The Beatles, Lucy and Violent Death

she was in a tree, reaching for fruit or nuts and fell, dashed against the rocks

What killed Lucy? Scientists think they know how human ancestor died

in the 1960s, her bones were found and she was named for a popular song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”


in the 1980s, John Lennon was gunned down by a guy with a guitar, a JD Salinger book and a desire for fame while settling for infamy. If he had shot some normal person, he’da been paroled…


John Lennon’s killer Mark Chapman denied parole
John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman denied parole
More than 300 reindeer killed by lightning in Norway
More than 300 reindeer killed by lightning in Norway
lightening to wet ground.. explains some mass graves.. jumbled and tumple and multi species.. well that’s a flood…
‘Sacred’ elephants abused during Sri Lankan Buddhist festival
‘Sacred’ elephants abused during Sri Lankan Buddhist festival
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Election USA 2016: 1970s Redux Battle of the Sexes!

In the Republican Corner, the Party of Family Values and CEOs:

Donald Trump, famous as a bankrupt business operator and for First Lady Trophy Wife number 3, who faux lesbian porned in a men’s magazine.


For the Democrats: Former First Lady Hillary Clinton and for … First Lady Bill Clinton.

This is an epoch defining election for America to say that yes, the Affirmative Action of the 1970s did work and some people did change.


The Democrats are the bigger tent party.

Obama got a Nobel Prize just for being elected  in America.

Bill Clinton was the first president to meet with the Queer Community reps and deal with AIDs, First Lady Hillary drafted America’s attempt to Canada on health care – what we did in the 1960s.

Harper vs ObamaClinton says 3 strikes was out of line

Barack Obama was the first president to say that atheists were Americans too.

reality checkingProtective Legislation Be Gone

What happened in the 1970s and Watergate was on Nixon and the Republicans, who last ended slavery and have been trying to reverse it ever since.


What matters is what women do when they break through that ceiling; legal rights are not a line, they are a wave of expansion and a secular framework of how to work and play together.

Ruthuglicans and Satan

religion prevents that and religion has had it’s grip on the public sphere for too long.

53381318Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien(R) and Cuban leader Fidel Castro(L) wave to reporters 28 April at Havana's Jose Marti Airport during a farewell ceremony for Chretien who returned to Canada following a three-day official visit to Cuba. Chretien called for the release of four prisoners detained without trial. AFP PHOTO/Adalberto ROQUE

Perhaps now, America can pass the ERA and American Heterosexual Women can gain from the halo effect of the LGBT community’s legal advancements.

Trudeau and Queentrudeau-g20-20151115

FOR which, I would like to point out that in North America – Canada and America – queers have used the legal system and not violence.

It is religion that uses bullets and bombs.

Dear America, just imagine the shock and awe in the nations who will really not want to be facing an army lead by a woman…


but more than that, the race for noms is over. the race for President is on


the world is watching

the Republicans squandered the 9/11 sympathy and they have obstructed social functioning in a economically devastating temper tantrum



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Elvis’ Worst Ever Concert

It was 1976.

And it’s not even the Drug Denier Rant or the Listen Cilla Lost it Power Ballad show or even the Baltimore Bowel Ovation 77…  

Give us this August 28, Our Daily Elvis

Principal photography for Follow That Dream was completed.

Elvis returned to Hollywood, for preproduction on It Happened At The World’s Fair.

Elvis completed looping and was released from Charro.

Elvis completed his record breaking Las Vegas engagement.


August 28, 1970
This time it was Joe Esposito who received a threat about ‘killing Elvis’.

The FBI was notified and Elvis requested Ed Parker, Jerry Schilling and Red West to fly to Vegas to protect him on stage.

August 28, 1971
Elvis received a lifetime achievement award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in his dressing room.


August 28, 1976
Elvis performed at the Summit, Houston, Texas at 2.30 p.m., which was a heart breaking performance.

Journalist Bob Claypool wrote the often-quoted review about this concert for the Houston Post, in it he said…

Elvis Presley has been breaking hearts for more than 20 years now, and Saturday afternoon in the Summit – in a completely new and unexpected way – he broke mine.
In short, the concert was awful – a depressingly incoherent, amateurish mess served up by a bloated, stumbling and mumbling figure who didn’t act like “The King” of anything, least of all rock ‘n’ roll.”

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‘Goraphobic @ Guildford

A successful and short, almost surgical stint at Guildford Mall, Surrey, BC, Canada, eh.

It is a radically different mall than I once knew.

back in the 1970s, my family had a retail store, selling the ceramics made in the New Westminster Trygg’s across from Royal Colombian Hospital.

That is now a parking lot and only the BC Liquor Store remains of that branch, with the iffy escalators up to the street bridge connecting the Sears annex to the mall proper.

My Mom left in Sears, I did a walk through the Mall.

in a Phrase: White Femme Women Nivirana.  From Girls to Moms and nothing much for boys or men. Or off that standard default.

I lost count of the faux living room areas in the hallways for the men mostly to sit and stare blankly at sports on the big screen tvs.

Almost every store was clothes, accessories, shoes and cell phones. no “toy” stores anymore but stores dedicated to Toy Brands.

I stopped by the Nespresso Coffee and flashed my member fob and got a double cozi latte and did a good walk.

There were not many people so it was easy to stare ahead and not make any eye contact and maintain a proper posture.

I coulda wildly swung my arms and walked and not contacted anyone, but that would have drawn too much attention, and I was able to maintain a good walk pace.

