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The Tear Quest Secret Joy

I’m Nina Tryggvason. I am a trained motivational coach, workshop and conference organizer and by profession, I am a professional Emergency Preparedness, Project Management and Workflow Analyst with an emphasis on Threat and Risk Assessment and a range of security from personal to a city or region in a disaster.

My volunteer experience provided me with a grounding in suicide prevention and crisis intervention. Additional training in facilitating and mediation and communication in conflict gives me a solid grounding and assured footing that has helped me to begin to recovery my professional confidence as my ability to mange in digital social settings has allowed me to begin to regain some interest in associating with other people.

so that end. this is page is for the blogs that are going to form the manual for my upcoming workshop series… I haven’t sorted out all the details yet.

this is a start to finish – top to bottom listing of posts

Raw Recovery Process: The Recovery Position

The Parking Lot of Thoughts

The Tale of the Tissue

The Secret of Joy

Cracking the Courage Code

Channeling your Inner Elvis: Thou Wilst – Will and Being Empty of It

Recovery Process: Volunteering

Communication Concepts:  Referencing vs Explaining

Morning Emoting with the Queens of Country

Elvis as a role model

A Wish for Wings That Work

Addiction and Personal Responsibility

Morning Musical Emoting – from despair to hope

Taking Skill Stock: Project Management

Dear Lezflirt – self esteem being a person not a yes-notch

Agoraphobic Life Coaching with The Integrity Fairy

Grounding in Reality

Creating a daily routine

Star Trek Characterizations

Pieces and finding forgiveness


Dealing with People in Positions of Authority Medical Systems: A Canada – US Comparison

Honest Self Assessments – Insights about Insite

Quest of Tears: The Gratitude Power Up

Agoraphobic’s Cul de Sac – The Raw Pilot Preview Release

A recovery process: assess/compile featurette

Creating User Friendly Multi-Gender Space

Gratitude Ripples

Preview: Win A Fantasy Date with Nina


Introducing Yourself

Thinking of the Children

Agoraphobic Life Coaching on Facebook

Repeating Yourself – self echos – tasting your own words

Mindfulness – rebalancing towards perspective

Musical Emoting: Getting In Touch with your inner slut

In a manner of speaking

Project: You – the art of self management

Seeing Green..Beinging Green…Green to Ground

Processing The Recovery Process : Sharing the Healing Process

Nina on blogging

Raw Recovery: Coping with Anxiety Triggers

The Game of Life

Writer Chat with Dianne Cameron – dealing with despair

Raw Recovery Specialist: the Rethink

Eyes are the windows to the person

Fractal Enlightenment

Raw Recovery Trio

Not much news is good news

Six Unconventional, Scientific Ways to Be Happier

Music Therapy

Writer Chat: Words and slippery meanings

Being your own client

Suddenly Single: Does Footloose mean Fancy Free?

On-line Meet Ups – Safety First

Canada’s Suzie Orman: Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Art Therapy or Theraputic Art?

Raw Recovery Relatable Critters: Dragons

Meditative Mentalhalations

Raw Recovery Recap: Preparing for Difficult Conversations

The Daily Elvis Review

March of the Thinking Caps

Practising Phone Calls

Blogroll Update: No Fear

Lessons from the Space Program

Agoraphobic Life Coach: Be Silling – Elvispirations – take me to the fair

Dealing with Conflict in Commercialized Settings Springman’s: From Saturn to SAAB

Recovery Process mentors: Jamie Oliver

Nina’s Garden

Recovery Process Year of Living Round Up Review

Mindset Creates Mindframe

How to Talk to a “Lousy Listener”

LightBulbs: low watt to full spectrum

Mindfullness lessons from Star Trek Voyager

Science Fiction/Fantasy Solace

Getting in touch with Your Inner Elvis Elvisworld: One of the Short Haired Bullies

