Prime Ministers vs Emotion: #CryingIsManlyAF

Criticism of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s emotions sparks hashtag #CryingIsManlyAF
Criticism of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s emotions sparks hashtag #CryingIsManlyAF

John A. Macdonald statue removed from Victoria City Hall | CBC News

7 days ago – A statue of Sir John A. Macdonald was wrapped in foam and strapped to a flat-bed truck on Saturday morning to be placed in storage. Victoria …

Victoria’s mayor tells Ontario it plans to keep removed Sir John A …

4 days ago – Victoria’s mayor says the city has no intention of getting rid of the Sir John A. Macdonald statue that was recently removed from the steps of city …

‘You can’t erase history’: McKenna weighs in on removal of statues like …

3 days ago – READ MORE: Plaque that replaced John A. Macdonald statue outside Victoria City Hall already vandalized. “I’ve tasked them to look at how do …

Vandal scrawls ‘1984’ on plaque that replaced Sir John A. Macdonald …

4 days ago – VICTORIA — An offer from Ontario to find a new home for a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald has been declined by the city of Victoria.

Vandals spray-paint statue of Sir John A. Macdonald in Montreal | CTV …

20 hours ago – An anonymous group of “anti-colonial vandals” has spray-painted a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister and an …

23 hours ago – WATCH: A group claiming responsibility for defacing the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald in Place du Canada is hoping the city of Montreal will remove the monument from the park. A statue of Sir John A. Macdonald located at Place du Canada in downtown Montreal was vandalized

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Our Daily Elvis or August 18, 2018

Our Daily Elvis

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Elvis

Daily Elvis: August 18

Click the above for the complete Daily Elvis posting

The Updated for 2018 are:

  1. Added the Elvis Era Headers to the original post,
  2. Our Daily Elvis, along with:
  3. the following updates to the original Daily Elvis Post:

Tupelo, Mississippi


Memphis, Tennessee

1949 – 1977

August 18. 1952

Just days after being fired from the Grand Ole Opry because of his drinking, and at the exact time he would have been singing at the Ryman Auditorium if he hadn’t been dismissed, country music singer Hank Williams was arrested in Alexander City, Alabama for being drunk and disorderly.

The Sun Records Rockabilly Era

August 18, 1954

Elvis Scotty and Bill played Bellevue Park in Memphis.

The Presleys lived at 2414 Lamar Avenue, rented til the end of 1954 to mid-1955

August 18, 1955

The Presleys  lived at  1414 Getwell Street rented…

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What makes Religion legit? belief vs legality?

Spaghetti injunction: Pastafarianism is not a religion, Dutch court rules | World news | The Guardian

The Dutch council of state has ruled that Pastafarianism is not a religion, denying a follower of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster the right to wear a colander on her head in her passport and driving licence photo.

Mienke de Wilde is now considering taking her case to the European court of human rights.

Read the rest by clicking below.

Spaghetti injunction: Pastafarianism is not a religion, Dutch court rules | World news | The Guardian
Back in January 2016, Pastafarianism was established as a legally recognized Dutch religion. I’m not sure why this happened now.
It’s no stupider a source for suspension of disbelief as any other religion.

nathan mckenzie's profile photo

+Charles-A Rovira true, but it’s way fucking cooler. I mean who else’s heaven has a beer volcano and stripper factory
I lost track of the various driver license strainer challengers there were. its still a legal religion in America and other nations, they did not do well in Canada
+Nina K Tryggvason Canadians are too polite to respond to these kinds of insults on their intelligence

+Charles-A Rovira I almost did it myself but didn’t because I thought the government would issue it but then any police would take umbrage at it, so I waited and then someone else in my city did it first – Pastafarian’s fight with ICBC comes to a boil (with video)

Pastafarian’s fight with ICBC comes to a boil (with video)
religion is an insult to intelligence, and it is what drives the anti art and anti science and lacks a sense of humor and perspective, which should make people understand it as the mental illness it is, it meets the diagnostic manual’s definition and meaning of delusional.
In fact, Pastafarianism is an officially recognized religion in three countries—first in Poland, where it became an officially registered religious community in 2014 thanks to a legal technicality, then in the Netherlands this past January. And just this weekend, New Zealand recognized the first legally-binding Pastafarian wedding, officiated by “minestroni” Karen Martyn. – Pastafarianism is Not a Legally Recognized Religion in the U.S. – Atlas Obscura

