The Government and The Tryggvasons

What’s he smoking? Crack! Rob Ford: “Yes, One Day I Do Want To Run For Prime Minister” >

First peek at tomorrow’s Toronto Star editorial comic: shared via Meanwhile in Canada -D

Rob Ford for Prime Minister

The facebook inspiration for the below post:

Now a few people following along might be thinking

Nina… how do you think you can be Prime Minister?

well people

because I am not the only person in my family who works or worked for the government

I started out as working poor but my family is like the middle class kennedys

and one of us had a much more public career

my uncle Gus worked for Revenue Canada. he died in 1992, about 6 months after this video on his bathroom floor following a stress/diabetic related heart attack.

My Dad worked for the Forestry Service and Canada Post, he’s retired now and has been off and on the heart transplant list in British Columbia since 2007.

and then there’s Uncle Bjarni.

Bjarni Tryggvason

One of my first published articles in the Simon Fraser Universi ty Student paper

a detailed interview with Marc Garneau about a planned Mars mission in the early 90s

he explained about surfing gravity wells and getting there in 6 months

we talked about sex in space

and we talked about a few other things that didn’t make the article

I had tried to sell the article to the Vancouver Sun, but they passed on it. It was too hard science I guess

Garneau Fave Martian

Marc Garneau

I remember even after Garneau went up

most people in Canada had no clue we had a space program at all

not like now

with Chris Hadfield being the Elvis of space

Chris Hadfield rock starnaught

before Elvis, no one had heard of being a rock star

now everyone wants to be one

no matter what their job is

Chris Hadfield rocknaut

and me…..

Tryggvason v Transport Canada

I became agoraphobic in August 2011.

by January 2012, I was weeks from my own dead on the bathroom floor death at over 360 pounds.

In February, I began the transition to vegetarian and as of November 2013, I am down to 220 pounds.

I also got divorced in 2012 and experienced a further personal setback.

Nina & The Screenwriters workbook

this is me from this very morning.

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