I do not use LSD. I only use marijuna

but these portraits make sense to me

the colours and fluidity is emotional and conceptual alterations

as you feel connected to everything in the universe and at peace with the spirit molecule release

When I watched this documentary .. I think it was 2 maybe 3 years ago.. I am unsure

I related to it from the traumatized and smashed personality.

I was so disconnected I thought from everything, but really, everything is too much with me.

Ummm. I wanted to put a link to an article I saw yesterday about Asperberger;s Syndrome may be an overwhelmed of empathy, not a lack of it. But it looks like I didn’t save it in the  Agoraphobic Life Coaching facebook group






Anyway. I remember doing an online Asperber’s test.

Regular people score 6 to 10 and to qualify for the syndrome you have to score 34 at a minium.

I scored 27. I tried to do the test again this summer, but I wasn’t able to answer a single question because I couldn’t understand them anymore.

When I first took the test, it was in reference to the time of the test.

Now when I read the questions, I get confused about WHEN to answer them for.

So that emotional response now confirms my speculations about trauma, emotional management, emotional governance really….

I don;t know if working in so many environments with specific language used was a help to allow my mind to flow between mindsets and comprehension levels

or part of what confused me as to what words meant and how they were being used

for a while, I had a vocabulary of about 34 words

Thanks George Orwell

relearning language from your doubleplusspeak concept was brilliant

base words, modifiers with limited nuance

forced emotions back into concepts expressed by ever more words

Oh, anyway, when I watched the doc, it occured to me, they all had the same experience

they just interpreted through their preferred and life experience limitation

without considering other options

which is that

we are all the same

in the brain

how we understand it

is cultural priming, education and out of our life experience

but more than that

from our own orientation

of either confirmation bias of what we want to be true

or being open to what the experience is and allowing it to unfold

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