Pastafarianism is Not a Legally Recognized Religion in the U.S. - Atlas Obscura

here is my 2011 sighting of FSM on the BC coast where I saw the glaciers covered in industrial pollution from the deck of polluting cruise ship to alaska

may everyone be touched by the noodley appendage RAmen



the war on christmas, eh

A blogdex of Very Special Posts, newest to oldest

Coatless Canadians Alaska Vacation 2011 Posts:

Coatless Canadians back from Alaska

Coatless Canadians in Alaska Part 1

Coatless Canadians at the Glacier

Coatless Canadians in Juneau

Coatless Canadians in Sitka (Photos: Bears and raptors)

Coatless Canadians in Ketchican

Coatless Canadians in the Inside Passage (Photos: Orca Whales)

Coatless Canadians back in Canada

Bears Bears Bears – Sitka revisited

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Dear Pope and Paying the Piper, eh?

Will the names of all N.J. Catholic priests accused of abuse be released? |

Will the names of all N.J. Catholic priests accused of abuse be released? |

Nina K Tryggvason

wouldn’t that be all of them and their protectors?

aren’t sex offender registries public in America?

Grandpa R.D.Moderator
Yes, but only if they are charged and convicted or plead guilty.
+decades over due and in more than America and Canada too, but in every nation they operate in, going back more than decades. In Canada, the Residential Schools also have mass graves.
in the 1990s, there was a CBC Canadian miniseries about the Mount Cashel Orphanage called The Boys of Saint Vincents, the American version made it a question, while the Canadian broadcast made it clear.
who cares who they are, haven’t their families suffered enough?????????????
the families have more than suffered enough, it’s why they deserve their day in court, as do the priests, in the perp seat.
because representation without taxation and religion interfering with government secular law also, so they do not get to claim they are an ethical source of morality that says pedophilia is better than abortion or consensual sex between adults in terms of positions or partners. They do not get to cause the education and actual poverty harm to claim charity status while being at odds with secular civil law and the ideals of the societies that cite equality or dignity of persons.
when I spoke of families I was referring to the priests families…why drag them through the mud again……I remembering seeing a doc where they were interviewing guys that came forward saying they were abused….One guy was boo hooing, then the reporter said there wasn’t any more money for victims….that changed the entire view………….
+Pat Eagan the priests who have left their birth families to be priests as adults and are not supposed to have any families of their own? why would you consider them, and why would you do so over the child and teenaged victims and their families? that you refer to as “boo hooing” you are seriously in need of therapy.
Oklahoma school district shuts down after parents threaten trans student
Oklahoma school district shuts down after parents threaten trans student
“One parent threatened the student with a knife.” Good to know not all Americans are irresponsible gun owners eh?
all that over a bathroom
+Billy Robert everyone needs to pee, and no one deserves to be at school scared or hungry, that’s not the way to learn; or work effectively for that matter.
talk about twisted sisters……………..
+Pat Eagan and because this is the real social impact of religious leaders doing what they do at the pulpit in public and what they do when they take their collars off, eh? – Margaret Cho on the pope
+Nina K Tryggvason Well, you call go ahead and ignore and deny the science which undermines the atheist position, but my posts have been consistent with the OP.
+Sakon – +Sakon – I’m merely redirecting people’s attention to the science that’s been established relative to these topics………………… you are trying to redirect people who have more information and knowledge than you want to acknowledge. YOu are acting like you found something out that’s special but really it’s old news that many of us have all ready been there and done that.
+Pam Mitchell I think you’ve used more words and syllables than he will understand
I don’t think that Godbot troll would understand what either one of us is explaining, and we’re telling him the same thing, that even if a man told him the same thing that he’d be able to understand that other people are more knowledgeable than him. at times like these, the only phrase that comes to mind is the PB Shelly one about not trying to teach your grandmother to suck eggs, eh?
+Sakon – nothing you’ve done undermines atheism, Godbot. You’ve upheld your cognitive dissonance and circle jerked your religion to self validate.

