The Elvis Presley Fandom Explained

“If you’re an Elvis fan, no explaination is neccessary; but if you’re not, none is possible.” George Klein, Memphis DJ by profession and Memphis Mafia member in ElvisWorld.

My Mom’s name is Sylvia. She is 67 years old and she was not an Elvis Presley fan during his lifetime – she was a fan of The Beatles.

She was at the Vancouver 1964 concert where John Lennon told MC/Vancouver DJ Red Robison to “Fuck off the stage” after Red had to threaten to end the concert to make the crowd settle down.

Beatles Vancovuer 1964

I was an Elvis fan since childhood and through my teens in the 1980s, the Difficult Decade.

The 1980s, we’d just lost Elvis and people were confused and angry – how could it not be good to be The King? The rationalizations and denials and the enabling excuses were drowned out by the “love children” parade, which continues to this day – apparently the fake Lisa Marie has camped out at Graceland to force a show down with the real Lisa Marie.

Anyway.. honestly the continuing circus in Elvis world and the profits over people mentality is why Elvis isn’t an artist… he was… but he sold out… he messed up country style and didn’t get his blues groove back – he did get Swamp Funk stadium tho and set the bar for power ballads.

Elvis even foreshadowed the Rock/Opera crossover: His near operatic Hurt, How Great Though Art, bombastic March to War Impossible Dream, Danny Boy, to the Anthems: American Trilogy, America, to some amazing spoken word versions – What now my love? a particular stand out.

and OMG the best concerts he did was when he had a gal stashed backstage or in the audience he was trying to impress.

It is easy to see how Elvis had a hard time with the golddigger factor, but the idea of him being nervous that the audience or a girl didn’t like him….(Ginger Alden, backstage)

Anyway, yesterday, my Mom was doing the crossword with my Dad and I was online.

Out of the blue my Mom said “No one likes the songs with their name in them.”

I thought to myself “I love ABBA’s Nina Pretty Ballerina.”

“Sylvia’s Mother” my Mom continued “that’s the only one…”

“Elvis had a song with your name in it.” so I played it for her off youtube.

Now – this laptop has crappy speaker and my Mom is completely deaf on one side

BUT every time he said “sylvia”

she giggled like a teenaged girl

I laughed too, partly because she was so funny and partly because the only time I am aware of that Elvis Presley said “Nina” was in my fave movie of his King Creole – she’s the stripper banana dancer at the club.


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