Who is King DJ?

George Klein of Memphis and Elvis Memphis Mafia fame


Red Robinson of Vancouver BC – the site of Empire Stadium – the first stadium rock concert in which Elvis ruined Vancouver for all other lesser lights to follow.

The DJ contest

the criteria – who first MCed both Elvis and the Beatles?

Elvis and George

George knew Elvis from High School.

Red not only met and MCed, but documented the events and eventually, those became public!

Elvis and Red

BTLG The ELVIS Tapes The Elvis Tapes back

REd and The Beatles

beatle talk back beatle talk front

Red MCed both sooner and at the same venue

when they tored down Empire Stadium a few years ago, people protested with signs that read

You are tearing down Elvis’ stage

never mind, what that stadium has mean for Vancouver sports and community events, eh?

vancouver crowd that rushed the stage


set up frog Presley fans demented

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