Oh Canada ….. Facepalm

argument vs negotiation



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2 Responses to Oh Canada ….. Facepalm

  1. Bhaga says:

    Aaah! At last I find the place where to write a comment! And i was wondering why I wasn’t getting anymore any emails anoouncing your new posts… then suddenly ten minutes ago I realized why: you had a new blog, and i had never signd up yet for following it!!! So I immediately did, and here I am also doing a little bit of communication with you directly here. Feels good! After several days of no time and no energy for internet activities now that it is mostly outside of the house that i get the needed signal for my USB stick, tonight I am more energetic… Cheers!


    • dykewriter says:

      I lost my password and the 5 blogs that I had under it

      so when I had to start over, I just did them as a megablog

      I have subscribed to your blog, but don’t get the notices there. I don’t know what that’s about

      I have commented on yours, but under a new posting name

      but I don’t remember if I actually told you that dykewriter was me


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