+Pam Mitchell Not many atheists here are aware of this research.

+Nina K Tryggvason This research does, in fact, undermine the atheist position.

+Sakon – you yes it does, atheists, no it doesn’t. zero sum stalemate. no need to repeat your circle jerk loop.
pedophile priests put paid to religion, because that is one of the few universal aspects of them, eh. because guess why people to into these jobs in the first place? after being easier than manual work of the era, it’s to get fixed from their desires and instead of a cure, they find community and protection and a target rich environment, predophiles grooming families for centuries and even whole societies into castes. predators are fleecing their host flocks too much, it’s why there’s all the splinter groups and the biggest group growing in the last 20 years is none and its because of the internet.
Pascals wager was end of life drunk bad math ignoring the data-set, putting them as one and cherry picking is hardly new, it/s just trying to sell the product to a wider audience on appeals to fallacy and get alongedness that sound positive but is the same predatory patter from down the centuries. so this delusion godbots have of converting nonbelievers with winning a debate on format and word games is a matter of opinion and rejecting religion is not going to be done on pedantic words, and it’s why it’s the words about sword use is how its spread in reality. which is why it must most be opposed, no ending the world over who has the best single or group of imaginary friends. the observation universe is so much more interesting, than humanity written upon the stars that do not have any feelings about them.
omnism is a meaningless word taking a root and putting ism at the end to make it sound somethingish, then turning interfaith into an advertising line to give the wordism some context. religion is poetry and propaganda and not law nor medicine nor any kind of science. the problem of godbots and Dunning–Kruger effect is that you think you are smart and clever, while being so literal and pedantic at the same time, that you are unable to recognize what actual knowledgeble people sound like, nor are you socially capable of dealing with cunning linguists, being unable to parse tone and subtext, as you only react to the overtext of rejection of your opinion and by extension, yourself.
Why the arguments of the ‘New Atheists’ are often just as violent as religion
Why the arguments of the 'New Atheists' are often just as violent as religion
arguments are not violence, debates are not violence
disagreement is not oppressionatheists do not walk into crowds, scream “for no particular reason” then atheism is old atheism, but spoken instead of being silence by religion for centuries despite all the technology and expansion of the observable universe.

mind the gap, eh

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the clearest path is not always through the mud

more queerbaiting in movies.

it’s not enough for a character to be called gay

when they don’t express it, no more subtexting,

or worse being gay it their only plot contribution

I am looking for queer people as role models

not heteros thinking they are helping to represent

I saw Philadelphia in the movie theatres

the first Big Name Production and it was a soft lecture to straight to not be prejudice and connected anti queer and fear of aids with ethnic bigotry

it’s time for queers to tell queer stories

and we deserve our own celebrities

This Disney movie will include the studio’s first gay character. Played by a straight man.

If you need positive discrimination to land yourself a role, then you need to think of a new career.
I’m sure Jack auditioned for this role and landed it based on talent. Equality means equal treatment.

says the demographic who can’t compete without unfair advantage

and gets all false equivalence when this is pointed out

the oppressor and the oppressee are not on equal footing

Pence whined that there were 12 queer of 240 of the team usa was too many

First I’m from the UK, so I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Secondly I don’t have an advantages. Far from it.
Thirdly, you know nothing about me, or the demographic you think I fill 🙂

British you say? youtube “Yes minister, positive discrimination”

lgbtq needs role models, real ones

that’s why

We need real role models; atheletes, scientists, politicians. Not made up characters.

you misunderstand what discrimination is

how pale male boring

jocks are little different than music or actors

curious you’d favor the traditional bully group

over the theatre types were LGBTQ stereotypically thrive

Im pretty sure I’ve got the definition down, thanks though.

Also not pale 😉 and please don’t assume my gender.

You really need to stop using stereotypes.

Gay athletes show tremendous courage coming, as they face a lot of criticism from fellows athletes and even fans. It shows immense courage to still be yourself in the face of this. That’s the type of role model I would want for my child, and indeed something I try to embody myself.

