the 10% Brain Myth

is the current era’s

Flat Earth Myth

it was only a small group in Europe who thought that

the ancient greeks knew the earth was round

most early cultures thought the world was all between the horizons that they could see

we now have cameras – thanks to Canada, eh – on the international space station

that will be streaming live orbits of earth

we can see the moon landing sites with land based telescopes



As I recall, it was based on a man who was born without significant brain mass and the only intact part of his brain was the outer cortex.


However, the language of the medical industry of the time was not as precise as we would use now.


The single man at issue was able to function at some unknown level of capacity at the turn of the 19th century social functioning.


People tend to not think about when techology and discoveries change things.


The only reason why the Jack the Ripper case is so known today is not that the crimes were horrific. They were a small number of deaths of the traditional sex worker category of victim – one killer of dozens of the day.

The press had a number of sensationalist stories.


The significance of the Jack the Ripper case is that it was the very first crime investigation to use photography at the scene of the crime.


Today, the CSI/Law & Order effect has people so sold on forensic/science evidence that the other evidence types are often lost in the trial.

Often because of legal technicalities to be sure.


in any case, the older the claim the more the context of the time becomes critical in assessing claims.

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