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In Web 1.0, the era of static pages, where you had to know how to code html, or work a design program as a graphic designer professional or geek hobbyist: free web pages with web browser site building capacity, allowed people to share what they were passionate about: hobbies, interests and celebrities related to said hobbyist interest or fannishness.

It was the Internet era of people seeking others of their kind – geeks and gamers.

The boy who dared to rockRockabilly Nina 01

Elvis Presley was the leaderboard celebrity on the internet for fan sites to share memories and document his every documentated moment of photos, film and audio.

The sheer plethora of Elvis content available now is actually overwhelming; the only celeb who really topped him was Lucy Lawless as Xena Warrior Princess.

Nina at the Musical GatesYahoo XenaNina and Elvis on Beale St

It was when she was in the hospital, following the Horse Stunt Accident, which lead to the prolonged Callisto/Xena Body Switch.

Lucy Lawless joined a Xena Forum, the early social media, the start of dynamic web pages and what lead to Web 2.0 where people are now content.

Lawless said “it’s just a tv show” and the flame war that erupted made the TV Guide and other newspapers and entertainment news programs and “flame war” became understood by the public, and it was an astonishing lesson in fan devotion devoid of reality perspective.

Around that time, one other thing happened to demonstrate the power of The Internet as a marketing tool – The Blair Witch Project – an ultra-micro budget film (around $50,000 in the money of the year) that made well over $2 million at the box office for crappy camera work, incoherent plot (the website was way better than the movie) – so then Having a Web Page – a static essentially a full page ad in the Phone Book. but on line.

Now, this being the internet and everyone using it to sell themselves and their products, you from time to time bump into people.


On facebook, I bumped into Alanna Nash, writer of many Elvis books, most of which I own a copy.

I did a review of her Baby Let’s Play House Book on elvis on my original blog:

Review: Baby, Let’s Play House


The Elvis Information Network is one of the last standing of the early internet professional fan sites, which actively creates content that is worthy of being collected as an E-book or Dead Tree Edition, not merely repeating reportings.

Elvis “author”  Joseph Rene is claiming that Elvis was schizophrenic.

Unsurprisingly Elvis fans reacted:

Arjan Deelen who wrote, “As someone who has worked in psychiatry for 15 years, I take offense to the comment Joseph Rene made. It is both laughable and irresponsible of him to say that Elvis suffered schizophrenia. There is no indication that Elvis suffered from schizophrenia, let alone “a very serious case”. It’s clear that Joseph Rene has no idea what he is talking about.
– No professional would ever diagnose a patient without having actually met and talked to the person in question.
A person with schizophrenia suffers from both visual and sonic hallucinations which to them seem entirely real. Elvis Presley suffered none of this.
Elvis may have suffered from depression. This seems likely for the period 1973 – 1977, based on what we know about those years (weight gain, withdrawal from other people, isolation, lack of zest for life, mood swings, etc)… But again, it is not up to any of us to diagnose Elvis due to the reasons stated earlier.
EIN needs to clarify Joseph Rene’s qualifications and question why he would say something so disturbing and untrue.”

Elvis graceland xmas cdMichael Edwards Elvis book

What bothers me is more that the public seems unaware to ascertain who is speaking as an expert and who is speaking out their ass; the loss of critical thinking…….

which, come to think of it, the last time I made that comment in a forum, someone told me not to be negative.

Then, there was the kid who said that using big words doesn’t mean you’re saying more. when the use of small words does demonstrate how very less is understood….

Nina and King ElvisNina with Sonny West Books

but, I digress in my commentary on manners; with respect to Elvis Presley’s health

The source of the Lupus Rumor was Roy Orbison who was not in the know in the late 1970s. My Aunt Olof remembers listening to a radio interview with Roy. Here is my aunt and I at the gates of graceland in 1987.

Nina with Me n Elvis by Charlie Hodge1987 me and my Aunt Olof at Graceland

The source of the bone cancer was Dr Nick to Vernon and in front of Charlie Hodge to try to first protect himself. Dr Nick then promoted a murderous karate chop along with Albert Goldman in the middle of the 1980s, failing to have that one catch on, he then pronounced the constipation straining triggered heart attack, which was first offered as a contributing factor in The Death of Elvis book by the show producers of the 20/20 program that exposed Dr Nick. In addition to selling his own book, Dr Nick has sold his medical tools and other various appearances banking off his Elvis association.

The problem for anyone to claim any actual medical condition is that Elvis Presley was not taking Medicine.

He was taking drugs that manage side effects of illness – pain, sleep, and energy pills.

He was not taking pills to support the functioning of organs and other than tranquilizers, there was not a lot of drugs to manage brain chemistry in the 1970s, and almost everything he took has since been deemed too toxic for terminal patients, so giving it freely to ones you expect to live – is the Celebrity Exceptionalism that resulted in Dr Murray Conrad giving surgery drugs for sleeping to Micheal Jackson, the the whole “doctor shopping” and polypharmacy that happened to Heath Ledger and Corey Haim, and many many more, eh.

The physical problems Elvis had were side effect of those pain drugs – constipate you, the combination of the drugs he was taking caused his organs to not be able to function because they were being chemically stimulated from a normal state to eventually from an addicted can’t function without.

Seriously – try going without coffee and cigarettes – legal stimulants to simulate the impact. The gate way drug is sugar, is the the heart of heroin and LSD, which is the spirit molecule and we make it in our heads naturally when we feel rewarded.

Elvis himself also used to test people with rumors of his ill health to see if or how quick, word got around his circle. So even the people who were in it, weren’t always eh.

Elvis Presley died from pill abuse and depression and boredom. Complicated grief.

it is a shocking thought to realize that it was not so great to be The King.


Was There A Dark Side to Elvis and Gladys?

Elvis’ Impersonal Life

Nina and Elvis Impersonal Life

Elvis’ Last Recorded Conversation

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