A germophobe sneezes inside a mask

Not just once, but twice it happened to me today.

I have an aunt in hospital and have been attending there most days since early December last year.

I woke up with a cold yesterday, and this morning, it was definitely a cold.

So I stayed in the elevator hallway, keeping out of the way.

I quickly ran out of tissue, and then the sneeze happened.

Luckily, I had figured out the nose crimp wire, keeping the sneeze from my eyes.

I was impressed, knowing how fast sneezes are, that the mask had full containment.

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and in the news media today

Holding in a sneeze could land you a week in hospital, doctors say

Suppressing a Sneeze Could Rupture Your Throat

Bullied kids at higher risk of suicidal behaviour and anxiety


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Elvis and The JayCee Award

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Originally posted on Nina's Soap Bubble Box:
Give Us this January 16 Our Daily Elvis 1956 Elvis performed at the Municipal Auditorium, Galveston, Texas 1957 and 58 Elvis recorded soundtracks. 1959 Elvis donated blood at the Wartturm Barracks in…

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religion dot dot dot

The ISIS executioner who killed gay & bi men was released minutes after being arrested


religion is mental illness, we have to learn history to not repeat Spanish Inquisitions

or at least, enough people need to learn to read the signs, lest we forget

Gawd is fake. Religion is so filled with hate.




Stupidity creates a void. Religion rushes in to fill it. At least the Abrahamic ones. Paganism and the Eastern ones not so much.



Buddhists are killing Muslims

and the caste based systems are too busy oppressing their own to bother with others, more spiritual than the religion controlling of non-members


I didn’t say they didn’t across the board. But if you see an act of terrorism in the news, regardless if they call it an act of terrorism, you’re going to see it perpetrated by someone who follows one of the “Big Three”.


the funny thing is that the Abraham Trilogy is Jew/Christian/Islam, they are the same religion.

Buddhist and Hindu are offsprings from a lost antiquity one that the symbols are from and are now distinct, one having none and the other all the possible deities.

it is people who chose what they do and they choose how to socially justify it, it all still people who do what they do.

Listen to this radio host completely destroy an antigay caller with one simple question

blowing up their story from the inside is only the start

the bible has zero historical accuracy and less legal relevance


good thing it’s neither a historical account, nor a legally binding document.

I’d add, Jesus does address at least a subset of the males we call gay – the malakoi, the “woman-like” males* in verse (be they effeminate gay men or trans femmes)

but he does so indirectly, when he talks about eunuchs. Matthew 19:12.

His suggestion as it is with anyone else who can accept it, is celibacy.

*don’t come at me over categorization. i didn’t invent the biblical typology on male queerness.


not that he existed, but he was unmarried and hanging out with men

and, had 2 Dads.


how many times do you think you can you repeat that before even you get tired of it?


i doubt there is an upper limit as long as it remains relevant

in the information age, given people are using digital technology

to promote bronze age thinking


i think it’s funny that you believe us so much better than we were when we’re ultimately the same apes with the same parlor-trick repeating the same patterns again and again and again.

Such a funny byproduct of modern western thinking, rooted in something like helenistic hubris that somehow people couldn’t be as clever or genius in the bronze age as they are now.

Simply because we have cool tools now. But we always had cool tools. Many of them were burned with the library of Alexandria.

It’s foolish and arrogant to discard wisdom simply because of its age.

It also happens to be logically fallacious.

Also people tend to devalue mythos and instead rely on logos, forgetting something most of the autochthonous people of north america could already tell you. Everything past language is abstraction. Storytelling is important.


I’m a fan of Cambell’s Greek 101 Coffee Table Edition series.

and humans today are different, we can make choices our ancestors never dreamed about

we’re not, our brains are smaller by a tennis ball from our 20,000 years ago ancestors, our brains are changing, the reptile, primate/sapiens more quantum state, less instinct/repetition, more neural wiring

biology is not the enemy science of religion, it only studies living things and their habitat

anthropology is, the study of people and what they do, which is building things and social hierarchies – we invent the religion to justify and explain what we do,

religion elements is always repeated because it’s easier to sell something familiar

and humans have gone from tribal packs n prides to agriculture and industry herds, to now, swarm species that has jumped from 3.5 billion to over 7 with more generations alive at the same time

and more in urban than rural areas

religion is a contamination brain viral meme

the cure is literacy and education

the safe-word is atheist

co-operation is critical to anything surviving the false scarcity distribution of survival goods and luxuries.



