ElvisWorld: Dr Nick dies at 88

“Dr Nick” most likely conjures the incompetent Doctor on The Simpsons, who was apparently loosely based on Dr George Nichopoulos, who has died at 88 and was known as Elvis’ doctor.


Elvis first saw Dr Nick in 1967 and eventually he became Elvis’ main supplier, including travelling with Elvis on tour, taking loans from Elvis for other business ventures, notably the Presley Courts Raquetball and travelling on vacation with Elvis.


Such a dedicated doctor,yet he didn’t maintain his records, even as per the practice of the decade, and he was the first doctor charged for his stardom blurred treatment of Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and other Memphis notables. Elvis was not the only patient who died under his care.


After Elvis’ death, Dr Nick tried to save himself and claimed that Elvis had Cancer, which he did not, was murdered no and eventually that Elvis died from constipation, without mentioning that it was the drugs that caused that too.

He also claimed the pills were for Elvis and his group, which is actual then and now illegal to prescribe for anyone through anyone else, and despite Elvis’ knowledge of the pharmacy manuals, he wasn’t legally allowed to share his pills with the staff.

the medical system is not doing health care when there are no checks and balances or oversight  of standards and professional ethics.

Pharmacies do need to question doctors, people should not be allowed to doctor shop.


Elvis Presley’s physician dies at 88

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee1 hour ago

He was indicted on multiple counts of over-prescribing drugs to Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and several other patients in 1980. However, he …


c144f7a3bc06cd259f107119435c197aDr Nick in Hawaii 77

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