Hello? America? This is the Agoraphobic Philosopher Calling…

Hello America

this is your final wake up call

you are about to fail your founding fathers

your options are

1. keep going

2. reboot

3. take everyone out with you

there were enough nukes to eliminate all forms of life on this planet in 1986

SIX TIMES OVER and the USA owed 4 of those times

if the UN wants any credibility as a world government or oversight of world governments or whatever it was supposed to be and failed at

seriously. invasion of the US will be needed unless this timeline is changed.

Oooops. I mean unless people speak out now.


facepalm USA



cleaning products are easy to combine to make chlorine gas

and they are available to anyone

at least in Japan, people who suicide that way puts notes on the apartment door and take precautions to ensure no seepage to other apartments

not like that idiot dentist in North Vancouver… 12 years ago… who lit mercury on the stove and killed a half dozen in the cloud vapour radius

oh.. that;s one of those writer type factoids that you are not supposed to share

when you learn about that in world war one history and just following the news trends

product safety right on the labels. learn to read them

I have lost track of how many times I have seen people buying cold medication products in obvious heading to a meth lab

security is not a product – it’s a process of working together

to solve social problems at the government and private sector levels

Batman and Robocop movies are fun. but who really wants to live in that kind of crime world?

let’s see

I used to write – do is done

I kinda like coaching, close to teaching – doing on my blog – check

so done with administration

legislation?….. meh.. too smart for anything as dirty as politics……


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