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Lezflirt 601 the butch lap

Posted on October 16, 2019 by nk tryggvason

I spent four days at a lesbian conference, planning to chase, getting chased, but ended up chaste. Wondering, what woman, I am waiting for to invite or sit in my dyke lap, eh.

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Dear Darling Brat Princess


I just got home from 4 days at a lesbian convention, thank you for eight months of reminding me what a butch lap or dyke lap is for, eh.

I saw Ferron in concert, went to the afterparty and on the last morning, saw Ferron on her coffee run and got a hug. it was an amazing convention. 

Enjoy your life, thanks for helping me get my Dyke Lap back. I sat a long time at the convention in the hotel, where I had a number of flirtations and decisions about who to let onto my dyke lap

Enjoy your life, Maggie, and thanks partly to you, I can enjoy mine. Thanks for reminding me what Butch, Dyke, Queer Dyke. all our laps are for, eh.

your dream dyke in canada, eh.


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LezFlirt 601 Midlife Single

Posted on September 22, 2018by dykewriter

It is difficult to meet pleasant and datable people. but, today, I tried. so, I am continuing with the LezFlirt International portion of this blog; with this The Raw Recovery Specialist Post. a double agoraphobic outing day Today, I did … Continue reading →

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Boldfest15: Ferron’s Most Intense Hometown Show

I only heard about it this year, Boldfest at the 2019 Dyke March in Vancouver BC where I saw three women carrying a banner on a hot summer day and when I saw later in the march only one carrying the banner, I offered to help carry it on the march day. and then I signed up for the conference, and then I answered a just before the conference advert for a roommate.

I have been agoraphobic for a decade more or less, and being at a conference with a lot of other people, even ones very much like me, was a challenge

but I broke two rules I had at the convention, and the second one was to not join the committee for the event and I did that on day three and really, I think I did it when I took one side of this and this photos is a woman who had a birthday on day three of the convention and she came out 20 years before me and in a rural area of geography of where I live in the major city.

at the last night of a beyond amazing four days, I saw Ferron’s most intensely personal concert in front of her Hometown Crowd, got the first autograph

and I don’t mean to brag, but I was given an invite to the afterparty

so the next morning, I saw Ferron again on a coffee run outside the hotel and said hello, then sorry and she hugged me.

Only in Canada, eh.



anyway, I usually get home and read program booklets to find out what I missed

but this year, my first year, I attended all the workshops that I needed to

because on day one of the convention, I broke my first rule

no more serial monogamy

I had planned to go to the conference for adult adventures and grassroots social activism spanning a variety of social issues that have been handed down the decades, and instead, met a woman that first night at a singles social mixer.

and I saw her the next day at the flirting workshop

and for a long time, she hugged me there and I missed most of the workshop that I was standing in the middle of

and then I missed one workshop because she asked me for a walk and I said yes

and we talked a long time in stanley park

but what is really funny is that everyone at the conference saw me as a intense at workshops and social butterfly outside, but I was afraid to talk to anyone

and people have all these rules they make up about social situations and that makes it harder to talk to anyone these days

so at least in the workshops, there was people who were trying to communicate

and they offered exercises that allowed people to have a reason to talk and something to say to each other

because I would have watched this woman the whole convention and not talked to her, because she takes my breath away, and it is difficult for me to speak personally, but I am a professional communicator, so once I get started, it is hard to shut me up

I get it dyke done most times and places over my life

but ….

she told me something that I have waited my whole life to hear

someone longing for the ideal relationship that I seek

so I just smiled at her and kept telling myself no, you had a plan to hedonist this convention

and I sat for a long time with the most beautiful woman I have seen

and when she looks at me and her eyelashes move

I can’t, all words silence in my throat, where after a bit over a decade of being agoraphobic and not feeling my heart beating, because my disheartened state makes me not be able to feel anything and major depression silenced my voice, where few strong emotions trip my Canadian Turrets and I speak truth to power, not use profanity or bigotry. I can sometimes find my voice, which I used in the workshops I did attend.

