Children at the Zoos and on the Farms

A family with kids walked in on male lions getting affectionate at the zoo

so, it;s okay for the Denmark zoo to shoot a viable giraffe in front of children instead of sending it somewhere else to maintain a breeding pool

but children can’t see what animals do and biologists have known about since the 1960s and not been able to report it to the public?

Well, hey, if kids can see that animals have same-sex relations, the whole “it’s against nature” thing goes down the chute.

indeed, what biologists have known about since the 1960s and not been able to report it to the public

which is why education is not to be decided by the children who are not educated by parents who are said that public.

Lesbian senior’s discrimination case could clear the way for LGBT housing rights

this is where Gen X owes the Boomers an apology

LGBTQ senior care has been on the community backburner since the 1990s

our community needs to build this infrastructure with the wealth we collectively have

going from decades where we had no future

to post 1990s when we started to, as we built mainstream included lives

and now, the LGBTQ has more generations at the same time than ever before

it’s 2018 and we are still having the 1960s and 1980s civil rights fight to have rights

Dear Milennials: you outnumber the boomers and someday, if you are lucky

you too will get to be old

and when one is old, it should not still be the schoolyard rules.


Why the frak should Gen-X’ers owe the Boomers anything, especially when the Boomers fucked up things by voting for people like Reagan & Bush and being generally right wing (about half of the 60’s generation) in the 70’s and ’80’s? Boomers should have taken better care of the USA politically so that Gen-X’ers and Millennials could live just as good or even better than they did. Instead, they didn’t do so, and now, shit like this happens.

Generally speaking, as I said elsewhere, there needs to be more senior care facilities for LGBT people, but how that goal will be accomplished, I’ve got no idea.


not the hetero Boomers, they remain the biggest threat to the world today

Gen X queers were consumed by AIDs in the 1980s and 1990s, so the community work of senior centres did not get done then

now, Gen X are getting into old age and there’s no senior care

and the millennial are fighting the same rights battles of the 1950s through the 1970s, nd focussed on youth issues that persist rather than were solved

we are at Era of more generations at a time, more people in urban areas

and the Boomers are dwindling, Gen X/Y are sandwiched, then the Millenials who are a bigger demographic

so, from Gen X to the Millenials: that while they outnumber the boomers, old age and treachery beats youth and enthusiam

From the hetero majority to the queer subcommunity

we need to build the communities that we want to see happen

and to do that

we have to be able to better communicate across the L B G T Qs, with all the demographic breakouts, age, ability, and ehtnicity

united we stand, divided we’re in mass graves


A way to show some appreciation for the blood we left in the streets and make some money.


Respect to the community elders now

that we didn’t show in the 1990s, when we were young and knew everything.

Gen X’s ranks were depleted by the pandemic of the era

now there’s the millennials, who know everything, except what they don’t

when they are in their 30s, they’ll know, eh?


How do you propose to change the system, Nina? And why is it all on the heads of Gen-X’ers and millennials?


because boomers are supposed to be retired

instead of keeping the corner offices and remaining the problem

Gen X are the ignored adults in the workplace

and Millennials, are more numerous and they are the next adults

or would be, if Gen X had not extended adolescence into middle age.

the youth who vowed to not trust anyone over 30 are the Boomers now.


if Gen X had not extended adolescence into middle age

Who the frak are you to be determining who’s been a complete adolescent? And have you ever heard of the phrase ‘young at heart’?

Boomers created this situation, boomers have to learn to deal with it (obviously, not older LGBT people being abused by the staff and patrons of their care facility like this poor lady). The Millennials and Gen-X’ers are going to be cleaning up the messes of the Boomers for the next half century, my own darn self included.

Oh yeah, one other thing related to this incident; why the frak didn’t the Boomers try to see that they would get old one day and that not all of them would be able to live in the same care facility due to having a different sexual orientation, thus planning, organizing and setting up a ton of alternate care facilities?


