Elvis Presley’s Self Image

1933_big68 PresleyPromo1954PhotoOnly

Elvis thought he had a turkey neck and chicken legs, and lacking in the adult manly hairy chest.

It is why he wore his collars up, to hide his neck, he had his Daddy’s height but he was his Mama’s boy and he took after Gladys. He disliked being in states of undress in front of people, in Gladys’ youth, she was known for her sexy dancing…she taught her boy

vernon gladys  elvis-j200-film1

The US Military is the largest employer of the American public without or with only a high school graduation requirement. The levels of government that they have is astonishing to me, and I have to wonder, what percent of their population works in the Military, National Guard, Federal, State and Municipal policing levels, inward and outfacing Law Enforcers vs civilian population… it has gone from conscription and drafts to a voluntary service as a poverty draft in post 1960s.

I expect that Canada allowing Vietnam era draft dodgers to remain in Canada had an impact in American thought about a drain of able bodied northward, with few barriers in terms of language and culture – longest undefended border in the history of humanity – length and over time wise.


Elvis Presley belonged to a conscription era and his Army Photo Private American Son photo was one that most of his fellow male students in high school would also have taken; Elvis had been in the ROTC junior military training in High School and did consider a law enforcement career and certainly he had a large collection of badges.

Unlike his peers, Elvis had a second job of singing and traveling with other men – he wore bright colors and make up. Eventually, he dyed his hair to be black, not just darkened with the hair product and sculpted into his Pompadour Crown.

Unlike his peers, their photos were not in Mansions and they were not on movie screens, television radio and in and of whole magazines. That weird kid in the background with the pimples and the greasy long hair with that battered guitar he banged on and caterwauled for anyone who’d listen to his sentimental romantic street busker Dean Martin wanna be.

thumbnail  Myrna_Smith_elvis5x

Elvis Presley was a white man who sang like a black woman.



One of the many statues of Elvis around the world – this Tupelo Mississippi Homecoming concert iconic pose outside of Elvis’s Memphis Humes High School in Tennessee.


Our Daily Elvis: from bullied weirdo to King

Elvis on the fringe and background of the crowd in Memphis, Tennessee. His hair and clothes made him a fringe weirdo who dressed like the black people in a world of crew cuts. May 30, 1956 Elvis attended the Humes … Continue reading

INVcrop214124EP & family on Audubo710117f9e0eb6d175341791b2efb2187efdd

Elvisworld: From Government Projects to the Big Man House

Give us this day – August 11 – our Daily Elvis 55 – Elvis Performed in Longview, Texas. 56 – Elvis Performed  Florida Theater, Jacksonville, Florida at 3.30, 7.00 and 9.00 p.m. 58 – Elvis returned to Basic Training in … Continue reading

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Cam Newton and the transforming power of gloriously blowing it

Nothing Succeeds like Excess, but being a Comeback Kid
Mastering the art of re-invention, nuanced with humility
This is the face of a great game player becoming a sports champion.

This moment belongs to another, but the future is his

especially that ability to learn to gain respect not merely adoration of fans


My Selfish Gene

Copyright 2016, Dennis Mitton

Newton1 Cam Newton doing the dub.

I’m going to invoke the cardinal rule of blogging today and write about whatever the hell I feel like. And I feel like writing about Cam Newton and blowing it.

If you follow American professional football, or at least watched the Super Bowl, you know who Cam is. If not then I’ll fill you in. He is the young – 26 years old – quarterback of the Carolina Panthers who is brash, arrogant, and so full of himself that I have spent the last several months making a weekly prayer vigil to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for Carolina to lose. I don’t care who wins. I just want Cam and Carolina to lose. I know that this is petty and childish and I admit that it’s unfair to judge a human being by the ten minutes of television interviews I’ve seen…

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Vancouver and Housing

Everything old is new again: this short documentary is about the 1990s Vancouver Housing Crisis – including the infamous Francis Street Incident, when the Vancouver Police Department showed up in riot gear, in force, with a helicopter and bulldozer to remove mostly European College Kids from squatting in three houses.


At the time, the Seniors voted for the conservative politician because of “shared values” and they were surprised when suddenly, they couldn’t afford to remain in their homes because Big Business paid the election bills for conservatives.


Vancouver BC Canada is one of the most expensive cities to live in and this has now gotten worse with foreigners investors seeking to move their wealth out of their home economy.

It’s like no one ever reads Shift’s A Modest Proposal.


Remember The Francis Street Incident: Vancouver 1991

it’s like the fucking 90s in Vancouver again.… housing crunch, workers who can’t afford to live in the cities and displaced people     a shrinking middle class…..global conflict to thin out the herds, pandemics   seriously, even us … Continue reading


The Battle of the Burbs: BC’s BSitudes


Ghetto to Ghetto

This is the documentary that I worked on in film school. Vancouver’s housing crisis was not enough rental stock, foreign ownership without occupying lots.   The people who occupied the Francis Street set of houses in East … Continue reading

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America New Hampshire Primaries

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialist has won the primary from Hilary Clinton, Democrat Centralist. In Canadian terms, this is the NDP beating the Liberals. It will continue to be a struggle to determine which of the Dems will most appeal to the middle – a white man, albeit a hippie vs a white a woman, a hippie turned yippie.

