Elvis Girlfriends: Ann Margaret

Sargent Presley met the teen aged Priscilla in Germany and she was living at Graceland, in training for when she would become Mrs Presley.

Ann Margaret, dancer singer actress of Bye Bye Birdie gets cast with Elvis for Viva Las Vegas and Elvis Presley is completely twitter patted – but a marriage onscreen is as close as they came – and this is the problem of double lives lived in the public.


Ann-Margaret knew nothing of Priscilla and while Elvis could convince Pris it was all publicity, her father was not convinced and he forced the issue. So did Col Parker.

Elvis married Priscilla and Ann-Margaret married Roger Smith.

In the 1970s, after his divorce, he went to Vegas where Ann-Margaret was performing and asked her to come back to him. She said no.

Elvis would publicly date one woman and several others on the sly.

Ann-Margaret even cast a shadow on his Ginger Alden dating, not so much a similar look, because Elvis Presley actually dated all types of girls girls girls.

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