Elvis Presley’s Self Image

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Elvis thought he had a turkey neck and chicken legs, and lacking in the adult manly hairy chest.

It is why he wore his collars up, to hide his neck, he had his Daddy’s height but he was his Mama’s boy and he took after Gladys. He disliked being in states of undress in front of people, in Gladys’ youth, she was known for her sexy dancing…she taught her boy

vernon gladys  elvis-j200-film1

The US Military is the largest employer of the American public without or with only a high school graduation requirement. The levels of government that they have is astonishing to me, and I have to wonder, what percent of their population works in the Military, National Guard, Federal, State and Municipal policing levels, inward and outfacing Law Enforcers vs civilian population… it has gone from conscription and drafts to a voluntary service as a poverty draft in post 1960s.

I expect that Canada allowing Vietnam era draft dodgers to remain in Canada had an impact in American thought about a drain of able bodied northward, with few barriers in terms of language and culture – longest undefended border in the history of humanity – length and over time wise.


Elvis Presley belonged to a conscription era and his Army Photo Private American Son photo was one that most of his fellow male students in high school would also have taken; Elvis had been in the ROTC junior military training in High School and did consider a law enforcement career and certainly he had a large collection of badges.

Unlike his peers, Elvis had a second job of singing and traveling with other men – he wore bright colors and make up. Eventually, he dyed his hair to be black, not just darkened with the hair product and sculpted into his Pompadour Crown.

Unlike his peers, their photos were not in Mansions and they were not on movie screens, television radio and in and of whole magazines. That weird kid in the background with the pimples and the greasy long hair with that battered guitar he banged on and caterwauled for anyone who’d listen to his sentimental romantic street busker Dean Martin wanna be.

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Elvis Presley was a white man who sang like a black woman.



One of the many statues of Elvis around the world – this Tupelo Mississippi Homecoming concert iconic pose outside of Elvis’s Memphis Humes High School in Tennessee.


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