The Republican side, just got a whole lot more interesting.

The race has shifted from Trump leading Cruz trailed by Rubio then the pack of Also Rans, because there is a new leaderboard runoff.

New Hampshire is demonstrating moderation – and perhaps manners are starting to matter?

Trump retains his lead – John Kasich breaks out of the pack for a surprise second, leaving Cruz, Bush and Rubio for a third place finish.

Kasich’s second place, rather than becoming one of the expected drop outs – this will certainly change the tone and timber of the debates – and Bush has gained from Christie’s thrashing Rubio for only being able to speak in points.



a republican moderate, irony metre explodes. …..

Christie appears to be the first one to be considering dropping out of this race, and likely Carson and the rest of the also rans will drop out – but it is unlikely many will put party before ego and certainly not country before party, eh?

A run off between the anti-government outsider billionaire and the outsider socialist who’s been a career politician will certainly offer a unique bit of political theatre; so we’ll see –


Has America gone inside out crazy or will the conduct so far have an impact wherein America demonstrates a sense of statemanship and of responsibility for the place on the world stage that they seek – because the reason why folks like the monarchy is that sense of dignified continuance of balance, that there’s an actual adult person in charge, and not children in a candy store running amok.


making up their own rules instead of knowing law, saying america is the best nation to be armed against the government, were guns have rights and wombs do not, wombs need guns too.

Understanding then, applying that now for a better future for everyone, or there’s no reason for everyone to participate and we need a system in which more people benefit, because right now, too few have far too much…and there are too many people – we need public education for women and that includes reproductive rights and freedoms for women, not rights for rapists.


The Donald uses the P-Word

Republicans to Rethuglicans

Iowa Fracas

Advocating Rape is a hate crime

Atheism News: Rubio v Rights

Debate versus The Law

Heterosexual Panic

Heterosexism and Homophobia

With Drones, Anyone can Soldier

Discouraging Terrorism



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CowGals Scouts n Shooters

Calamity Jane and Annie Oakley, the female faces of the wild west!

Apart from Saloon Gals.

Martha Jane Canary better known as Calamity Jane worked as a frontier scout and re-enacted her escapades for the  Wild Bill Hickcock’s Wild West Show. You can see just how off the movie was for casting, this butch cross dressing woman.

In 1896, she dictated autobiographical booklet for publicity purposes – not leaving to chance for poets and bards and story tellers in bars.

Calamity Jane – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Annie Oakley, the femme with a shotgun. The idea of public persona, reputation and image control – like photography and filmography at the time – was a new idea.

Annie Oakley – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 1904, sensational cocaine prohibition stories were selling well. The newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst published a false story that Oakley had been arrested for stealing to support a cocaine habit. The woman actually arrested was a burlesque performer who told Chicago police that her name was “Annie Oakley”.

Most of the newspapers that printed the story had relied on the Hearst article, and upon learning of the libelous error, they immediately retracted the false story with apologies. Hearst, however, tried to avoid paying the anticipated court judgments of $20,000 ($526,741 in today’s dollars) by sending an investigator to Darke County, Ohio, with the intent of collecting reputation-smearing gossip from Oakley’s past. The investigator found nothing.[43]

The original Annie Oakley spent much of the next six years winning 54 of 55 libel lawsuits against newspapers. She collected less in judgments than were her legal expenses, but to her, a restored reputation justified the loss of time and money.[43]



Wild West Test: The Gender Divide

I just did an online goofy quiz about what you would be in the wild west. I answered the quiz two times and the other difference was the gender I entered at the start.   Female resulted in Saloon Gal. … Continue reading


If it’s buildable, it’s downloadable

Weapons used to be made for the state’s defense by the same people who build the town’s tools: the Blacksmith and the wood workers – fletchers. Alchemists however created other kinds of weapons – burning oils and pitch to explosives … Continue reading

GrrlPwr: Annie Oakley

Happy birthday to legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley! She was the first woman Buffalo Bill hired for his Wild West show and was a trailblazer who challenged stereotypes about women of the time. Not only could she out-shoot men, she was … Continue reading

Canada vs USA: Are we really different?

Marriage Equality became the law in Canada in 2004, only 11 years ago. It is certainly astonishing to see heterosexuals in Canada act as if they were any better than how many Americans are responding to marriage equality there. PM … Continue reading

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Outlaws vs Gunslingers: American Edition

Jessie James was a gunslinger – he robbed banks for himself and his gang: the James-Younger Gang of disaffected and impoverished criminals who robbed from institutions, other people’s money and the folklore around him is as an American Robin Hood, if not actually giving to the poor, striking a blow against “establishment”.



Not that Robin Hood actually redistributed the wealth either; they serve a sort of social anxiety-steam letting through stories and popular entertainment telling vigilante justice; ignoring that these are guy who chose criminality and violence and lots of so called innocent bystanders died.

Proving there is no honor among thieves, as the poem of the day “The dirty little coward who shot Mr Howard” was a member of his own gang.

