Timex Sinatra: A Very Elvis Episode

Rook ‘n’ roll singer Elvis Presley, his army stint nearly at an end, is greeted at Ft. Dix. New Jersey on March 3, 1960, by the 19-year-old daughter of Frank Sinatra. Nancy Sinatra was on hand to greet Presley who flew in from Germany for discharge. Presley’s first TV appearance will be on the Frank Sinatra show. (AP Photo)

Rook ‘n’ roll singer Elvis Presley, his army stint nearly at an end, is greeted at Ft. Dix. New Jersey on March 3, 1960, by the 19-year-old daughter of Frank Sinatra. Nancy Sinatra was on hand to greet Presley who flew in from Germany for discharge. Presley’s first TV appearance will be on the Frank Sinatra show. (AP Photo)

The Frank Sinatra show began with Nancy Sinatra greeting Elvis landing in New Jersey, in a snowstorm and would be performed and broadcast in sunny Florida.

TVGuideEPFS sinatra_elvis_2 NancySintra-FrankSinatra-ElvisPresley

Florida was where Elvis caused the riot by standing still and only moving his pinkie finger in the 1950s. Elvis spent some time at Graceland, then took a train to Florida for the show.

erehearsal Elvis-on-stage-at-Frank-Sinatra-show-1960-elvis-presley-9207300-364-500 elvis_sinatra elvisandsinatra aa7fd5eeb44918ad2b113a7106662d85 0314b18c80f6288f6be7d5f353d7e09d 12866666_FrankSinatra_ElvisPresley_xlarge dvd_franksinatrashow_2005


Elvis was back from the army and had not yet been drafted into Hollywood…

51486571fab642788e69a37c47e2a073 Frank-Sinatra-and-Elvis-1965-frank-sinatra-6381382-350-400

1960s Elvis still had more Hair and his movies were old actor careers went to die


Frank Sinatra, Barbara Stanwyck and Elvis Presley


June 24, 1965 – Elvis donated $50,000 to the Motion Picture Relief Fund. Frank Sinatra and Barabara Stanwyck showed up to accept the cheque.


MusicWorld: What is with these snidey Sinatras?


MusicWorld: Sinatra vs Lennon


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Aborted Outing & Resolution

I took my Mom to the 104th Superstore for their sale and they have updated the store.

there is now a security fence, creating a second lobby and a bottleneck for entrance.

My Mom is used to being dropped off – hunting and gathering her own ritual and recreation, so I told her I’d linger at the magazine rack.

Most of the magazines are now colouring books for adults, there was even a Jane Austen one.

The drawings overly complex, like those 1970s stoner posters – and why anyone would buy a book a line drawings when one can print off of the internet.

or learn to draw, not just fill in spaces with tones and shades, primarily

Anyway, I noticed 2 official Elvis magazines, 2 The Beatles magazines and 2 Star Trek original series.. nostalgia of the 60s now includes the 50s…

I did laps around the aisle, so I didn’t have to make eye contact with anyone.

Mom appeared and told me that she wasn’t going to shop, the place was only partly ready for the sales and the in store scanners were not working and just chaos.

She told the Security Guard at the door- seriously, it felt almost like Costco.

But what was he gonna do? he suggested telling the customer service counter woman. but, what was she gonna do?

Dear Retailers: about 90% of thefts are your staff so pay them better and treat them decent and don’t harass the customers. 

So, we left the store.

In the parking lot, I offered help to a tiny elderly man lifting a sack of rice that he was not much heavier than. He smiled and declined and three even smaller women fluttered around him.

Down the road, we made a second stop for bananas and I also picked up 10 bags of Kale chips, they were on sale for a dollar a bag from almost 9.

Buying yuppies food neurotic snacks outside of trendy neighbourshoods, priceless. 

In this parking lot, my Mom chatted with the woman having car door issues parked beside us. She joked about crawling in through the sun roof and my Mom got into the SUV giggling over that. Laughter as they say and strangers often best eh.

Back home, my Mom called the store and spoke to the manager.

He was unaware of some of the issue of very inefficient and sloppy work being done in the store – but aware of the technical issues and there was an acknowledge lack of staff on shift for whatever reasons.

As I had said to the security guard, staff loyalty increases with compensation.

He assured my Mom that she’d be rainchecked, so we’ll see how this plays out on Wednesday – ish later this week.

