QueerDyke Mentoring

A Vancouver BC Canada Mentoring Brunch Series

No Allies Allowed: this event is for the community and heterosexual allies are reminded of the need for queer space being available to LGBTQ2, eh.

Nina Tryggvason, in the 1990s was part of the Angles newspaper, the Lesbian Avengers, The December 9 Coalition and the Vancouver Police slash gay and lesbian police liason committee and is doing a living memory brunch of those days in the gay villiage where many of the groups occupied space and will be doing one on Commerical Drive soon.

Join Nina for a living memory tour of the Vancouver Queer Nineties Scene, beginning at Hamburger Mary’s and ending at Little Sister’s. All generations and LGBTQ2 identities welcomed for brunch, queer history and interactive discussions.

The Next Mentoring Brunch Date: December 18

starting at 10:30 until noon at Hamburger Marys and then moving to Little Sister’s.

there is no ticket required for the event, however the purchase of a brunch is expected to support the venue.

Location: Hamburger Mary’s on Davie Street

Mary’s on Davie

Welcome to the all-new Mary’s on Davie—the evolution of a classic Vancouver diner, reinvented for 2018. After an extensive renovation, a bold new design …

In the 1960s, Hamburger Mary’s was one of the earliest lesbian businesses to go national from San Francisco, and Vancouver has one of the remaining locations.

Much of the 80s and 90s was under the shadow of the 1960s; which given the current years feel like the 70s and 90s had a baby, eh. It was the decade of Queer Nation, Act Up and The Lesbian Avengers with the community divided on the margins of society to fighting for the right to serve in the military and marriage equality. the 1970s women’s movement ended with lesbians left out and the 1980s and 90s, we shifted to AIDS.

Billie Jean King won the tennis game as a woman, and Sally Ride walked in space the same; it was not until much later it was known they were lesbians.

in the 1990s. it was kd lang, Melissa Etheridge and Ellen who came out and Lesbian Chic had it’s 15 minutes of fame.

In Canada, it was almost part of the Charter of Rights in the mid-80s and instead, we were left, inter alia, via the Charter Challenge Program, and not wanting other demographics to have rights is what the Notwithstanding Clause was for, to admit a wrong and do it anyway. It was used early on by Quebec and rarely used and should never be casually used were established and emerging rights exist.

Joshua Birch won the Military Service and Egan and Nesbit won survivor rights; Brian Mossop lead to Federal Government Employment benefit equality; and it was a Canada wide effort to bring about the marriage question in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec before Liberal PM Paul Martin lobbed it at the Supreme Court who sent it back; and then, 2003, Canada became a nation of marriage equality, where English Common Law Canada Provinces had common law marriage equality in 1999; and Quebec has no common law category, the Marriage Equality Act brings Canada united from coast to coast to coast and the 49th Parallel eh.

many Canadian Couples and Couples with a Canadian tried to challenge the marriage law; and many who married did not make it post rush for rights, especially following the California Prop 8 referendum which ended 10,000 marriages while giving battery chickens better cages. A misleading question and the Mormon Church funding the remove rights, gives one pause then and now and one has to wonder about the part the community which did not seek to be the same as heterosexuals just happened to be queer.

The video about the first Lesbian Avengers meeting between the Seattle group and the initial Vancouver group with it’s origins in a social group called ABOL (A bunch of lesbians)

The Newspapers were gay and lesbian and the Vancouver paper changed to become inclusive over two different volunteer collectives. as the community changed to a spectrum, mainstream acceptance came from courts and often allied supporters who leveraged their platforms at their peril.

In the 1990s.; Nina Tryggvason was a volunteer at Angles and Xtra West, the queer media begun in earlier decades and ended or went online as media and advertising ripples through the shift in technology, increased civil rights and other changes occurred.

an important one in this era of inter-sectional diversity, was the shift across the LGBTQ2 spectrum to becoming more than the gay and lesbian community, from marginalized to a market niche with voter block influence.

the capacity to build a community, rather than exist marginalized within one.

The Mentoring Group is intergenerational, intersectional and supportive across the LGBTQ2 spectrum; and provide these links and information being provided and experience shared.

SFU Lesbian Oral History Archive Project – Donation List

The initial run of four brunches over August had Lupper or Linner edition, for which, I crafted a compilation of news articles from Angles and Xtra West

the links below are what comprised the booklet handout, soon to be a talk at the City of Vancouver Archives. arising from the Dyke Mentoring Brunch.


BC Gay and Lesbian Archives – City of Vancouver Archives
https://searcharchives.vancouver.ca › bc-gay-and-lesbian-archives

Results 1 – 50 of 7498 – Fonds AM1675 – BC Gay and Lesbian Archives. Still here : November 2-13, 2016 Come celebrate with Chief Byron Longclaws and James …

kindly share the links to avoid printing where possible,

please and thank you, eh.

and This is an index of the materials and discussion topics:

Mentoring Intro: from brunch number 4 in September 2019

Intro to Naughty Nineties Dyke Mentoring

Posted on September 7, 2019by dykewriter

The 1990s was the Decade before 9/11 changed the sense of the world, before AIDS was a chronically manageable condition for parts of the world; and it changed the balance of the generational birth rate. Generation X was the sandwich … Continue reading →

Big Brother vs Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium

90s Dyke Culture

the queer community Vancouver 1990s

If a LGBTQ2 person older than Nina Tryggvason the presentor attends, they may be drafted as a guest speaker; otherwise, the 90s Dyke Mentor will present topics to include, and the content of December will range and arise from:

with any handouts being available online for those not wanting paper hardcopy

CanCon Pridelets: The December 9 Coalition

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December 10 – Happy Legal Fabrication Day

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December 6 and Civilian Mass Shootings

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I worked for 13 years in 7 different Federal Departments, in three roles: General Admin Clerk, Security/Accommodations Officer and WorkFlow Analysis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%89cole_Polytechnique_massacre École Polytechnique massacre – Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org https://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/remembering-the-slain-not-the-murderer/ Remembering the Slain, not the murderer http://www.nytimes.com/1989/12/07/world/montreal-gunma

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Projects: Lezflirt Manual to the Workshop

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SFU Lesbian Oral History Archive Project – Donation List

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