Elvis and food


Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches and Elvis Presley.


A childhood food becomes one’s adult comfort food.



I remember seeing it made on David Letterman by Nancy Rook who was one of Elvis’ last chefs and the first person Ginger Alden talked to when she found Elvis cold on the floor.

She made it in a half pound of melted butter, had put butter on the bread as well as a huge glob of peanut butter (which was a brand that was more icing than peanuts) and the banana as the only healthy part of that.


even as a child I was more amazed that Elvis made it to 42 than that he had died so young.


Marion J Cocke, his favorite nurse and was on duty and there when his death was official called;  made him banana pudding.


Elvis was germphobic and carried his own cutlery.

Elvis had several eating disorders including binge eating – but also eating the same limited number of specific meals and famously, eating the same meal over and over.

During the sixties, his movie dinner was meatloaf, mash potatoes and green beans.


Elvis yo-yo dieted to get himself into shape for career events and then comfort self medicate to compensate for his personal and professional set backs.




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