Someone who watched the original fraking show before the reboot inflated the word for a damn level word bomb into an f one.

as for why not before now?

because the younger people with energy won’t work with the older people with wealth, be it cash or knowledge.

the boomers of the lgbt lived through harder decades than what Gen X lived through

the world completely changed on 9/11 the way that the world change when Japan was nuked by America.

these things are still living memory to some

and history to most

so there are the comparable generational lines

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The Rubber hits the Gritty Road: Roadkill Jesus


did Jesus, himself do social harm, Nina, just askin?


Jesus did not exist, however social harm is certainly done in said name.

so my answer to your question is slightly strange that yes, a fictional character has caused serious social harm, even in the framework of his own story of subverting the social structure and abandoning ones family to be his follower and giving up worldly goods.

If Constantine had picked Mithras, you’d believe that and I would still be an atheist.

and given that the 1st to 3rd century christians were poor cave dwellers who were fed to the lions as an opening act because they were whining and annoying

to the modern era Properity Christians, who’s ministers preach a man who walked in sandals with 12 men pals, while they have jets, mansions and more wealth than the Pharaohs?

did any of that answer your question?

Shredding the Shroud

if you are pro religion, you are in denial of it’s social harm

and no amount of fixation on format will make you reasonable

this is not high school debate, this is real life

and your fantasy does not replace other people’s experience of reality.

even on the internet, which is utter fantasy

As the Pope Turns…

Dear Pope, CEO Vatican: STFU

Pope asks God to Forgive Nazis

Memo to Pope: Refugees

Flamewar: Trump vs The Pope

Trump vs Pope: Fallout

The Pope, Dali Lama and Aga Khan Walk into a Bar

A martial arts teacher humiliated a lesbian mom in front of her 6-year-old

tell the children again about how bullying is not acceptable.

“Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism and yogic meditation”, all branches of that master religion: Bigotry.


Eastern religions not so much. The Abrahamic ones are all about control. The anti-gay sentiment comes for two reasons. First is the aforementioned control.

Second is the fact that, when these religions were inflicted upon the world, same-sex couples could not have kids. Why are these religions so big on procreation to the point the Catholic Church is against Birth Control and even abortion in dire circumstances? Easy, to get at the kids and brainwash them. As Dawkins points out, there is no such thing as a “Christian child”. Only children with Christian parents. So as each generation procreates and raises their kids in that faith, the number of the “faithful” increases as well as their income stream from scamming said “faithful” out of their money.


religion is the original pyramid scheme

recruiting offspring Ponzi-style

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The Abyss in a Manila Envelope

Today in the post mail, a manila envelope from the Canada Human Rights Commission.

The last time I got government mail, the letter was dated a month before the envelope was post marked.

I will open it tomorrow. Meanwhile.

This Post is a Test of Law In Canada

I will enjoy my souvenir stress ball from Public Service Appreciation Week

Nina gagged on stress

The anti-climax Post Office Outing  

Rights, when do we want them?

Asserting Rights then puke in the corner

Starting a Human Rights Complaint

Human Rights: When do we want them?

Post to the Office  

Today, I Paid for Registered Post 

The RCMP Apology

Canada’s LGBTQ2 Apology

December 6: Canada Edition

PTSD: USA vs Canada

Stephen Harper Still Owes Nina Tryggvason $50*

welcome to C-51 world – Nina K Tryggvason

Welcome to Public Service Appreciation Week


just for fun

Dear Canada Post: Elvis Stamp

but please also; for your review

War on Christmas Canada Edition

A blogdex of Very Special Posts, newest to oldest




I opened the envelope the next day.


I now have  claim being processed, rather than rejected.

in 2018 from a 2010 claim filing.

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Trolls vs Intersectionality – a Proportionality Lession

Please, everything I’ve read says that Billy was just as much a homophobe as his son.

religion is mental illness
conferring upon it kindness
is part of the social disease

You’re just as vile as the bigots who shield themselves in religion.

