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Population shifts to Atheist

as religious terrorism shuts down new years celebrations around the world there is one very good thing – people are getting fed up with religion and seeing it for the divisive and needless thing that it is Atheists of Mayanmar … Continue reading

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Dubai fire and fireworks

Dubai one of the fasted constructed and created urban centres in the history of humanity. Creating Custom shaped Islands of Pleasure Mansions, and at the fringest, the foreign workers upon who’s efforts all of these modern wonders of massive public … Continue reading

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Sean Carroll debunks the “fine-tuning” argument for God

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:
I don’t know how many readers watched Official Website Physicist™ Sean Carroll debate theologian William Lane Craig on whether cosmology gives evidence for God, but nonbeliever Carroll clearly won (I’m not unbiased, of…

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Energy Security: Horse n Water

ICELAND: Sprengisandur is an ancient, unpaved 125 mile-long road – awindswept pass, whose name derives from sprengya, the Icelandic verb for riding a horse to its death, was one of the routes by which residents made the long trek to … Continue reading

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Star Wars, Nazis and Disney

Star Wars creator George Lucas apologizes for ‘white slavers’ comment :/CBC   In a wide-ranging interview with U.S. talk show host Charlie Rose, Lucas suggested he doesn’t like the “retro” feel of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which opened to … Continue reading

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Recouperating in Recovery

I became agoraphobic in August 2010. It is hard to believe for me that it has been 4 years, since I sat down and drew a set of 24 images to explain everything. The Ultimate Power Point in Pastel, half … Continue reading

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ElvisWorld: New Year 1976

Elvis Presley’s last new years 1976 – and instead of celebrating with friends at Memphis Clubs as he usually did – he was on Tour and this was the last great concert he did 90 minutes of rock inspiration. Elvis … Continue reading

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