Stargazing: Astronomy, Astrology and Elvis

This week in the local major daily newspaper they ran an apology to people for the mix up of the astrology column and provided one from two days ago.


Stars shining over our lives – be they actually in space or among us, eh?


the ancients wondered what the stars were, they tracked and documented them and they projected their cultural myths onto the stars.


Over time, this shifted to the stars telling each of us a destiny.



the light we see in the sky is old light, those stars might not exist now


they are too distant to have any impact, we might as well claim that where the moon was relative to conception or birth means something, at least the moon’s gravity has an impact on the earth.


Rudolf Smit loved astronomy as a child, and now he loves astrology. Yet he no longer believes astrology is real. There was a time when he was a full-time consulting astrologer and widely admired …
The Greek geographer Strabo of Amasia (64 BCE-c.23 CE) gives a description of the life of the Babylonian astronomers, which he calls Chaldaeans.|By Jona Lendering
Tha Mayan civilization began at about 500 BCE, and their incredibly accurate astronomical calculations and sophisticated mathematics were steeped in religion and omens.
It was by documenting the stars that we figured out the earth goes around the sun.
While you’re at it, ask them to explain why all the “Signs of the Zodiac” are off by about one month. (hint: astrology was invented more than 2000 years ago and the precession of the Earth’s pole has caused changes in the postions of the stars since then)
Why your horoscope can’t possibly be right — the stars are no longer aligned.

Chinese astronomy is fascinating in that it developed largely clear of the Indo-European sphere and developed its own particular methods and nuances. The Chinese were meticulous in keeping astronomical records, enabling modern historians to establish that Chinese astronomy remained largely unchanged…
Elvis constelation
In China, as in many other cultures, there is evidence of interest and observation of the sky from many years earlier than written documentation suggests. Examples of…
Give Us This Day, Our Daily Elvis
March 09, 1967
In the middle of the night Elvis fell in the Bathroom at Rocca Place.
The Colonel arrived and a doctor was called, and a portable x- ray machine was brought in . Elvis had no fractures, but the event did cause another delay in the start of production.
The whole thing provided the Colonel with a reason to reprimand the entire group , Larry Geller most of all.
Larry Geller was the Hairdressing guru who introduced Elvis to eastern religions Hollywood Style.
the stars as we all know – play a huge part in religion and making it seem science Pennsylvania Starwatch: Orion or Elvis? Both stories work Without a doubt, the constellation …
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