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Lesbian Inter-generationality

there are more human generations alive at one time and more generations of queers that exist openly in many of those nations. The generation that I belong to is X and we were smaller by demographic and depleted by AIDs … Continue reading

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Medium Messages across generations

Nina Trygg   a book made up from scrolls written before books existed and were never meant for the followers to read edited and selected over centuries by a heirarchy that is not actually set out in said manual JoelGray   Keeping … Continue reading

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Talking About the Generations

MultiGeneration Workplaces We have more people than at any given time in history, over 7 billion and from that we have a lot of generations still in the work place and they do not communicate or work in the same … Continue reading

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Millennials Outnumber Boomers in Canada, eh?

‘Stop Harper’ activist now working to boost the youth vote Join perspectives and politics editor Shannon Sampert and columnist Jen Zoratti at the Free Press News Café on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. while they interview… winnipegfreepress.com    Good grief…good luck … Continue reading

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Attention Gen Y from Gen X

Wake the fuck up. Gen X and Y are not significantly different to the outside generations.   We need to work together. We are the squished generations – the Boomers ahead of us and the Millenials behind us are the … Continue reading

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