CelebWatch: I am a Braver Heart than Mel Gibson

Mad Max Mad-Max-5 MPW-16798

Mad Max was the opener flick on a double bill with Outlander Sean Connery’s High Noon in Space. A mining moon of Jupiter….

In North America, it was feared that people wouldn’t understand the Australian Accent, so there was another voice dubbed and I swear it was Lyle Wagoner from the Carol Burnett Show.

lou_-_road_warrior mad-max-2-the-road-warrior-original tumblr_nogjabyzZ51qk30jfo1_500

Mad Max 2 Down Under Asia-stralia Way and The Road Warrior…


In the summer of 1985, my younger sister and I were chamermaiding outside of Banff and we talked the ticket clerk into letting us sit through both showing of the Thunderdome movie, because we were bored and there was air conditioning.

What convinced her was saying, “Oh, we’re from Vancouver, BC, they let you do that all the time.”


“The same movie?” she asked incredulous…

“Yup.” we nodded muttered assurance…. then.. the clincher:

“We promise to buy snacks each showing.”



Where the theatre makes it’s money. the ticket sales go to the distribution company. or it did in the day.

Why I stopped liking Mel Gibson.


I found out he wasn’t Australian. He was American and his family left America when he was 12. His holocaust denier very Irish Catholic father supported the family by appearing on game shows.

Mrs Soffel

When he was filming his hollywood debut Leading Man actor roles, he trashed the house in Toronto which was rented for him by the production company.

Without any permits or permission from anyone, he knocked holes in the walls to put in a sauna room, causing massive steam, mold, electrical and other problems for the home owner.

I remember seeing him, shortly after I came out in the 1990s on a daytime talk show.

He stood up, turned his Lethal Weapon ass to the audience and camera to much screams and applause and shouted “This is for shitting, not sex.”

Then it was the drunk driving Jewish bashing incident with the Sugar Tits to the Woman Police Office left uncommented upon.

More recently, there was the “incidents” with his last media known girlfriend.


I vaugely recall he had 12 kids with his first catholic wife.



Playing Jesus tends to be an actor curse as all before and up to Willem Dafoe discovered.



Mel’s pet project. a movie version of the middle ages passion plays, the point of which is to stir up hatred of Jews.

Funny how they miss the message that Jesus was to be the last sacrifice, so stop oppressing other people.


Gibson’s Passion of the Christ was such Torture Porn that this movie delivered what no other horror movie could: a body count.


Four Movies People Have Died Watching | UberFacts


Feb 18, 2012 – The Passion of the Christ: 2004. A woman … Other audience members then called the police and an ambulance. … The man died 11 days later.





Oh. apparently the Playing Jesus Actor Curse is still on.

Auntie Shovels Mad Max

“ah don’t know nuthing abut no methane” mad max snarls

“You can shovel shit, can’t you?”


Mad Maxine



Nina is a braver heart than Mad Max

Nina. Alaska Cruise. 2011


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Writer’s Coinage: From Words to Messages on Memes

Duggar: That burning pull when something too big is going into or out of, your anus.

Being Duggared: see also: Butt Sex. Ass Fuckers. Buggering Buggers, Bothering Buggars, Bothering Duggars, Duggar Botherers


this is so far beyond media whore…. I am not sure there is yet a phrase or word to capture the level of Social Shun and Disgust.

Duggar is about to be verbed.

It appears TLC wants to keep some of the Duggars on the air. While the network has temporarily pulled “19 Kids and Counting” from its schedule, it…
  •  same shit, different pile
    Duggar is the actual butthurt sensation!

josh_duggar_rick_santorum  santorum santorumfull


Religion: see also hypocrite

Religious conservatives in the Bible Belt search for online porn more than anyone else according to a new study published earlier this month.  patheos.com

Awkward Moments in Religionhow did this not spawn a whole new cult of male births?

The origins of the Papacy can be traced to St. Peter, one of the original disciples of Jesus. The current pope, Francis I, is the 265th successor of St….  ancient-origins.net
see also:
(RNS) As the 2016 election approaches, atheist, humanist and other freethinking activists are encouraged by a Pew Research Center survey that…  religionnews.com

given that boys being molested is the heart of their queer panic….. it is kinda curious, eh?

