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LezBurbia: Costco – WTF?

Harper snubs media normally, and he doesn’t get the cover?   Harper Gave An ‘Exclusive’ Interview To Costco Magazine And he didn’t even make the cover of Costco Connection, the ‘lifestyle magazine for Costco members’… Harper talks small business, … Continue reading

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Edutainment: 50 Shades of Grey vs Twilight

Both are about predators who abuse women, so no difference on that front. They play into the social myths about women wanting to be raped or controlled by being denied sex by the older more knowledgeable and powerful male. Which … Continue reading

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The Social Cost of Discrimination is Communities

What Should Have Happened   Two young girls left the apartment building lobby for the grassy courtyard play area.   A woman from the building was walking home with her dog and a shopping bag.   The girls, finding the … Continue reading

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Rats demand Black Plague Slur Compensation – plus end to Laboratories

Rats Remember Who’s Nice to Them—and Return the Favor The more a rat helps another, the more it’ll receive in return, a new study says—the first such discovery in nonhumans.|By Ralph Martins The Black Death was probably caused by … Continue reading

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TerrorismWatch: Canada’s Quebec Separatist Movement

Understanding Official Terrorism 101 Noun 1. terrorist group – a political movement that uses terror as a weapon to achieve its goals ≡foreign terrorist organization, FTO, terrorist organization ↔act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act – the calculated use of violence … Continue reading

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Millennials Outnumber Boomers in Canada, eh?

‘Stop Harper’ activist now working to boost the youth vote Join perspectives and politics editor Shannon Sampert and columnist Jen Zoratti at the Free Press News Café on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. while they interview…    Good grief…good luck … Continue reading

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The Conservative Science Hypocrisy

  Stephen Harper tells parents to listen to scientists about vaccines Prime Minister Stephen Harper says parents in developed countries have a responsibility to set an example for those in less-educated countries when it… Ahhh… ummmmm… climate has scientists … Continue reading

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