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The Stage of Social Change

When being gay was a crime: Admitting Canada’s wrongdoing | Metro News

When being gay was a crime: Admitting Canada's wrongdoing | Metro News



first, enough people have to have enough

laws, then enforcement

stormin, normin, performin

as said in the Govtbiz Lingo

society lag, apology and truth and reconciliation

reparations and corrective actions

the shifting of social sanctions and who gets in or out

of polite society

We Demand an Apology Network

We Demand an Apology Network
Liberal government considers apologizing to gay public servants fired during the Cold War | National Post
Liberal government considers apologizing to gay public servants fired during the Cold War | National Post
Justin Trudeau to apologize for historic persecution of gay Canadians

Justin Trudeau to apologize for historic persecution of gay Canadians

‘The Canadian Stonewall’: Toronto police ‘expresses its regret’ for gay bathhouse raids
'The Canadian Stonewall': Toronto police 'expresses its regret' for gay bathhouse raids
Study: Atheists remain the most disliked religious minority in the U.S.


Study: Atheists remain the most disliked religious minority in the U.S.
Study: Atheists remain the most disliked religious minority in the U.S.
  • Jack Carlson's profile photo
    Atheists are not a “religious” minority.
  • John Jainschigg's profile photo
    See? Fractious! That’s why you’re so disliked! (grin)
  • Nina Trygg's profile photo
    legally and technical, we are.. the religion, like the law, is not exactly connected to reality, but only law informs it.

My name is Nina Tryggvason

I am a Canadian and the war on christmas is real


War on Christmas

War on Christmas
HISTORIC DISCOVERY: Physicists 'PROVE' God DIDN'T create the Universe
HISTORIC DISCOVERY: Physicists ‘PROVE’ God DIDN’T create the Universe
Francis: Christians must apologize to gay people for marginalizing them
Francis: Christians must apologize to gay people for marginalizing them
Why LGBT Catholics Are Skeptical Of Pope Francis’ Apology To Gays
Why LGBT Catholics Are Skeptical Of Pope Francis’ Apology To Gays
Leading the Pack tho – and that qualified apology, and no actions at all. 
queer rights, women’s reproductive rights and pedophile priests, in the #1 World’s economy that is accountable to no one but the Pope. 
of which there is a sitting pope and a retired pope… 
dali lami. aga khan and many other would be megachurch caliphates and warlord wannabes
Pope backs apology to gays, but says it’s not just them
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Fragmented Fiction: Found Files





Coffee and bacon.


The scent was heavy in the air. Damn, now the fresh bread smell. I was late.


I sat up, stretched, letting the smells permeate my brain and make my stomach rumble. I reached over and turned off the alarm clock and the scents quickly faded. Now I’d have to actually make some.


I slid out of bed, stretched languidly again then rubbed my eyes as the room lights brightened.


“Lower the light level,” I grumbled, as the house computer complied. “Save the half light settings for wakening, the default levels are too high.”


“Acknowledged,”  came the too soothing computerized voice. “Will this be a permanent setting or just for this morning?”


I glanced down at the alarm clock to reset it for tomorrow and set the time, leaving the scent setting alone, the coffee and bacon worked better than the other morning scents. One of these days, I’d get a single scent clock instead of this fancier multi-cultural clock that had too many options for my tastes.


“Permanent,” I said, the last tendrils of my bad mood eluding me. “Oh, make the shower setting two degrees hotter and save that too. Oh, and start it in 10 minutes.”


I set about laying my uniform components on the bed for after the morning cleansing period.  I glanced at the dark window and felt uneasy, low in my belly.


“Hey, um, about the view; can you make it a beachfront, Mediterranean resort, circa, 1890 BCE?”


The view window flickered on to a gorgeous blue ocean and sky with over dressed but elegant tourists frolicking on the sand and surf.


I couldn’t shake this knowing sense of unease when I couldn’t point to anything specifically unsettled. Life was good and who complained about life being too good?


Crazy people, malcontents, people who liked to do things the hardest way possible. What was the point of that? Same result but more work to achieve it? What good comes from that? Pointless filling of pointless time.


Clean up your body and maybe it will clean out the mess in your mind too. Into the cleansing room and back in the sleeping quarters to pull on my uniform in 15 minutes. Decadent for a workday; but at least I don’t have to commute to another community for work.