I mock and would educate them

while they would genocide me

learn to understand the difference

I am also a single person

they act in groups

and you act as sock puppets

so you sound as a group

the kind who bash lgbtq

You judge all religious people by the actions of the bad ones, just like the religious right judges all of us by the actions of our bad members. Everything you say about them is identical to what they say about us.

you ignore all the bad ones as if there are only good ones

us should be nice to the them who have genocided us? clearly you are a poe troll

posing as an lgbtq to demand reverence for religion;  as Godbots do on atheist & science forums

absent any knowledge of history at all and especially queer history specifically

Bad to mediocre, there are no good onesNot the Abrahamic Trilogy, Not Born to Caste Systems, and not Non-Personified Forces, or anything that has a hierarchy of employeesnot pagan or druid, nor Scientology, not spiritual or ism or neo or litenot even, the secularized alternative to religious/spiritual, the modern era personality cults of motivational speakers.

shifting from the pyramid of grave goods to the Ponzi schematic

learn to understand the difference:

I mock and would educate them

while they would genocide me, and you and LGBTQ, as well as oppressing on the basis of gender, ethnicity and other unpopular demographics all while censoring the arts and reducing the value of science and perverting public policy/undermining law of the land

not to mention supporting corporations destroying the planet they claim their god created

I should ignore the bad because of a few you think are good?

when it’s those every “good” moderates that are the social veneer for the extremes

learn to understand what you defend

because you are part of the problem

when you attempt to prevent the problem even being identified

troll, that is false equivalency

your lack of proportionality proves you pointless

It’s not false equivalency when it’s a word-for-word match.

People like you give atheists a bad name and perpetuate the myth that there is a conflict between LGBT rights and religion.

word for match is the false equivalancy as it ignores completely the difference between genocide and mocking.

religion hates others; and hates those who oppose it the most

based on what is religion lovable by those it has before and would again genocide?

secondly, atheists are also genocided by religion

religion is against LGBTQ, a
religion is against science
religion is against women
religion is against the arts
religion is against other religions even
first they burn books, then they burn people

stop pretending that religion is any demographics friend

least of all, it’s own followers

the flocked fleece who will never be good enough
and only after death, may expect any reward

religion is the original pyramid scheme

the only thing that I make look bad

are trolls who gaslight, such as farts like you

says a troll who repeats the same thing back with a word replaced as if it’s equal, meanwhile applies value judgements to frameworks while lacking proportionality of measureable outcomes

irony metre broken much?

you can’t name a public religious figure that I would agree the word good applied to

so your value judgement are not my issue

I don;t deem your values to have any


The only reason you think I’m a troll is because I’m not an atheist. That is blatant bigotry on your part, no different from the religious right.


no, I think you are a troll because you post like one, & under a not a person user name, promoting religion over people, and to the people religion has traditionally and continually oppressed, marginalized and genocided.

you are unable to understand social harm caused by those you agree with, that is worse than bigotry, that is oppression

you then use name calling words as if they apply
as if identifying the problems with religion is a problem in an of itself

all while expecting to be deemed good or credible.

the part of me giving atheists a bad name is especially funny

religion is not nice to anyone

Georgia Republicans want to give adoption agencies the right to turn away gay couples

Dear Republicans:

Making laws against demographics was what we tell ourselves WW2 was done to say no to.

Lest We Forget.

and how many more studies over how many more decades about queer parenting producing children that thrive do we really need?

But it’s okay for them to indoctrinate children into their psychotic religion? Religion is the cause of 99% of the evil in the world. People doing horrible things to other people in the name of their God.


religion is the original ponzi scheme of child recruiters

How about we “think of the children”, and do what’s best for them. Like increasing their chances to go to a loving and caring home, and be raised by loving and caring parents.
How’s that sound?


plus, who better to foster/adopt all the queer teens and children that the heterosexuals throw into the streets in the first place?

the true ones are and the cherry pickers don’t count according to the true ones

Christians are only accommodating to the bigger tent when they need boots on the ground, or votes


True Christians you mean??? If that’s what you are talking about–Why do we not hear True christians speaking out??


