Ponderables and Pacings

Agoraphobic Philosopher’s Diary of Ponderables and Pacings

I started this diary to document when I actually left my house. but it’s expanded into just the daily existence of being agoraphobic and socially disordered….

but now it’s morphing into what I am pondering and meditating on…

this is a start to finish – top to bottom listing of posts

Number 1 – Feb 16, 2013

Number 2 – Feb 17, 2013

Depression – symptoms and side effects

From Time Management to Managing Time

Burn out, rust out, flame out, over and…

Digitalhood Peeps

Oh Canada …Facepalm

stories we tell ourselves

The Wally Way

Hello? Is this reality

Number 3 – Feb 21, 2013

Number 4 – Feb 23

Random Connections

Cathartic releases (including AD #5)

# 6 – nature and nurture?

#6 b – errands and laundry

#6 c – life is beautiful

Number 7 – Feb 28

Yay for the internet

Nothing Thrives in Captivity

Triage  context and circumstance dependent

Agoraphobic Philosopher – volume 1

Engage the day? (April 2)

Nancy Stewart

viking outing April 2


Heal Along with Nina

Ninabot: sometimes it’s about going through the motions

Theme Song for April 9 – ONJ: Sam

Agoraphobic Diary April 10, 2013

April 16, 2013

Phone Calls

April 22 Today was a family event day


the view from the floor

today’s theme song – If I could see

Rainbow Connections

Dying with Dignity

Shower Ponderings

Note to Self: Draft to develop?

Voyeuristic Living: Scenery – porn for agoraphobics

of memories and memoirs…

May Day

Bubble Worlds

May 1 – Dear Agoraphobic Diary

Agoraphobic Philosopher on Words and Weeds

Illustrated Text

martyr messages

Feeling the Universe

A reflective Life

Extreme Caution = Reckless Endangerment

Finding a common framework

Life Lessons from the 80s

Agoraphobic Diary March 11 – 2 outings

Agoraphobic Philosopher Ponderables…  ADD, sensory inputs and environmental stimulation and engagement

Memes of Me

Reality is: Everything Cuts Both Ways

Observations from the sublime to ridiculous

Journey to Human

Chrysalis not Crystalline

Pet Therapy – The Puppy Pile Mediations

haunting reality check

Backyard Epiphanies

Dreams are imagination

How much we have learned…

The Viking Virtues

Reviewing the Day

Thinking about things

Love Finds It’s Own Level…Like Water

Dreams and Realities

Starting Conversations and continuing them

Hitting a blank state

Sifting Sorting Sieve

Dealing with The Dealer

Gratriology: from fans to mutual admiration

Dealing with Depression   …. or not.. avoiding dealing in reality…..

Today’s Theme Song: I Am A Rock

Life informs Art; Art Inspires Life

The slurry Grind

How does one avoid paranoia?

June 26, 2013 – Agoraphobic Diary

Eyes… if they be windows…if they be indicators…if they be tells…


Kissing Diseases

Losing Support

The idea of forgiveness

Battling Monsters means losing to Bugs

Cathartic Ramblings

Nature and Nurture: herd heredity and family genetics

Oh….. Canada Day, eh?

People who need People

Going Vegetarian

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Art and Science

Agoraphobic Philosopher Ponders Civilization

I’d like to Coach the World to work and play well together

The Waters of Life

Agoraphobic Life Coaching

Thou Wilst – Will and Being Empty of It

Pondering Life…

Greening the City Scape

A Day in the Life of Nina

Pattern Recognition vs Random Chance

Eyes are the windows to the person

Fractal Enlightenment

July 31, Vancouver’s Gay Village just got gayer!

Free Will

Psychology Today: Living and Loving after Intimate Betrayal

Mental Health and The Arts

Art Therapy or Theraputic Art?

Wings That Work

Music Review: Abba The Complete Studio Recordings

An Agent of Change

Gold that stays?      Where Indeed?

Zietgiest Zaps

Mother Nature

March of the Thinking Caps


Springman’s: From Saturn to SAAB

Recovery Process mentors: Jamie Oliver

Nina’s Garden

History is hoaxes or propaganda?

Mona Lisa

Why we can’t work and play well together

Being Close to your Heros

Science Fiction/Fantasy Solace

Honestly: Why are there still straight people?

Raw Recovery on Sleep disorders and Memories

Offlining for an errand


Dear Agoraphic Diary for August 18

YAY me – On the Leaderboard!

Why Silence is Death

Seeing Rightly

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Aug 22, 2013 – Vancouver on Vent Day

Calling for adult legislation

Wisdom from the Great Bard

RR Processing: The Star Trek Holodeck

About the birds and Cats

Making Depression Work for You

If I can Dream

Don’t Shine on Me

The stories we tell ourselves

Workshopping It

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Sept 5 2013


Stopping and Stock Taking

Viking Women

Future Forecasting

Self Reflections and imaged thoughts

Used to…when used to be do not count anymore

Cotton Picking Coal Mining Industry

happy joy luck shirt day

A Gamer Recovery

Agoraphobic Ponderable Lie-In

Lunch at Lesbian Homeland aka IKEA

Let’s Go To The Mall Yesterday!

