The Gap between Vehicle and Pedestrian

Vehicles are operated by a power system, while pedestrians locomote bio-mechanically.


What about human powered machines? Pedal Power or push power.

footboarding Razor_old_a

The problem with collisions is speed and it’s the difference between.

the Pedestrian is the most vulnerable to being knocked over and one’s ability to survive a strike depends on physics.

What force you are struck with? (velocity object weight plus speed)

where it hits you – below your centre of gravity or above

and how tall you are – trajectory.

Now the sidewalks are going to be crowded with people in motorized scooters that are not deemed vehicles like Motorcycles and Motor Scooters – but not pedal or moped cyclists.


Meanwhiles, the car industry is getting smaller to bypass the car pollution and congestion.

Vehicle sizes and differences in types being the other  common factor of fatalities.

So having personal transports of one size or speed fixed types on one roadway with larger and commercial on others…..

atanarjuat-the-fast-runner-movie-poster-2002-1020196014 Idle-No-More-Design-2013 Nanook_of_the_north

When did Drivers become the New Smokers?

 Reading the various coverage about traffic in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics, I was struck about how social attitudes change. In the 1970’s, if you recycled, you were pretty much a hippie freak. A scant couple of decades later, … Continue reading

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Does “Fuck Harper” sign distract other drivers?

An Edmonton man plans to fight a traffic ticket he was given for sticking a crude political message in the rear window of his car. Rob Wells posted the handmade, pink “F— Harper” sign a week ago to voice his … Continue reading

threads-1984-movie-posterMPW-31588 metropolis-1927-poster-for-1984-everett defcon-4-poster-1984

Will Cigarette Smokers or Drivers be the last group ok to bash?

Yes, I get that everything is tinder dry and honestly, I am still not over the shock of seeing Stanley Park from West Vancouver after that massive storm battering a few years back. I am not even a cigarette smoker. … Continue reading

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An Industry vs a business: From Taxis to Uber

An “industry” is a collection of business that work for market value and not as a monopoly or cartel, in a regulated climate that ensures both employee and consumer safety. So there are several taxi cab companies who divide up … Continue reading

large 299

there was no obvious funny commentary… so I kinda trailed off when I was adding the images.


go big or go home, eh? pandas on planes or humans walking?

tumblr_lu8jt1wufr1r08qs8o1_500 shadows

article-2633689-1E0780A900000578-815_964x623 latest

Water and Air Scare Pic – things you think about when you go for a walk, eh?

Water vs Air Bubbles

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Chronic Pain and Short Term Pain Management

In mathematics, addition is distributive – and so is pain.


early garfield the cat cartoon – bored on the screen door – SLAM – pain pain pain LOL.

before he became softer and syndicated. I rather enjoy that webtoon, sort of how a non-cat person understands the situation – Jon’s monolog; I understand that the Veterinarian Female married Jon.

Garfield minus garfield

Garfield Minus Garfield is a site dedicated to removing Garfield’s dialog from the Garfield comic strips in … Buy Garfield minus Garfield the book!

Cathy and Irving Cathy and Fashion

Cathy and Irving had dogs together before they got married, and the Cathy Strip about a single working gal trying to balance work and life ended.

Forbidden Love Xtra West social justice

the shared history…herstory the alternative view and experience, from demographics to real communities, but, people are all people, eh? we all bleed the same red and are made of the same gooey bits and the external compatiblities… we are the same species, with variations of sizes and tendancies, culturally permissive…

Hup Two Washer Blues  The Only Monogamous Book

we all need food/water and shelter security and deprivation denial delay anguished pain.

Idle No More

intellectualizing eases emotion pain

physical distracts from all others, being immediate and triggers self care

wound or chronic, the brain burns in, pain is pain is pain and it blurs into pleasure and discomforting comfort as a steady sensation of companionship

war wounds and old scars throbbing in the damp cold weather – achey pains, and painful achies, stabbing, twisting, thrusting peircing

a surface into the muscle… organ… bone… the first cut can’t be the deepest when there are hesitations and clarity the fog of pain shimmers and thins, darkening elsewheres.


I had surgery 12 days ago and am physically doing better, and it is an adjustment to let go of the pain that was and pain medication manage short term post-surgery – with after effects withing the expected and tolerable range and no unpleasant complications. Routine, sometimes it’s nice to be a statistical average.

raw recovery specialist

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Why atheism will be the biggest religion


This is a well written and thought out article and I feel a bit encouraged that people are educating themselves and seeing that religion is not a useful framework for understanding life. Even the clickbait headline is well phrased to shift people into thinking of religion as a mere demographic category – atheism is lacking religion, and is only technically a religion for legal purposes. bit of a mind twist, but there you have it, eh?

Originally posted on Akasa Niila:

Firstly this is an opinion, you can criticize my writings or support it as well. Oh, this is also a flowing-mind article too, if you can easily get bored by reading don’t read this article ever. This is an article of atheism that made by an Indonesian Muslim geography student that you might never read that combination before.

Before I start here is a cheeky quote :

People are always changing. As a young generation in Indonesia I see how people of my generation are changing. We born with some religious stuffs and also some scientific stuffs. We are learning a lot more about those scientific stuffs day by day and less about those religious stuffs. I am not saying that being religious is irrelevant with science growth, you can define by yourself. But young people nowadays grow with excellent education, or you can say in a religious way as worldly education. That worldly education teaches us many…

View original 827 more words

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24 Sussex Drive in a sorry state — but will it ever get fixed?

Umm it is a Heritage Building if there ever was one – and modern fixtures are a retrofit project challenge. but ah can’t have whoever the PM is, living in a house that fails building codes….


Whoever ends up becoming prime minister on Oct. 19 will need to consider if living at 24 Sussex Dr. is advisable. The home is in desperate need of repair.

Source: 24 Sussex Drive in a sorry state — but will it ever get fixed?

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Women of #ELXN42: Up for Debate

in his first term, he removed “equality” from the Status of Women, slashed them from 17 offices to 5 and caused a massive de-funding of social groups – women’s community centers – across the country.

in his second term, the minister of status of women, reopened the abortion debate

something Canada has been so horrified by the American pubic “debate” that we decimalized it and made it a medical procedure administered by Health Canada.

Please see:

Source: Women of #ELXN42: Up for Debate

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Not all colon examination is scientific

Is there any demographic more obsessed with anal penetration than heterosexual males?  I really can’t think of any, even gay men.




Photo post by @Dustpiggies.

Source: Not all colon examination is scientific

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A crack in the fracking pipeline: Coastal Gaslink changes its plans

Every time I hear about “pipeline” or bridges from the mainland to one of the islands off the coast; all I can think is – global techtonic plate boundary


Seismically active is not the place to locate radioactive or Mass Disaster fixtures that will break and cause widespread damage and ecosystem Loss.

At some point we have to say – no more concrete, there needs to be wilderness and human free zones. not all life is about us, eh?


Source: A crack in the fracking pipeline: Coastal Gaslink changes its plans

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