Nina: The Talking To towards With; FAQ

Hello and Thank You for Contacting Me.



1. How are you?

I do not answer this question or other similar vague blanditries.


2. Where do you Live?

I live in the Greater Vancouver Regional District aka the Lowermainland of British Columbia, Canada in the Pacific Time Zone.


3. Some expression of romantic interest or friendship interest.

For romantic interests, I refer you to The Quest of Tears. There is currently 1 contender.

For Friendship interests – it is better to comment on mutual items of interest on my timeline or join one of my facebook groups


Agoraphobic Life Coaching


Lezflirt International


Flying Spaghetti Monster Rebels and Pirates




my cousin’s fan club – Rhonwen Derbez


other groups are evolving and rotating as I find groups that I find tolerable


I am not rude. I am Canadian, eh?

I am agoraphobic, socially disordered and recovering from PTSD.


I don’t talk to strangers.
I do not relate to other people


I am exhausted by having to explain and re-explain the same information.


so if this offends you, then kindly block me on facebook without any snide or “last words” to set me straight on manners


because seriously


I don’t need to be bullied by whatever you think passes for manners

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2 Responses to Nina: The Talking To towards With; FAQ

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