No, that is not what I am meaning; you will probably not like the rest of the post, where I clarify what I am saying:

the moderates would be the cherry pickers, according to the fundies. the true believers of any religion are the fanatics

The idea of a True one vs a Christian is a difference of meaning only to the many versions of the alleged one true faith Christians,

Also, Jewish/Christian/Muslim are the same religion, so smaller divisions with, or variations on the main theme.

the degree of difference understood inside any of them is not of the same degree of magnitude to those in totally different religions or outsiders from all faiths


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Worst President No Longer Gay

consider the blog headline vs the LGBTQ Nation News one:

America’s first gay president is no longer the worst one according to historians

He’s the best at being worst,
fastest to last place; while still in office

Actually, there’s some interesting evidence about Franklin Pierce (#14, right before Buchanan), and particularly about his relationship with his, er, “great and good friend” Nathaniel Hawthorne, who among other things wrote Pierce’s campaign biography. And thee’s been some really fascinating speculation about no less than George Washington and his long series of what a politely called his “surrogate sons.” He had any number of close attachments to young, handsome military officers, some of whom were known to be gay, most prominently John Laurens, who was also a close intimate of Alexander Hamilton (a fact unmentioned in the hit musical).

I have a feeling that there are more than one person writing one or getting a group together to continue the Hamilton wave

Theatre, after all, is very much traditionally an LGBTQ space, and historically, women did not play women.

For the Trump lovers who seem to not understand why he is the worst ‘President’ here are a few words which might stir your memory –
‘S.itholes’ DACA Healthcare Russia Transgender Troops Moore Lies White Supremacists LGBTQ civil rights attacks Threats to media and judiciary Paris Accords

Those, and many other things, are why he is the worst. Just today he is named by Amnesty as a purveyor of hate and one of the three top dangers to human rights along with Putin and Duterte.

plus that whole having to go back to the 1950s to find a good republican, basically the democrats now really.

and all the Republicans bring is the bad 1950s, except McCarthy would be unreleased about this in bed with Russians business. too bad he couldn’t spin in his grave, it’d be perpetual energy.

I thought it wasn’t appropriate to assign labels to people?


objective measurements aren’t labels


how is anything about Buchannan’s sexuality objective? It’s merely speculation.


You are asking how experts who study matters arrive at conclusions.

(notice mine is a statement)


Why do you think Buchanan’s sexuality was arrived at objectively? If that is in fact what you are stating.



because most of that era Jamestown was queer

George Washington married a woman who already had kids, so the father of your nation fathered none. Many of the his pals, his officers had sodomy charges against them, so it’s was a one for all unit kinda thing.

what was done in public vs what was not talked about in private is why queer love was called

The Love That Has No Name – speaking of which, you want a list of lesbian and bisexual First Ladies?

the Log Cabin group is named for Abraham Lincoln for a reason.

so why not ask them about past presidents?

7 US Presidents who were rumoured to be gay or bisexual · PinkNews

Are We Ready For A Gay President? Well, We May Have Already

11 US Presidents Who Might’ve Been Gay – 11 Points

The First Gay President: 18 Sexual Secrets Of US Presidents

The queer history of Eleanor Roosevelt you won’t see in the Ken Burns

Secrets and Scandals of First Ladies – ABC News

Speculating on Presidential Sexuality & the first Lesbian First Lady …

Queer Questions about Jamestown | pinkatlantic

Homo Sex in Colonial America | HuffPost

Queer Questions and Ready Replies: A Collection of Four Hundred …

Eleanor Roosevelt, The First Lady of Gay Rights | HuffPost

QUEER STORY FROM THE “JAMESTOWN.” — Daily Alta California 7 …

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Spread Memes Not Genes


You’ve got that right. I was raised southern baptist in Texas. Then, my father converted to the JW’s and life got really interesting. I went from living around a ‘braise the lard and pass thu amunishon’ crowd, to one of even less authenticity, fake pacificity, paranoid self righteousness and secret domestic violence. To me, they are all the Sith. There’s just more of them.


it is bizarre how strongly people cling to mental illness (religion)

it’s the everyone pretend it’s valid that remains bizarre

demanding that religion be respected, while ignoring the real world impact

how much less suffering would we have in the world, if money/time and passion were spent on things that helped

rather than hoard and hunker down in self ghettos, waiting to use the word that instructs in sword use with the modern update of guns

I asked my Sunday School teacher once, why christians were not nudists in the woods avoiding material goods

and apparently, that was too first century cult practices which lead to them being lion chow, resulting in the last 10 centuries of them being lion feeders,

it is little wonder that a tv show called “Kids are people too” was more appealing than church.