so I spent four days in the middle of some of the most amazing dykes and lesbians from across North America, being present and self caring and assertive, and explained no we can not allow this in workshops and had to explain no means no in a variety of ways to a number of individuals at the conference and even on the street outside the hotel – who approached me in a wide variety of ways, some appealing others not so much and a few a little gross, in particular the men and the women who acted like men entitled to touch and say whatever they wanted to someone they did not know at all or anything about.

so, I know I want to say yes to the woman I met that first night, but lucky for me this is a blog on the internet in web 3.0 that began at the end of the blog era and thepeak social media web 2.0 era, less journalling and more promoting. Web 3.0 sucks and I can’t wait to leave the internet. i don’t care for the wordpress update to a layout software reducing blogging to be an easy webpage crafter instead of a journey documentation of personal narratives.

LezFlirt 601: MidLife Single

Post Divorced or parted by death. That getting back into the stream of life thing. LezFlirt 601 Midlife Single Hear the Inter-generational No Lezflirt 101: Learn to hear the No Defining “Lesbro” Lezflirt 101: Hear the No Lesbian Edition

LezFlirt 601 Midlife Single

Posted on September 22, 2018by dykewriter

It is difficult to meet pleasant and datable people. but, today, I tried. so, I am continuing with the LezFlirt International portion of this blog; with this The Raw Recovery Specialist Post. a double agoraphobic outing day Today, I did … Continue reading →

LezFlirt 601? Unexpected New Chapter

my first online romance

Posted on June 23, 2019by dykewriter

I had been on the internet for a long time. longer than she had been alive when we met on google in august last year she a california sunshine beam, a life coach LezFlirt International I am not a trained … Continue reading →

so.. dear readers of dykewriter

Having decided I am only ever going to flirt in person when I have eye contact with the woman I am flirting with and I only want flirting from any lesbian flirting with me in person with eye contact.

I will have to go to another city to find out if this Meet Cute Lesbian Boldfest story has a kiss in it

but I have to remind myself I promised me no more lesbian serial monogamy

and as I sit in a stupor with a smile, tired and happy, post conference on my face

I think to myself. I saw Ferron’s most intense personal reveal concert

then, I went to the afterparty after sitting on my hotel bed staring at my hotel roommate after chosing to go to bed alone or go to a headliner party

and this being Canada, eh. What happens in stays in conference rules rule.

Got it #DykeDone

and in four days, I learned the best lessons of what a #ButchLap and #DykeLap is for.

It’s good to be butch, when you find the right femme

it’s what all the songs of longing and heartache are for

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“ProLife” is code for AntiWoman

and “family values” is code for anti-LGBTQ2

Let everyone be very very clear about this.

If Trump is impeached and Pence becomes president, we’re screwed | XtraAnd you thought Agent Orange was badwww.dailyxtra.com

Onno Singularitya day ago

Gut feeling says he isn’t queer himself, just angry he didn’t get to experience real romance (the being afraid of being alone with women thing) and wants to punish those he believes are sexually liberated.

nina tryggvason

punishing everyone else who is sexual is religion’s main thing, regardless of sexuality

he calls his wife mother and is afraid to be in a room with women and fixated on a particular Olympic sports gay

Lest We Forget

nina tryggvasona day ago

I am surprise world leaders are willing to sit near trump

Alex Blue – Owner
All Things Canadian: From East Coast to West Coasta day ago

‘I am personally pro-life,’ Scheer says, vowing not to re-open abortion debateA day after three federal party leaders pushed him to declare his personal feelings about abortion in a debate, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said today he is personally “pro-life” but a government led by him would not change the status quo.apple.newsShareEmoji

nina tryggvason5 hours ago

pro life means he is anti-woman and he is anti marriage equality. he cannot be in public office when he dislikes the majority of the public

Lina Dewi G. Harlequeen14 hours agoedited

There were no Christians around as the Torah was invented.

