Blog to Live, Live to Blog

Running errands

I am getting better at recognizing the need to go out and acting on that. I knew on the 19th the dog food would run out on the 20th. So after workshopping on facebook and blogging, I got ready for the meatbod day and set off.


Bosley Pet store

Blogging and life blurred for me when I realized midway through that was I giving career advice to a high school grad.

I actually said to her, please tell me if you are in your late teens or early 20s. I can’t tell the difference.


She said she was trying to sort out what to do for the rest of her life.

I told her not to worry about that, sort out what she wants to do for the next few years, because you can’t expect to be able to make that kind of choice at that age and frankly, I told her that I have changed sectors from retail to non-profit to private then finally public.

Better to know what you enjoy and are passionate about and find a way to work serving that larger goal.


I think she was a bit disturbed to learn that at 45, you can feel like you are 18.


blue bird

later at home, I managed to capture a brief Blue Jay sighting.

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