Elvis: Force and Impact Zones

 Beyond what Elvis did musically and culturally – Elvis getting a polio vaccine was a huge step in getting the public awareness and willingness to undergo preventative care.


Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.
Nina K Tryggvason's photo.

Whatever Became of Polio?

Elvis High Karate Turban! (Heals Sick Child) http://whatgetsmehot.posterous.com/elvis-mafia-black-belt-ceremony-0 Turban Elvis Must-See Bizarre Black Belt El…



As part of the 75th Anniversary, Elvis Presley Enterprises has teamed up with a charity close to…


trendy at the time – before autism was a coined word – a later discredited treatment technique

Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. The dia…
d treatment technique



Before Footloose; there was: HEARTBREAK HOTEL

David Keith plays Elvis in Heartbreak Hotel. A teenager kidnaps Elvis to restore Footloose Town’s faith in Rock n Roll. Noteable casting: Tuesday Weld, Wild in the Country, pla…


I’m Hanala Sagal, Screenwriter/Executive Producer of Kevin Spacey’s “Elvis & Nixon” (2015) starring…
WHEN Accrington baker Jackie Mottershead received an order for a birthday cake for Elvis Presley, she didn’t know if it was a wind up or if the rock and roll legend was alive and well.
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