Elvisworld: Ricky Nelson

Rick Nelson_And His Familyf42cb4a56c40eb5e66ec072c82be89a8Ricky Nelson Sings

Ozzie and Harriet Nelson were a family radio show, actors voiced David and Ricky. So when their show moved to TV, their boys wanted to play themselves. Ricky started a garage band.. Grunge in the 1950s..because while on a date, the girl flipped over Elvis on the radio. So Ricky had to make a rock n roll record too.

Elvis the rocker who wanted to act vs Ricky the actor who sang

WandaJackson-ElvisNelson-+-band 2c7bb023ebcf2a94cea1651a00d308b4

Wanda Jackson, the rockabilly queen backstage with Elvis and Ricky.


When Elvis reinvented himself in the 1970s, he stole Nelson’s guitarist James Burton. Elvis was never a nostalgia act, like most of the 1950s rockers became, and it was certainly a struggle for Nelson to try to show being of the times.



Rick Nelson faded out in the 1960s, when the boy next door thing was not popular – Nelson was a teen idol and inoffensive to parents, who knew his family – while Elvis Presley was something else.

Nelson’s career was revitalized with his Garden Party song and like American Pie is one of those songs people like to debate the lyricals references.

the 1980s was a revamps of the 50s in a way – a return to fashion suits in lurid Elvis colours and the Duran Duran Second British wave New Romantics arising from the glam and glitter of the 1970s.

Rick Nelson died in a plane crash, he was trying to shield a woman from the fire, but no one survived the crash.

His twin sons had a short career as Nelson and his daughter had a tv acting career. The Family business.

Photo of Rick NELSON

UNSPECIFIED – JANUARY 01: Photo of Rick NELSON; (Photo by David Redfern/Redferns)



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