Gunslingers Jessie and brother Frank James operated the Wild West James-Younger Gang and rode into Wild West Legend, the Wanted Poster, the Pulp Dime Novel and American Tall Tale Lore best personified in Mark Twain.


Billy the Kid, falls more on the Outlaw side, his crimes were mostly petty thievery and murder – what makes him slightly heroic is the being in the private Cattle Rancher Armies fighting for who’s pocket the local law enforcement was sitting in. Billy becomes a sort of social justice fighter in a corrupt legal system on frontier time.

Then, there is this Billy the Kid and lawman Pat F. Garrett friendship and Judas moment of the betrayal that makes them legends in Wild West Lore, where justice was the gun on your hip.

In Europe, the tradition of dueling to settle matters of honor were so well established that the need to carry actual weapons could be dispensed with gloves to smack one’s opponent with. However, this Wild West being a frontier with dangers all around, manners are fine for city – matters of honor are settled in the main street in view of everyone, or in the back alley where one or the other has pals lurking to alter the odds.

Billy the Kid had two claimants to have been the lad that Garrett allowed to live.


Robin Hood, of legend starts as a yeoman in the wood and ends up a noble in a hood.

The most likely actual figures that the stories can be historically associated with, draw comparison fairly to both of the American Gunslinger Outlaws

Robin Hood of Wakefield

  1. Robert Hood who is documented as having lived in the city of Wakefield at the start of the fourteenth century.
  2. “Robyn Hode” who is recorded as being employed by Edward II of England during 1323.

Robin Hood of York

Robin Hood (Robert Hod) are from 1226, found in the York Assizes, when that person’s goods, worth 32 shillings and 6 pence, were confiscated and he became an outlaw. Robert Hod owed the money to St Peter’s in York. The following year, he was called “Hobbehod”. Robert Hod of York is the only early Robin Hood known to have been an outlaw.

Roger Godberd as Robin Hood

Roger Godberd, who was a die-hard supporter of Simon de Montfort, which would place Robin Hood around the 1260s.[82] There are certainly parallels between Godberd’s career and that of Robin Hood


But Most of All: there are stories and events and time to time, situations and circumstances arise and people behave as people do, and it’s just in the modern data capture age – the dawn of Photography for the masses and mass media transmission of data and data recycling from News True Stories as they Developed or Based on True Stories as they occurred in the narrative medium confines vs private copyright domain and public domain and folklore…. welcome to Criminal Profiling 101 or how to write characters in their context through space and time. 

Robin Hood as an alias

It has long been suggested that “Robin Hood” was a stock alias used by thieves.

marty Robbins Gunfighter BalladsBlack Adder and Nina


Jesse James – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Billy the Kid – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Robin Hood – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Elvis Presley’s first movie, Love Me Tender is actually fairly informative – Rebel Soldiers with no jobs or land to return to, turn to stealing and banditry and the difference between the American outlaws and the English/European Highwaymen were the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.

They were the hunter-gatherer nomadic and seasonal occupational of lands in the north, and in the American south the first of the groups that built cities and highways and communication networks of runners and fire signalling down to the southernest part of South America – where the Spanish and Portuguese were overtaking the Inacs and where the Mayans that remains and Europe carved up what became the United States of America and Canada, eh?

NIna with Battlestar SoundtrackThe Outlaw

Presley Pictures: Lonesome Cowboy

The Wild West Cowboys and Pioneers Taming a Frontier Individualist Law Unto Oneself   The western films of Elvis Presley Love Me Tender A period piece made in living memory of the time period. Originally called The Reno Brothers, the … Continue reading

Treatment: Queer Robin Hood


Elvis Gak: The Love Me Tender Concert Tour Book

There were 4 tour books from the 50s and many years ago, I found this one in a comic book shop in Langley BC. I asked if they had anything Elvis. “I have one thing, it’s costs too much.” “What … Continue reading

Outlaw Heros: Robin Hood vs Zorro

Wild West movie posterLove Me Tender Lobby CardSet-It-Off-poster

Presley Pictures: The Anti-Establishment and Gubbermint Movies

Leaving aside “Love Me Tender”, American love movies that wallow in their war wounds more than any other genre, and the GI Joes who triumphed overseas took their new middle class family to celebrate American cultural dominance as the last … Continue reading



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Outlaw Heros: Robin Hood vs Zorro

Nina's Soap Bubble Box

Sherwood Forest, England – a robber – Rob in the Hood becomes Robin Hood and eventually is portrayed as a nobleman who turnes outlaw to steal from the rich to give to the poor.

Meanwhile, down Mexico, another nobleman turns highwayman to protect the poor from the rich.


It’s an interesting idea and certainly the origins of the idea of an idealist who stands outside of their station and society to do illegally, what they could, as part of the hierarchy, do on the inside.

what the stories were, when they were told and how they change down the ages… and formats, eh!

Black Adder and Nina  Nina & Elizabethan reader

King Arthur pulling a sword from a stone was most likely a metaphor for the first blacksmith who turned rocks into ore and from there to swords and plows.

Nina and King Arthur

Treatment: Queer Robin Hood

Queer Robin Hood A few years ago, I had an opportunity to pitch a script…

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