Alex Bluean hour ago

All religions say kill the infidel, etcetera etcetera

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

Mormon is a 2.5 reversion to do a work around the no adultry rule and it is funny how polygamy which is in these religions tried to use that against marriage equality until it was shown how that did not hold any legal merit and many nations now have equality. and America is allied with nations that do not.

Bill Clinton was the first American President to meet with gays and lesbians in the oval office and Obama was the first American President to include Atheists as Americans.

I’m trans and studying for a career in an industry dominated by straight men. The microaggressions are getting to me. Should I drop out? | Xtra
“Ask Kai: Advice for the Apocalypse” is a column by Kai Cheng Thom to help you survive and thrive in a challenging world.

Have a question for Kai?www.dailyxtra.com

Onno Singularity7 hours ago

I firmly believe straight men should call out straight men more. Awfulness festers in an environment of making excuses

nina tryggvason5 hours ago

i agree. it is the only way straight men have to show there are good ones. and why women who do the defend the men show there are few good women

Onno Singularity5 hours ago

Yup, no more ‘keeping the peace’, it’s time actions have consequences

nina tryggvason

#IdleNoMore and #LestWeForget

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Of Rulers and Proxy GovGens, eh

Dave Batha day ago

It appears the Queen has been looking into her reserve powers, and whether or not she can sack Boris.

Queen ‘sought advice’ on sacking Prime Minister, source claims – The ScotsmanThe monarch reportedly asked aides for first time in her reign just how and when should could dismiss a PM.www.scotsman.com

Jason Hortona day ago

She should. In principle she can suspend Parliament and take over rule of the nation but she won’t. Sacking a serving Prime Minister would be a disaster for the monarchy, maybe even the end of it.

I repeat, she should sack Boris Johnson.

Jason Hortona day ago

Good grief, no. She’s an old lady with more money than legs, in an entirely pointless position where she symbolically agrees to everything that the Prime Minister brings to her. You could replace her with a robot with a rubber stamp.

Think of her as a one woman electoral college for all the use she is.

Having said that the one power the Queen retains is the power to dismiss a sitting Prime Minister and appoint a new one. She does this at the behest of the departing Prime Minister but there are no rules to say she can’t just do it off her own back.

The problem being that if she did so she would be breaking the rule that the Royal Family does not engage in politics. That would open her up to criticism from any government that the elected representatives of the people, Parliament, are unable to act independently. There would be calls to abolish the monarchy and replace it with a republic as the French wisely did when they chopped off the heads of nobility in the late 18th century.

We’re surrounded by historic relics. There’s nothing wrong with that per se. It’s only when they are misused that it becomes an issue. For example our Parliamentary system is inherently adversarial, we have two sides to the House of Commons and they sit exactly two sword lengths apart on opposite sides. In the EU they sit round in a huge circle where all sides have an equal say.

We have a system of closing Parliament for a few days or a couple of weeks to flush out the old crap that’s never going to pass and to make a fresh start. Proroguing Parliament is a routine feature that is common and uninteresting. Then some twat decides to use it to shut down discussion and debate and to silence the elected representatives of the people, clearly not what it was intended for. A relic of tradition, perfectly serviceable, and then completely misused.

We desperately need reform of our political system.

nina tryggvason

indeed. tradition should not require us to stand by and allow the planet to be destroyed

how about Madam La Guillotine from the history dustbin?

Dave Bath19 hours ago

I’m from a country where a Governor-General (the Queen’s represetative) used the reserve powers to sack a pm – incorrectly in my view hours before the PM would have gone to the GG seeking a double-dissolution of both houses. (11-Nov-1975, when John Kerr sacked the wonderful Gough Whitlam).

Reserve powers are useful to have, in extreme cases. And Boris obviously lied. The delicate thing would be asking someone else to form a government – particularly as a majority at the moment is all over the place.

nina tryggvasonan hour ago

I am from Canada, where the GG we had let Harper do what Boris did and the UK courts disallowed.