The bible wasn’t written 20,000 years ago.

Criticizing the texts vs. the belief systems people build around the texts (religion) are two different things.

if you can’t make the distinction, we can’t discuss anything.

because despite what you think you know there, you couldn’t say the first thing about any sort of ideology i hold.

a religion is an ideology.

the texts are a pattern set.

they express formulas for a kind of ancient social modeling and social ecology.

they are better tools – more precise – than Murray Bookchin is using.

and because of that, they do things like explain the why of the Dylan Roofs and Kyle Huffs and Stephen Paddocks better than all of the talking heads that want to opine on it.

Social modeling and social ecology is something we barely get into now.

And the outcome of it is converging on Complex Adaptive Systems modeling. Which is itself an emergent field in complexity science. I started studying it 20 years ago when it was still in infancy.

These patterns are baked into the abrahamic texts.

not because the jews were super smart or supernatural.

but because oral history has its own natural selection loop. And patterns emerge from organic complexity, including the patterns of human behavior itself.

An old saw, a much simpler way of saying the same thing, is history doesn’t repeat itself, but it tends to rhyme.

the “rhymes” are encoded in the fables.

Fable is valuable because it enables fuzzy pattern matching

Hence mythos is more compact than logos for expressing complex systems.

Pride prevents learning.


I was not talking about bronze age scrolls that were eventually turned into a manual for the exclusive priests for centuries until mass printing when everyone had to have one to not read.

I was talking about homo sapiens of 20,000 years before the current era had larger brains than modern era humans because of evolution

we are risen apes, not magic dirt or sneezed out of some deity

we clearly do not have a common framework for any discussion,

so, enjoy the remainder of your evening,



you’re so convinced of your own ideas of how i understand these texts that you don’t even read what i write. you basically agreed with me and then told me it was because of cognitive dissonance.

Take a breath.

Open your mind for a minute. And actually read what I wrote before you respond.

You haven’t done that here or you wouldn’t have replied as you did.


well, if you could read what I posted, you’d see that I was trying to end this encounter.

We do not have a common framework to communicate.

Enjoy your evening.


Funny that you keep imposing a framework on me and even then the framework doesn’t match the one you use yourself.

maybe if you listened rather than insisted i believe things i don’t, we might approach mutual intelligibility.

instead, you’ve fought – and not even fought me, but an imaginary version of me.

when we could have discussed and explored.

i’m in the middle of compiles right now, so this isn’t wasting my time.

but why waste yours this way?


I should open my mind by listening to you

but I am imposing a framework on you

when you are not listening at all to anyone
and projecting onto me

you should take your own listen advice.

do you even have an irony metre?

we do not have a common framework

go enjoy your compile.

Typical Christian nut, never answers a question, just changes the subject.

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    He is NOT A CHRISTIAN… he does not believe in Jesus teachings.

    • Avatar

      neither do the christians who deny jesus and follow john the baptist.

      anyone who calls themselves one, is one

      there are many, many versions of that third of the Abrahamic Trilogy: Jewish 1.0, Christian 2.0, Islam 3.0 and Mormon 2.5 Going Around The No Adultery reversion to 3.0 Patch

Dept. of Silver Linings 2017: Milo Yiannopoulos goes down in flames


Um… hate to say it, but no, Disciple is right. Heck, Milo calls himself a professional troll, and have you even listened to one of his interviews? Oh wait, that’s right, you’re an obsessed fanboy. Nevermind, as attempting to speak with you in a rational manner is an utter waste of time… kinda like Milo’s life has been.


Yes, i have listened to some of his stuff and for a start the ‘pedophilia’ allegation was Rogan misdirecting and your ilk quoting out of context. The things Milo says are intended to make intelligent people think and I follow him with delight on Twitter. 😋
As for misgendering me… better luck next time.



I think you misrepresent what he says because you are either too brainwashed or too stupid to understand what he is saying.


no, it;s because he;s brainwashed and says things that are stupid

self loathers who speak against having rights

are not community role models

they are sell out traitors


I’ve seen enough of your divisive and transphobic hate “community” to know that people who don’t question it lack integrity.


