Elvisworld: Album Stickers and Inserts

Now and then, record labels would do fancier than just sleeves and you would get something more than a record.


The inner sleeve liner could have lyrics, or as with Elvis, pre-printed with images of his other albums – a sort of checklist.

Sometimes 8×10 photos – such as with Harum Scarum and Clambake – a Movie promo still or with the latter it was a wedding portrait of Elvis and Priscilla.

Sometimes wallet calenders, sometimes a folded poster or a booklet.


On the outside, the shrinkwrap, there were often stickers, highlighting contents – and for every artist other than Elvis Presley, these items were lost when the shrink wrap was removed.

Elvis fans however, kept everything and Mint includes those items, not just the album condition.

lpm-3989-stickerEAP sticker

Sony has recently released an Elvis Albums crate – an excellent near complete starter set for new fans and a way to experience Elvis as the Original Fans did – rather than in sets of genre or in chronological order as with the Elvis Complete Masters set.

2ibckyg    j8gl1e

the critical thing about this Albums Collection is less about the contents of the discs and more of the reproduction of the Album covers – particularly the gatefold ones – and the various inserts and stickers.


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