America’s son on SUN: Elvisworld

It’s the end of January and it is finally real that it’s 2016.

Time passes no matter how one marks it or pays attention to it.

Elvis Presley could have been 81, I am Elvis plus 6…framework conflict

speaking vs listening

Elvis Presley on TV: 10 Unforgettable Broadcasts

RollingStone.com4 hours ago

Relive 10 unforgettable Elvis Presley television appearances with this comprehensive …


In the beginning, there was Elvis

Elvis-albumNina and EP tour book

Then there was The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones

Elvis was The Establishment and he only appeared twice on the cover when Rolling Stone was a hardcore serious music counter culture need to read: the 68 special and when Elvis died. It was the biggest selling issue and made the magazine mainstream and soon it wouldn’t be a newsprint, but a glossy magazine.

22492_lgRS ELvis 77RS Elvis in the 80s

In the 1980s, Rolling Stone excerpted the Goldman Book and the sex, drugs then roll n roll life of Elvis Presley inverted, in his mind, he wasn’t a junkie because he wasn’t doing illegal so called street drugs like all the other rock stars, nope. Elvis had doctors on his payroll and once considered owning a drug store to bypass all control obstacles.

What is shocking is that Elvis lasted as long as 42, given his diet, his vampire life style (which also contributes to body stresses and impacts circadian cycles) – but then, he is the template.

Innovator, repetition and reinvention. Elvis was not only a rock star, but a meta-multi medium one, his 68 special a condensed version of his movies, which where loosely based in his own life or image.

Rolling Stone Gold JerryRollingStoneRS691

Rolling Stone becomes it’s own parody.

1284482206792Million official jpg Ummr9tpNzkktXKn

Rolling Stone queen325px-Duran_rollingstonecover_1984 melissa-etheridge-1360957731

for music collector info, Goldmine is the music mag

whitney-houston-casket-phot tumblr_mbzhauTYfz1qimbk8o1_cover2B1FC06C00000578-0-image-a-1_1438788673050

“You can;t get the sound from a story in a magazine

aimed at your average teen”

flexidiscs and now cds included

it’s still rock n roll to me

sorta Billy Joel



it’s all Elvis tropes


Sun Records – Hail to the King

At Sun Records – Elvis recorded 4 songs as demos and 20 songs, as well as the Legendary Million Dollar Quartet informal jam. Sun released 10 of them on singles and RCA reissued them and over time, the other tracks … Continue reading



The Final Sun Sessions Set: Left right and real gone

Sun 217—April 10, 1955: Baby Let’s Play House / I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone Elvis’ 4th Sun single was the next two tunes – first they tried the song slow and often this version is called My Baby’s Gone. … Continue reading


Elvis The Sun Sessions high res cover art

Elvis Presley: From 45 to 33.3 RPM

“Weeellll That’s All Right Mama” Elvis exploded on the Sun label and was fancy reissued for national distribution on RCA. Elvis had 5 Sun Singles (10 songs) and the same 5 singles of 10 songs on RCA at the same … Continue reading


Elvis Presley: The Sixties Crooner

Elvis left his sideburns in the army and became an establishment performer. Like his movie counterpart Vince Everett, he neglected the music. Favouring quantity over quality. Pity, given this must have album: ELVIS IS BACK Sleazy Jazz, Dirty Blues and … Continue reading


Elvis Presley: The Soundtrack Sixties

Teenaged Elvis worked as an usher in the movie theatre, sweet talking the girl clerks into giving him candy and getting into a fight with another male usher. The movie theatre was where he sought sanctuary when “That’s Allright Mama” … Continue reading


Elvis Presley: The Concert Years

1969 Man on the Moon Woodstock Elvis returned to the concert stage and reinvented Vegas from a Gangster Gambler Town to a Family Vacation Destination. He was the first and only performer who sold out the theatres, filled the hotels … Continue reading

Concerts: Bra Toss is Tradition

Sri Lanka’s president says the organisers of an Enrique Iglesias gig should be “whipped with toxic stingray tails” – referring to an ancient punishment – as punishment over the behaviour of some female fans. Mr Sirisena said he had been … Continue reading


Elvis Masters: RCA/BMG vs Sony

RCA transformed into BMG and they released Masters by decades 5 disc set in a box with a book. I managed to acquire an In Canada only sampler of the 50s Masters all Elvis SUN and RCA albums prior to … Continue reading


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