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Elvis Presley, The King

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ElvisWorld: Superfans

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Happy Elvis Death Day Contest Winner #1 Jailhouse Rock

Happy Elvis Death Day – The Holiday Explained

Happy Elvis Death Day Winner #2 – Are You Lonesome Tonight

Are You Lonesome Tonight? Happy Elvis Death Day Winner #2

Happy Elvis Death Day – Jailhouse Rock


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America’s son on SUN: Elvisworld

USA vs Denmark: Tourist Traps

Musical Feats: Chart Deaths

Was Elvis the first to wiggle?

Elvis Presley: a life in photos

Elvis Presley @ 81

Destructive Atmospherics: Tornado ; Tupelo 1936 & 1947 then 2014….

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Writer Chat: Alica Dean on Elvis

Elvis Gum n Cheek

Orchestral Elvis Presley

The Growing Elvis Religion

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Elvis and Nixon – The A Lister Biopic

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Elvis: If I Can Dream

ElvisWorld: Graceland Human Rights Ground Zero?

Elvis World: Pearl Harbour Memorial Concert

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ElvisWorld: Elvis in Paris, France

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Elvis World: 2015

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Elvis Presley was everyone’s best friend

ElvisWorld: Major Depression

Elvis Presley was a blonde

ElvisWorld: The Memphis Mafia origins

Who changed it more: Elvis or Captain Kirk?

ElvisWorld: Smoking, Booze and Song

That Morning Cuppa and Elvis News

Re-Imaging Presley Pictures: From Camp to Creepy

When Elvis Shook Up Canada, eh

Elvis Books – Medical Perspectives

ElvisWorld: The Women’s Books

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ElvisWorld: Who Played the best Col Parker?

ElvisWorld: If Elvis had lived

Comic Books: Elvis Presley

Is Elvis Presley Really Considered Tame by Today’s Standards?

 The Business of Show: Managers vs The Celebrities they manage

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PhilosopherWatch: Elvis Presley

ElvisWorld: When the Act Falters

ElvisWorld: Cars Cars and then Cadillacs

ElvisWorld: Spring Renews and Reboots

Tabloid World: Elvis on the cover increases sales 10%

Weird Wide Web: ElvisWorld

Hawaii: From a Queen to a King

The Throne Awaits a King

ElvisWorld: the Sacred Spaces; Hawaii

RockStar 101: The Elvis Career Phases

Elvis Fandemonium vs BeatleMania

Elvis: Force and Impact Zones

Elvis World: Rare Photo

How Elvis ruined society

Girls Girls Girls

When Elvis came to town…

Elvis:  Is that all there is?

The Comeback King

Elvis: Still too racey for prime time

Rock n Royalty

The Golden Boy


Elvis and Other Celebs

CanCon: kd lang

ElvisWorld: Jimmy Velvet

Elvisworld: Red Robinson

Buddy Holly opened for Elvis

Elvis Girlfriends: Ann Margaret

Elvisworld: Ricky Nelson

ElvisWorld: TV Stars . I dream of Jeanie and Bewitched

Elvisworld: Nathalie Wood

Elvis Presley Duets …

ElvisWorld: Orion

ElvisWorld: Monarch Meetings

MusicWorld: Sam Phillips

ElvisWorld: Karate Movies and Bruce Lee

ElvisWorld: When Elvis Met Liberace

The Three Guys Who Sang Like Elvis – Ral Donner, Jimmy Ellis and Ronnie McDowell

ElvisWorld: Blue Moon Boy Bassist – Bill Black

Birthday Greets: Angela Lansbury turns 90!

Elvisworld: Elvis vs Bill Haley

ElvisWorld: Elvis vs Carl Perkins

ElvisWorld: Elvis and Jackie Wilson

Drummer Roger Taylor! …Queen or Duran Duran?

MusicMashups: Parent and Adult Child Singers

From Crooners to Rockers: Women Who Swoon

Elvis is Alive but Paul is Dead?

Elvis was the Hillbilly Cat, But Freddie had cats

Elvis was metrosexual; but was he Bisexual?

Charlie Pride: The Inverse Elvis Country Crooner

The only cool Duckface People

Jenner: Costume, Caricature and Legit Commentary

The Beatles vs Jesus and India

ElvisWorld: Canada Fever

Obscenity vs Blasphemy: Elvis v Lenny Bruce

Charlie Pride: The Inverse Elvis Country Crooner

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LavenderLicks: Melissa Etheridge vs kd lang

When 70s Girls Sang the 50s Boy Songs

Surf’s Up: Beach Boys vs Jan and Dean

ElvisWorld: Alternative Elvises

ElvisWorld: Elvis Alternatives?