(a Canadian excuse me, to be read as nervous self assertion)
(a beat)
I am not against any LGBTQ2; Milo is an individual who speaks against many of those in the spectrum.

I am unsure of which group to whom you are assuming that I belong, and am unsure of the basis of your impression; which, if you explain or reference which posts of mine lead to your conclusion, we can clear this misunderstanding up?


He doesn’t give unconditional support to all the bullshit because he’s not a hypocrite.
As for what group identities you label yourself as. The fact you are here mob hating on him is all I have to know.


so you are a Milo fan who can’t cope with other people disagreeing with him

so you are accusing me of what he does and saying I am a bad person

well, that tells me all I need to know abut you too


I don’t care that he despises trans women like me… there is a lot of bull shit coming coming from the self appointed “trans community” and I respect his criticism… that’s far from the same as being a Milo “fan”.

What I don’t respect is self appointed LGBTQ* shills collectively sniping at an individual from the sanctuary of their “moderated” safe space.


I don’t appreciate false accusations or people unable to respect that others have a right to opinions and expressing them.

you are entitled to like Milo and I am entitled to not

as are the other people whichever side

attacking people is what he does and

what you have done

by over personalizing a celebrity


This is an article making an underhand personal attack on an individual and you are accusing me of “attacking people”. Just how pathetic can you get?

How about you actually listen what he has to say and see if you can understand what the issues are that he want’s others to think about, instead of playing the offended victim all the time.


not so pathetic to support a person who is against any group I am part of or affiliated with, or any group being scapegoated and fear mongered against because of religion/politics of majority groups

nor so pathetic as to make false accusations, value judge as if it’s true victim card for apologies undeserved given the user name of a number and letter

anyone who needs to make others feel bad to feel superior, I feel sorry for

you can think I am pathetic, you have a right to be wrong

just know, I feel sorry for you and I hope your life quality improves

I am not a victim and it’s not my first day on the internet

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Equality Under the Law: Free the State

Separation of Church and State

Separation of Corporation and State

Landmark court case brings marriage equality to 20 countries with one ruling

this is the best news in a very long time

in the 1990s, there was not sense that we’d live to see this type of day in North America

and look now at how the world is changing!


Wow! That puts the countries that have marriage to what? 49 by my count. I never thought I would see this day. It’s wonderful and very exciting day.


Same thoughts! Im elated!


my mind is blown.

first the UK’s England did civil union, then Canada and Spain did marriage equality.. so many followed and then Ireland did it by public vote and not the Court forced governments… and then Australia also did it by referendum and now this.

all I can think of is how proud Eleanor Roosevelt would be, that her speech about human rights, eventually included people like her



The Costa Rican government has agreed to comply with the ruling per the article. I’d say that that’s a pretty immediate effect.


And that’s great – but the article refers to the effect of this ruling on other Latin countries. The headline says, “Landmark court case brings marriage equality to 20 countries with one ruling.” It does not.
The only effect that it could have in Mexico is that the ruling could be cited in a Court proceeding, but will it change laws in Mexican States? No. Each state legislature must revise their Civil Code. I do not think this will have any immediate effect outside of Costa Rica that sought the ruling.


it is good to be cautious on the legal process

I expect the public response will determine the speed inside

and the international response of national prestige

call it The Trump Ripple Effect.


Missouri GOP wants to eliminate marriages for everyone unless they’re done in a church


The bill’s author is probably unaware that many churches have performed same-sex marriages for years. So it doesn’t even come close to addressing what he really wants in the first place. This, leaving aside the other problems with it.


and pointing that out to them results in the funniest blank expressions, mouths dropped opened and blinking as they are unable to process that.

I thought the churches and their reactionary flunkies were adamantly opposed to “redefining marriage.” Not when the “redefinition” works to their advantage, I guess. Funny how that works out.


funny too how they fearmonger that marriage equality leads to polygamy, when that’s a religious thing, and any 2 exclusive of others is marriage contract law.

whereas, the 1 man with an unlimited number of women – would have serious impact on the employer benefit plans.

