Elvis Girlfriends: Alicia Kerwin

Despite Ginger Alden’s being the last official Girlfriend of Elvis – there was, in the wings in 1977, Alicia Kerwin. She was also 19 to Elvis’ 42, and his insecurity at being really liked and trying to impress the girl showed with his over-generous spending sprees.

Alicia Kerwin

George Klein had her lined up to replace Ginger Alden, who was not liked by Elvis’ group, they missed Linda Thompson and Ann-Margaret before her.

April 1977, she attended an Elvis concert and vacationed with him and he bought her a car.

Ginger Alden had been part of the cancellation of Elvis Presley’s last scheduled studio sessions, but he sang his heart on the tour dates she was there – showing the fans and media of the day, what a powerful performer he could be when not sleepwalking through shows.

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12 Responses to Elvis Girlfriends: Alicia Kerwin

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  3. Ben says:

    Bill Burk mention a gril called “Debbie” to Elvis. its on page 171 in his book “Through My Eyes” So It seems there was yet another woman that Elvis was seeing in 1977. Any idea who tjhat was?

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    • dykewriter says:

      That’s not a Burke book that I have gotten my hands on. There are still other things about Elvis the MM guys who are still alive are saying they are staying silent on. Only the Nancy Rook (maid) book mentions Elvis dating a black woman in the 1970s


      • Ben says:

        Bill Burk met with Elvis behind a donut shop late on night to talk in 1977. Doing the conversation Bil mention (to Elvis) this “Debbie” girl, Elvis only reply was, – “Who told you that?”. So it seems there was yet another girl than Alicia Kerwin he was seeing (besides Ginger) that year.
        I don’t recall Elvis dating a black women. I have Nancy Rooks book. Do you know what page or chapter she mention it?


      • dykewriter says:

        my books are in storage, so I can’t, what I remember most from the Nancy book was that the only time there was a cat at graceland, it was a kitten Lisa Marie had and the woman.


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  6. dykewriter says:

    I am trying to imagine how a 19 year old boy feels to lose his girl to a 42 year old rock star; but that Elvis, said 42 year old rock star egos was such that he considered that teenaged boy a threat is mindboggling.

    But Ginger Alden was not really going to be Mrs Presley, George Klien already had a replacement lined up and the other guys were also scouting about throwing someone more like Linda Thompson – who’s brother was there on August 16 to take Lisa Marie back to LA.

    Elvis himself basically had lesbian sex, and I find it astonishing how many of the Memphis Mafia guys who got the spillover had told all those “Elvis got us to do XXXXXX”.


  7. Lisa Zampetti Kay says:

    Curious as to why GK never mentioned Alicia in his book. I just finished reading it and he wrote Elvis was very happy with Ginger and planning a future with her. Elvis had thanked him several times for introducing him to Ginger and would often call him in the middle of the night and tell him how much he and Ginger enjoyed each other. No mention of any unhappiness with Ginger or lining up any new girls. No mention of Alicia.


    • dykewriter says:

      Well first Klien was wrong about MCing the Beatles and Elvis – Vancouver Red Robinson did it before and on the same stage Empire Stadium. and Kien’s book was more about how he was the “honest advisor” to elvis being outside of the actual MM group that was his daily life – Klien having his own career, but he had to figure out a way to not look like Elvis’ main pimp. so I expect that is why he left out the Alicia. he fell into the look at all the pervy stuff elvis made us do. at least Marty Lacker admitted to using drugs too, and the group formed around Elvis for the pervy stuff. which was okay, they were all adults.


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