ElvisWorld: The Carny Con Col and his Snowman Club

ElvisWorld: Jimmy Velvet

ElvisWorld: Dean Martin

ElvisWorld: James Dean

Int.Womens.Day: Marion Keisker (she discovered him)

ElvisWorld: RIP Lizabeth Scott

ElvisWorld: Kathy Westmoreland (her fame being Elvis’ High Voice Girl Singer)

Musicworld: the Presley Family

Musicworld: The Williams Family

StageWear: Elvis vs Liberace

ElvisWorld: The Lost Weekend with Tricky Dick

Elvis vs Tom Jones

Rock n Riot: Bill Halley rocking time

The Viking Elvis: Pim Maas

Musicland: Elvis Presley vs Johnny Cash

RnR: Elvis vs Buddy Holly

RnR: Elvis vs Roy Orbison

RnR: Elvis and Little Richard

Who is the Gay Elvis? Freddie vs Adam

King Covers: Elvis vs Ral Donner

Elvis and the Women of Blues

The Elv-erse: Elvis vs Pat Boone

Canada’s Elvis

Walking in Memphis: Cher as Elvis!

The Last Temptation of Elvis

The French Elvis: Johnny Hallyday

South America’s Elvis: Enrique Guzman

Elvis vs Olivia Newton John

ABBA vs Elvis

Rock & Tony vs Elvis & Bill

Elvis was the Hillbilly Cat, But Freddie had cats

Elvis World: The Killer

Who is King DJ?

Andy Kaufman: if anyone would have….

King Contender Featurettes! Eddie Cochran

Hello & Goodbye to the Big Bopper

Ritchie Valens and rocking it folk style

Sexing Up Diabeties Awareness with Mary Tyler Moore

Elvisworld: @ Ceasar’s with Tom Jones

Elvis and Bob Dylan

Being Elvis …

ElvisWorld: Bill Black

ElvisWorld Spotlight: Eddie Fadal – the Texas DJ

Canada’s Elvis – kd lang

Elvis World Spotlight: Terri Garr

Elvis and Lenny Bruce

Who Wore it Leather? Elvis or Eddie Murphy

The French Elvis: Johnny Hallyday

South America’s Elvis: Enrique Guzman

Australia’s Elvis: Vote now three way poll

Canada’s Elvis

Canada’s Elvis – kd lang

Who is the Gay Elvis? Freddie vs Adam

The Last Temptation of Elvis

And The Beatles Blowback

The UK-OFF: The Beatles Blowback 80s edition

Beatles BlowBack: Duran Duran v. INXS

The Beatles Blow Back: Bee Gees

LavenderLicks: Melissa Etheridge vs kd lang

When 70s Girls Sang the 50s Boy Songs

Surf’s Up: Beach Boys vs Jan and Dean

Elvis Fandom and emerging Religion

ReligionWatch: Presleytarian Extremist Fringe

ReligionWatch: The Elvis Cult or Presleytarians

ElvisWorld: Religion

ElvisWorld: Superfan Gary Pepper’s Collection

Stargazing: Astronomy, Astrology and Elvis

Drugs: religion vs rocknroll

ElvisWorld: Meta Impersonation

ReligionWatch: Elvis Presley

Lezflirt: Connecting to others via media: Elvis Edition

Elvisworld: Woulda Shoulda Coulda

Elvi$world: a Trilogy

ElvisWorld: Elvis’ 1956 Iconic Shutterbug Clicks Out

Godworld: Jesus vs Elvis Presley

happy elvis death day

Elvisworld: Elvis v Punk

Media Analysis – Elvisfied!

Who is the best Elvis Impersonator?

Elvis Fandom Funnies

Why Elvis is better than religion

Impersonators vs Tribute Artists  (Elvis)

The Eternal Elvis Connection

‘Splain to the 1950s

What is Royal Really?

Elvis Fandom: A trilogy


Elvis is Everywhere

Rockabilly through Punk to Rap

The Elvis Ripple

The Holidays of the Elvis Calender

Thinkin’ ’bout Elvis

Elvis as artistic media

For the Elvis Alivers…

Challenges of being an Elvis fan

Elvis the new religion

Idle Idols

Why Elvis remains the bar

Alpha, Elvis, Omega

Who’s The King

A New LOW in Elvis World

Elvis Fan v Nostalgia Buff

Today vs Yesterday

In the Good Ol Days

Elvis’ Cultural Impact

Elvis vs Artists, Studios and his management

Elvis and One Hit Wonders

Measuring Up to Elvis

Happy Elvis Death Day

Dead Celebrities

Elvis Conspiracies

Elvis’ closest call to a political statement

Elvis: The Middle Class Rebel

Elvis: Too Cool to be middle Class

Game Changers

Elvis: not a rebel, but had a cause

Why Elvis is still not given credit as an artist

Elvis Billboard Petition

ETAs vs Impersonator’s

Elvis, Equality and Equalization

Blue Moon – August 31

Post Elvis Week 2012 – Thoughts and Reflections (Graceland 1987 vacation photos)


Elvis and multiculturalism

Elvisworld: Schmelvis

Elvis the first and last entertainer the whole world agreed on

Elvis: more Canadian than American, eh?

The Return of the King

Elvis was a Revolution in Sexuality across the Spectrum

An Elvis Fan among Fans

Elvis is Everywhere

SAVED by the King (living well)

The King is Dead, Long Love The King (Living Well)

A land without a King

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