Dave Bath22 minutes ago

Reserve powers are weird things, aren’t they?

nina tryggvason21 minutes ago

the queen is a figurehead until needed to be the adult in the room

Dave Bath18 minutes ago

She really should have gone to westminster a while back, when they were paralyzed, and told them she wasn’t going to leave until they got their act together, literally, and passed a bill.

Dave Bath22 minutes ago

As Jonathan Pie (the comedic character news presenter) said “We live in more civilized times, doesn’t have to be his head, I’d be happy enough if it was just his balls”

nina tryggvason10 minutes ago

i say take all the conservatives to the world court and remind everyone that “just following orders” is already disallowed as a defense.

I am Canadian but not against the death penalty for very serious crimes and against the planet is the highest crime

Canada 2014

https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/o-canada-can-we-talk-about-the-governor-general/O Canada? can we talk about the Governor-General | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxWe spend a lot of money Federally and Provincially to duplicate  Figurehead Monarch. Who, let’s face it, if we needed her opinion, we could phone.   The GG’s office has failed duri…dykewriter.wordpress.com

Canada 2015


this is me with correspondence from Canada’s GG…..


December 6: Off all the days to be let down by the Governor General, eh | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxO Canada, on the anniversary of one of our darkest days On December 6 every year, Canadians remember the 14 women killed for being women at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal on that day in 1989. …dykewriter.wordpress.com

This Post is a Test of Law In Canada

Posted on July 11, 2017by dykewriter

Suzanne Catty Trudeau is continuing the Harper era lack of transparency. He also extended the use of coal in two provinces by 5 years clearly showing he is the enemy of science and the environment. No surprise funding is lacking, … Continue reading →

Governor General could be called upon to play crucial role in election outcome | Nina’s Soap Bubble BoxThe GG’s office has already proven entirely ceremonial and needless cost. The moment for relevance of that office was either of the 2 elections before. Too late to the Party now.   If Mo…dykewriter.wordpress.com


no comment


Stephen Harper endorses Johnson’s Brexit moves, slams Britain’s Supreme Court for prorogation ruling – The Globe and MailJohnson’s actions on Brexit have been ‘absolutely correct,’ Harper said at the British Conservative Party’s conference in Manchesterwww.theglobeandmail.com

Stephen Harper Owes Nina Tryggvason $50

Posted on June 17, 2018by dykewriter

Originally posted on Nina’s Soap Bubble Box:
?   Please tell Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper this; Text to copy and paste or use your own wording: http://www.pm.gc.ca/eng/contact Dear PM Harper – Nina Tryggvason would make a better Prime…

Harper quits politics

Posted on May 25, 2016by dykewriter

Kady O’Malley: Ethics regime set up under Harper’s tenure may follow former PM into his post-public life | National Post Canadian defence industry stands by controversial Saudi arms deal | Toronto Star LGBTIQ public servants demand apology for the Canadian … Continue reading →

Mr Harper – I had a house

Posted on October 30, 2015by dykewriter

Originally posted on Nina’s Soap Bubble Box:
My parents become home owners when I was in high school. I became a home owner, as a government employee, but some one else lives in the house I put a 40…

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The Pale Problem is also a Solution of sorts, eh.

Jason HortonAll Things Politics & Politicians 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🌎🌍🌏2 days ago

What do you people in the rest of the world think of UK politics at the moment?

nina tryggvason3 hours ago

the western nations have the same problem religious conservatives backed by the same corporations. nations are not in charge

Alex Can hour agoedited

I’m American and I just got back from vacation (holiday) in the UK. It reminds me a lot of what’s happening in my country. I was glad to see so many people engaged and opposed to the current trends, but it was also sad to see so many parallels. This trend toward ultra-nationalism in both countries is quite disturbing.

nina tryggvason

and there was a phrase we were taught in the 1970s “Lest We Forget”

ditto Canada with Scheer and Bernier.