I also mentioned scientists and politicians….

Are you done trying to be an antagonist yet? Lol

on an article about a hetero playing a queer movie character

you’re being a jock

you lack an irony metre

don’t discriminate against hetero white men
you behave like one, so sharing their label shouldn’t bother you

No one has said gay people didn’t have the opportunity to audition?!

Read your first sentence and think about it applies to everyone and how dumb it sounds. The point is representation and visibility. Gay men are still shamed and ostracized. Placing all these straight white men in as the gay character just reinforces the historical narrative that gay men are too gay to be themselves not only in real life, but especially on TV and movies. I guarantee you this unknown comedian was not the only good actor out of the bunch. It’s more comfortable for studios to have straight men promoting their projects. Realize that

he can’t hear you either over the sound of he got his

so why does the rest of the community complain, eh?

Ooooooooooooooooor he was the best person that they auditioned?

You can’t give a gay role to a gay actor simply because they’re gay? That’s majorly type casting a whole demographic of the acting community and positively discriminating against them.

There are plenty of gay actors out there playing straight roles, and gay roles.

The amount of gay actors playing gay characters in mainstream movies is negligible Mr. Teft. If they were sufficiently considered, there would not be such disproportions

you are the one pretending casting or hiring is about merit or qualification.

you are the one pretending casting or hiring is about merit or qualification.

Why am I a jock? HAHA I LOVE that you called me a jock haha!! God you just love your stereotypes don’t you.

Im probably the furthest thing from a jock there is lol.

Anyway, you’re wasting my time (I mean that nicely) with your trolling and desire to find something else to get offended at. Go enjoy your life 🙂 bye bye

Anyway, you’re wasting my time (I mean that nicely) with your trolling
and desire to find something else to get offended at. Go enjoy your life
🙂 bye bye

Hey, get your own material!!

indeed, hardly a surprise you don’t enjoy your own words or being treated as you behave towards others,

so let’s get really real world

given that western governments are telling refugees that they are not gay enough, how are heterosexuals supposed to know anything about actual queers in their own culture, when they never see them?

if you are not a jock, but are just a jock supporter beta or charlie male given you support science and politics, perhaps you might understand the connection between life and art now?

That has absolutely nothing to do with it, at all.

Im not a ‘jock’ or ‘jock supporter’?…. you seriously need to stop making assumptions about me and trying to stereotype me with destructive labels.

The end of this discussion is that a heterosexual auditioned for the part of a gay character and got the role. It wasn’t handed to him. The most talented actor was given the role based on ability. The actors sexuality did not factor. Which is exactly what equality means.

As a gay man, I’m telling you there are role models out there for young gay men to aspire towards in EVERY area which they may show an interest in.

I won’t be replying to you again as you don’t listen 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend, try to wake up and see good in the world where it exists, instead of waking up and thinking ‘hmmm what can I be offended by today?’

Actually, we do need characters in mass entertainment too

since that is what most people talk about

not just in the art, but the artists creating it as well

“As a gay man, I’m telling you

I won’t be replying to you again as you don’t listen :-)”

you do tell, your lack of understanding the connection between heterosexual government employees and others in society and their stereotypes, as you defend heteros representing queers in entertainments.

“Have a fantastic weekend, try to wake up and see good in the world where
it exists, instead of waking up and thinking ‘hmmm what can I be
offended by today?’”

you were saying about stereotyping?

applying them to a particular person is different than discussing them as cultural archtypes, which is to create a common frame of reference

something circle jerk zero summers are unable to do

We have them.

too few and far between

we are a community that consumes its leaders

That’s silly and untrue.

how many community volunteer groups have you been in?

where they majority rule or consensus decision driven?

with how many chair rotations for representation across the grassroots group?

….and we have them? We have current and historical role models. As a gay man I can assume you that I have role models 🙂

you do assume me quite a bit, its not reassuring

and you got yours, so its good enough for everyone else

is exactly the problem that you are unable to see.

it’s that lack of common ground and empathy, eh.

learned anything yet? because just because you fail to see the connection between representation of LGBTQ in mainstream entertainment by LGBTQ does not mean that the other legit uses of the LGBTQ nation site don’t get that connection, eh.

given that western governments are telling refugees that they are not
gay enough, how are heterosexuals supposed to know anything about actual
queers in their own culture, when they never see them?

