Media: Screentainment Movies and Television

radio family

From gathering around the fire to tell stories to gathering indoors around appliances to listen to mass story telling.


50s tv family

Post war boom and technology lets us eat TV dinners in front of the TV, our own personal Movie Theatre at home.

Well. Tv mostly copied what we would have to go out to the live theatre to see.

It took a while for people to realize the power of the idiot box.


Elvis bombed his audition for the Arthur Godfrey Talent Show, but he did make 6 appearances on the Dorsey Brothers Stage show and from there – all the big shows of the day – Milton Berle, Ed Sullivan, Hy Gardner Calling (talk show) and sadly Steve Allen.


Frank Sinatra who panned Elvis in the 50s, had to suck it up to salve his ratings….


Elvis is the King


When Elvis’ own career was Hollywooded, he returned to tv to reinvent himself


and instead of doing it Parker’s way and playing Bing Crosby, Elvis did it his way and put a message in there appropriate to any day, not just an arbitrary one called Christmas.




Elvis was the first and last entertainer the whole world could agree on


because no one before or since has done this



a one person performance that everyone, anywhere could enjoy

and they did

more than watched the moon landing


and even fewer watched this

probably the most astonishing and important film ever taken


it was unplanned by NASA



boggles the mind



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