The GOP continues to be unclear on separation of church and state

religion is a ceremony, while government marriage is contract law

The rest of the world is looking in amazement. Is this for real? We don’t know to laugh or to cry…


the rest of the world is watching

and wondering how to respond to america’s laugh or cry

From Canada, we did that pubic angst with 60 % against marriage equality before 2003, when it was made legal, to that 60% flipping to for equality within a year afterwards

when the public realized that there was no impact or calamity, life went on


This is the same sort of situation the US military went through when they decided to allow homosexual people to serve openly. The religious haters claimed that it would bring down the country. And it didn’t. They claimed giving women the vote would bring down the country. And it didn’t. They claimed that ending segregation would bring down the country, and guess what? It didn’t. All of their hate-based and fear-mongering claims have been proven over the past century to ALL be wrong. So why do people still listen to these idiots?


the same as when black men were allowed before, and the same as when women were allowed to serve, ditto LGBTQ2.

they say the same things, to all the groups

in more than 1 decade and in more than 1 nation,

Canada allowed gays and lesbians before the USA and the test case was a man named Joshua Birch, he won at trial and was destroyed by media coverage

Hawaii was almost the first state to make marriage equal in 1992.

imagine if that that happened or Canada had made it nationally in 1985 instead of 2003.

as if there’s no intersectionality, or demographic changes in population and that knowing you know someone who is a whatever is the best way to reduce ignorance driven fear

so it’s up to all the oppressed on 1 or more factors, to work together

and across whatever invisible lines we think divides us

and that many of us can and do work/play well with others

which is what they fear most, and why they cry “politically correct”

when co-operation is actually ethically and morally correct

things that’s those who say that only a god knows, will never understand.

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Private Rights vs Public Safety

couple harassed for hours by a homophobic drunk on a plane

This happened to my friend and I but on a city bus. A group of black guys kept calling us faggots. We were terrified because we were the only Asian people on the bus and we had to wait for a stop to get off. We were afraid they’d follow us off. Very scary stuff. At least they were in a safer space than we were.


bathrooms, elevators and public transit, all dangerous spaces

time to stop with the booze on flights

it has a bigger impact and it give people permission to be assholes

as much as people have the right to opinions,

no one is required to listen

and captive audiences in a contained situation

is a security risk

As other posters have stated, I think the crew’s response was inadequate and clearly the airline is not used to dealing with these situations. Most other airlines would have refunded the ticket in full and banned the guy–especially once the story broke because they realize the loss of business that doing otherwise would cause. An asshole is an asshole regardless and I don’t think a ban on alcohol is necessary.

while an asshole is an asshole, – and what a lovely turn of phrase btw

booze tends to loosen lips, which is regardless of altitude

but altitude makes the effects of booze worse,

and just as smoking was once allowed, now it’s not

and, I agree with you, that most people are able to adult in public

so it would be unfortunate to take away a privilege

Lesbian shot then burned alive in horrific attack may be linked to other murders

This is horrific!!! I will never understand how callously evil people can take someone’s life.


religion as authority and privilege as power

this was not a personal attack, but a hate campaign?

the murders were horrifying on their own, but that there might be a connection

it shows that there is little difference between a hate crime

and a terrorists action, both motivated by the same thing


Remember what happened at the Florida gay bar night club? That was a huge tragedy.


Orlando was Queer 9/11, and there were many forgotten Queers in that too

religion is mental illness


I agree with the top part but the second I semi agree but not entirely and I will correct that part and clear things up later.


Thanks for agreeing, and it’s okay to disagree and differ.

but I have a list of the queer names and there was even a special edition of the advocate. so reality is what it is, whether you agree or not.

and I will pass entirely on the other part, I am an atheist and that is not a challenge anymore than my being a dyke is.

The Forgotten Queers of 9/11

I believe I understand you reasonably.

There is much to talk later about. I will have to get back with you buddy. Buddy meaning if not lierally, but expression type of speaking.

Religion can be a mental illness if misused, especially the way Osama bin laden did.

Religion meets the diagnostic manual meaning, and that is the way I mean it. and I repeat, no thanks to further discussion,

I do not do zero sum circle jerks, and by your response, you did not understand me in any meaning of the word.