Among man’s greatest fears is the fear of the unknown. They’re only comfortable around other people that express the exact same way they do. They are only capable of accepting other people that drink the same koolaid they do. Men fear women. They know what we are really capable of. Women fear men. We know they lack self control.
Religion as it exists today is derived from a male privilege social construct specifically created for the sole purpose of elevating men and enslaving women.


I have a vague memory of that segment.


indeed, and “goddidit” is, at best, a placeholder answer

god of the gaps, that science shrinks shrank shrunk

from the sub-atomic particles to the current understanding of universe dimensions, to identifying when particles turn to waves; to seeing almost back to the big bang with telescopes; and going from fossils into genetics and predicting where we can find the bones of the missing ancestors

it is curious in the information age, so many eschew education

choosing to use technology memeing bronze age ideology.

godbots, they are not really people, even if biological units, are using a science device that is an invisible power to spread bronze age ideas.

worse than the anti-science think tanks against some aspect of science is the John Templeton Foundation, set up to compete with the Nobel Prize for science – but only if you pervert science to valid religion and guess which one they picked?

worse, real universities are allowing that funding.


“godbots” that’s another good one I haven’t seen before.

“John Templeton Foundation”… obvioulsy I need to get out more.

Do those guys burn effigies of Euclid, Copernicus and Galileo?


Godbots is one that I coined, and it’s one of three in a spectrum:

Godbot, Glandbot and Brainbot.

words with self evident meanings

that describe people into types

based in what they base themselves in

Godbots would include idealoges

Glandbots* would be hedonists or emotionalists

and, as they say about people who know three things, eh?

*edited to correct spelling : Glandular – Glandbot


Awesome terms. Thanks.


I am grateful to any and all people who use them.

Spread Memes not Genes.


Awesome. That last statement reminded me of a small coastal Oregon town I once lived near where the local gene pool was described as being as deep as damp concrete. There were more churches in that small town than there were businesses.


Kindly Thank it, it’s a thought that struck me so hard that I wrote in the margin of the Richard Dawkins book that I was reading at the time. “Spread Memes not Genes.”

Oregon! I went to Mt Saint Helens Volcano site in 1985, it was shocking to see the devastation of the volanco event, when in BC, we woke up to a layer of ash, and the news was all over the biggest volcanic eruption in North American modern history.

My Aunt took me and my sister on one of my first American road trips, and we drove through the coast and watched as the urban and farms replaced the wilderness completely

five miles away, there was forest and then there was a clear line of where the trees looked melted for about 2 more, then, in a clear line, there was incinerated ash, which 5 years later had patches of grass and weeds, some insects had returned.

black stumps and ash with grass

we were so shocked that we ended on a Government road without realizing it, until a Park Ranger duo walked up to us and explained that we were in an active zone because lava bombs were still spewing and where known to hit where we were

being Canadian, the three of us blurted out

“Thank you for telling us, we’re from Canada and we’re lost.”

They were never so happy to take people out of the wild in their whole careers.

In 2010, I went on a Cruise from Seattle to Alaska, and it was shocking to see the grey Washington State coast and then the BC green until the Alaska shock white and stark rock

They had a pair of Rangers get on the Cruise Ship and do a presentation as we parked 5 miles away from a glacier that was 3 miles thick

It was shocking to sit there and watch the ice shear off.
see the industrial filth making the sun melt the ice faster
from the deck of a polluting cruise ship.

when I was a teenager, I lived in an almost Footloose town with 65 churches and only 3 bars near a military base. it was one of the buckle town in the British Columbia Bible Belt.

honestly, the funniest thing that I find about Christians, is that they operate under the impression that atheists haven’t heard about it, or enough or in the right way, and they really mean their way, eh?


