MusicWorld: Bubble Gum Teen Idols

Before Elvis, no one had heard of being a rock star; then, everyone wanted to be one.

1974 Cassidy Fans stampede

The Globe and Mail Page Liked · 4 hrs · Moment in time: May 26, 1974- Hysterical teens stampede at David Cassidy concert That March, pop star David Cassidy had been described as a ”health hazard” by an Australian minister. Some 300 teenagers had suffered minor injuries at a Melbourne concert, where fans worked themselves into an agitated lather in their affection for the I Think I Love You-crooning heartthrob. In London two months later, a crowd of 35,000 at White City Stadium was similarly frenzied. In the crush to get closer to the stage, several fans were trampled. One, 14-year-old Bernadette Whelan, never recovered from her asphyxiation. Cassidy sent a note of condolence to her parents; a coroner called her ”a victim of contrived hysteria” and suggested that ”trendy, high platform shoes” had contributed to girls tumbling in the swarm. Cassidy took a hiatus from performing. Exhausted at the age of 24, he never regained his pop-culture eminence.

70s Boy Idol Crooner Swoons That Patridge Boy

Copied Elvis’ stagewear – everyone wore jumpsuits in the 70s and bellbottoms

David Cassidy and Shaun Cassidy with Parker Stevens

Leif Garrett and Donny Osmond with Marie

Rick Springfield with the long hair and Aussie Accent

Monkees vs The Bay City Rollers was more realistic than Monkees vs The Beatles, eh?

then Rick took acting lessons, learned to do accents and won the Battle of the Boy Idol 70s by being a soap actor by day and a rock star on weekends in the 1980s.

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