Elvisverse: Elvis and Lamar Fike

Lamar Fike was a Big Boy DJ in Texas, who by his own account, upon hearing Elvis – left the studio mid platter and drove to Hollywood.

Lurker Lamar and Elvis

Where: he met the King and got to join as Court Jester.


Fike was heartbroken to be too fat to sign up to play soldier with Elvis, be he stayed faithful and was rewarded with atmosphere bits in Elvis movies through the 60s. I think he took on a role as lighting director or something on the 70’s tours…..



anyway, one time, Lamar got to be a very unique part of the Elvis stage act


Monkey Elvis Lamar 1

Elvis rode Lamar on stage to reveal

Elvis with BackMonkey


is there a better image for drug addiction really?


Johnny Cash High


Lamar Fike was a major contributor to the Elvis by Albert Goldman book.

Which was a greater character hatchet job on Elvis than the Rupert Murdoch published “Elvis What Happened?” aka “The Bodyguard Book” as told by Red West, Sony West and Dave Hebler.


Fike also regularly contributed to Alanna Nash’s books.






see also: my review of her “Baby Let’s Play House.”


I was recently a member of an Elvis book group and I shared that review and Ms. Nash saw it and naturally took exception. That’s okay. I am still a fan of hers and will continue to buy her books. Normally they are of a academic standard and I think the excellent alt view of Elvis she presented by diminished by the Dr Phil Bumper Sticker School of Psychological crap.

Plus, your work is ultimately, only as reliable as one’s sources, eh?



Anyway, Elvis offered to pay for gastric bypass surgery for Lamar as a means of testing the waters for himself.


Much like he got George Klein to get an eye lift before Elvis did himself.



Lamar Fike passed away a few years ago and he was a popular speaker on the Elvis global tour circuit of fan festivals.







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