August 14 Theme Song – Fallout to an Ethical Centre

Second Place is first loser

The Concentration of Calto

Start Where You Stand

Lessons from Last Night

Raw Recovery: No Nutrition Panel Needed

Give Us Today The Laughing Version

Homey Touches

Environmental Stimulation and Self Management

Making Depression Work for You

Under the Surface

The Sensualism of Taste

Wheat Grass Nutritional Powerhouse

Clan of the Cave Bear

What Art Therapy Does

Fraggle Rock: A World View

Quest of Tears – The Jeni Cold Comfort Tears

The Muse of Inspiration


Reversing Pulling An Elvis

The Freddie Factor: Channeling Your Inner Fag

Labour Day is Accomplishment Day

Getting the Monkey off your Back

Raw Recovery Specialist on Video Games

Workshopping It

The Electric Slide that can save your life

Elvispirations: Be Fabulous

Stopping and Stock Taking

Because awkward is not seductive

Calling Plot Twist

Let There Be Light: Emergency Preparedness Tools

A Gamer’s Game Cupboard

Youtubing The Recovery Process

happy joy luck shirt day

The Reality Meme

Shaggy Dog Tails

Preparing For Emergencies

Lister’s Cold

understanding reality through gaming

The big Boned Gal Campaign Recap

Fusion Foods – taste and textures

My Adult Coming Out Moment

Blog to Live, Live to Blog

I was raised a reader

Users and Accessibility

Looking to the stars

My Communication Toolbox

About an agoraphobic Day

Every day is aversion therapy day

Domestic Divaspirations: Peg Bracken

Rainbow Post: The Sunshine Award Explained

Healing with Nina

Song of the day: walking in memphis

Our Daily Elvis: Glasses

Thank you PT, some days your articles help

Emoting with The Women of Rockabilly

The Agoraphobic Philosopher Paces through exercise tips

The Gratitude Challenge

Emergency House Kits: Wind Up Radio

Recovery Process Feature DVD: School House Rock

Art Therapy… words and images

Home Preparedness: Portable Power

Imaging Your Body

Recognizing Quackery

Planting for the birds and bees

Hobbies: Photography

Homes for birds

Immortalized in Stone

it’s about safety

Walking Away from Hazards

The T Shirt Legend

Channel your Inner Elvis with Olivia Newton John!

Raw Recovery Specialist: Self Recognition

Food vs FoodProducts

Managing Fears and Phobias

Recovery Process Book Spotlight: Alison Arngrim

Collector Tales: The Electric Company

Making Manic Depression Do the Cooking

Want to improve health? wash your hands

Vibrations good and bad

Nina’s Next Song Video!

80s music: Therapy You can dance to

80s Teenaged Memories

The Art of the Selfie

New Birthday Practise

National Handwriting Day

About/Aboot Canada, eh?…cold reboot

Laughter is the universal

Elvis: more Canadian than American, eh?

Karoke Therapy: Prescribed by my Mom

Something to look forward to: Muppet Movie

Dear Agoraphobic Diary – Jan 31, 2014

80s Music Therapy: Frankie Says RELAX

Triggering Happy memories: Long Term Memory Storage recall/recollect

Youtube Shuffle Play: Now Playing

Airband started before the 1980s

That Irish Brogue

forgiveness arises from understanding

Our Daily Elvis: Laugh Therapy

Moss: Creativity Dividends

The drug problem

2014: Lessons Learned

Summer of 85


Rudeness is a matter of perspective

Drug of Choice

Pondering “human”

Raw Recovery Specialist: The Yo-Yo Of Dieting

Raw Recovery Specialist: The Caveman Food Fad

Why I depend on the kindness of strangers

Elvis and food

Raw Recovery Specialist: Burning Churning Learning

Raw Recovery Specialist: My Guaranteed Laugh

Quotes about Wellness

Our Bodies Ourselves: Priceless

Agoraphobic Philopher’s Raw Recovery Rules of Written Communication

Of Fears and Phobias

Nina: The Talking To towards With; FAQ

Comparative Victimhood

Trigger Content: A controlled cathartic release…with an 80s Beat

NinaVerse: Previously Unreleased Video! The Punk Rocker Story

The best self help book: The Drunkard’s Walk

Depression: Dealing with Doctors

Star Trekking Mental Health

Depression Tactics: Pet Therapy

Work-Life Balance: Lesson Movies

Elvisworld: The Memphis Mafia and Group Dynamics

Random Kindness: Colour

What’s with “Fun Phobics”?

Living Well: The Cherry Knot Twist

Raw Recovery Specialist: Practising Gratitudes

VolunteerWorld: Vancouver Women’s Health Collective

What is Said vs What is Understood

Living Well: A Tip From Lily Tomlin

The gender communication divide

How to Socialize 101

Why Greed is not good

Brainworld: Sourcing Light  – want to sleep? – read a real book, not an e-book

Living Well: Morning Cuppa

Why Context Is King

The Purpose of Humour and Humor

OfficeWorld: Understanding the Closet

The Human Core

Quizzical Quisses: Guess My Job

RRS: Decoding Panic Attacks

Lezflirt: Connecting to others via media: Elvis Edition

Thoughts on raising socially capable offspring

Living Well: Conquering Phobias

ElvisWorld: Plush Toys are always needed

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