Can we please talk about the fact that one of the children Josh Duggar molested was 5-years-old at most?
Religion: money for nothing and your altar boys for free.
you do not even need to invent a new one, just create a variation on the old one.
41bgjm3yHjL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Rob_Bell_intro._V192214284_ rob-bell-magazine
Prosperity, Interfaith, fusion where religion meets the secular workshop Tony Robinson World.

Religionwatch: The motivational Industry

The secularization of religion is the Motivational Industry life coaches are the new priests

Steve would have Bottomed so Adam would be in paradise Lezzie Bruce

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The Business of Show: Managers vs The Celebrities they manage

Bono paid tribute to the band’s longtime tour manager Dennis Sheehan onstage in LA
theguardian.com|By Tshepo Mokoena
Dennis Sheehan, U2’s tour manager for more than 30 years, was found dead Wednesday morning in his hotel room of a massive heart attack, officials confirm. The Los Angeles County Fire Department wer…variety.com|By Variety Staff
NEW YORK (AP) — Dennis Sheehan, U2’s longtime tour manager, has died at a Southern California hotel, a day after the band kicked off a five-night…news.yahoo.com
Col Tom Parker was the first to receive Elvis stamps during a first day the stamps went on sale at the Las Vegas Hilton on 1-8-93. jeff scheid

Col Tom Parker was the first to receive Elvis stamps during a first day the stamps went on sale at the Las Vegas Hilton on 1-8-93. jeff scheid

Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley in October 1955 signing a record contract with RCA Victor. *** USA ONLY *** © Glenn A. Baker / Redferns / Retna Ltd.

Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley in October 1955 signing a record contract with RCA Victor. *** USA ONLY *** © Glenn A. Baker / Redferns / Retna Ltd.


-Vernon-Elvis-Colonel-Parker-elvis-presley-SOLD OUT
UNITED KINGDOM - JULY 08:  Photo of BEATLES and Brian EPSTEIN; L-R. Brian Epstein, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney arriving back at Heathrow from their Far East Tour ending in Manila  (Photo by Cummings Archives/Redferns)

UNITED KINGDOM – JULY 08: Photo of BEATLES and Brian EPSTEIN; L-R. Brian Epstein, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney arriving back at Heathrow from their Far East Tour ending in Manila (Photo by Cummings Archives/Redferns)

brian and john the-fifth-beatle-brian-epstein-story-writer-elaine-mcafee-bender-002

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CensorshipWatch: Yet Another Angry White Man Projects his Rape Fantasy

“Action Bronson glorifies gang-raping and murdering women. It is an insult to the people of Toronto.”   

or you know, everyone everywhere.. it’s not like this makes men look good.

Dear nice guys: wondering why you can’t get a date?

“Those who are offended by an artist are invited to check out other festival showcases,” said Sara Peel, NXNE’s managing director.   cbc.ca
it is banal, boring and commonplace
it is nice that he is already warning all women to not get anywhere near him or anyone who listens to his music.
it also ensures that any women who comes forward can demonstrate prior intent
Sunshine: the best sanitizer

LezFlirt 101 – Pick Up Lines

Remember in the 1970s asking “what’s your sign?” ;

The First Fuck to Relationship Potential Evaluation Bathroom Test:

having to notice the little things like the: Toilet Paper and Toothpaste Compatibility?

then, in the 1980s, it was checking out their medicine cabinet to find compatible medial statuses?

medical status.. from mental to physical….

Which Keirsey Personality Type Are You? Professor David Keirsey divided all of humanity into four key temperamental groups. His personality… dykewriter.wordpress.com
Ten years ago, he unleashed a torrent of pimp talk on me when I was in my mid-20s and working as an on-air interviewer for MuchMusic.   theglobeandmail.com
A new study from the Canadian Women’s Foundation found that while almost all Canadians agree that sexual activity between partners should…  huffingtonpost.ca
An entire industry is dedicated to getting your privacy back.  alternet.org
“next phase new wave, it’s still rock n roll to me”
Digital Punk/New Wave: Pixelated — Pixies!
  •  Adapting & evolving with the new Orwellian C51 regime….wink emoticon
  •  more geeks lived to breed than ever before. this is divergent social evolution and brain revolution in action
  •  the teen culture rides on kid culture and for a while. the teens agers have been dressing like cartoon characters
  •   and they know better to to apply and mess with technology because to them it’s a toy and not not a function of work yet
    we individuate from the herd by packs and prides, branding…
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Quakery Watch: Personality Types Replaces Zodiac Horoscopes

Professor David Keirsey divided all of humanity into four key temperamental groups. His personality groups represent key human archetypes found throughout history and his test is the most widely used assessment test in…
  •  this is all nonsense, eh?
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Finding the Funny

Is it funnier to know that a dyke is posting this?