I was surprised to find that HMV was back, so I was able to put my name down for the Elvis Way Down in the Jungle Room. Finally the good press reviews are getting Elvis back in stores. This one might even chart in North America.


Anyway, picked up a DVD copy of Gilda, and I wish I had noticed it wasnt bluray. oh well. last physical format.


Guildford’s Food Court looks like Metrotowns or the Malls in the Vancouver Core.. seating for 500. it was empty, first hour of opening and only the Tim Hortons was doing trade.

I walked away and at the next corner the smell of butter and brown sugar lead me to the Cinnabon. Instead of an entire bun, I bought the much smaller size cinnastix. Four bites of buttery cinnamon flakey brown sugar goodness.

I tried to move my pharmacy to London Drugs, but they annoyed me.

I went to the information kiosk and asked what other pharmacies might be in the mall.


The said Walmart. I said evilness.

London Drugs.. I said nope, they are useless.

What about the Vitamin Supplement place? they offered.


That should not even be a legal business, people need to eat food.


The younger woman smiled and the older woman maintained her professional face and asked if there was anything else she could help me with.

I smiled and said, no thank you. Bowed slightly and walked away.


I headed back to the coffee shop to meet my Mom, she wasn’t there.

A store had an old school arcade game.

It took me a moment to realize the quarter slot was decorative and instead of 1 game, the machine had 8 and it was free to play.

Dig Dug, I tried and died.

I smiled at the clerk and joked “Can’t remember how to play a game I used to leaderboard on.”

She laughed.


I went to Sears and found my Mom and we got back home in under 90 mins.

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Swimming vs Bathing Costumes

Victorian Era.. modesty and public values. Civilized conduct. Adults adulting but not too adulty…


I’d like one, but with an image of a skinnier woman on the front and on the back the words

I ate her



The RCMP has adopted a new policy to allow female Muslim officers to wear the hijab.

seriously, tho
how does that religion allow women to 
1. have a job
2. do police work where you don’t get to pick who you deal with
This is not the same as the Turbans

Niqab debate recalls RCMP turban furor of the ’90s – Politics – CBC …

Sep 26, 2015 – When Baltej Singh Dhillon was accepted into the RCMP, he faced a choice — serve his country or wear his turban. (CBC Digital Archives).

1990: Sikh Mounties permitted to wear turbans – CBC

When Baltej Singh Dhillon was accepted into the RCMP, he faced a choice — serving his country or wearing his turban. He chose to fight for his religious rights.

British Expeditionary Force Uniforms, Turbans
Legality and Precedents, eh?
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An August Day: Stupidstore Outing

Today I had a very successful outing.

I took my Mom to the nearby SuperStore Box Grocery.. President’s Choice… yellow with black and warehouse decor, mini malls under one big arch supported roof.

One of the reasons I loath grocery stores is the wasted energy of open bin freezers.

The Germphobic Food Safety triggers shudder and it bothers me when customers ruin foods by abandoning them on improper shelving.

On only 1 cup of coffee, I took my Mom to the store, and went in with her.

I took the opportunity to walk and stretch and it was fun to complain about the store’s bizarre and increasingly erratic displays.. I mean.. just do produce there, meat and dairy at the back and make each row a global regional cuisine and then the breads…


I watched my Mom and another shopper have to shift 10 empty milk crates before finding one with actual milk jugs.

isn’t there supposed to be staff doing this?

I don’t think I have ever gone there without having to report an aisle needing a mop or a broom. today it was a half aisle of green smears and lettuce stems.

Prevention is cheaper than lawsuits, eh?

Canadians are getting Americanized, not in accent. We’re holding fast our vowels.


Anyway, today I had a stranger ask me what the date was – the Milk lady shopper.

Then a Dad watching his tween twin girls, younger daughter and toddler, smiled at me. The girls had gotten a free cookie from the bakery, a time honoured Canadian thing for kids under 12. He and his girls smiled and eventually settled to wait outside the bank kiosk.

Their mom and grandmother in the banking kiosk with the Bank Lady.

I was loitering by the bank machine, waiting for my Mom to come through, so I could bag.

“Sorry” a woman said as she walked around me.

“Sorry” I said as I stepped back.

that there was more than enough room was funny


then, the Bank Lady and the pair of clients came towards the bank machine, and I stepped aside, closer to the Dad and daughters.

“Are you waiting for help?” Bank Lady asked.

“Sorry, no, I don’t want to intrude on your business, I am just waiting for my Mom.” And I vaugely waved towards the till line.


She smiled and waited for her clients, and I told her that I really liked her hair and planned a similar cut.

“so easy, no work!” she smiled.

Yes, I bowed slightly and laughed agreement.

they went back to the bank table, and I waited in front of the machine.

I watched a woman in an elegant sari and I made some silly joke to her.

She walked a few steps and then turned back to me and smiled and responded with a twist to the joke and walked away.


I bagged for my Mom and we headed out.

less than 1% diversity between any of us

we need to celebrate that


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What if Wilkins and Franklin had been able to work together? — Why Evolution Is True

by Matthew Cobb Today I was interviewed by the French radio station, France-Culture (colloquially known as France-Cul), for a programme about Rosalind Franklin, the King’s College, London, researcher whose data were used by Watson and Crick as the basis of their double helix model of the structure of DNA. Much of the discussion, inevitably, revolved […]

via What if Wilkins and Franklin had been able to work together? — Why Evolution Is True

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