When attacked, Defend, eh


Nina From Canada, eh
dear women, make a kick motion, the man will protect his penis, so kick him in the knee and when he bends further to protect that, smash his eyes and then run before he hits the ground ,eh

Marsha Albaugh
+Nina From Canada, eh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘

Nina From Canada, eh
+Marsha Albaugh make sure to stay on the correct side of the law, continuing to kick him after that, changes the legal criteria of equalization of force.


In the afternoon, at the campus of the university of British Columbia, I tailgated into the lobby of the student dorm because I was too cold to stand outside on a dry sunny day. So I thanked the ubc female presenting student, and identified myself as an unrelated to a y student adult who will wait for my party to return there. She was surprised by my disclosure, so it was a good teaching moment.

Then I explained to my friends about the ubc engingering department traditions and pranks, the students have no idea about the lady Godiva ride. I did biohazard and quantum.gag past the hard science building vs, and the contrast between the few original ubc building, newer and ongoing construction is striking.

The second thing I explained is that at 50, I am a rare woman who has never had an uninvited person in my bed, and nothing being raped in childhood, or as a teen or adult woman, is the most bizarre disclosure, because the unpredictable reactions if anger and disbelief by woman, to anger and accusations of me being untruthful or a liar. I never tell them, that at under 5 I also scared a adult male bisexual predator, who dated women with low self esteem and nieces and nephews, after family, it is family friends, then the coaches, teachers and preachers.

The predatory professions in target rich environments. And at 12, I used the same tactic, recognizing the facial expressions of someone who expects to do what they want, anything up to murder to disposal of body or parts thereof. That serial predator was Clifford olson. He put his hand on my arm and I said my mother is already looking for me.

That adult man spoke to me for long enough for twenty adults to walk by, such was the way no one questioned how or who adult males are talking to. It took less time for him to let go of me and become fearful than it took for you, reader, to finished that sentence, if that or the word is the measure of how you read, eh. So that makes a third, at last, eh.

The raw recovery specialist and the agoraphobic philosopher, nina the gen x dyke from canada, eh