LezFlirt International

I am not a trained counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist.maggie-and-nina-canada-edition 

I am a dyke with strong opinions, practical experience with the subject matter and a peculiar sense of humour.

I will never suggest anyone to cheat on their partner.

Non-monogamy is fine, but my definition of the by DealDropDown” href=”http://lezflirt.wordpress.com/about/#” data-mce-href=”http://lezflirt.wordpress.com/about/#”>word means that all parties involved know about and agree to it beforehand.

My by DealDropDown” href=”http://lezflirt.wordpress.com/about/#” data-mce-href=”http://lezflirt.wordpress.com/about/#”>offer for assistance is limited to getting the person. What happens after that is entirely yours.

I will delete posts that are spam, homophobic or graphic sexual advice or offers.

I am available for one on one flirting. I just like to help others, and so not very humbly, offer this flirt blog.

History of Lezflirt:

Flirting with relationship drama

Lezflirt – from workshop to web

Lezflirt Rebooted

Seeking Friendship First. I like movies and…

Lezflirt Motivational message

Lezflirt: The Inspirational Suzie Sexpert aka Susie Bright

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Who Wore it Leather? Elvis or Eddie Murphy

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Moving Movies: Queen Latifah Does Bessie

RainbowWatch: Ireland proves Green is Gold

Lezflirt Lingo


1. a measure of one’s desirability

2. how fuckable one is

Lezflirt Masterclass: Flirting with Nina

12 inner child

The Random Ntrygg Queer Essay Archive

Queer Blogdex – covering lesbian, gay, bi, trans, kinky straight blogs.

I don’t use that LGBT acronym because it doesn’t sound like people, it sounds like a sandwich: Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon and Tomato – which would be tasty, but not people.

If I could be like Xena

Lavender Menance

Marriage and Legal Equality

Atheists are the New Gays

Xena Season Six

Xena Season Five

Born What Way?

Xena: Season Four

We could end bigotry and oppression overnight

Polyamory vs Polygamy

Xena: Season Three Review

The Lesbian “practically Republican” Housewife

Language Rights Notwithstanding

The Individual as the Social Unit of Consequence

This is what’s fucked up with religion

Trauma Revelation

Pastor waits for Marriage Equality

Xena: Season Two

Fag Hags and Gal Pals

Xena and Gabrielle (Season One)

James C Hormel is my new hero

Conformity and Sacrifice

Never too Late to undo Injustice

Explaining Gay Rights

The Cost of Acceptance

Advice to a Young Lesbian

Queer Robin Hood

Living on a Human Scale, Star Trek Style

How to know when

Is Sexuality a Choice?

Gays can Rule Canada

Military Asks Senate to Repeal DADT


Republican to ReThuglican

Who’s to Bless and Who’s to Blame

Everybody needs somebody to look down on

Yes, It’s Creepy

Forbidden Words

Being Fat

Outing: Politicians vs Celebrities

The Realization Response

The individual as meaningful

Humans by Design

Foundational Morals


TV Made me…

Peacocks and Peahens

Addiction and Personal Responsibility

Advancement of Rights

Leaders and Dictators

Melting Pots and Mosaics

Marriage: Keeping it Yours

Evergreen Guide for Undecided Voters

How Individuals Bring Social Change

Cost of Ignorance

The Season is the Reason

New Atheists vs New Gays


Legal Prostitution is coming to Canada

If You Say it often and loud enough

Virginity vs Virginity

Prop 8 Overturned

To Breed Or Not To Breed

Vatican and Sex Scandals

A TV Show that I would Watch – Dyke pal for the Straight Gal


Our Brain Reward System

For the Greater Good…

Understanding Each Other

The Good Ol’Days

Hate Speech and Crimes

The Fallen and their Family Values

Rights, Religion and Same Sex Marriage

Children die with the G8 fiddles


Why Gay Marriage has NOTHING to do with incest or polygamy

Which Rule Is It?

Bi’s and Gals

Why are some straights paranoid about gay sex?

Assimilation, Identity and Tolerance

Disasters, Politics and Religions

Trolls, Sock Puppets and GodBots

The Right and Left Are Closer Than You Think

Small Random Thoughts

Imposing Morals

Does Discrimination Lead to Terrorism?

hmmmm… this kinda connects dots….


Poe’s Law and Resolving Cognitive Dissonance

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