I’m “from” Texas, which as I have learned is the best thing to be…”from”, not in. Especially, being trans. I know what you mean about the christians. They live in such a thick bubble of self inflicted delusion, that I sometimes refer to the south as the bubble beat. I try to respect their right to believe in their violent gods. But, it’s not easy to do.

When Mt St. Helens popped her top, I was in Texas as a state forester. In 1985, we got 3.5 inches of volcanic dust from the eruption in an area that covered almost half of the state. My son still has the half litre jar of ash that I scooped off the top of my car.

I went to see the blast zone 15 years after. There were still very few trees, grass or bugs. I believe the animals didn’t return for another 5 years or so. Though, I could be wrong. There was a tremor the day I went there. I haven’t been back. However, when I drove south on I-5 I can see St Helens and that is as close as I want to get.

I used to drive up to Vancouver every few months years ago to shop. I liked to go there because it was the only place where the metric speedometer on my old Mercedes matched the speed signs.


European Car, makes sense lol!

did you know that every volcano’s lava/ash have a unique chemical signature?

75,000 years ago, the Toba supervolcano reduced the estimated 1 million human population about 10,000 individuals.

so everyone today, is related to that small group, and now there’s over 7 billion

Gays who love Donald Trump are planning a rally at the Lincoln Memorial


sounds like a counter protest of “shame the gays for trump” is in order to be organized

rainbow scarves to go with the pussyhats ?

Dear Log Cabin republicans,
don’t wonder why the LGBTQ community is not into you
given that you support the oppressors

take a knee, take a stand
refuse to shake the oppressor’s hand

.. online protests are so different than actual in person gatherings.



Just rent a sound truck and play the sounds of hearty guffawing. Have it accompany them everywhere they go. (I like counter-protest efficiency.)


hey – how about renting a sound truck to follow Trump around

or maybe just a person with a drum to do RIM SHOTS!


in the 1990s, I was the contact person for the Vancouver Chapter of the Lesbian Avengers and I had this phone call one time from a man.

Man: I am calling to ask the Lesbian Avengers to attend a “Shame the-Shame-John Campaign.”

Me: You are asking The Lesbian Avengers to protest for men to have sex with prostitutes, many of whom are in fact lesbians in their personal lives?

Man: Um. yes? er no…wait.. is that what I am really asking?

Me: Well, if I understood it, Shame the John is against the user to create understanding of  the nature of the industry, and you want to shame people who are trying to prevent exploitation of marginalized groups?

Man: I need to rethink some things.

Me: Sounds great. Good luck with that. Bye.

in an era where one had the option of hanging up or slamming the receiver down, it was a soft click. before dial tone.


Focus on the Family declares itself a church so it no longer has to show the IRS its money trail


“to avoid an IRS requirement to file public tax documents”

Tell me again about how they love American Families, when they deny health care, dignified work or infrastructure regulations and environmental protections so everyone has safe food and water with a place to live?

time to tax the religions as they are not charities, the social veneer that clouds this political activism and government interference


religion is mental illness
conferring upon it kindness
is part of the social disease

You’re just as vile as the bigots who shield themselves in religion.

I mock and would educate them

while they would genocide me

learn to understand the difference











why laughter is not always the best medicine, eh?

CBC (Canada’s Radio Station) had a segment back in the 1990s about a study of gender fears, and 1000 men and 1000 women were asked, what do you fear the most from the other gender. heterosexual study.

the #1 men’s answer was “being laughed at”

the #1 women’s answer was “being murdered”

and, more often than not, those are related cause and result.

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From G&L to LGBTQ: lesbigay

Army Secretary: Soldiers don’t worry about trans soldiers, they ask about food & pay

it’s those who call soldiers boots on the ground
de-humanizing them

who are bothered about the genitals above said boots

and fixated on shower and bathrooms

even as school/work shootings, are ignored

and, unrelated to LGBTQ

most cops who retire also admit the war on drugs is a failure

so this war in bathrooms is … words fail really

It is just a bunch of toilet talk.

by people who failed toilet training and are adult sized toddlers

convinced that genitals control the weather


Transgender rights are being targeted nationwide with ballot measures & bathroom bills


You’re a woman. You didn’t transition to anything and you aren’t a man. Ergo, use the ladies room.


