Living Well: Conquering Phobias

Phobias are fears we learn in childhood.

When I was 3, I went to bed and on the way – I paused to kiss my dolly in her carriage goodnight.

But the doll wasn’t alone. There was a large spider on her face.

unsure of what it was, I called for my Mom.


I starred it and then I heard my Moms step in the hall and she stopped behind me.


then gasped in fear


I turned to look at her


then back to the now running thing that disappeared




no way was I going to bed in a room with a thing that scared my Mom.


my Dad searched for a long time, unsuccessful and yet unable to convince me it was a harmless garden bug.


Making a last plea I said “just check under my pillow.”


sure enough; eh?


I am sure that I slept on the couch for a week.



Since I became fully agoraphobic in August 2010, my relationship with spiders has changed a lot. they are an astonishing species that borders on extremophile.




My Mom just came all upset at me because the vacuum cleaner is downstairs and there was a huge spider on the ceiling.


the most feared place for the frigging things to be, seriously eh!




I took the broom that my Mom feared wasn’t firm enough


when I saw the blurry thing I was suddenly glad to not be wearing my glasses


with an upward stroke, I flipped that thing off the ceiling and onto the underside of the broom.


the spider did a daring web leap, but I was faster and made it bounce off the wooden chair


where slippers with rubber soles make quick work of the stunned


they are a rather delicate species who doesn’t take the bumps and jostles well.



being xenophobic is natural. Mine was expressed by my fear of what I called


The Three S’  – spiders, snakes and sharks


call it limb bias


in any case


I have learned that there is only 1 species to fear


the one I belong to and no longer anthropomorphize


homo sapiens



homo = same


there are no subspecies.


racism is stupid and how the uneducated express their xenophobia







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