Germany launches Alliance for Multilateralism

Germany launches Alliance for Multilateralism | News | DW | 26.09.2019The Alliance for Multilateralism is a loose group of nations working to boost international cooperation. Its purpose is to tackle global issues such as disarmament, digitalization and climate change.p.dw.com

Tom J. Auer2 hours ago

Germany becomes more & more the antidote to the US.

nina tryggvason2 hours ago

yes, Operation Paperclip was a location shift not a change in ideology.

Canada vs France is interesting for world leadership. but I think China and the TPP for the win.


Attacks on LGBT+ people increase in Germany | News | DW | 26.09.2019The Interior Ministry has said there has been a rise in reported instances of anti-LGBT+-related crime in recent years. Political figures insist more action needs to be taken.www.dw.comShare

Tom J. Auer2 hours ago

Politicians think only till next election. Statesmen till next Generation. China thinks in Decades. China wins.

nina tryggvason2 hours ago

China thinks in centuries and updates when decades allow. this is the problem of a two party system where it is undoing each other rather than governing.

and politicians filling their boots while they can term to term

Tom J. Auer
2 hours agoedited

I’ll vote tomorrow our National Council – our Chancellor.
The choice: Freedom (far right), Peoples (Conservative), Social Democrats, Greens, Liberals, …. (we’ve got even a “Beer Party” 

nina tryggvason2 hours ago

Canada used to have a Rhino Party, their motto was “if elected, resign”

Tom J. Auer2 hours ago

Beer party motto: Promille statt Prozente” (Promille instead of percentages)
Thats their whole programm.

Since its first Emperor Qin Xi Huang (died 2,000 years ago) China has this “not-stable-situation” … (almost like Brazil & the US now.)

nina tryggvason

China and India are the two oldest continuous civilizations. they have endured periodic reorganizations.

nina tryggvason

if not for colonialism, Africa could have been a single nation with their own issues resolved. rather than the situation with the borders imposed to keep them exploitable by corporations backed by nations, and the irony of multinational corporations now climate denying.. Pale is a poor adaption in a climate changed world..


LGBTQ and black passengers face more rideshare cancellations, study findsA recent study “When Transparency Fails: Bias and Financial Incentives in Ridesharing Platforms” shows LGBTQ and black passengers face more cancellations.www.nbcnews.com

Tom J. Auer2 minutes ago

Africa is building up anothrr Bloc. So we have Africa, Russia & US, China & Europe.
South America is forming another one.
Europe can control all of them with Economy.

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

China is doing infrastructure in Africa, if Europe wants to lead then truth and reconsideration is needed for colonialism, and that includes the Western world USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. India is in the Mars Club


Want to Understand Scheer’s Stance on Rights of Women, LGBTQ People? Look to the Harper Era | The TyeeScheer pledges to avoid issues like same-sex marriage and abortion. That doesn’t mean rights won’t be under attack.thetyee.ca

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

companies do not get to destroy the planet for private profit while socializing the cost of doing business over air and ocean and polluting the planet to death.

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

it is not about the economy. it is about the environment.


Polish Gay Pride marchers push past violent counter-protestPolish Gay Pride marchers push past violent counter-protestwww.france24.com

Tom J. Auer2 minutes ago

Don’t take it personally, Ian. The US are considered worldwide as a threat (with some excemptions) & not as the good guys. The US are the leaders of the Mars Club.

nina tryggvasona minute ago

the USA was modern Rome, but Russia won the Superpower era while colonialism gets to truth and reconciliation.

nina tryggvasona few seconds agoedited

The USA has failed it’s revolutionary potential and is a reactionary state. France should ask for the statue of liberty back. and the USA only got to do all the world policing because they did not have to guard their northern border. and the USA space program has a big Canada contribution too.

