America and Canada Census: LGBTQ edition


No, I can’t explain the why of groups of people that I do not belong to, nor share their goal.

I don’t believe it’s literally the worst place

your question arises from not only fault assumptions

and is emotionally loaded and ridiculous on it’s face
in the all or nothing, best to worst lurch,

America of 2018 is what your founding fathers most feared

a religious robber baron buying the oval office

America might have been the prefered nation of migrants

but in 2017, people began walking out of America

through potentially deadly snow, to Canada

something Canada law never considered

and the American self image never did

so you want to ask a question with substance

or indulge yourself in a dom/sub zero sum flame war

of my country is better than yours

because, going by UN lists, America does not measure so well for a while now, in terms of poverty levels, health, education and living standards.


There are at least 11 million LGBTQ people in the United States

given that LGBTQ have little reason to trust government with their personal data

underreporting is obvious, and even the Government Stats people know

anyway, Canada’s population is 36 million thereabouts

so if even half of the 11 million estimated American LGBTQ apply to Canada as persecuted refugees under humanitarian groups

Canada’s population demographics would dramatically change


Many people feel that it may eventually become unsafe to be listed on a census somewhere as being lgbtq. We don’t know the changes that may come over this country. Who could have predicted Trump as president?


the American Founding Fathers did

a religious robber barron buying the oval office

and Sen Joe McCarthy’s 1950 russia predication

so that’s two

Democrats introduce bill to prevent use of religious exemptions to discriminate

religion is not a get out of or above the law card.

civil rights are not up to individual people to decide because of their chosen religion to withhold from other people


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4 Responses to America and Canada Census: LGBTQ edition

  1. swordwhale says:

    “civil rights are not up to individual people to decide because of their chosen religion to withhold from other people”

    Well said. (I’ll say the same to them about all reproductive care too… “your religion may tell you xyz, but mine says something different, and science has no definitive answer so keep your religion out of my health care…”)

    A large number of us are appalled at the continuing circus in DC… as in why can’t they just stop the (expletive deleted) and get the (expletives deleted) out of office.

    Saw a list of statistics balancing Canada’s health care, social security etc against the US… north of the border is far more enlightened while we seem to have plunged back into the Dark Ages.

    We ARE (to quote Mantis in Infinity War) going to kick names and take ass in the next elections, as well as see any number of marches, demonstrations and other loud protest.

    Carry on Canada. Adore you all, but it’s too cold to move there… 😉


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