchase after Markarth quest and no option.

I did not try in Solitude, even though I then had the septims for Proudspire.

Checking online for the problem and not seeing a solution;

First I did the smaller quests that had build up on the to-do list to reduce the number of quests that had opened but not started.

Then, I moved onto the questline of the Dragonrend shout- and during the Greybeard conference, negotiated a regime change in Markarth.

I went to Solitude and was able to purchase Proudspire Manor, ending another open quest.

so then it was off to Markarth and the new Jarl and Stewart. The new steward had the house option and I was able to obtain the Vlindrel Hall, the housecarl and decorate the home.

Thongvor Silver-Blood | Elder Scrolls | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Reburrus Quintilius will be his steward.

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