Marketing & Promotion

Marketing and Promoting Yourself as a writer

Flash Forward and Suzanne Lyons

Be a subject matter expert blogger – book reviews

Leveraging Social Media – bonus social media tip videos from Suzanne Lyons, Snowfall Films & Flash Forward Institute

Facebook Fan Club

Fanclub Newsletter vol 1

Fanclub Insider View # 2

Fanclub Newsletter vol 2 – high school acting/writing origins (teen poet blog link)

Social Media – Facebook groups and pages – Bonus: Inside Nina’s Fan Club – view #3

Social Media – Fan Clubs – Vicki Wagner

Fanclub Newsletter vol 3 – Career Planning  and …

Social Media – Publicity plus support – networks – professional becomes personal

Dreams, Plans and Reality

Professional relationships and networking

The future of autographs – & gaining fans (Shut in Stand Up)

Fan Club Newsletter California Dreaming

Public Image and Fan Clubs

Fan Club – Oscar Fantasies

Writer Seeks Audience

Industry Networking – support, supporters and all types

supporting your artist community – Monkey See, Monkey Do

Social Media and Viral campaigns

Marion Zimmer Bradley – why not to meet your heros  – & how not to be

Shut In Stand Up – Now available in memes

Does It pay to Advertise in the Big Picture?

professional networking – Random Connections

Fan club Newsletter 2.1  Hitchcock, serial killers and Film School

I could be like Xena – got the sword…not just saying

Volunteering – the rewards and rewarding experiences

Inside the Writer’s Process – fan club insider view

Encountering Famous People

Social Media as a broadcast medium

Making It…

Public Speaking, Speaking Publically, Speaking in Public…

Coke Comes Clean – global marketing strategies

Dreams and Realities

Fanclub 2.2 – Raw Recovery Specialist feature

The Writing Process informs the Recovery Process

Facebook Fan Clubs and Pages – social media marketing – Waking Up To Likes

Marketing is Hype – Media Literacy is a choice

Leveraging Social Media – Blow Your Own Horn or work with partners – support network

Nina on blogging

Maximizing your fan base – using fan clubs

Heart to Heart

About Dennis Hiatt, a zoetrope writer pal

Script Readings and event planning: Screenplay Sample: Geek World

Happy Elvis Death Day Contest

Coming Posts!

The Kathy Griffin Post – 1.0

Tomorrow Topic Preview!

My semi-Pro Acting Debut

Blog Stunt Cancelled

Vicki Wagner is number ONE of 100!

Artist Support Shared:The Bride’s Wedding

The Desert Peach: Kickstarter Started!

Vlog Updates to the following posts:  ( The 2 above)

Featured Artist: Vicki Wagner

Andy Kaufman: if anyone would have….

Tesla: How a meme is created

Thanks Syd Field

Socializing on Social Media

Celeb Campaigns: Cali calls out the bullies

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