Clearly you are unaware of reality and modern society

you’re not a person, just a troll


We’re all people. I’m a man and so are you. The commenter above is a woman. This will always be true.


I am not a man, and anyone who denies others personhood

don’t get that consideration

you are a Troll on an LGBTQ site.

nothing you post has truth or merit


You are a man and there is no such thing as LGBTQ.


Troll, the user Be Love is a different person than me.

Nina is a woman’s name, as most names ending in the letter a are.

I have been mistaken for a man in person

I am a 50 year old Canadian Dyke

and you are a white hetero troll

on an LGBTQ site, so as much as you don’t want to believe we exist

we’re here and queer

and you are a gross closet case with a serious case of the jealousy

if you don’t think queers are real, why are you seeking attention and validation from us, eh?

don;’t tell me, I already know that being prejudiced in public is the permission to do the very perverted thing in private

it’s part of the misfiring of the religious impairment of brain functioning.

also, the limitation of dick thinkers who obsess about other people’s genitals, arising from their know inadequacies.

I know how threatened you are

because I am that castrating women most men fear

but if if helps you to think of me a man

that makes you even more insecure

your choice, how emasculated do you want to be?


If you are going to lie about me, at least be consistent. I can’t be a heterosexual and a closet case. In fact, I am an out, proud gay man. It’s a shame that you hate yourself and your lesbian sisters so much that you feel you need to associate with transgenderism in order to complete you.


fine you are a gay man, not a hetero troll expressing their closet self.

you posted like a hetero troll, and I responded to you in that way,

so instead, you are a gay man who is telling a lesbian how to woman? you think that’s different than a hetero man?

then asserting that somehow my treating another person with dignity somehow reduces my female stature?

tell me more gay male expert on all things woman and do keep behaving like the heteros who have to define everyone else according to their intolerance.

LGBTQ is the collective community and bickering between the letters only serves those who oppress all of us.


I am not telling you how to woman. I reminding you who you are, who we are. We are gay. That’s our common bond. There is no such bond with transgenders. They are not even defined by sexual orientation. Many if not most of them are not gay. Their interests and priorities are different from ours. In some cases they are are in conflict. Yet you insist that LGB people are in some sort of “collective” with them. You place their interests and priorities above those of your gay brothers and lesbian sisters. They have colonized your mind. They have made you not only their slave, but their enthusiastic, willing slave. In fact, it is worse than enslavement because the slave at least understands that he is distinct from the person who enslaves him. Through the deceit of “LGBT” you have given up your distinct and beautiful identity as a lesbian in order to conjoin with these people who take advantage of us.

Wake up. Love yourself. Decolonize.


I am not so insecure in my person that I deny personhood to other people.

when I came out, it was the Gay and Lesbian Community and lesbians were the afterthought

I was a news editor of a queer newspaper when Bisexual was added to, and the phrase “Lesbigay” was a thing for a while that never caught on because bisexuals were untrusted tourists

Population wise, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender are easily defeatable by the heterosexuals

so how are we better than the heteros if we throw transgender people, some of whom are gay, lesbian, bisexual, even if most identify out in the heteroworld

rather than stand as a community and I am now using the current Canada LGBTQ2

where the 2 is for Two Spirited Indigenous peoples,not a version number, and kinda comparable to the recent Flag addition of stripes

because queer is not just for white people anymore

Extending dignity to another person takes nothing away from me, and only enhances both people.

and community building is a very woman thing to do

so a choice between a gay man saying exclude
and a dyke saying intersectionality

on a site that is named LGBTQ

it;s’ a queer thing to get along with others

let’s not ape the heterosexuals

united we stand, divided we’re genocided.

Lest We Forget

LGBTQ Nation / News, Opinions, Arts and Culture 

What are your special skills and accolades? We all would love to know.

my superpower is the ability to reduce anything down to it’s most painful essence

sock puppet troll who’s only contribution a drama queen,
unqualified for the royal we

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