I run my hands through my hair and pull it back into a rough ponytail. I Put on my uniform cap and catch my reflection in the mirror as I head out the door. I glance at the cap making a straight line just above my brow and it makes me look more scowling than I prefer, so I give it a slight enough tilt to not be so formal, but not be exactly a jaunty tilt either.


I stepped out of my quarters and into the hallway. Commute to work over that instantly.


I glance around at my neighbors making their trek to the local commuter service. They’d get their breakfast on the train during their rides to their work communities. I don’t envy them, I’d rather not commute and have that time for my self, easier to have work and personal time than work, commute and personal time.


Still, I wondered what it would feel like to have to commute very workday to somewhere else and having actual scenery going by the windows.


A few people smiled and nodded to me, and I returned the greeting with a smile softening my face; while we waited for our respective turns in the elevator to the nearside.


I stepped out of the elevator pod, feeling a tingle of excitement as I stepped onto the nearside street, then stepped sideways to be out of the way of the next elevator pod, and I looked straight up to the dome above and my eye followed the convex curve to the centre of the overdome where the filtered sunlight shown through.


Today, the experience did quell my unease as it normally did. I took a deep breath and air and just held it. I could just taste the city on the air, temperate with modest humidity, faint lingering of ….. anticipation.


I shook my head and pinched the bridge of my nose, maybe I needed a vacation, the sameness was getting to me. Vegout was a serious workplace hazard, and I’d been having a bout of extended malaise; but, if I reported myself, I’d have to take another vacation.


I headed down the street and considered that maybe a change of venue would be better than a change of scenery. I glanced around the surround dome, today the Swiss Aps, dramatic peaks and stunning views.


The view just didn’t ring true with the temperate air, but no one else seemed bothered by the lack of cold air or wind sound. At least, I think that there would be wind in the high mountains, would you hear wind when there’s no trees at altitude for it to rustle in? Or was that just something that they added to fill out the ambient soundtrack of ancient audvids?


Shoving the question aside, I remembered that I was being re-assigned to a new unit today, and I desperate wanted to be assigned to the Outdome Patrol. It was silly and most other people found it boring, the same trees and ponds and environment surrounding Vancodome.


Why work outdome when it was the same day after day, and nothing ever happened out there,  when you could work indome and have a different surrounding every day, even though very little happened indoors either.


It’s hard to serve and protect when there’s nothing to protect from, and the main service is lost pets or kids who wander back on their own or giving directions to the tourists.


I took a deep breath and held it for just a moment, my tongue twitching briefly, and I felt an uneasy twinge that something was missing from the air. Temperate, the same as it always was. But something was missing.


I took a hesitant step onto the walkway and shook it off, probably just nerves about getting my new assignment today. Maybe I would get the Outdome Patrol. A jaunty bounce took over my steps.



Outdome Patrol. Pinch me.


I had already suited up and was trying to not wait too eagerly at the airlock. The rest of the team was in various states of dress. I tried to stand still and rocked back and forth from the ball of my foot to my heel, with a little bounce on the ball every third rock.


My leg muscles vibrated, it seemed like energy was coming up the floor, through my legs, potential energy to power me forward. I had butterfly twinges in my stomach. I shook my arms to let excess energy spill out my fingertips.


“Relax kid,” came the gruff voice. “We’re not due out for another half hour. You’ll be too tired from that nervous energy to get halfway out.”


I looked at Patrol Captain Jareth; still in his under garments. I gave him a self deprecating smile and removed my helmet.


“Just excited, Sir.” I stood still in informal attention. “It’s my first time outdome. I’m excited, not nervous.”


Captain Jareth gave me a hard look up and down. “Excited? Most Patrollers think of outdome patrol as punishment, Corporal…?”


“Mitchell, Sir.” I supplied, “Corporal Kelly Mitchell.”


“You seem ….” Captain Jareth trailed off as he looked hard up and down me.


“Eager Sir?” I offered.


He nodded and a faint gleam glinted in his eyes. I was sure that he understood when his face softened and his shoulders relaxed.


“Finding Indome a little too routine?”


“Yes, Sir,” I said, the words more a sigh of relief than rote respect. I hesitated and studied him. He was tall and well formed, handsome in an unconscious, unstudied manner.