We couldn’t believe it either, but yep, there’s a museum for that! Hjörtur Gísli Sigurðsson, curator of the Icelandic Phallological Museum, exposes… mentalfloss.com
Hothead Paisan Penis Meditation
The oldest man in Australia has never been good at saying no. Even at 109-years-old, Alfred Date agrees to help anyone and everyone in need….peacefulwarriors.net

  •  This is so sweet. Bless this man’s heart, and who else in the world would have thought to do this?
  •  notice the particular sweaters?
    rainbow, penguin books, sunny beach, octopus, pirate fish, Super Penguin…..
A common question asked when the religious ask for massive sums of money for construction or personal projects is, “why not use that money for…patheos.com
National embarrassment Scott Lively finally lost his last appeal and will now face crimes against humanity charges.
Can we please talk about the fact that one of the children Josh Duggar molested was 5-years-old at most?

Meanwhile In Canada

Officials at both of the city’s Sikh temples want bilingual signs on streets in their neighbourhoods, and city council supports the idea. cbc.ca
How can Canadians condemn race-based discrimination on a reserve when we tolerate…
meanwhile, in Science
Physicists of Jena University simulate for the first time charged Majorana particles—elementary particles, which are not supposed to exist. In the… phys.org

one step closer to the Federation! go star trek go star trek!

Since Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, the iconic visual of the American flag they left behind marked NASA’s success in…  inquisitr.com
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CensorshipWatch: The Black Pussy Venue Boycott – Canada, eh?

“I think real feminists are offended by how these people are reacting. I’m seeing a bigger group of that than the people offended by our band name,”…  cbc.ca
you know. in a way, I find it kind of empowering that men would take on a name that other men use to run each other down…..I am not only a feminist; I am a lesbian.
Socialized male speech dominance is a significant issue, not just in school. alternet.org
Students showed up in crop tops at a Toronto high school on Tuesday in a protest that came after school officials deemed one teen’s wardrobe inappropriate.  cbc.ca
Several genes have been lost from the Y chromosome in humans and other mammals, according to research published in the open access journal Genome Biology. The study shows that essential Y genes are rescued by… phys.org
A senior Vatican official has spoken out against Ireland’s recent vote for equal marriage, claiming it was not just “a defeat for Christian principles,…  pinknews.co.uk
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Greek 101: The Coffee Table Edition

campbell7 campbell16 hero_with_a_thousand_faces heros_journey_book_2003 Myths to Live By The Power of myth

The Definitive Work: Edith Hamilton

The Definitive Work: Edith Hamilton

if you are only going to read one book, make it one of the versions of THIS ONE

if you are only going to read one book, make it one of the versions of THIS ONE

Folklore Standard Dictionary The dictionary of mythology

Events become stories, stories turn into legend, legends into myths or into religions….

Spooky Omens and Warnings

add a dash of Fallacy of the Ancients, Correlation/Causation Error;{ either a) uneducated b) bipolar c) magical/wishful thinking d) any combo thereof: thus Fuzzy Logic: see emotional not rational:  …[Scuzzy Logic Rules.]}

Hans Christian Anderson The Brothers Grimm

tales that the people tell to teach the children and pass on cultural values

Icelandic Folk Tales

Ukrainian Folk Tales

Anthropology disproves Religion Fables of Asoep Power of Myth

Hey. I like coffee and coffee table books

but.. here’s the problem.. the journey, depends on the gender of the hero

The Journey Girl Vs Boy

People who live them, do not need to read about them, eh?

some stories need other voices to tell them

because clearly, some people have forgotten just how compelling and powerful

these stories are, it’s why they endure, eh?