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The Deplorables Math is basic

ok so racism, sexism, homo/trans phobias are all ok now because a crap book supposedly says so, when most scholars say it doesnt. yeah, best president for LGBTQ my lily white rear end

don’t be unfair, Trump is dangerously unqualified and horrible for every demographic

even his deplorable base, who vote against their own interest, being the poorest and least healthy of the USA states.

well i was talking about his base in general. a large number are of the hate filled christian sects, using a reworded book to justify that hate

what other groups are in his base?

and they are using it in the original intended version

it was only last century that christians put on the santa claus prosperity veneer

its bronze age religion, no matter what language its tarted up in

not only re-worded, but re-edited for the modern era agenda
it’s quite the edit history of the text,

over the centuries, eh?

the religious are not his only group. not all white nationalists are religious, nor are most of the 1%, other than lip service like 45 himself.

there are several “true christian” faiths that are accepting, supporting and loving. while few, and NONE are big organized groups, they exist, not even counting the UCC congregations (since they are technically NOT christian, but welcoming to any faith, belief that is NOT harmful to others, etc) me personally, i consider myself a deist like most of our founding fathers.

yes, I re-purposed the dire straits song refrain,

and the leaders never believe what they feed the followers.

but my question was who else is trump’s voter base outside of supremacist religious groups?

as i stated, not all white supremacists are religious, and then there are the 1% who are just greedy old white guys generally

okay, so basically Trump supporters are religious white supremacists and non-religious white people out for themselves who benefit from the religious majority of the base.

that covers 90% of them i think,

leaving the other 10% the ethnicities who hate LGBTQ to be white enough and the LGBTQ log cabiners who are bigoted against ethnicities to be hetero enough.

makes a sort of math sense, eh?



Why Calling Yourself A Catholic Is No Longer Defensible
Why Calling Yourself A Catholic Is No Longer Defensible - Godless Mom


post global contact its embarassing these bronze age cults have not been sued out of existance for their social harms, or granted any representation without taxation, since they are operating as charities and acting as private clubs, change the tax status and the poverty problem is solved at the top level, eh?
maybe he should not be making such a happy face with a young boy being thrust into it,
with families being groomed for centuries:
religion is money for nothing and altar boys for free
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Foodie Review: The Chopped Leaf


Today I did an hour’s mall walk at the City Centre Mall in Surrey, then drove to New Westminster, where I brunched at Westminster Centre at a salad bar called The Chopped Leaf.

I waited at the table, while my two Boomer brunchees placed their order. One order was up before they left the till, but I had no idea what they had ordered and he had no excuse to not know who didn’t order, we were the only ones there without food already, but he was just following the shopper/local worker lunch service routine, this being a work day and not a usual brunch day for most people; and for most people, salad as the meal isn’t either, eh?

This was amusing to me, so I advised, “It’s probably hers, but I don’t know what she ordered.”

“Oh,” He said, dropping from young perky cute to bored, he put the bowl back on the waiting pick up area and just stood there.

He got perky cute again when my person was halfway back, so she was still getting her order before she returned to the table, credit for speedy in any event.

Its a millennial restaurant and we were two boomers and Gen X me.

The three different salads enjoyed were fresh, filling and entirely flavorful. Nor were they vegetarian. Although those are good meals to enjoy across the week for food variation.


Welcome to The Chopped Leaf – Fresh & Healthy Food Delivered Fast

Our goal is fast, fresh and healthy food delivered with exceptional timeliness for premium customer service. Raising the bar for fast food everywhere.


PANORAMA VILLAGE. Location. Street: #100 – 15161 56 ave …

Morgan crossing, south surrey



BRICKYARD. Location. Street: #116, 17433 Highway 10; City …


NEW WESTMINSTER CENTRE. Location. Street: 531 Sixth St …


Our menu is a casual lifestyle concept that provides …


SCOTT 72 SHOPPING CENTRE. Location. Street: 7227 – 120 …
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