“Not that I mind routine, there’s a certain, comfort in it, sir,” I tried to give words to feelings that I had barely begun to understand myself; but was treading too close to being at risk of evaluation and being placed back on vacation status if I spoke too closely and freely. I held back and steeled myself and face.


Captain Jareth’s similarly stiffened and became the formidable caption of Outdome Patrol. “Why not do a gear check, you don’t want to be caught unprepared when you’re outdome.”


An excited wave flexed through my body, the energy and bounce returned as if it had never drained away. “Sir! Yes, Sir!” I barked, and raced to recheck my gear for the fifth time.



Airlock W-G1. I was standing in formation with 5 other patrollers and Captain Jareth. The air was metallic with a faint oil smell. Everyone else wore their helmets, but I breathed deeply. It was so different than the indome air. It was cooler and that metallic oil smell was so unusual and meant danger to me that it would become such an arousing odor so as to border on fetish; sex was never as good as when it was in an airlock.


Captain Jareth hit the exit button and the external airlock door opened.


The metallic air rushed outward and the green fresh air rushed in. I still held my helmet in my hand, as I drank my first fill of pungent outdome air.


Captain Jareth waved us out and grined large when he saw I was still not wearing my helmet.


“I’ve never seen a first timer go without helmet before, most veterans don’t.”


“I can’t imagine why sir.”


“The outdome air isn’t filtered, it’s overwhelming to most people.” Captain Jareth’s fingers briefly touched the release button on his own helmet, but didn’t depress it.


I inhaled a deep lungful of air, the loamy forest, the uneven temperature filling me in hollows that I didn’t know were empty inside me.


I became aware of the variety of sounds – actual wind, birds, and no machine drone, clanks or even regular tempos of walking.


I reached out a hand to the outside of the Outdome to steady myself. My shoulders curled forward and I stooped forward as my body spasmed just slightly with vague cramps.


“It’s a lot to take in at once, maybe you should put your helmet on, Corporal.” Captain Jareth said, “You’re no good on patrol if you faint from sensory overload.”


I straighten up and stretched myself wide, shoulders back, legs straight, arms outstretched, and shook off the sensations.


“If it’s okay Sir,” I said, “If regulations allows, I’d rather patrol without the helmet, I feel I can be more aware of my surroundings without it.”


Captain Jareth removed his helmet and placed it on a shelf, just inside the airlock.


“Regulations do allow it, but like I said, most vets keep their helmets.”


I placed my helmet beside his and stepped outdome again. The airlock door rolled back into place.


There was nothing between me and the outdome air, and instead of feeling small and afraid, I felt energized, excited, if I dared to say it, natural. It felt right in a way that indome air didn’t; despite the almost overwhelming smells and sounds.


I looked through the dome back to my home, it seemed small all of a sudden, as small as a dome of 250,762 permanent inhabitants can be, anyway. A larger of the moderately sized domecities, huge compared to the dometowns that dotted the landscape between domecities.


I heard a twig snap and spun to see Captain Jareth striding after the patrol team. I moved quickly to catch up, fighting hard against the urge to just stand and sway in the breeze and just drink in all the sights, sounds and smells of being outdome.


Outdome was always going to feel more home to me, than my indome home and I never imagined how far apart I truly was from the people indome. The only people that anyone was or knew of.


For the next few cycles, life was as good as I had ever known it to be. Outdome patrol was just what I needed to fit in, to be content and happy the way that everyone else was. Except that I was only ever really happy when I was outdome.


Captain Jareth didn’t usually leave his helmet on the shelf with mine, as it turned out, it made my fellow patrollers uncomfortable. It made me different again, so I started to wear my helmet when I was on patrol and only removed it when I was alone outdome, leaving the helmet to dangle from a belt clip.


It felt wrong …somehow… to be outdome with a helmet, but at the same time, I didn’t want to make my fellow patrollers uncomfortable. I needed to show that I could be part of the team, or face another evaluation and vacation again. Maybe even be mustered out of the Patrol ranks altogether, into another profession. I couldn’t stand that.



The conference room was strangely silent for all the Patrollers crammed into it. Breathing reverbed off the chamber walls, and faint schuffling of boots and chair legs across the floor. Sixty of us jammed into a room made for forty, making no conversation and less noise than we had a right to.