Tom J. Auer3 minutes ago

We should not bash the US. We should win them as partners. (But the US has to give up its Excrptionalism first.)

nina tryggvason2 minutes ago

pointing out reality is not bashing. the USA has the reputation it has earned. they have gone from President B Movie Actor to President Reality TV host and view a bronze age doomsday anti-materialism religion as foreign policy.

you are in Europe and I am in North America. our perspectives are different owing to geography and demographics as well as world history knowledge.

the current USA president does not like America’s past allied nations. and we can not pretend he is a credible adult anymore. #LestWeForget

https://www.history.com/news/chamberlain-declares-peace-for-our-time-75-years-agoChamberlain Declares “Peace for Our Time,” 75 Years Ago – HISTORYOn September 30, 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain received a rowdy homecoming after signing a peace pact with Nazi Germany.www.history.com


Luxembourg’s gay PM says everyone has a duty to challenge hate speech – Reutershttp://www.reuters.com

Tom J. Auer2 minutes ago

Harsh but true words.

nina tryggvasona few seconds ago

I have Canadian Turrets I speak nothing but cold hard truth

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Public Transit: A Demographic Clash

Yesterday I went out and was at the Climate Strike for a while.

I am an agoraphobic, fearful of crowds and individual people.

I three times encountered people in wheelchairs.

The first, in the Climate Crowd, and I was overwhelmed and people were being careful about the dog beside the woman in the wheelchair. so I stood near the dog and talked to the woman, letting her know I was having a panic attack. so we chatted, both unable to move on our own as one of the people of a crowd

It was informative about particles and waves, the ebb and flow

After a while. I managed to move through and out of the crowd to the public transit station

where I waited for a second wheelchair person to get on the skytrain, only to have the doors close in front of me and despite my foot in the door, they did not bounce back and the mostly empty train left the station

There was another climate protestor who tried to open the door with her sign rather than a body part and I ended up getting her sign in my chest, no hard enough to bruise so not a concern

curiously a stranger told a Translink employee that the wheelchair person had been separated and it took me a moment to realize the employee thought I was distressed owing to the wheelchair person being on the train

I said I was not connected to that person, that I was having a panic attack and needed to have been on that mostly empty train

the employee assured that the wheelchair person was not in distress or separated from a caretaker, walked away

I kept calm and got on the next train to the Oakridge skytrain

where I waited for a bus and just as it was my turn to get on

a third wheelchair person arrived and the bus driver told me to get off the bus even though it was my turn and it would have been as easy to step into the bus than to order me off

I got off the bus and began walking and crying that I just wanted to get back home and out of the outside and away from people

I have no idea how many blocks I walked until I could see another bus stop where I waited

PTSD and social disorder is an invisible disability

and as an adult, I am never believed when I tell people anything

i am not okay and it is not for other people to decide that I am

Translink and The Last Straw

Posted on March 21, 2017by dykewriter

custrel@translink.ca Jan 20   Dear Ms. Tryggvason: Thank you for your continued correspondence regarding your concerns with groups distributing materials at transit stations. As previously stated TransLink is obligated to balance passengers’ rights to safety, security and access to stations … Continue reading →

Translink and BC Human Rights

Posted on February 28, 2017by dykewriter

custrel@translink.ca Jan 20 to me Dear Ms. Tryggvason: Thank you for your continued correspondence regarding your concerns with groups distributing materials at transit stations. As previously stated TransLink is obligated to balance passengers’ rights to safety, security and access to … Continue reading →

Translink: Second Level

Posted on November 21, 2016by dykewriter

Dominick, Kelly <Kelly.Dominick@translink.ca> Nov 18 (3 days ago) to me Hello Ms. Tryggvason, Thank you for your reply and request for further clarification on the matter of religious materials being distributed on TransLink property. As Customer Information explained, in 2001, … Continue reading →

HRC: Translink

Posted on November 8, 2016by dykewriter

Dear Nina Tryggvason, Thank you for your comments regarding the distribution of religious material at SkyTrain Stations. We understand your comments and concerns, however distribution of printed material for non-commercial purposes on our system is an issue of Freedom of … Continue reading →

Dear Translink re: The JWs

Posted on April 15, 2016by dykewriter

It is not legal for religious people to be on translink property and push any religion. it is loitering and lacking in any lawful business to be on the property. It is harassing people. It is harassing people by virtue … Continue reading →

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