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John Boehner’s House of Shame

Originally posted on Social Justice For All:
Just when you thought the country was able to finally get the rancid taste from the Tea Party out of our collective mouths, the Teahadists have brewed a particularly wicked, hypocritical, and inequitable…

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Dilbert: The Complete Series Review

This 2 season series is based on the newspaper comic strip. Scott Adams was the first stipper to put his email address and do a newsletter. He marketed the hell out of the cartoon. The tv series however was  different … Continue reading

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The original Girlfriends breast cancer spread

in 1998, I submitted the 2 breast cancer articles to Girlfriends magazine. The timing was perfect  they were planning a whole feature section and this is it. The reprint only included 3 of the original articles. it was interesting to … Continue reading

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I just want….need

to know and feel like   things will eventually be okay again     heavy sigh

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Survival Instinct Has Died

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:
I think that with over 6 billion people on the planet and no natural predator, that our individual survival instincts have become dulled, if not eliminated. I used to think that it was pure…

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NDEs, Aliens and Satanic Abuse

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:
The overlap between “near death experiences”, alien abductions and Satanic ritual abuse survivors is curious. And not just because a lot of people who claim the experience all have a book to sell you…

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In the good ol’days

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:
Nostalgia A lot of people look to the past with rose-tinted glasses because they find the modern world too rushed, uncertain and confused. Too much change, too fast change, and too little spare change.…

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