Captain Jareth gave me a wink across the room and I nodded and smiled back. No one knew why so many patrollers had been called in.


The Brass door slide open and every patroller stood as upright and at attention as was possible in the press of bodies. Commissioner Vargas entered the room, flanked by some other higher brass that I didn’t recognize and an administrator.


Commissioner Vargas looked grey and grim. Dark circles under her eyes and her uniform was unpressed, looked slept in if I didn’t know better.


Commissioner Vargas remained just inside the door, as if she would collapse against it at any moment, and needed the support of something solid nearby. I looked closer and realized that the Commissioner had not slept very long or comfortably in her uniform after all.


“We’re going to be doubling up Outdome Patrol, and this means calling in the indome Patrollers for outdome duty,”  Commissioner Vargas barely uttered, but was clearly audible over the silent assembly. Commissioner Vargas continued, expecting no interruptions and receiving none.


“An outdome guide group has gone missing.”


The rest of what Commissioner Vargas said was lost in the sasps, confusion, shock bordering on outrage that followed this unthinkable statement.


The officers looked to Commissioner Vargas to quell the wave of sound, but she stood quietly, allowing the words and their significance sink in and the shock and denial fade away.


“An outdome guide group failed to re-dome at their scheduled return two hours ago. The Guide Company waited an hour and sent out two experienced guides to check the return path to verify a delayed return, and there wasn’t a trace.”


I felt a vibration on my wrist and looked down at my comscreen to see the guide group details.  Trail map, profiles, even some of the tourist’s comchatter and images. How did a group that had retained contact gone missing? Worse, why was there a six hour window between their last communication traffic and the Outdome Patrol being notified of missing tourists? How do tourists go missing when they have an experienced guide and connected coms with them?


“You have all been selected for a search and rescue outdome mission, the details are being downloaded to your coms. Captains have the squad missions and parameters.”


Commissioner Vargas rubbed her eyes, she seemed to age a decade before our eyes.


“We are not a commercial dome, I don’t need to remind anyone of that, we are a tourist dome primarily, we can’t have tourists go missing. We have to find them, this is a rescue mission. Form on your captains in the quad and go find those tourists.”


The room emptied, quickly and orderly. I lingered a moment and watched indirectly as Commissioner Vargas slumped to a chair. I hurried to join my squad.

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9/22/2016 – I made a phone call

I fear the phone. PTSD… occupational hazard.

Today, I made a phone call to the office of a former Medical Specialist who is retiring.


Canadian Mint employee accused of smuggling $180K of gold in his rectum
Canadian Mint employee accused of smuggling $180K of gold in his rectum
see also:
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When Cognitive Dissonance Poofs

Being rude, sneery or snide is not sarcasm.

Sarcasm is the highest form of humour, because it involves teachable moments.


Atheist Republic

Shared publicly  –  Sep 11, 2016

Why is that liberals are more likely to be vegetarian?

Brandon Tibitts

Sep 11, 2016
Where vegetarianism is a split party issue, people who use coercion and threats to either bend you to their point of view or destroy your livelihood, are usually dietarly outspoken and polar political.

Michael Mcguin

Sep 11, 2016
Are we? Never knew that….lol

Nina Trygg

Sep 11, 2016
sensitivity to cruelty and ineffectual knee response. it is stage one of being More Pure Than Thou

Liberal guilt and the false assumption that finding something to be superior about will change how things work.

Maximilien Robespierre

Sep 12, 2016
Well as a liberal and a critical thinker I don’t see the two connected. But any atheist worth their salt should only do things that are rationally justified, however I have yet to hear a rational justification for eating meat. On the contrary most of the time I debate meat eaters it is like debating a Christian

Nina Trygg

Sep 12, 2016

+Maximilien Robespierre our teeth show the ripping and chewing, and it’s what primates do

Maximilien Robespierre

Sep 12, 2016
+Nina Trygg how is that related to rational thought?

+Maximilien Robespierre it is the thought itself of understanding biology.

We are omnivores…. it is what it is…we eat what we can catch or find

+Michael Mcguin yes and being able to use more food sources, meat protein, allowed our brains to evolve and we mastered fired to cook it and render that and other foods safe and eatable.

