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the stars as we all know – play a huge part in religion and making it seem science

Without a doubt, the constellation Orion the Hunter is probably the most recognized constellation in our night sky. You may think the Big Dipper is the most recognized, but it’s not officially a constellation. It’s…|By System Administrator
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when you see the sheer nonsense rationalization and twisting – inventing conjecture as it if is real

I gotta wonder how do people get taken in by this = then I remember.

religion is an emotional thing – it is not ration – it is in fact a mental health issue of creating a rationalization for that person’s inability to cope with cognitive dissonance.

from the Elvis Fan Site review:

EIN: What are your credentials for this type of research and what is your background with the Hebrew language?

CM: I have had a 40 year interest in Middle Eastern history, politics and religion. I did a basic Hebrew study course during my first 6 month visit to Israel in 1974.

I have visited or lived and worked in Israel 9 times since then. The last three of these visits were for the purpose of researching THE NAME CODE books.

EIN: How did you discover there were hidden coded messages in the Elvis Aaron Presley name?

CM: Quite by accident. I had long been intrigued and amused by the commonly seen images of Elvis depicted with halo, angel’s wings, Sacred Heart etc. Utilizing this public fixation, I decided to feature Elvis as an Archangel in a satiric novel I was writing. In order to further justify his angelic elevation I decided to look for …or fabricate some sort of farcical hidden message in his name. Because Hebrew is a ‘holy’ language it seemed a good place to start. So

I started translating Elvis’ names into Hebrew. I was rather stunned with the happy ‘coincidences’ I uncovered. By coincidence, the exact Hebrew word for a shining Angel was to be found perfectly enclosed in the reverse reading of ‘Presley’.

EIN: What is the fundamental basis for the Name Code?

CM: All secret ‘codes’ by definition involve a systematic deviation from the actual language on which they are based. (If the language was not modified in some way… there would be no code to ‘decode’.) The most cunning feature of The Name Code is that it incorporates two very different languages: Hebrew and English. It is their clever interaction that masks the fact that coded messages are hidden in some names.

EIN: Please describe the Name Code methods.

CM: Expressed in brief and using the name ELVIS PRESLEY as an example the Name Code methods are as follows:

(1) Write the name forward and backward in Hebrew as one chain of letters. (ELVISPRSLYYLSRPSIVLE…)

(2) If one recognizes words within the chain of letters that appear to be unusually biographically descriptive or follow some other theme, then introduce new word breaks to try and form these words into a comprehensive “message”.

(3) If a message is found to exist, the syntax or grammatical construction will tend to follow the English language format, not the conventional Hebrew structure. The message must be translated and read from the Hebrew script one word at a time into English. If one tries to read it in Hebrew from start to finish as one Hebrew sentence, it won’t make sense.

(4) Hebrew has no words such as ‘a’, ‘is’ or ‘an’. They need to be added to the message where needed as happens with every conventional Hebrew into English translation.

see also:

the comment I submitted and was included on EIN:


Nina Tryggvason (Canada) – Elvis fan, Skeptic and Atheist:

This is the most hysterical book I have ever heard of. And his debunkers challenge shows just how flawed his thinking is. The entire name code concept depends on the existence of a god – any god  -existing. And there is no evidence for and no logic behind such an existence.

This name code is not proof of a god which proves the name code is real. That’s a circular fallacy. This book belongs with the intelligent design and creation science books in that they all use science sounding words in a non-science context – like very earnest ghost hunters. The only sad part is that this theory lacks the cleverness of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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