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FlickViews: Rebecca: Pretty Women 1.0

Hitchcock’s first Hollywood Film. Mrs. Danvers is possibly the most evil screen villain.   I always thought her coaxing the second Mrs. de Winter out the window was an astonishing scene. Sadly, it takes place every day on line. People … Continue reading

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LezLit: The Diaries of Anne Lister

Step aside Mr. Pepys – there is a much more interesting diary to be found.   Anne Lister wrote 10 million words in a neat script and wrote in a unique code the more saucy parts. She opens a while … Continue reading

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Living Well: Morning Cuppa

“Tumble out of bed, stumble to the kitchen, Pour myself a cup of ambition yawn and stretch and try to come to life…” 1 large mug dash of cinnamon dash of coaco coffee to fill just enough under the rim … Continue reading

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Dear Universe: introducing ElvisWorld!

the 1950s current era  Sputnik is humanity’s technological signifance and the USSR vs USA space race is on. Elvis the Pelvis launches a public debate about sexuality and racial segregation and the culture wave went around the world. the beat … Continue reading

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Brainworld: Sourcing Light

Our brains collate all the sensory data – and the type of the data that is collected determines the brain response.   Reading a book – a paper with black ink is the most restful and least stimulating in one … Continue reading

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StageWear: Elvis vs Liberace

Liberace is correct – he was ONE of the influences on Elvis understanding of spectacle.   Country and Western had a style of sequins and suit decorations too:   Hello Mr. Lacker. My name is Michael from Fort Worth, Texas. … Continue reading

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Society: Class vs Classless

America rejected European nobility in favour of restarting the socio-economic class race with the robber barons. …so we get Paris Hilton as a result of inbreeding instead of Prince Charles …. I feel bad for Charles. a whole life spent waiting … Continue reading

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