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A Question of Whether the Weather Question

A little late, but gays are now responsible for last month’s California wildfires


if we really had the power to do what they accuse of us

shouldn’t they be more respectful?

wait, they already burned witches

being the cause of the plagues, is not the caster of the plagues. as the freewill mental enemies of G-D, shall physically do as commanded as wicked enemies also.

if you really think witches are real, then why would you annoy one?

if queers had the power to impact the weather, what you are really saying is we have more power than your god, who is overly fixated on genitalia, which is not much of a hobby for something that allegedly created the entire universe.

although, the universe being one big dick joke makes it make more sense.

you shall not lie with a man as one lies with a woman, for it is an abomination.
for which there, is no redemption for death by fire. as for all other offenses that violate the command to be fruitful and multiply with G-D. for a man, shall not wear woman’s clothing nor shall a woman wear a man’s cloth.
there is no redemption in this physical hereafter, for any offense that carries the death penalty from Noachide Laws to The Laws Given to Moshe.

religion is money for nothing and your altar boys for free

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News: Fake vs Relevant

What is fake news? anything that which one does not wish to hear, often said by people who do not have a concept of what news is.

News is anything that bleeds leads, to sell advertising and subscriptions.

Headlines today and recycled tomorrow

once liners for everything from dustbins to birdcages

Mainstream Corporate News, with Educated and Professional Credentialed Journalists, Fact Checker Researchers and Editors is the news media.

They are different from propaganda outlets, the non-factual lowest common denominator  content the yellow pulp presses, outraged to oppress and shrill from their exclusion as credible commentators.

The Feds are investigating the Clinton Foundation & Trump couldn’t be happier

investigations need actual evidence

not delusional propaganda talking points

where’s that fascism 101 checklist

limiting rights
attacking vulnerable demographics
attacking eduction
attacking media
attacking science
subverting government process

This is nothing more than a witchhunt and distraction. Even sources in the DOJ and FBI have said it won’t lead to anything.


although, I also wonder if this is being set up to demonstrate there is nothing to investigate.

“sincere beliefs” really have no leads, when they are not based on anything that occurred and could have been found out about.

I really don’t get why all you lgbt sites are big fans of this flip flopper. She only jumped onto the bandwagon once polls said they supported us.


Because President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary were the first White House to say the words “gay and lesbian” and to meet with representatives of the communty

that changed the direction of the AIDS pandemic globally.

her support of our community goes back decades.

and under her, the ERA would have been ratified

instead we are fighting every civil rights decade again, all over and at the same time for every demographic of ethnicity, gender and sexuality

something we are all supposed to have rights to exist and be safe/secure in society that we pay taxes and live in,

She made the speech to the UN in support of LGBT people before Obama or Biden even said anything about same sex marriage. Back in 2011 I believe.


That is nice. Maybe should would have used her power to get real legislation going that made sense.

the republican party then and now remains the obstacle

americans and their two party bipolar dance to stay in the same place of only equal dissatisfaction to everyone until the 47% apathy/disenfranchised non voter percentage was met.

then, we have a modern day lesson in how WW2 happened socially speaking

Russian senator argues against animal abuse law because it could lead to gay rights

funnily enough, he is right, rights have a way of expanding and including more vulnerable groups; which is how they are supposed to work. denying delaying is doing rights wrong.

It’s the end of the year and they still have found no evidence on Russian and Trump collusion.

it was done in plain view of the public

and investigation procedure is not.

the public saw it happen and it knows it’s being lied to by the perps

No they claim it was in view of the public, there’s still no evidence into the matter.

your denial is not based in anything but what you would like to be true

the public watched it happen

those who paid attention saw it

I am not a “they” I am a member of the public.

and they did in Canada’s election too on social media

not all was covert because that is how self absorbed North Americans are

they do not pay attention to the people they are posting to

people like you with ideology troll user names

and posting cut and past talking points

Federal judge delivers blow to families suing to stop trans students’ rights

laws regarding discrimination do not get to have exceptions, otherwise, the law is flawed

Did anyone think to ask all the kids at the school what THEY thought? Would have been a good lesson in democracy.


rule by the mob is why there needs to be minority rights protections


Asking kids what they think is “rule by the mob”? I pity you if this is really what you believe.


you think legal rights should be left to children?

asking the people who bully on whether the vulnerable people will be treated fairly is not the answer to the problem of the access to bathrooms that everyone needs to be able to do

school is not up to the kids

it’s for the adult to set down the foundations of education and instill the social conduct that parents continue to demonstrate they are not capable of

pity me not for what I believe, but because that is arisen from life experience


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