Craving a Game: The Outing!

The lie I keep telling myself

The Elvis Ripple

creative-procreative impulse

Being Understood: Priceless

Particular Particles: The Metaness of Comparative Comedy

Musicial enjoyment

Today’s Outing was Amazing!

About an agoraphobic Day

it’s funny

note to self: re blog about thick and thin memories

Thinking about Panic Attacks

Earth’s Children… because we all are, eh?

Rainbow Post: The Sunshine Award Explained

Letters from a Skeptic, revisited

The Ex-Pat Concept…. introspection to outrosploration

Columbus can Suck It

Oct 16…hunted and gathered today…..

Shower thoughts

three of 13 things that do not make sense

Lego at the Mall

Proof of Canadian Status

The Problem of False Positives when Pattern Seeking


Real World Realizations

The third dimension

Working through some things… The Depression Formula

Folk Tales are about folks.

Mental Health Trending

6/11/13 – Dear Agoraphobic Diary



The Dentist Paradox

The Agoraphobic Philosopher Paces through exercise tips

The Gratitude Challenge

My fave Patsy Cline Song


The Government and The Tryggvasons

Brains: Plug n Play

We lose to the bugs

To Sleep, perchance to dream, eh?

Imaging Your Body

Recognizing Quackery

Gamer Goodness: The Fallout Franchise

I must not…fear

Goodbye Springman’s Hello Langley Fiat!

Lamenting Lamarck

Facebook: cheaper than therapy

Intelligence and Honesty

Recovery Process Books: Wisdom of the Zen Masters

Word of the Day: Affluenza

My year in review, according to Facebook

The Lessons of Russian Foxes

Freeing Speech

Life Lessons from a Movie About Life

Because I have a stutter: Authenticity

Re-collecting collecting

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Jan 9 2014

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Jan 9; part the second

Aliens and The Drake Equation

My first microscope

Vibrations good and bad

Volcanos a personal interest story

A Peer Amid

Dear Agoraphobic Diary Jan 18, 2014

Pesticides are hormone disrupters. Guess What?

“Cryability” the ability and the inspiration relation recognition

Live Time Internet Events

Dear Agoraphobic Diary for Jan 23, 2014

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Jan 25, 2014

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Jan 26, 2014

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Jan 26 2014

Freeform Ponderables – the Universal States of energy and matter – density/gravity correlations

Mental Health, Humour and Religion

Total Perspective Vortex: Now online


Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Jan 31, 2014

Compassion or Collapse

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Feb 6, 2014

Agoraphobic Diary for Feb 7 2014

Femme to Butch

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Feb 11

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Valentines 2014

Being at the Grocery Store

Poe’s Law and Resolving Cognitive Dissonance


Vancouver Outings: Queen

Why grief is complicated

Pondering “human”

Disaster United

in 46 years

Of Fears and Phobias

Dear Agoraphobic Diary — July 29, 2014

Nina: The Talking To towards With; FAQ

Youth & Enthusiam V. Age & Experience

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – August 6, 2014

Brains: Imagination, Dreams and Consciousness

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Aug 14, 2014

NinaVerse: Previously Unreleased Video! The Punk Rocker Story

agoraphobic realizations

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Aug 21, 2014

Bigotry vs Prejudice

Depression Tactics: Pet Therapy

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Aug 27, 2014

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – August 29, 2014

Mensche Fail: Wiesel the Weasel

Contemplating Joan Rivers

Agoraphobic Diary – Sept 5, 2014

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Sept 10/11, 2014

With All Respect Due to Mark Twain

WordVerse: Words, phrases and verses

Dear Agoraphobic Diary: Joan Rivers Day

Oct 22/14 – Dear Agoraphobic Diary


I am now wishing I had made this newest on top. somehow I didn’t expect to still be scrolling in 2014.

nov 2/14 – agoraphobic diary

agoraphobic diary: two outings

Nov 20, 2014 – Dear Agoraphobic Diary

Conjunction of Function


right, this was supposed to be a diary of when I went out and I didn;t for so many months that I started ponderings to have contents…..


Mutatability the engine of evolution

Ponderables: Relative Relativity


Dec.11.2014 – Dear Agoraphobic Diary

Dec 17, 2014 – Dear agoraphobic diary

Plato’s Cave: Man Cave 1.0?

Variable Brains – running the spectrum

if density is the medium; what is the message?

Living Well: Conquering Phobias

Agoraphobic Diary: Feb 9 2015

Whole Particles

Light is a particle wave

Agoraphobic Diary – March 4 2015

The 7 colours of emotions

Atheism vs Theism



The Road to Rights: Modern Infrastrure Assimilation

see ZA page

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