Maximilien Robespierre

Sep 13, 2016
+Michael Mcguin supermarket
+Nina Trygg how again is this related to rationality? You are all making attempts to use biology to justify eating meat. I thought the rational brain is what separates us from the other animals on the planet?

+Maximilien Robespierre how are you not understanding that rationality arises from reality and understanding that? your resistance is cognitive dissonance and you are transfering to me rather than the words or the exchange.

I thought that was the end of it, but today – September 21, 2016:

+Nina Trygg How am I demonstrating cognitive dissonance?

+Maximilien Robespierre emotionally clinging to your position, ignoring facts as they exist and are agreed upon by others.. it’s so textbook that I almost blogged this post.

What facts? Please present facts and we can discuss them.

Nina Trygg

+Maximilien Robespierre no. I can’t do circle jerks. re-read the thread.

You are talking about past actions regarding cooking. I am talking about rational justifications. If you can’t provide any then just be honest enough to say so.

Vegans are every bit as unreasonable as christian religotards. Sadly.

+Michael Mcguin well, being the butt of the joke, especially as others are clearly getting it or are openly in on it, is a difficult place. so you have to respect that journey to the punchline finish.
Also vegans play more pure than thou vs vegetarians. it’s the closer the degree the higher the disgust factor.
I’ll stand with my wife on this…she eats a diet based on (deleted) regime, and at 55 has the figure and health of an athletic woman 25 plus years her junior….and still rocks a bloody bikini…or less…on the beaches in summer

+Michael Mcguin the article is unscientific and cherry picks data from journals about the problems of too many carbs. Can anyone please present a rational argument in favor of eating meat?

+Maximilien Robespierre can you offer a rational argument to not.?

That is shifting the burden of proof. It is like saying do you have evidence that God doesn’t exist?
If you want reasons then sure. We don’t need meat for protein. We can get it from plants without the negative side effects like high blood pressure and stroke. Eating plants has less impact on the environment regarding co2 and water. It is irrational to use an inefficient system when a more efficient one exists.
Read more

+Maximilien Robespierre we are omnivores . Thats how we evolved. To eat what we could catch or find.

That is a naturalistic and traditional fallacy. It is like saying slavery was part of our society then we should do it today.

Ill happily eat meat and enjoy doing so…

 The fact that people can live healthy lives without meat proves that meat in mist cases is not necessary
One of the greatest atheists Sam Harris presented these arguments much better than I can. If you care about truth I recommend checking out his video
if a rapist said they enjoyed it would you regard that as a rational justification? Btw I’m just using that as an example before anyone looses their mind
+Maximilien Robespierre non-proportional examples, strawmen and appeals to authority… classic classic classic
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Airbnb: The Hospitality Industry’s Uber

Hotels, Motels and B&Bs – regulated industries are being Ubered by Airbnb:

Airbnb.ca – Airbnb – Official Site‎

Worldwide Accommodations Leader. Find Unique Listings in 34k Cities!
15,000,000+ Guests Booked · 24/7 Customer Service · 1,000,000 Unique Listings



Airbnb Sublets


Airbnb Sublets in over 5,000 cities means you’ll be at home anywhere in the world. New York sublets · Barcelona sublets · Florence sublets · Athens sublets.


The other issue is people who sign up to do these things, not paying the taxes on the income, or being cheated themselves or, as with Uber, sub-contractor quality varying widely – from Bigots to Murders and rapists next?

Gay Star News
Transgender traveler rejected with message: ‘I have a 13 year old boy going through puberty. I don’t want him to feel any discomforts in his own home’
Nina Trygg's profile photoJoan Poh's profile photo
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The last time I stayed at Vancouver, I rented the basement suit of a married couple (both ladies) who made it clear in their Airbnb profile. They weren’t around though because they went off on a trip to the US but we had a great stay at their place.
Read more

+Joan Poh they are like Uber. doing a dodge around the regulations and tax system… and showing the problem in society that the business world has not been dealing with

+Nina Trygg
If I remember correctly, there were some issues too in the US where a bakery refused to accept the order for a wedding cake meant for a gay wedding. I think there wasn’t much the couple could do either, just take their business elsewhere but sheesh…still don’t understand why people insist on being so mean to their fellow humans…😦

+Joan Poh the Christian Business Model: Open a Business, Declare you won’t serve any demographic, Close Business, wait for Hater Community Crowdfunding.
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