The texts, they argue, “can be difficult to read and discuss as a survivor, a person of color, or a student from a low-income background.”
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Evidence of Violence from a Late Black Death Cemetery

Originally posted on Bones Don't Lie:

Plague Doctor via Wikimedia Commons Plague Doctor via Wikimedia Commons

When we study history, we tend to focus on the big events. This is especially true for medieval England where history is defined by wars, plagues, famines, and major changes in political structures. Archaeology provides an important counterpoint to this perception of history as defined by big events and big names. It can give us a glimpse into daily life at different social levels, how those who lived in this period may have experienced these events, and how they effected the actual people. Events like the Black Death may have changed the world forever, but to those who were living in that period and experiencing it, life still went on. A new study by Krakowka (2015) looks more closely at the behaviors occurring between the living during a period of plague, war and famine.

Krakowka (2015) argues that the degree of violence one finds in…

View original 768 more words

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Random Ntrygg: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

In my 20s, I worked in 2 video rental stores on Scott Road on the Delta Side of 120th Street.

One was The franchised Video Station and the other was a business owner who ran a few video stores, the Esso/Service Station and the Tiffany’s Adult Video store.

It had been located in the Kennedy Heights shopping centre on the cool side below Commuter Route into Richmond, New West and into Vancouver eh?

Tiffany’s had been located in two locations in the mall. After a robbery/fire, it took over where the Wool and Grannie Crafts store had been.

I worked at Tiffany’s in both locations.

I recently saw a trending story and I had a bit of a laugh.

You see, when I worked there last as the manager – there was a conflict with another store The East-West Plumbing.

Now, it was not like when I worked on Pine Street near Burrard at the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective.

Where, we had it written in our leases to leave other tenants alone. So imagine this building.

Third Floor was a Right to Lifer Anti-Abortion Group who offered a small range of charity services like household and clothing items in order to give you an anti-abortion lecture.

The Second Floor was the Vancouver Women’s Health Collective and we sub-let to a number of midwives and Councillors to support our main business line – the crisis centre and the health information resource centre.

The first floor from the street was the lobby to the two upstairs or the 1 creaky elevator and the stairs down to the below ground. which had front door style access to the elevator lobby off the back of the building parking lot.

A Massage Parlour front for sex work.

Now. the problem with the East-West Plumbing staff and the Porno Rental Shop staff was not their religious objection to the shared two door down location.

It was their male staff coming into the store, making disgusting comments about the videos – causing our client to sometimes leave

and then harrassing the female staff as if we were sex workers, although, I was always assumed to be the madam

So I had to frequently explain, my job was to rent you the video and whatever job or whack they wanted was down to them, not me.

The owner of the store did not deal with my repeated complaints.

So, what I did was to take my sister’s metal baseball bat to work.

I think there was an oscar winning inspirational teacher/administrator movie at the time…

Anyway I walked into the plumbing store and calmly waited for the manager to notice me.

He was talking to a customer and I didn’t want to interfere in his business, but the baseball bat was bothering him. So he asked his customer so step aside.

I asked her if it was okay and now she was really curious.

So I put the baseball bat down very calmly on the glass and chrome counter.

then I stepped back and put my hands in my pockets.

“I really like the glass shelves you have in your store. I am the manager from the Porno Shop. I would like to talk to you about your staff sexually harrassing my staff and bothering my customers. Is this a good time for you?”

his eye never left the bat.

“Because I can come back with my bat another time, unless you can assure me right now. that I won’t have to because you will talk to your staff.”

He looked up then. His face much paler than mine.

“No. You won’t have to come again.”

“Thank you.” I said.

I stepped forward and picked up the bat and carried it, Avenger Style


back to the parking lot to the trunk of my Dad’s Buick Century beige road tank.

Oh right.. you know. I can’t think of a more boring thing.

Gay porn. if only people knew how boring porn is.

Boogie Nights had it right.


Bin Laden’s Porn Stash

About 164,000 results (0.45 seconds)

Osama bin Laden’s pornography stash to remain under …

http://www.theguardian.com › World › Osama bin Laden

6 days ago – He may have once been the world’s most wanted man, but that didn’t stop Osama bin Laden from enjoying a bit of porn. The Department of …

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