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Adult Babies

Juan Manuel Garza16 hours ago Yeah, that’s right ,i remember when the shit was coming down, and then the dumb fuck shot his doctor in the face and to top it off his lesbian daughter is mouthing off now, making … Continue reading

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Sex Ed: is not sexy, it’s scary

https://www.narcity.com/news/ca/on/toronto/ontarios-new-sex-ed-curriculum-criticized-for-skipping-lgbt-issues-until-grade-8 Ontario’s New Sex-Ed Curriculum Criticized For Skipping LGBT Issues Until Grade 8 – NarcityThe province’s new sex education curriculum is facing backlash over its policies. Ontario’s new sex-ed plan, released on Wednesday, is being scrutinized for featuring many of … Continue reading

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Video Games and Equality Rights

More than mere hand eye coordination and pattern recognition, along with the desensitized to violence, as was the concern about video games in the 1980s. ,in the modern era that games always include gang rape as casual backstories and canniablism; … Continue reading

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It should be Cause and Results, eh

Not caused by people touching their own or other people’s genitals.https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1069580/yellowstone-volcano-warning-eruption-imminent-nature-key-clue-spt Yellowstone volcano WARNING: Eruption IMMINENT after ‘nature provides clue’ | World | News | Express.co.ukNATURE will provide a key warning sign over the Yellowstone volcano’s imminent eruptions, according to … Continue reading

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Why Words are nothing, Actions Everything, eh?

Melania Trump announced she’ll address a cyberbullying conference. Twitter cracked up. Nina K Tryggvason • 5 days ago Maybe she can plagiarize something else of the previous First Lady the only actual scandal free first family and for two terms … Continue reading

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Government vs Theocracy

Gay couple denied a marriage license by local county clerk in New York Nina Trygg • 7 minutes ago yet another government employee following orders rather than the law of the land, eh. Heidi Gonzalez • an hour ago she wouldn’t issue the license … Continue reading

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Coded Language vs Language: Moving to Meaning

You can have your wedding at this couple’s farm. Then they’ll donate profits to hate groups. aagold76 . • 17 hours ago I’m sorry- the minute they refused the first couple should be enough to defer same sex couples from booking this … Continue reading

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